Chapter 726 - Betting with Andrewson

Han Yi’s resources were clearly not something that Rui Lei could compare to. With him managing the matter personally, four off-road vehicles quickly arrived. But due to the muddy path, ordinary vehicles wouldn’t be able to make it into the mountain. Even an off-road vehicle couldn’t go too deep.

While sitting in the same vehicle as Su Tao, Rui Lei introduced the situation, “There’s a team of about thirty-odd people controlling the virus outbreak there. Due to the fact that there’s a ten-kilometer mountain road from the nearest town, those patients haven’t been moved but are all locked in the village for treatment.”

“You guys are afraid that the virus will spread? When we arrive at Rongquan City, we need to buy some herbs. Due to the long distance, we did not bring many herbs with us, so please help me contact Rongquan City’s largest pharmacy since we might need some rare herbs.”

“No problem! How about this, you write me a list and I’ll immediately get someone to prepare them. It will take roughly two hours to get to Rongquan City, so they can start making preparations while we’re on our way there. It will probably be almost done by the time we’re there, and we can save time this way.” Rui Lei suggested.

Nodding his head, Su Tao passed the list that he had written beforehand to Rui Lei.

Due to the previous incident, Rui Lei knew that Su Tao had a huge background, so he had been careful all this while. He immediately gave a call to Rongquan City’s Health Bureau and informed them to handle this matter.

The Yundian Province was located on a plateau, so before they even enter the mountain regions, there were already a few members who were feeling uncomfortable. However, Su Tao already had an arrangement beforehand and prepared some medicine for them to alleviate their condition.

When they arrived at Rongquan City, the first thing Su Tao did was check the herbs. After taking some of them before his nose and sniffing them, he shook his head. “Mr. Rui, there’s an issue with these Atractylodes Macrocephala.”

“These were bought from the best pharmacy the city, so it’s impossible for there to be an issue.” The staff who was tasked with gathering the herbs immediately spoke out.

At this moment, Liao Huashi also came over and observed the Atractylodes Macrocephala before he bitterly shook his head. “These slices are too huge, and you can tell that they were grown with fertilizer with just a glance. Regardless of the worth, people will probably fall ill just by taking them.”

Turning to look at the staff, Rui Lei questioned, “Bring the person-in-charge of the pharmacy here. If they can’t give an explanation, we will not be using these herbs. Instead, we will get someone to send some over from the province.”

The staff never expected that these people would be so serious. He immediately gave a call to the person-in-charge of the pharmacy.

The person-in-charge of the pharmacy had a good relationship with a leader in Rongquan City’s Health Bureau. When he heard that someone from the province needed a large batch of herbs, he immediately contacted the herb merchant and sent over a batch of herbs. Under normal circumstances, there’s a standard for the herb merchant to provide their herbs to the pharmacy, and inferior Atractylodes Macrocephala likes these would definitely not be placed on the shelves.

But when the person-in-charge heard that the government was gathering herbs, he was blinded by profits and got a batch of inferior Atractylodes Macrocephala instead.

However, they never expected that Su Tao and his team weren’t so easy to fool. When they came out of the vehicle, they did not go to the hotel, but came to inspect the herbs instead. Initially, he thought that he could make a huge profit this time, but the result was the opposite of what he had expected.

The person-in-charge of the pharmacy knew that there’s a doubt in the quality of the herbs, but he had also taken government orders before, and they would usually close an eye to this matter.

Liao Huashi was a straightforward person and he stomped towards the person-in-charge of the pharmacy and started reprimanding, “Do you know what these herbs are going to be used for? They’re going to be used to save lives, and with such inferior quality, it might worsen the patient’s condition instead! Do you have any ethics?”

The person-in-charge of the pharmacy was left in an awkward position. He gave a bitter smile. “Please don’t be anxious. I will immediately get someone to change them, and I ensure that there won’t be a problem.”

Looking at this scene, Su Tao inwardly sighed. This was the reality of society. If he’s back in Huainan Province, he could make use of Three Flavour Hall’s connections to get a batch of superior quality herbs. But he’s in Yundian Province now, so he didn’t have a choice but to entrust the task to someone else before he personally inspects them.

“All the fees to obtain the herbs on the list will be paid by our Qihuang Charity Funds, and the price is negotiable. But you have to give us the best quality. These herbs will be used to save lives, so please be careful.”

As sweat covered the person-in-charge of the pharmacy, he bowed. “I will contact the herb merchant immediately. I guarantee that it won’t happen again.”

Watching from the side, Rui Lei sighed, feeling guilty for giving them the cold shoulder when he saw how professional they were.

Seven Mountain Village was in a serious condition, and it was even said that some medical personnel have been infected by the virus as well.

All medical personnel had a certain amount of disease prevention knowledge, but even they were infected. That only meant that this virus was extremely potent and infectious.

“President Su, please be reassured with the fees. Our Yundian Province will take full responsibility for this matter.” Rui Lei saidm since he still had this authority.

“Mr. Rui, our Qihuang Charity Funds is doing a charity service, and we’re well-funded.” Su Tao faintly replied.

Hearing those words, Rui Lei sighed since he knew that Su Tao was worried that someone might take a commission from the herbs. But if it was paid by the Qihuang Charity Funds, it would be able to dispel the thoughts of those people.

“We will go according to your request, then!” Rui Lei awkwardly smiled.

If it was normal times, they might close an eye to this matter today.

But they’re facing an emergency right now, and yet, someone was still trying to make a profit. This made Rui Lei inwardly sighed since the disease prevention team in Rongquan City was more terrible than rumoured.

“Andrewson has not left yet, and they’re also preparing medical equipment and medicine like you. Do you need me to let the two of you meet each other?” Rui Lei asked after a brief hesitation.

“It’s fine, we can meet in Seven Mountain Village.” Su Tao immediately waved his hand, tactfully rejecting the offer.

He’s someone with dignity, so he was naturally unhappy when he heard that Andrewson requested for the province to stop them from participating in this medical assistance mission. But as the leader of the team, he couldn’t show his emotions on his face or it would only lower morale.

“It’s already lunch now, so why don’t we eat first before we head for Seven Mountain Village?” Rui Lei smiled.

Sweeping a glance at everyone around him, Su Tao inwardly sighed. He had already considered the difficulty of this mission and only picked those with good physiques. However, almost everyone looked exhausted, so he nodded his head. “Arrange for a simple lunch, then.”

Letting out a breath of relief, Rui Lei smiled. “I will get to it immediately!”

Although it’s just a meal, the person responsible for receiving them in Rongquan City did not dare to have any negligence and dismiss them with ¥10 lunchboxes. Instead, they arranged a sumptuous lunch at the best hotel in the city. Furthermore, several leaders also showed up. Aside from the Qihuang Charity Funds’ side, even Andrewson’s team of eight was present as well.

Initially, Andrewson only thought of Su Tao’s group as local personnel, but when he heard that they were from the Qihuang Charity Funds, who he requested to remove their participation, his expression immediately turned grim.

Although they might not be in the same faction, they’re all here for the same mission, and there’s no need for the stiff relationship between them. Hence, Rui Lei made a request to Su Tao for him to greet Andrewson.

Su Tao ultimately agreed to that request since those people have abandoned the boundary between countries to come and help China.

Rui Lei went over and introduced Su Tao while Andrewson’s student, Qiao Xue, acted as the translator.

With an unsightly expression, Andrewson unhappily said, “I’ve heard of TCM, but it’s a backward medical study in the international community. In my view, it’s stupid for you to enter the epidemic center. Not only will it not be beneficial to those patients, but it might even make them suffer more. During such an emergency, there’s no need for you to act so virtuously. Knowing your own ability and not creating more trouble for others is the wiser choice.”

Calmly, Su Tao listened to the translation from Qiao Xue before he said, “Please tell Mr. Andrewson that I respect him for coming from afar to help, and I’m truly touched. But because of his contempt for TCM, I wish to bet with him. It will be a simple bet, to see who can treat those patients first.”

After Andrewson listened to the translation, he laughed out, “What an interesting young man. Alright, I’m willing to take back my words along with USD$1,000,000 charity donation if you win. But if I win, I only need a sincere apology.”

Shaking his head, Su Tao smiled. “The bet isn’t fair. Although I won’t lose, we still have to set up the bet properly. If you win, I will also give you USD$1,000,000.”

“I admire your confidence, but don’t start crying when you lose, alright?” Andrewson smiled as his eyes lit up.

Andrewson did not believe that he would lose to a young man in his twenties, especially TCM!

He had once tried to study TCM to find a solution in treating viruses, but there weren’t any effects. As for those prominent prescriptions in medical books, they did not have any evident destructive prowess towards viruses.

In his view, the previous Nobel prize winner who talked about how he gained an inspiration to extract Arteannuin from TCM herbs was just lucky.

As for using Chinese medicine to treat virus infections, it’s more like a rumour in Andrewson’s view. Traditional medical studies would often have inexplicable reasons, often to be brushed off as experience, which was completely opposite of Andrewson’s system of values.

With his status in the medical field, he wouldn’t bicker with Su Tao, he only found it interesting.

After Su Tao met with Andrewson, he did not have any bad impression of the latter. He was only worried about their ability to obstruct their participation in this medical assistance mission.

Looking at it from another angle, even he would have the same opinion if he saw an unfamiliar rescue team.

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