Chapter 725 - Team Led by a National Healer

Not long after Rui Lei ended his call with Tu Zhi, he immediately received another call. Sweeping a glance at the caller, he carefully picked it up, it was from Han Yi.

“Come to my office!” Han Yi said in a grave tone.

Hearing those words, Rui Lei’s heart trembled since he knew that the situation in Seven Mountain Village had worsened again.

“I just received a notification that two people died in Seven Mountain Village last night, and the number of cases is still rising. Although we’re not able to determine the virus, we can determine for now that it’s extremely infectious.” Han Yi briefly paused before he continued with sorrow, “Worst of all, aside from Seven Mountain Village, there are also similar cases. That means that the virus has spread to a wider range, and it might cause unimaginable consequences. If we don’t handle this matter well, we will both be held responsible.”

“The province has swiftly responded on this matter and we’ve even invited the International SOS to interfere, not to mention a specialist like Andrewson. There’s no issue with the procedures.” Rui Lei anxiously replied. The reason why he could reach his current position was due to his hard work, and he did not want to destroy his prospects because of this incident.

Waving his hand, Han Yi sighed, “The health system has always been a stable department. As long as there’s no trouble, it’s not a problem to be promoted in three to five years. But we’ve encountered a virus outbreak this time, and this can be considered a natural disaster. Don’t bother about other matters for now and do your best to coordinate well with Andrewson’s team to deal with this virus outbreak. If it’s well managed, it might be turned into a great contribution instead.”

“I understand!” Rui Lei immediately replied.

Looking at Rui Lei’s solemn expression, Han Yi inwardly sighed. He knew that he had given a timely alert. He purposely exaggerated this matter to ensure that Rui Lei would do his best.

But just when he was about to continue talking, the phone on his desk suddenly rang. When Han Yi saw that it was a call from his immediate superior, he immediately picked up the call.

“Old Han, how are things going on your side?” His immediate superior asked in a terrible tone.

Misunderstanding that it was with regards to Seven Mountain Village, Han Yi immediately replied, “We’ve already sent Andrewson’s team from International SOS to the epidemic center, and I believe that he will be able to analyse the virus in the shortest time possible and take appropriate measures. They’re a formidable team, so please give them some time…”

“I’m not talking about that matter. I’m asking about how you guys implemented the instructions from the higher hierarchy for this medical assistance mission!” His immediate superior interrupted in an annoyed tone.

“We’ve invited Andrewson…” Han Yi immediately tried to explain himself.

“What Andrewson?!” His immediate superior interrupted once more and continued, “I just received a call from the higher ups that they’ve dispatched the Qihuang Charity Funds for this medical assistance mission, is that true?”

Han Yi immediately started to sweat. He never imagined that his superior would call him for this matter. His first reaction was that he had underestimated the Qihuang Charity Funds. They might be a humanitarian organisation, but their foundation was unbelievably firm.

“Yes, that’s true…” In the end, Han Yi could only be honest and explained, “Mr. Andrewson instructed his assistant to inform us that he doesn’t wish for anyone else to be involved in this matter, to prevent unnecessary trouble. Simply putting it, they wish for a quiet environment, and they do not want anyone dragging them down.”

Hearing that Han Yi mentioned Andrewson again, a roar resounded from the other side of the phone, “You guys must have lost your focus. Firstly, the Qihuang Charity Funds is an appointed medical assistance organisation for this incident, and they represent the concern from the higher ups. To shove them aside, aren’t you slapping the faces of those leaders? Secondly, the Qihuang Charity Funds was founded with the TCM Alliance as a foundation. It might be a humanitarian organisation, but they’re extremely influential. They’ve organised several activities and all of which gained high praise. Furthermore, the one who’s leading the team for this medical assistance mission is Mr. Su Tao, the President of the Qihuang Charity Funds. At the same time, he’s also a National Healer, so who do you think is more important here?”

Upon hearing those words, Han Yi’s expression drastically changed since he knew that he had committed a grave mistake on this matter.

As for the rest, it could all be neglected.

As an official in the health system, he naturally knew what sort of position a National Healer held. They’re practically heaven-defying people who often interact with important figures in the nation. Anyone who offends them wouldn’t even know how they died when those National Healers blow wind into the ears of the leaders.

Han Yi immediately straightened his back and solemnly said, “I’m sorry. It was my mistake on this matter as I did not conduct any investigation. I wasn’t aware that the Qihuang Charity Funds had such a huge background, and I only thought that they’re an ordinary humanitarian organisation.”

“Cut down on the rubbish and clean this matter up nicely. Old Han, you’re lacking political sensitivity.” The immediate superior waved his hand in annoyance.

He could understand his subordinate in this awkward situation. After all, the higher hierarchy did not inform them when dispatching the Qihuang Charity Funds.

But even so, it’s still intolerable for them to be treated in this manner compared to the International SOS.

To send out someone without any authority to receive a National Healer was the same as slapping their faces. It’s rude, and at the same time, it’s an act of not putting those higher departments into their eyes.

Han Yi’s immediate superior was someone who slowly climbed up from the health system’s hierarchy, so he knew how powerful those National Healers were.

When Han Yi heard the comment by his superior, his heart instantly went cold. That comment also meant that it would be difficult for him to be promoted in the future.

Then again, it’s better late than never, and his mistake on this matter could be understandable. As long as there’s no problem with the final outcome, he believed that there’s still a chance to turn the tables around.

In the end, Han Yi could only comfort himself in this manner.

After hanging up the call with his superior, Han Yi swept a glance at Rui Lei and he furiously knocked on the table. “How did you guys arrange the Qihuang Charity Funds?”

“We went according to your instruction to use the delay tactic…” Rui Lei replied, feeling something amiss.

Waving his hand, Han Yi interrupted, “I really got dragged down by you. The Qihuang Charity Funds isn’t simple, and the one leading the team is a National Healer with influences in the higher hierarchy. Just earlier, they made a complaint and my immediate superior came questioning me.”

“But…” Rui Lei felt grievances since the arrangement for the Qihuang Charity Funds was something that Han Yi had decided himself.

“No ‘buts’!” Han Yi knocked on the table once more and added, “Your political sensitivity is too poor. Quickly go and appease this matter.”

But after a brief pause, Han Yi sighed, “Forget it. I’ll personally make a trip over!”

After that, he gave a call to his secretary to arrange a vehicle for him to head for the hotel that Su Tao was staying at.

When Rui Lei saw that Han Yi was so anxious, his heart instantly sank since he knew that he would probably be the scapegoat for this matter. Hence, he’s wrecking his brain for a solution.

Twenty minutes ago, Tu Zhi received a call from Rui Lei. When he heard that Han Yi was personally coming to meet with the medical assistance team from the Qihuang Charity Funds, he instantly knew that Su Tao had an extraordinary background. All the while, Su Tao was just lying low and keeping a low profile.

In his heart, Tu Zhi was depressed. Su Tao might have fun keeping a low profile, but he had gotten all of them into trouble.

Han Yi wasn’t tall, his height was only 5’7”. He walked over with firm steps and saw that everyone was young, and he couldn’t recognise who Su Tao was.

Seeing the awkwardness written on Han Yi’s face, Tu Zhi immediately pointed to the youngest one standing at the front and introduced, “This is President Su Tao of the Qihuang Charity Funds, and he’s also the leader of this medical assistance mission.”

When Han Yi looked at Su Tao, he inwardly sighed since he never expected that Su Tao would be so young. Maintaining his composure, he smiled. “I’m sorry about that, President Su. Please forgive us for this matter. Let us know if you guys have any requests and we will definitely do our best with logistics.”

Su Tao swept a glance at Han Yi and saw that the latter’s forehead had a black aura, judging from his complexion, which meant that he was probably recently recived some bad luck. Linking that up to Seven Mountain Village’s situation, Su Tao instantly analysed that Han Yi would probably suffer a setback because of this matter.

Su Tao only knew a little about complexion study, so he couldn’t ensure that he was accurate. In a calm voice, he said, “We do not have many requests. Immediately arrange a vehicle for us and get someone familiar with the situation to come with us. We must get to the frontlines as soon as possible to investigate the situation. I know that you guys have also invited a foreign specialist over, but I think that it’s best to take two ways on this matter. No matter what, it will definitely be much more efficient than taking a single path, so what do you think?”

“Yes… yes…” Han Yi started to sweat when he heard Su Tao’s words before he immediately turned to Rui Lei and instructed, “Quick, arrange the vehicle! No matter how busy we are, we can’t delay this matter. Furthermore, get someone familiar to be the guide.”

“Let me go with them. I might not be familiar with Seven Mountain Village, but I can communicate with the regional government there, and it will be more convenient.” Rui Lei gnashed his teeth and suddenly felt a surge of blood in his mind.

Staring at Rui Lei for a moment, Han Yi nodded his head. “Great, thank you.”

Rui Lei only made this decision because he knew that he was careless before.

However, it still required enormous courage for one to step into the epidemic center. Since there’s no treatment for it yet, he might lose his life if he was careless.

Rui Lei was hot-headed when he made this decision and he also felt that this was an opportunity to change his fate, aside from the danger.

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