Chapter 722 - Medical Assistance Mission

After leaving the office, Luo Ran gave a call to Rangure and reported to her that Su Tao was going to do medical assistance in Yundian Province. Thereafter, he also provided some ideas that the Medicine Deity Corporation should follow the Three Flavour Hall and set up their own Chinese medicine factory, relying on their pharmacy chain structure to have a huge market.

But when Rangure heard his words, she smiled. “You’ve broken the rules.”

Luo Ran was briefly stunned upon hearing that before he immediately said, “I’m sorry!”

“But you have my appreciation for your performance today.” Rangure faintly replied before she added, “I’ll get someone from the Cambell Pharmaceutical to contact you at a later date and he will help you achieve your concept.”

“Thank you!” Luo Ran clearly did not expect that Rangure was actually in favor of his idea.

As Rangure chuckled, her tone suddenly turned grave, “But I still have to emphasise something. I hope that you will have a clear boundary next time. In my country, everyone is like a gear. They have their own responsibility to ensure that the machine will keep functioning.”

“Yes, I am a gear!” Luo Ran helplessly replied. Rangure had full control of the Medicine Deity Corporation, so he had no choice but to listen to her orders if he wanted to stay here.

In the end, he wasn’t much different from Wang Guofeng, he’s also a puppet.

Lying on a beach chair beside a pool, Rangure was dressed in a bikini that attracted many people’s gazes. After picking up the vegetable juice beside her, she took a sip before she gave a call to the new chairman of Cambell Pharmaceutical Company, Warner.

“Are you interested in entering the Chinese medicine industry?” Rangure asked.

“Chinese medicine?” Warner knitted his brows together before he went on, “We’ve already reviewed it. It might have some market in China, but it won’t bring any money overseas. As you know, Chinese medicine comes from Chinese herbs, and the cost alone is higher than western medicine. Once the price goes up, it will be troublesome for us to determine the price. At the same time, it will also mean that we won’t have many profits.”

Shaking her head, Rangure refuted, “China has over a billion population. According to China’s recent series of policies, they will support the development of TCM. As someone with a keen sense like you, I believe that you can detect the opportunities in this, right?”

“Alright, I’m truly somewhat tempted since I have been paying attention to those policies. China is clearly emphasising the importance of TCM, and it makes me uneasy. Many medical conglomerates overseas have detected it, so they aren’t optimistic about China’s market.” Warner smiled after a brief silence.

“No matter how the policies change, people still need to take medicine. This is a huge market, and it just depends on whether you’re interested in it.” Rangure persuaded.

“Alright, I believe your judgment.” Warner knew about Rangure’s identity. She possessed a matured intelligence network in China, bringing much information back to their country. Thus, there’s definitely a reason why she’s persuading him to step into the Chinese medicine industry.

After hanging the call, Rangure stood up and muttered, “Su Tao, just what kind of surprise will you bring me?”

Thereafter, she leaped into the pool, drawing a stunning arc in the air.

Roughly five to six minutes later, she came out of the water and crossed her hands together before she started patting on the water, creating ripples.

Yan Sha had finally decided her graduation trip and would head to Yundian Province with her friends. However, she did not pick a tour group since she was mainly terrified by all the news.

Regardless of tour groups in China or overseas, it’s consuming.

They’re mainly using low costs to attract the consumer’s attention before finding ways to get the customers before bringing them to a hotel that they’ve signed a contract with, trying to push their development and obtaining a commission in the process.

However, it wasn’t good for consumers. Just recently, there was news that a customer accidentally broke a jade bracelet that cost ¥180,000 after being brought to a jade shop by the tour guide. In the end, that poor fellow instantly fainted on the spot.

Su Tao had taken the initiative to buy their plane tickets, and at the same time, he also resolved their lodging problems.

He also knew some of the people that would be going along. Yan Sha’s best friend, Little Wen, would also be going along as a reward from her mother.

Aside from Little Wen, there would also be two other classmates of Yan Sha’s. The two ladies had an ordinary relationship with Yan Sha, but they had a good relationship with Little Wen.

They’ve all managed to get into Hanzhou Senior High School, and it wouldn’t be difficult for them to get into a good university in the future.

Although Yan Sha managed to outperform on her exams, she only made it into a second-tiered Senior High School, so the two of them felt that Yan Sha was at a level beneath them.

Then again, it might also be because of Yan Sha’s outstanding appearance. They were all young ladies, so it’s natural for them to be jealous of Yan Sha’s outstanding looks.

This trip might be planned by Yan Sha, but the two ladies did not pay much attention to Yan Sha. Even when Yan Sha wanted to share snacks with them, she was decisively rejected by them.

Seeing this scene, Su Tao inwardly sighed and felt heart-ache for Yan Sha. But then again, this was a realistic situation in the current era.

Everything revolved around results, and if you get a poor result, no one would be willing to be friends with you. But in reality, those mediocre students often shone in society since they had higher EQ.

However, they treated Jiang Qinghan differently. They knew that Jiang Qinghan was an officer in the City Public Security Bureau, not to mention that she even offered to pay for the entire trip. Hence, the two of them were polite to her.

“Little Su, we’ve brought some snacks with us. Do you want some?” Wen Jiayin’s mother chuckled before she handed a bag of potato chips over.

This woman was approaching forty, but she maintained herself pretty well. Judging from how she dressed herself, her family circumstances might be decent, and her husband could be considered a successful man.

“No thanks, I don’t have a habit of eating on the plane.” Su Tao rejected the offer with manners. But when he saw the awkward expression on the latter’s face, he continued, “But my Junior Sister will love them.”

After that, Su Tao took the potato chips and handed them over to Yan Sha.

When the woman returned to her seat, Wen Jiayin grumbled, “Why are you being so passionate towards him?”

The woman instantly put on a stern expression and reprimanded, “Why are you so insensible? You know that plane tickets cost a few thousand, so what’s wrong with giving them a bag of potato chips?”

“If it wasn’t for Little Wen, I wouldn’t even participate in this trip. Let me tell you honestly. Yan Sha has an issue with her character. Many boys in the school have a crush on her, and even the teacher knows that she’s in puppy love.” Wen Jiayin grumbled.

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Her mother glared at Wen Jiayin before she continued, “Since we’re here to enjoy ourselves, then be more casual. In my view, you should form a good relationship with Yan Sha.”

When she finished, she turned to look at Little Wen’s mother. The latter’s clothes might be clean, but it’s clear that she bought them at night markets, not to mention that she’s wearing tattered shoes. Not only were her shoes turning yellow, but they were even peeling.

She then turned to look at Jiang Qinghan. Jiang Qinghan might not be wearing branded clothes, but her temperament and aura were way above Little Wen’s mother.

Little Wen’s mother might have relied on her stall to forge a pretty good reputation for herself, but in the eyes of Wen Jiayin’s mother, Little Wen’s mother was at the bottom of the pyramid. Although Little Wen was a pretty good child, her family circumstances were too terrible. When she goes into society, she’d definitely not be on the same level as Yan Sha.

However, Jiang Qinghan was extremely friendly with Little Wen’s mother, constantly discussing ways to educate their daughters.

“Yan Sha is too insensible. I signed her up for a tuition class, but when I asked the teacher, the teacher told me that she skipped classes several times.” Jiang Qinghan complained as she continued, “If Yan Sha can be as half as sensible as Little Wen, I’ll be satisfied.”

“I’m usually busy working and I don’t have any time to educate Little Wen. But she’s sensible and she has never made us worry about her studies. But I do know something about Yan Sha skipping classes. She wasn’t fooling around, but came to help me in the stall. In my view, Shasha is a kindhearted child, and she has more of a sense of justice than other kids of her age.” Little Wen’s mother comforted.

Inwardly letting out a sigh, Jiang Qinghan glanced at Yan Sha, who was munching on potato chips beside Su Tao and felt vexed.

Su Tao was observing everything from the side. As the saying goes, there’s society whenever there are people. There would definitely be a story during this trip, but it’s a pity that he couldn’t experience it together with them.

When Su Tao arrived at Yundian Province’s Kunzhou City, he found out that aside from the Qihuang Charity Funds, the International SOS had also sent over a specialist team to help out.

The specialists that could participate all had high authority in western medicine. Reaching their level, they’re not pursuing income or reputation, but a deeper insight on their medical skills.

The Seven Mountain Village might involve a completely unknown infectious disease, so this incident has attracted many specialists over.

If they’re lucky, they might have an opportunity to receive the Nobel prize. This was the highest recognition in the medical industry.

The one who stayed in contact with Su Tao was an administrative director from a hospital in Yundian Province. They’ve investigated the Qihuang Charity Funds, a humanitarian organisation without any government elements.

As for Su Tao’s identity as the National Healer, it wasn’t informed. They were only informed that Su Tao was the person-in-charge of the Three Flavour Hall and the Vice-President of Jianghuai Hospital. Hence, they only dispatched an administrative director.

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