Chapter 720 - Planning the Medical Assistance

After hanging up the call with Yue Zun, Su Tao proceeded to give a call to Song Sichen and explained the situation.

“Firstly, the Qihuang Charity Funds will definitely have to take up this medical assistance. Secondly, you will stay behind and let me lead the team instead.” Song Sichen replied after a long silence.

Hearing those words, Su Tao inwardly sighed. The first part meant that Song Sichen had the courage of a healer, while the second part represented Song Sichen’s concern for him.

“Master, why don’t you stay behind? The Seven Mountain Village in the Yundian Province is far away, so the transportation isn’t convenient. You’re already getting on your age, so you won’t be able to go through the torment. Wouldn’t it be terrible if you tire yourself before you even treated the patients?” Su Tao immediately explained with a smile.

“You’re now despising me for being useless?” Song Sichen replied with some wrath in his tone.

Su Tao immediately smiled. “I meant that since this is a medical assistance, we will definitely get it done nicely. From TCM’s point-of-view, it’s hard for young people like me to be invaded with pathogens, so I intend to recruit a batch of youngsters for this operation. At the same time, I’m confident that we can all return together.”

Song Sichen started to hesitate since there’s a difference between him and Su Tao. Although Song Sichen did not lack courage, he’s afraid of death. If he went, he would go with the mentality of seeking death. On the contrary, Su Tao had confidence.

Su Tao was seeking life, while he’s seeking death. He had already lost to Su Tao in this matter.

Mentality usually brought about the result. From this angle, it’s more suitable for Su Tao to lead the team instead of him.

At this moment, Song Sichen sighed. Was he really afraid of death after getting old?

“Still, no!” Song Sichen rejected as he added, “Even if you give a call to Old Dou, he will definitely not agree to it as well. For such dangers, old men like us should be the ones taking the vanguard. You youngsters are the seeds of TCM, and revival of TCM is on your shoulders!”

“Master, you’re right. The revival of TCM will start with this medical assistance. If youngsters like us do not take the vanguard and assume our responsibility for this country and society, it’s impossible for the entire race to rise.” Su Tao solemnly said before he continued, “Master, you’re already old. Youngsters like us have already grown up, and we no longer need your protection. On the contrary, let us protect your happiness instead.”

Hearing Su Tao’s words, Song Sichen felt sour in his nose for some reason as he mocked, “Stinking brat, are you trying to make me ashamed with your words?”

“Master, let me persuade you from a darker angle.” Su Tao said after a brief stun.

“Darker angle?” Song Sichen was baffled.

“Someone like you and Master Song have already forged your reputation in the TCM industry, and there’s no need for you guys to prove your worth anymore. On the contrary, youngsters like us do not have a stable foundation. At the very least, we need to do something shocking to forge our reputation. Putting it blatantly, are you trying to fight for contributions with me?” Su Tao said as he feigned to be angry.

“Fight your arse!” Song Sichen had an introverted personality, but he couldn’t help cursing after hearing Su Tao’s twisted logic. “I already have one foot in the coffin, so why do I need anymore reputation?”

Su Tao did not speak and purposely maintained his silence.

Letting out a deep breath, Song Sichen replied, “I get it. What you’ve said was right. The world will eventually belong to you youngsters, so we should let you handle it. It’s impossible for old men like us to protect you all the time. You should have your own experience. Regardless of TCM or the country, it will be a valuable experience and wealth. But you must remember to protect yourself at all times. You’re way too important to the entire TCM.”

Seeing that Song Sichen finally loosened his lips, Su Tao smiled. “If I can’t display my worth at this moment, then what qualifications do I have to lift the banner of TCM like you and Master Dou?”

“That’s right. This is what we saw in you when Old Dou and I took you as our disciple. As the future leader of TCM, you have to prove your worth and potential. But in the field of infectious diseases, modern medical studies have many successful experiences. So I suggest that you should bring a few decent western medicine virus specialists.” Song Sichen smiled after he sighed.

Su Tao knew about Song Sichen’s concern, so he smiled. “Since this is a medical assistance from the Qihuang Charity Funds, all the members will naturally be physicians. There are also many viruses in the history of China, and they were all ultimately controlled by physicians. Our ancestors left us many treasures, and we will definitely be able to find a solution from those books they left to us.”

If someone else told Song Sichen that, Song Sichen would definitely think that that person was arrogant. But Song Sichen knew about this closed-door disciple of his well. Not only was Su Tao skilled and has memorised all sorts of medical books, but he also possessed something so heaven-defying like the Heavenseizing Hands, so he was definitely qualified to speak those words.

“I will no longer persuade you since you’ve made up your mind. As for Old Dou, I will talk to him about it before we start an initiative to recruit members for this medical assistance.” Song Sichen said in a grave tone.

“In this incident, the medical skills are secondary, and the primary is courage.” Su Tao added with a smile.

“I know what you mean, and I will go according to your request. Old Dou and I will personally filter them. When do you intend to set off?” Song Sichen nodded his head.

“According to my analysis, Martial Uncle Yue will get the connections sorted within two days, so we will most likely set off on the third day.” Su Tao solemnly said before he continued, “We can’t delay since there might someone that is infected with a virus, and it needs to be handled swiftly.”

“Alright, gather at Yundian Province on the third day. I will do my best to pick out members for you as soon as possible.” Song Sichen nodded.

With Song Sichen’s support, everything would be much more convenient.

After thinking of the TCM Youth Class that he just talked to Lu Shimiao about, Su Tao started to explain the concept to Song Sichen, which he received the latter’s acknowledgement.

“Two of your Senior Brothers started on it three years ago, but it was only a small-scaled one, so it wasn’t widely spread. They have a set of teaching materials, and as for the content, you can add in calligraphy and cultivation techniques according to your ideas. After that, you should be able to establish it. If the Qihuang Charity Funds uses an alliance between the three provinces to start the TCM Youth Class, it might have a pretty good effect. Just leave it to me, you don’t have to worry about it too much.”

“Those kids are the real future of TCM.” Su Tao smiled.

After ending the call with Su Tao, Song Sichen fell into deep thoughts before he gave a call to Dou Fanggang.

Just as Su Tao had expected, Dou Fanggang opposed Su Tao’s participation in the beginning. But after Song Sichen repeated what Su Tao had told him, Dou Fanggang fell into deep thoughts for a long time before he said, “Old Dou, our eyes did not fail us. He’s just like us when we were younger with a sincere heart.”

“No, he’s more outstanding than us back then. He’s only in his twenties, did we have such awareness when we were at his age?” Song Sichen shook his head with a smile.

“So are we going to just watch him walk into danger?” Dou Fanggang sighed.

An unknown disease was more terrifying than anything else. Su Tao would be facing a completely different enemy compared to the past. He’s challenging the punishment from mother nature itself.

“He has chosen his path, so we shouldn’t interfere. He has never disappointed us, and I believe that he will not disappoint us this time too.” Song Sichen smiled as he continued, “That kid is afraid that we might be worried and purposely found something for us to do.”

Thereafter, Song Sichen shared the TCM Youth Class idea to Dou Fanggang.

“That brat really has a lot of funny ideas. Indeed, you have to start young in TCM, and I agree with this matter.” Dou Fanggang smiled.

“Agree your arse!” Song Sichen rarely cursed, so Dou Fanggan was briefly stunned before he started laughing.

Dou Fanggang laughed to the point that his stomach was aching, so he wiped his tears and promised, “Rest assured, I will do my utmost in this matter. The youngsters are taking the vanguard while old fogeys like us are managing the rear. We must get it done nicely or he will think that we’re useless.”

Upon returning to the Three Flavour Hall, Su Tao received a call from Yan Sha the moment he stepped into his office.

“Senior Brother, I’ve invited a few friends to travel with us. But we’ve still not decided on the location, so why don’t you give us some ideas?” Yan Sha said in excitement.

“Shasha, I’m sorry but I’m afraid that I have to miss it. I will be participating in a medical assistance activity the day after tomorrow, and it might take a long time. So I’m afraid that I can’t go with you.” Su Tao bitterly smiled.

“I see…” Yan Sha fell into silence for a long time. She seemed disappointed.

Seeing that Yan Sha wasn’t talking, Su Tao said, “There will be many more opportunities for us to travel together. You can go and have fun with your friends. You can visit the plains in the north or the sea in Minnan Province. Those two are pretty good choices.”

“Senior Brother, where are you going for the medical assistance?” Yan Sha secretly wiped her tears before she asked in a hoarse voice.

“A mountain village in Yundian Province!” Su Tao honestly replied.

“Then we will go to Yundian Province as well. People say that it’s a country of colorful clouds, and the scenery is beautiful. Don’t worry about it, we won’t go together with you. We’ll travel around and you can focus on your work.” Yan Sha said before she briefly paused then she added, “This way, there’s no difference from us travelling together.”

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao smiled. “I’ll help you research the itinerary! If medical assistance can end smoothly, I might even be able to find you guys!”

There’s a possibility of a virus in the Seven Mountain Village, but it’s far from several tourism cities in Yundian Province. If Yan Sha and the rest were going there for their trip, then it might be a pretty good choice.

“That’s a promise, then!” Yan Sha smiled.

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