Chapter 72 - Refuse? Scream for Help? Call the Police?

Chapter 72 - Refuse? Scream for Help? Call the Police?

The boss of the nearby Hardware Store was currently busy, so he couldn’t come to change the lock. Lu Shimiao was a little dazed while she ate. There was a rumble with bolts of lightning and rain drizzling outside. Knitting his brows, Su Tao sighed, “Since when has the weather forecast been so accurate? It accurately predicted the rain today.”

They’re currently in a restaurant in the district of Lu Shimiao’s rented apartment. A couple owns this restaurant, and the taste of the food here was ordinary. They used lots of seasoning. It was fine when they started eating, but as they ate, they would begin to feel thirsty from the salt.

Lu Shimiao acknowledged before she took a sip from a disposable cup and softly said, “Since it’s raining so heavily, you don’t have to rush back.”

Su Tao faintly smiled. “It’ll probably be nearly nine after our meal. I’m afraid it won’t be appropriate for me to stay in your home any longer.”

Lu Shimiao inwardly cursed Su Tao for pretending not to hear her intentions, before she faintly replied, “If you insist on rushing back, I won’t stop you from doing so.”

Seeing Lu Shimiao being a little disappointed, Su Tao smiled. “Okay, fine. I’ll help till the end. I’ll stay with you tonight in your new apartment till you get the Hardware Store to change your lock for you so that you won’t be so afraid.”

When Su Tao immediately picked at her worries, Lu Shimiao immediately felt bashful and angry. “Who says that I’m afraid?”

Seeing that she’s not admitting to it, Su Tao held his chin and sighed, “I suspect that the middle-aged man today was faking to be drunk on purpose. How can there be such a stupid person that goes knocking on the old house after moving away? So I concluded that he’s trying to get close to you on purpose, he was just trying to test the waters earlier.”

Lu Shimiao didn’t have much courage, to begin with, and when she heard Su Tao’s words, she was immediately terrified. Earlier, the middle-aged man was looking at her in an exceptionally lewd manner, as if he wanted to devour her alive. Lu Shimiao felt her throat drying, before she said, “Actually, I don’t necessarily have to move into the new apartment. I’ll just stay in the hospital dorm tonight.”

Seeing how Lu Shimiao panicked, Su Tao found it funny, so he faintly replied, “You can hide for the moment, but not for eternity. Since we’re both colleagues and friends, I’ll do you a favour and stay with you tonight. If he does not show up today, then that would mean that I have guessed incorrectly and you have nothing to worry about after changing the lock tomorrow. But if he dares to harass you tonight, I’ll teach him a lesson so he can learn how to be honest.”

For some reason, Lu Shimiao felt a little odd, but she still accepted Su Tao’s suggestion.

The meal cost ¥60. Lu Shimiao rushed to pay for it and Su Tao did not stop her. When they returned to the apartment, Lu Shimiao took out several clothes from her bedroom and saw Su Tao staring at her underwear. She rolled her eyes at his stare. “I’ve sweated a lot from moving today. I’ll take a shower, first.”

Doctors, especially female doctors, all had an obsession with cleanliness, since they often came into contact with bacteria. In their world, germs and diseases existed everywhere.

Rustling sounds came from the toilet. Su Tao walked into the master bedroom to look for a quilt and pillow to use to spend the night on the living room’s couch. But he was instantly distracted by Lu Shimiao singing. He started to imagine the scene in the washroom. If he barged in now, Lu Shimiao probably couldn’t do much to him.

But naturally, it’s merely a thought. He turned on the television and tuned it to channel CCTV-7 as it was playing a documentary, “Wild of Life”. A lion was crouching behind a roaring lioness. He couldn’t tell if the lioness was enjoying it or feeling uncomfortable, since she would occasionally turn her head around and bite on the lion’s neck.

The imagination of a human was both powerful and terrifying. He had to change his posture several times. Why was she singing while she’s showering, was she trying to test his limits?

Suddenly, a thought flashed in his mind that Lu Shimiao might be seducing him.

The imagination of humans would always turn filthy the moment their souls were blurred.

The actual reason why Lu Shimiao sang was that she felt nervous and complicated, cursing at herself for inviting Su Tao to stay for the night.

She’s actually afraid that Su Tao would suddenly barge in during her shower. But if that happened, how should she react? Should she refuse? Scream for help? Call the police?

But that would be too hilarious, since the fault lies on her for giving too many hints to Su Tao.

The reason why she sang was to bulk up her courage. She had already made up her mind that if Su Tao came in, she would indifferently advise him to go out to show her generosity so that she could suppress Su Tao in terms of her bearing.

When the television in the living room resounded, she felt a little relieved, since Su Tao should be watching the TV. That meant that he wouldn’t be barging into her shower anytime soon. She quickened up her pace and swiftly washed her hair before applying soap on her body.

Lu Shimiao’s skin was pearly-white. She never visited any spa, but she was blessed by the heavens and was bestowed her with skin that would cause other girls to envy. As she rubbed the soap on her body, it soon turned into bubbles, covering her body. Her hand ran through her arm and chest with bubbles acting as censorship that covered her lofty mounds.

She took a deep breath before she turned on the shower and water splattered on her skin, dispersing the heat in her body.

She knew that she had an inexplicable reliance for Su Tao.

Trust was something that accumulated bit by bit, so when he treated Jiaojiao, Lu Shimiao realised that a unique boy had barged into her life. He might seem rude, but he’s meticulous when dealing with matters. He also showed care and concern for the weak, and was also willing to fight for righteousness at the same time.

Like how he made Qiao Dehao stop harassing her during the meeting, or how he stood up for her in the pub and fought with Qiao Bo, and most importantly, how he stayed by her side when she was feeling at her lowest. That could always touch the heart of someone.

In her heart, the image of Su Tao as a lecher had started to change into a positive and caring boy.

She had no idea that Su Tao was feeling like a pent up beast at this moment; he was just suppressing the chaos and emotions from erupting.

Even Su Tao had no idea when he would explode!

The animal world always sparked fantasy in others. When an antelope had its neck snapped by a leopard and twitched on the floor, the antelope must be in pain. Su Tao started to think that if Lu Shimiao laid down beneath him and he kissed her snow-white neck, she should also be feeling like moaning like this.

Su Tao couldn’t let his thoughts run wild any further, so he took out his phone and realised a video was sent from Vera. The entire video only last ten-odd seconds. It was a video of her sitting in a Western-styled dining table with a feast laid before her, enjoying her meal with a segment of words, “Michelle said that she would be returning to Russia tomorrow. My goodness, I’m eating so much to celebrate that news. If I overate and grow fat, you have an easy way to help me slim down, right?”

Su Tao helplessly smiled. Vera’s mix-blood mother is truly a little bothersome, so Vera had also placed all her attention in taking care of her mother lately.

After a brief pondering, Su Tao replied, “Feel free to eat, if you turned fat and no one wants you, I’m accepting recyclables.”

Vera replied pretty fast to his message with a sticker saying “You pig head!” which made Su Tao chuckle. As a Russian businesswoman, Vera has wholly adapted to China's culture. Despite her usual appearance as a goddess, her skill in acting cute wasn’t weak, either.

The washroom’s door opened and Su Tao’s ears piqued up in attention. If anything happened to Lu Shimiao, for example, if she slipped or anything, he would immediately charge over and take advantage of her while he’s at it. But it was a pity that Lu Shimiao did not allow him to do so, not to mention that she’s properly dressed and even with a jacket that left him disappointed.

However, the instant when a woman exited the shower was when she’s at the most charming moment, especially a gorgeous lady like Lu Shimiao. Her hair was wet, draping over her shoulder and her skin, which was a little flushed due to the steam, looking so tender that she gave others an urge to take a nip at it.

Especially when Su Tao realised that Lu Shimiao did not usually put on any makeup, so her fresh out-of-the-shower looks were no different from before.

In this period of time, a natural beauty was more rare than even the national treasure, the pandas.

“Aren’t you hot? Why are you wearing so many layers of clothes?” Su Tao bitterly smiled, since it’s currently the hot spell of autumn with the temperature around 30℃. Although it’s raining, the room still felt stuffy.

Lu Shimiao wiped her hair with the towel and replied, “You’re feeling hot? Should I turn on the air conditioner and see if it’s faulty?”

As she spoke, she reached out for the remote and turned on the air conditioner.

Su Tao also peeked at Lu Shimiao. No wonder even her father-in-law, Qiao Dehao, was attracted by such a beauty like her. However, was it true when Qiao Bo said that Qiao Dehao and Lu Shimiao had a scandal and that he even had a video?

With Su Tao’s eyesight, Lu Shimiao shouldn’t be that sort of person. Otherwise, her acting skill was too heavens-defying.

“Why are you staring at me?” Lu Shimiao noticed the occasional glance coming from Su Tao and she grew nervous.

“I looked at you because you’re pretty, is there a problem?” Su Tao stretched out his arms and laid on the couch.

Lu Shimiao made an angry look and warned, “I’m older than you, so you must call me Big Sister and show respect to me. Don’t be so cheeky when you talk to me, or I won't talk to you anymore.”

There’s no way that Su Tao would be scared by Lu Shimiao’s words. He shrugged with a smile. “That’s good news actually, at least I’ll be spared from trouble.”

After a deeper thought into this matter, Lu Shimiao realised that Su Tao was speaking the right thing, since she had troubled him a lot. Suddenly, Lu Shimiao couldn’t refute Su Tao’s words, so she gently snorted and went into the bedroom.

Su Tao knitted his brows with a little unhappiness. What is she trying to do, she even showed me tantrums?

He immediately stood up and followed after her without any hesitation and saw a shocked expression on Lu Shimiao’s face while she held onto her phone and felt blankly at a loss.

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