Chapter 718 - Little Yuan can finally speak!

“Oh, right. There’s one more thing that I would like to ask your thoughts about!” Du Ping tried his best to carefully organise his words and continued, “Why did you refuse to join the City People’s Political Consultative Conference?”

“Firstly, I’m thankful for the goodwill, but I don’t have the luxury of time to attend all of the meetings. The members of the City People’s Political Consultative Conference needs to get involved in politics, so I can’t possibly take up the position and do nothing, right?” Su Tao smiled.

In his heart, Du Ping knew that Su Tao did not fancy the position in the City People’s Political Consultative Conference, despite the fact that many businessmen have been racking their brains to get in. Letting out a sigh, Du Ping replied, “The Chairman of the City People’s Political Consultative Conference has a good relationship with Mr. Zhang, and it’ll be tough for him to answer to Mr. Zhang. Furthermore, he does not have any request for you as long as you’re willing to join!”

But despite Du Ping’s persuasion, Su Tao shook his head. “If I joined, I will definitely have to attend all the meetings or I will be letting my responsibility down.”

“My thoughts were too superficial. I’ll get someone from the City People’s Political Consultative Conference to join up with you later.” Du Ping replied, self-mockingly after a brief stun.

In his heart, he was feeling conflicted, and at the same time, since where was there such an incident to force someone into the City People’s Political Consultative Conference?

Then again, it was also an act of goodwill from the regional government to Su Tao.

Su Tao’s identity was too special. Due to the fact that he’s the Vice-President in Jianghuai Hospital, it could be considered a side identity in the government system. However, the position wasn’t high and it could practically be neglected.

After another brief chat with Su Tao, Du Ping ended the call with Su Tao before he gave a call to Zhang Ping to report the results.

“The medicine factory must be treated with great importance. Furthermore, I’ve already communicated with the Bureau of Education. The new campus for Hanzhou University will be established in your county, mainly to recruit medical students with TCM as the main attraction.” Zhang Ping replied after a long silence.

As Du Ping’s heart throbbed, he replied with joy, “It will definitely be beneficial to the Baoyou County!”

“This matter still isn’t determined, so you can’t reveal anything right now. We will go into the details once everything is confirmed.” Zhang Ping replied with a solemn tone.

“Got it.” Du Ping answered. It seemed that his ex-superior was determined to bet everything on TCM.

After making a round in all the departments in the Three Flavour Hall, Su Tao received a call that left him somewhat surprised. It was from Lisa in Russia.

“Physician Su, I intend to come to China next week,” Lisa said with her voice containing a charm.

“Welcome!” Su Tao smiled as he asked, “Have you booked the tickets yet?”

“Not yet!” Lisa briefly hesitated before she continued, “I’m waiting for a discounted ticket.”

Hearing those words, Su Tao was briefly stunned. He realised that if it wasn’t for the price of the plane tickets, Lisa would probably be in China a month ago.

“It’s my fault for not being thoughtful enough. I’ll get someone to book a ticket and mail it to you.” Su Tao took the initiative.

“It’s fine, I can still afford this sum of money!” Lisa spoke with uneasiness.

“Since I was the one who invited you to Hanzhou City, then I will naturally be the one to arrange it.” Su Tao smiled.

Lisa sighed. She felt regretful of her previous reaction, but at the same time, she had also gained a favorable impression of Su Tao. She couldn’t find any words to express herself and only gave a simple reply, “You’re a good person!”

“We’re all good people!” Su Tao responded.

When he ended his call with Lisa, Su Tao came out of the Three Flavour Hall and drove to Lu Shimiao’s rented apartment. He wanted to pay a visit to take a look at Little Yuan’s condition, and at the same time, he also wanted to see Lu Shimiao.

It was rare for Lu Shimiao to take leave. She was staying at home to accompany Little Yuan with one of them sweeping the floor while the other mopped the floor.

When the doorbell rang, Little Yuan immediately flew over to open the door. When Little Yuan saw Su Tao, she immediately called out a few unintelligible sounds as Su Tao picked her up. At this moment, Lu Shimiao came over and smiled. “Why are you here today?”

“To give you a surprise since I know that you’re not working today!” Su Tao smiled.

Thereafter, he took out the presents he brought from Japan from his back and continued, “For you and Little Yuan!”

“At least you have some conscience!” Lu Shimiao swept a glance at the presents and her lips rose. “I’ll cook noodles for you since you probably haven't eaten your lunch yet.”

Taking the mop from her, Su Tao started to mop the floor and smiled. “Don’t forget two sunny-side-up eggs, and make sure that it’s not overcooked.”

“What a picky fellow!” Lu Shimiao rolled her eyes at Su Tao before she entered the kitchen.

After Su Tao finished mopping the floor, he waved his hand at Little Yuan, who obediently came over. After Su Tao checked her tongue and pulse, he then pointed at the couch.

After sheobediently layed on the couch, Su Tao started performing acupuncture on Little Yuan. In the process, Little Yuan sweated a bit before she felt exhausted, to which Su Tao knew that the acupuncture was working. He then carried Little Yuan back into her room, putting her on the bed before covering her with a quilt.

When he came out, Lu Shimiao had already finished cooking with two golden eggs on the top. Picking up the chopsticks, Su Tao started feasting to his heart’s content and smiled. “Tastes pretty good!”

“How rare to be praised by you.” Lu Shimiao sighed as she removed her apron.

“Isn’t it because I’m afraid that you’ll get too cocky?” Su Tao wore a smug expression.

Rolling her eyes at Su Tao, Lu Shimiao asked, “How’s Little Yuan’s condition?”

“There’s no longer an issue on her physiology, but she still has to take that step out psychologically.” Su Tao replied as he sucked the noodles.

“What do you mean? Can’t you explain it more clearly?” Lu Shimiao sighed. This fellow was still as fond of keeping people in suspense as usual.

“There’s no issue with her voice, and she can mimic the way we talk. However, she doesn’t have any confidence since it has been a long time. As long as she’s able to overcome the fear in her heart, she will be able to talk like a normal person.” Su Tao smiled as he comforted, “You don’t have to force it. Let nature take its place, and it won’t be long for her to be a normal child.”

“I’ll thank you on her behalf!” Lu Shimiao sighed.

Winking his eyes, Su Tao wore a lewd smile. “Rather than words, it’ll be better to thank me physically!”

“You’re vulgar!” Lu Shimiap snapped.

“You dare to insult me?” Su Tao feigned to be furious as he slammed the chopsticks on the bowl before he pounced at Lu Shimiao. “I’m a dinosaur!”

Lu Shimiao was naturally caught by surprise and she exclaimed out before she fell into the claws of the dinosaur…

But worried that Little Yuan might suddenly wake up, Su Tao and Lu Shimiao only briefly messed around.

After their interaction, Lu Shimiao became even more charming than she was in the past, especially her rosy cheeks, which made Su Tao’s heart tremble.

After pouring a cup of tea for Su Tao, Lu Shimiao coughed as she seriously said, “There’s a few things to talk to you about. The Qihuang Charity Funds’ orphanage project will increase by ten in our next step. What do you think about that?”

The Qihuang Charity Funds’ orphanage project had mainly been focusing on acquiring. Putting it in a nutshell, every city had orphanages, and the Qihuang Charity Funds would take over the operation and management, improving those old orphanages and facilities.

However, not every city was willing to hand the orphanages to the Qihuang Charity Funds. After all, that would mean the Bureau of Civil Affairs would have one less organisation under them.

Blowing on the tea leaves, Su Tao took a sip before he shook his head. “It’s too slow. Since we have so much money, we will have to speed up. Not only will we be acquiring the existing ones, but we will also set up our own.”

“It’s too much investment to set up our own, not to mention that it will also take a long time!” Lu Shimiao was worried, so she frowned her brows.

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao explained, “We mustn’t be afraid of trouble if we’re determined to do charity. Since it’s something that no one is willing to do, then that’s the more of a reason why we should do it.”

“Oh, the Qihuang Charity Funds received a medical assistance request yesterday. In a small village in Yundian Province, there have been a lot of people showing symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea since last week. But due to the lack of resources, the regional hospital was helpless, so the regional government issued a request for medical assistance to several large medical charity organisations in the country.” Lu Shimiao patiently said before she continued, “This matter has a great influence and it has already spread out on the internet. Should we take up this job?”

There’s a risk in large-scaled illnesses. After all, no one could be certain that it’s not contagious. If it’s a new type of contagious disease, sending help was akin to sending people to their death!

“That’s for sure!” Su Tao was no longer as relaxed as before as he continued, “We can’t afford to drag this matter any longer. We’ll organise a medical team in the afternoon to head over to Yundian Province.”

“There’s no use for you to be anxious about it! Medical assistance like this has to go through procedures. I know that you’re definitely willing to take up this job, so I have already submitted our request. I believe that we will have a result tomorrow.” Lu Shimiao helplessly shook her head. The moment Su Tao heard that it had something to do with sickness, he had instantly changed into a different person.

Without any approval, not only would the medical team from the Qihuang Charity Funds not be recognised, but it’s also impossible for them to come in contact with the patients. Hence, they had to go through the necessary procedures.

“Get it done quickly!” Su Tao bounced up from his seat and continued, “We can’t just sit here and do nothing. I will contact the National Healer Specialist Team to try and get the approval done swiftly.”

Su Tao was truly a person who couldn’t be unoccupied. He had only just returned from Japan for a few days, and he would soon step on his new journey. However, it was also because of this factor that made Lu Shimiao look at him in a new light.

“Mama, mama!”

A tender voice resounded from the room that made Su Tao and Lu Shimiao exchange a glance with joy in their eyes.

Lu Shimiao was the first to charge into the room and she hugged Little Yuan with her nose turning sour. “That’s great! Yuanyuan, you can finally speak!”

Standing behind the two of them, Su Tao smiled. Now, Little Yuan no longer needed to go to any special school, and she could attend a normal school like other children.

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