Chapter 717 - Liu Jianwei's Changes

Su Tao had a great appetite today since he ate three meat buns in the Three Flavour Hall’s canteen along with a bowl of egg noodles. At the same time, he would also occasionally greet the employees of the Three Flavour Hall to increase his presence, but he did not put on any airs.

This was the atmosphere in the Three Flavour Hall’s main branch. Su Tao might be a celebrity divine physician to the public, but he’s just an ordinary physician in the eyes of those around him. In terms of experience, all of the employees here had already forged a name for themselves many years ago, and in terms of age, many of them were his elders; he could only be considered a junior in their eyes.

However, no one would look down on Su Tao, especially with how Su Tao stood out for an employee in the Beijing branch. That incident made many employees feel a sense of presence as they strive to work for Su Tao.

After Su Tao finished eating and showed no signs of leaving, Golden Tooth came over and said, “Boss, do you have any other instructions?”

“I’m waiting for Jianwei!” Su Tao examined Golden Tooth and asked with a smile, “I heard that you’ve been sending and picking Doudou from school?”

Golden Tooth’s face blushed upon being exposed, so he replied, “I’m usually free, and my workload is easier than Lihua. So isn’t it normal for me to send and pick up Doudou?”

“Lihua is a good woman, so you should be more direct in pursuing her. Don’t keep hesitating or she might be taken by someone else.” Su Tao was optimistic of Golden Tooth and Fan Lihua as a couple. Although there’s a drastic difference between them in terms of their appearance, Golden Tooth was not a bad person despite his wretched appearance, not to mention that he was sincere about Fan Lihua.

Fan Lihua was a rare beauty in the Miao Village, and she had only married the wrong man, which led to her pitiful life. But ever since she joined the Three Flavour Hall, she recovered her charm and bewitched Golden Tooth.

“Women are attracted to heroes!” Golden Tooth sighed as he continued, “As for me, I can only be considered a coward.”

Su Tao knew what Golden Tooth meant. He knew that Fan Lihua had a crush on Liu Jianwei, and this was a complicated triangle relationship. Patting Golden Tooth’s shoulder, Su Tao replied, “Old Liu knows nothing about relationships. Lihua might have a crush on him, but he’s simply a piece of a block. In the end, isn’t marriage all about stability? Lihua is a steadfast and diligent woman, and Liu Jianwei can’t give her the life that she wants. You will have a chance when she thinks it through.”

Listening to Su Tao’s words, Golden Tooth instantly felt confident, so he emotionally said, “Boss, I’m touched with your words.”

Truth be told, Golden Tooth felt that he was dispensable. If he hadn’t been forced by Su Tao back then, why would he come to a tattered pharmacy?

In his view, he had a low position in the Three Flavour Hall, and it was akin to heaven and earth compared to Liu Jianwei. However, he was surprised since he never expected that Su Tao would be so supportive in his pursuit of Fan Lihua.

Seriously waving his hand, Su Tao continued, “Since you’ve decided to stay in the Three Flavour Hall, it means that you’re also a family member to me. All the grudges and conflicts are in the past, and I’m waiting for your good news. Truth be told, Lihua wants to settle down. If you can give her the sense of security that she’s seeking, you will be able to melt her heart.”

At this moment, Su Tao saw Liu Jianwei walking in and nudged his lips to Golden Tooth. “Old Liu is here.”

Golden Tooth chuckled. He was in an excellent mood since he could have some secrets with Su Tao. Hence, he took the initiative to greet, “You’ve come? I’ll immediately prepare your sausage fried rice!”

Looking at Golden Tooth’s figure in perplexion, Liu Jianwei asked, “Did this fatty take the wrong medicine today? He usually won’t pay any attention to me, and the food that he makes for me is all subpar. He’s probably pretending to be diligent after seeing that you’re here.”

Su Tao smiled. He wondered if Liu Jianwei had a screw loose in his head. This fellow was still probably in the dark. Not long later, Golden Tooth returned with a plate of sausage fried rice along with a bowl of pork kidney soup.

Wearing a smile, Su Tao said to Golden Tooth, “Follow this standard in the future when you’re preparing breakfast for Jianwei.”

“Roger that!” Golden Tooth winked at Su Tao before he returned to the kitchen while chuckling.

While eating the sausage fried rice, Liu Jianwei immediately praised, “Golden Tooth, the food’s great today!”

“It’s my honour to be praised by you!” Golden Tooth immediately answered.

Seeing that Liu Jianwei was almost done with his food, Su Tao asked, “I have a task for you, and I wonder if you’re willing?”

“What is it about?” Liu Jianwei straightforwardly replied as he drank a mouthful of soup.

“I hope that you can undergo a specialised training in a special department.” Su Tao said before he continued, “The department is called Fire Beacon!”

Liu Jianwei had interacted with Yuan Lan’s group, so he naturally knew about the Fire Beacon. When he heard this, his eyes immediately lit up and he placed the chopsticks down as he grinned. “Will I be able to spar with those secret agents?”

“That’s for sure!” Su Tao enticed as he continued, “There’s a lot of experts in there!”

“There’s no reason for me to refuse this offer!” Liu Jianwei laughed as he balled his fists together, emitting crackling sounds and added impatiently, “When can I begin?”

Su Tao understood Liu Jianwei too well, so he continued, “Anytime as long as you’ve made up your mind.”

“Sure, then we’ll start tomorrow. It has been a long time since I met someone on my level, and it feels pretty uncomfortable. Look at me, I even have a belly now!” Liu Jianwei patted on his stomach as he went on with an imposing aura, “I hope that they will not disappoint me!”

Nodding his head, Su Tao went over to Liu Jianwei’s ear and whispered.

Hearing those words, Liu Jianwei was briefly stunned before he solemnly nodded his head. “Thank you for trusting me.”

“We’re comrades and brothers!” Su Tao smiled as he gently bumped Liu Jianwei’s chest with his fist.

Although he had been chosen as the Fire Deity, Yan Wujin’s successor, Su Tao knew that the Fire Beacon must be separated into factions. He knew that Yuan Lan’s team was only a small portion in the organisation, and he still had to take it slowly for him to take over the entire Fire Beacon.

Liu Jianwei could be considered a chess piece that he’s planting into the Fire Beacon, using him to gain a deeper understanding of the whole organisation. In the future, Liu Jianwei would be an aide in taking over the Fire Beacon, and this was probably Yan Wujin’s intention as well.

Liu Jianwei was touched by Su Tao. If it wasn’t for Su Tao, he would probably still be a hoodlum in the underground arena. He was already used to the current life, that’s still equally as exciting. Most importantly, he had transferred from the underworld to the light.

Those around him no longer feared him, and instead, they would only look at him with gratefulness, trust, and worship. This made Liu Jianwei feel unprecedented satisfaction.

No one was willing to be a bad person, and it was Su Tao who changed his life.

“Oh, there’s something that I would like to ask you as well. What do you think of Lihua?” Su Tao smiled.

“She’s pretty good, and she often washes my clothes for me. In my heart, she’s like an elder sister.” Liu Jianwei blushed.

“It’s a hint for a woman to wash clothes for a man.” Su Tao sighed as he continued, “That’s because she’s in love with you. I’ll ask you honestly right now, do you have any intentions of taking it another step with her?”

“Nope! Someone like me has too many enemies, and it’s unsafe. I can only remain single, so how can I possibly give her happiness?” Liu Jianwei honestly replied.

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao knew that Liu Jianwei’s thoughts were pretty obvious, and settling down wasn’t a life suitable for him.

Wearing a serious expression, Su Tao responded, “Then you should distance yourself from Lihua in the future. Don’t give her hope since that will only make the relationship between you two ambiguous.”

Patting his forehead, Liu Jianwei grinned. “Got it, I will pay attention to it in the future. Big Sister Lihua is so good to me, so how can I possibly hurt her?”

When Liu Jianwei finished his breakfast, Su Tao coincidentally received a call from Du Ping, which Su Tao instantly knew that it must be related to the two reporters yesterday.

“I did not let you down, and it has already been done. The two reporters were taken away for investigation. In the process, we found out that they’re related to an extortion and blackmailing media website.” Du Ping smiled.

Su Tao was briefly stunned before he smiled. “How did this matter get involved in extortion and blackmailing?”

“That website especially gathers negative news, hiring many reporters in secret. If anyone wishes to erase those negative news, they would have to pay a sum of money to the website. Otherwise, the website would make use of their troll army to ruin that enterprise’s reputation. Due to the fact that the price that they’re asking wasn’t high, they’ve succeeded repeatedly and made a profit of ¥10,000,000 over two years.” Du Ping answered.

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao bitterly smiled. “There’s truly all sorts of extraordinary things in the world, and there are all kinds of scams around.”

“Anyway, this matter has already been perfectly resolved. Oh, the government has gone through discussions about the medicine factory and they feel a need to advertise it a little. They will hold a contract signing press conference since it will be beneficial to attract more investors to Hanzhou City. You guys won’t have to fork out any money, but your presence is required on that day itself.” Du Ping casually said.

“Sure, I’ll just listen to the arrangements!” Su Tao replied with a smile. If the government hosts a press conference, it’d act as a good advertisement for his medicine factory. It’s a win-win situation without him spending much on advertisement.

During his call with Su Tao, Du Ping realised that his hands were sweaty. During his call with Su Tao, he had given numerous thoughts to his words towards Su Tao. It might seem normal, but he was afraid that he might make Su Tao unhappy.

Even if he knew that Su Tao wasn’t the sort of person who would pay attention to small details, he still couldn’t help treating Su Tao carefully.

He knew the reason for the change in his attitude, it’s because Su Tao was an important person to him. If he could form a close relationship with Su Tao, he would have another hope in his future path.

All along, Du Ping had thought that Zhang Ping was the only important person in his life. But now that Su Tao gave him more hope, he instantly placed Su Tao at a level above Zhang Ping.

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