Chapter 716 - Successor of the Fire Deity

Su Tao was surprised since he was familiar with the organisation, Fire Beacon. Yuan Lan, Hei Jin, and Tang Shi had helped him several times, so he knew that it’s a special organisation, and he had long formed a connection with it. However, he never expected that he had already formed a connection the organisation way before that, and with the person behind it, Yan Wujin!

“Sire Shui and I have known each other for over three decades. Back then, I was just a personal bodyguard of a senior official. During the early reformation, that senior official planned to have the economy as the core. However, Sire Shui was worried that there might be chaos, so he established the Fire Beacon. This is also the reason why the Fire Beacon isn’t the same as other special organisations since we mainly protect the stability of the economy.” Yan Wujin revealed a smile as he reminisced about the past.

“This is really a surprise to me. I never expected that the Fire Deity would actually be so close to me.” Su Tao smiled.

Nodding his head, Yan Wujin smiled. “I have been paying attention to you ever since our first meeting. Not many people know of my identity, including Yan Jing.”

“Concealing yourself in public, you’re a genuine hermit.” Su Tao sighed. He had an unusual feeling, as if his every step was planned.

Waving his hand, Yan Wujin smiled. “I’m just an ordinary folk. Not only will I fall sick like others, but I will also die of old age. For the past few years, I have already thought it through in Hanzhou City. I will have to admit my old age, and I ultimately have to hand the future to youngsters like you.”

“You’re very healthy, and not even a young man can be comparable to you.” Su Tao smiled.

Shaking his head, Yan Wujin sighed, “Not only does this position in the Fire Beacon put the body to the test, but the mind as well. I can no longer follow the trends, so Sire Shui has been talking to me for a long time. We’ve reached a mutual agreement, and we hope that you can take over the Fire Beacon.”

“But I…” Su Tao hesitated.

“I know your thoughts. You just want to be a physician, helping people. But you can do much more with your potential. The society needs you to assume other responsibilities.” Yan Wujin looked at Su Tao and continued, “You shouldn’t be unfamiliar with Qin Jingyu. He’s the successor of the Dragon Group. So if you possess the Fire Beacon, you will be at the same level as him.”

Hearing those words, Su Tao was stunned as he stared at the ancient book on the table for a long time before he asked, “Was the conflict between me and Qin Jingyu planned by you and Sire Shui?”

“Is it of importance now?” Yan Wujin laughed as his eyes lit up. “I have been observing you for a long time. You’re someone with ambitions, and even without our arrangements, you would ultimately meet Qin Jingyu. As the saying goes, two tigers cannot reside on the same mountain. It’s inevitable that Qin Jingyu will become your enemy.”

Su Tao was dumbfounded for a long time before he inwardly sighed.

Old foxes… OLD FOXES…

So it turned out that he had been deceived by Yan Wujin for such a long time, not to mention that it turned out that he did not understand Sire Shui that well either. So it turned out that he had unknowingly become a chess piece, controlled by the two of them in the dark.

“I’m disappointed in the two of you.” Su Tao was somewhat unhappy in his tone.

“You have potential and you’re tenacious. Both Sire Shui and I are very satisfied with you.” Yan Wujin said as he put up a pretense and continued, “Actually, it also goes according to reasons. With your origin, it’s impossible for us to hand such an important responsibility to you if you did not go through any tests. But you’ve won our trust with your actions, especially the firm belief in your nationality during your trip to Japan.”

Su Tao was briefly stunned before he revealed an embarrassed smile. “So the two of you have known my origin all this time.”

“That’s for sure. Your origin might be mysterious, but it’s also undeniable.” Yan Wujin faintly replied.

At this moment, Su Tao felt much better. If they could hand the Fire Beacon to him despite knowing his identity, that meant that he had received their sincerity and trust.

“I still have to reconsider it!” Su Tao shook his head with a smile.

It wasn’t because he wasn’t confident, but he knew that if he had promised Yan Wujin, that would mean that he would be putting a step into this mess. The tribulations that he would face would definitely be more dangerous and complicated than what he faced now.

The battlefield of the Fire Beacon was in another world. The economy might seem to be progressing well, but there were many people trying to stir a blood storm in the background. To protect the stability of the economy, the Fire Beacon has been removing all the hidden threats in the country.

Putting it in a nutshell, Rangure from Germany was one of the threats. The Fire Beacon was responsible for keeping her under surveillance, and if there’s a need, they would uproot her and her forces.

“I know that you're recently planning to invest in a Chinese medicine factory, and that means that those international conglomerates will be your opponents.” Yan Wujin continued to entice as he continued, “If you want Chinese medicine to enter the international market to compete with those international conglomerates, you will need the Fire Beacon’s support.”

Yan Wujin had a firm grasp on Su Tao’s mentality, and he knew that Su Tao was yearning for power.

Many people regarded power as poison, and it’s not a baseless comment. Naturally, Su Tao wasn’t an exception.

“It seems that I can no longer escape from the grasp of you and Sire Shui.” Su Tao helplessly smiled.

Gently patting on his thigh, Yan Wujin laughed, “That’s for sure! It might seem like I’m discussing it with you, but it’s actually a notice. This position is yours even if you don’t want it. Sire Shui and I have spent so much effort on you, so wouldn’t we have wasted our energy if you refused now?”

“I’ll do my best.” Su Tao shrugged.

“I know you too well. You’re only putting up a symbolic act of evading. As a man, who wouldn’t want a successful career? At this peaceful age, it’s too meaningless if you’re satisfied with wealth. The unseeable underworld and storm are what a young man should experience. We’re getting old, and it’s time for us to hand it over to youngsters like you.” Yan Wujin smiled.

Yan Wujin might seem calm and composed most of the time, but it was just an act.

All of a sudden, Su Tao curiously asked, “Why is Yan Sha’s father overseas now?”

According to the norm, it’s natural for the son to inherit his father’s career, so Yan Sun should be the successor of the Fire Deity instead.

“He did something that no Chinese can forgive. Right now, living is his greatest punishment.” Yan Wujin did not hide his disappointment with Yan Sun.

Su Tao did not continue to inquire about the details and inwardly sighed. So it turned out that Yan Wujin knew that his son was alive, but he hid it from Jiang Qinghan and Yan Sha. Just how cruel was this?

“I feel that it’s too unfair to master and Junior Sister!” Su Tao frankly said.

“That’s why I’ve let them down! It’s a secret that Yan Sun is still alive, and it shouldn’t be known to anyone.” Yan Wujin sighed with a trace of helplessness in his eyes.

Taking a deep breath, Su Tao bitterly smiled. “So do I have to follow this rule in the future? I’m afraid that I can’t do it! I can’t betray or lie to those around me, and this is my principle.”

“That’s right, and this is what Sire Shui and I have taken a liking to about with you. You might have put your feelings into how you deal with problems, but it is also because of this that we feel that you’re especially realistic in your life. We hope that you can use your own charm to reform the Fire Beacon into a whole new organisation. Since we’ve decided to hand it over to you, you can feel free to change it to however you like.” Yan Wujin laughed.

Listening to Yan Wujin’s words, Su Tao was somewhat touched. It was thanks to Sire Shui and Yan Wujin that he could resolve so many crises. Although the two of them have been observing him, it’s also a form of love that an elder showed to the younger generation.

“Since you’ve already put it this way, then I have no reason to refuse.” Su Tao’s eyes flickered as he added in a firm tone, “I will spare no effort!”

There was a difference between doing your best and sparing no effort. The former was in a somewhat helpless tone, while the latter was an unwavering determination.

“Oh right, your companion, the one with the nickname Knife Demon, that lad with the surname Liu. He’s pretty skilled, and he’s currently training your private army, right? He’s pretty good, so why don’t you send him for training in the Fire Beacon for a period? It will be beneficial for him to increase his strength.” Yan Wujin had a few exchanges with Liu Jianwei, so he had a pretty good acknowledgment of the latter’s strength.

“I will have to seek his opinion on this matter. But with my understanding of him, he shouldn’t refuse.” Su Tao smiled. Liu Jianwei could be considered as a fanatic when it comes to martial arts, and if he had an opportunity to come in contact with more experts, he would definitely not refuse.

After a brief silence, Yan Wujin added, “As for those believers of yours, you have to teach them well. Don’t let them cause any trouble.”

Previously, Bassoon and his companions had already revealed themselves through that incident in Nanyue Province, and they even pursued that female assassin to death. Everything took place in the eyes of the Fire Beacon, but they only closed an eye since it did not threaten the safety of any citizens.

Judging from Yan Wujin’s tone, he would definitely not tolerate them if Bassoon and his companions overstepped their boundaries.

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao knew that he couldn’t hide anything from Yan Wujin and replied, “They’re all a bunch of pitiful people, and I will reform them well.”

“I’ve already said everything that’s needed, so you have to change your mentality now. Not only will you be protecting your Three Flavour Hall and the culture of TCM, but you also have many lives in your hands now.” Yan Wujin smiled.

“I will protect the Fire Beacon like how I protected the Three Flavour Hall!” Su Tao smiled.

When they left Yan Wujin’s study room, Yan Wujin’s backbone slouched once again and he returned to his usual appearance.

After Su Tao greeted Jiang Qinghan and Yan Sha, he left the residence and entered his vehicle. Jiang Qinghan turned on the lights in the courtyard to provide a light source to Su Tao.

Looking at that silhouette, Su Tao inwardly sighed as he started his vehicle and disappeared into the nightscape.

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