Chapter 715 - Yan Wujin and Fire Beacon

Driving his Volkswaggen CC, Su Tao soon arrived at the Yan Residence. After pressing on the doorbell, a long time later, Yan Sha came over to open the door. When she saw Su Tao, she had joy on her face as she asked, “Senior Brother, you’re finally back?”

“You’re alone?” Su Tao asked in puzzlement.

“Yeah, grandpa went fishing. Recently, he seems to have taken a liking for fishing. But whenever he catches a fish, he would always let it go instead of bringing it back. I really have no idea what is going on in his mind.” Yan Sha opened the door as she complained.

“What about you?” Su Tao asked with a smile.

“Mom signed me up for two tuition classes, fearing that I might not be able to follow up with my studies after going into Senior High School. I only just returned home, and I was just preparing to do my homework.” Yan Sha incessantly ranted since she finally found someone to vent her unhappiness with.

“That’s because your mom is concerned about you!” Su Tao smiled.

“I’m starting to miss my old mom.” Yan Sha pouted.

Su Tao knew that Yan Sha was just ranting and did not really mean it. In the past, Jiang Qinghan would focus all her energy in her work, allowing Yan Sha to grow up with independence. But ever since she returned from Russia, she seemed to have changed and started to show concern for Yan Sha. Ultimately, Yan Sha enjoyed the care and concern she received from her mother, she was just grumbling a little.

“Let’s go, I’ll show you the present I bought for you!” Su Tao said as he waved the bag in his hand.

He had put more effort in picking a present for Yan Sha. Aside from jewellery, Su Tao even bought a limited edition cartoon figurine for her.

“Wow, it’s actually this figurine! How did you manage to buy it? My classmate’s father went to Japan for work, but he didn’t manage to get this figurine.” Yan Sha couldn’t help snapping a few photos and shared it on her social media account.

Letting out a sigh, Yan Sha was ultimately still a young lady. Compared to the jewellery, the figurine didn’t cost much. In the end, Kim Jung-yeon understood the heart of a young lady well and suggested for Su Tao to buy this precious figurine off someone. Even Su Tao never expected that Yan Sha would take such a liking to it.

“I entrusted a friend to buy it for me!” Su Tao smiled as he continued, “If you really like it, then I’ll get him to send over another one from Japan when there’s a new one.”

“Senior Brother, you’re too great!” Yan Sha looked at Su Tao with splendour in her eyes.

“Don’t look at me in this manner, it’s making me flustered!” Su Tao smiled before he added, “You’re already a lady, so don’t go looking at a man with such an infatuated gaze. It will make the imagination of others run wild.”

Realising that she had expressed her emotions too blatantly earlier, she immediately concealed her emotions and curled her lips. “Who’s infatuated? I’m only brushing you off out of manners. Since you’re not appreciating it, then I’ll take it back!”

Su Tao sighed. His Junior Sister was really interesting, she was filled with the liveliness of youth. Grabbing onto Yan Sha’s wrist, Su Tao looked at the watch that he previously bought for her and muttered, “It’s getting late. I’ll take a look in the kitchen and see if there’s any ingredients. I’ll cook today!”

When he finished, Su Tao immediately headed to the kitchen.

Having her hand grabbed by Su Tao, Yan Sha felt flustered. But when she saw that Su Tao was behaving as if nothing had happened and entered the kitchen, she bit on her lips and grumbled, “Why are you being so touchy, how hateful!”

Even Su Tao did not realise what influence his action brought to Yan Sha. He went into the kitchen and opened the fridge. There weren’t enough ingredients. He turned around and drove to the nearby supermarket to buy a bunch of stuff.

When he parked his vehicle, he bumped into Jiang Qinghan. She wore a white shirt with white pants. Her clothes might seem simple, but because it matched her figure well, it made her look tall and graceful.

Due to the fact that Jiang Qinghan practised martial arts, she had a light physique. Her figure was even more graceful than a dancer’s since she would move on her toes. She might be casually walking, but she was actually making big steps. In addition to her graceful figure, she would give off an ethereal misconception as if a fairy had descended.

Su Tao was dumbfounded as he blankly looked at her for a long time. However, Jiang Qinghan did not notice it, since she was looking at the ingredients that Su Tao brought back and smiled. “Why didn’t you tell me that you were coming? I also bought some ingredients as well.”

“It doesn’t matter, we can just put the extra food in the fridge. On the contrary, it’s a huge problem if there isn’t enough. If we can’t fill our stomachs, it’ll be miserable!” Su Tao waved his hand with a smile.

Letting out a sigh, Jiang Qinghan helplessly replied, “You’re always the one making sense!”

Thereafter, the two of them went into the kitchen together. When Yan Sha heard the commotion, she came out of her room. Looking at her, Jiang Qinghan raised her brows. “Are you done with your homework?”

“Can’t you let me enjoy my holiday without any pressure?” Yan Sha sighed.

“I can’t help it. A few days ago, I chatted with a few parents whose kids were in Senior High School. Your Senior High School has high competitiveness, and it is due to luck that you managed to make it in. Everyone is studying, but you’re always playing around. After going into Senior High School, you’ll start to regret it.” Jiang Qinghan put on a strict motherly appearance as she rambled.

“Senior Brother, help me!” Yan Sha squeezed her eyes towards Su Tao and gave him a signal.

“Master, let’s not force Junior Sister anymore.” Su Tao smiled before he continued, “Studies might be important, but she can’t possibly study for her entire life, right? Striking a balance between work and rest is more effective. Since I’m back from overseas, why don’t you give her a break today?”

“Alright, since you’ve spoken!” Jiang Qinghan weakly sighed with a bitter smile.

Yan Sha immediately laid on the couch with a bolster in her embrace. She turned on the television and started watching cartoons. Casting a glance at her, Yan Sha was ultimately still a child. Despite the fact that she had been saying that these locally produced cartoons were too childish, she was still engrossed in it.

When Jiang Qinghan entered the kitchen, she saw Su Tao chopping a carrot into fine strips before he swept them into a small dish before starting to work on a potato.

“What are you planning to make?” Jiang Qinghan smiled.

“Three vegetarian strips!” Su Tao said as he finished chopping the bamboo shoot into fine lines.

Letting out a sigh, Jiang Qinghan replied, “It’s hard to find young people who are good at cooking like you these days.”

“Yeah, most of them are like Yan Sha, busy studying. How could they have time to learn how to cook?” Su Tao responded.

“Are you tactfully criticising my teaching method for Yan Sha?” Jiang Qinghan sighed as she washed the cabbages.

“I can understand how you feel, but you need to know when to stop. Actually, Yan Sha is a sensible child, and she’s more independent when compared to others her age. If a group of them were thrown onto an abandoned island, Yan Sha would definitely be the one who would survive.” Su Tao patiently answered.

“But I’m afraid that she might lack behind others!” Jiang Qinghan sighed before she continued, “In the past, I was too selfish and only focused on my work without showing any care and concern to her. I feel that it hasn’t been easy on Yan Sha. Without me knowing it, she has already grown up.”

“You underestimate a child’s ability to imitate. Actually, she has been treating you as her role model. You’re independent and chivalrous, so she also has these traits in her as well.” Su Tao smiled.

Rolling her eyes, Jiang Qinghan smiled. “Your mouth is pretty sweet!”

“Oh, right. Master, you can consider taking leave now.” Su Tao started the fire, making preparations to start cooking.

“Leave? Why?” Jiang Qinghan was baffled.

“Didn’t you promise Yan Sha that you would go traveling with her after her examinations?” Su Tao sighed before he continued, “You’re not going against your words, right?”

“I really forgot about that.” Jiang Qinghan bitterly smiled.

“Walking a myriad miles is better than reading a myriad books.” Su Tao seriously said before he continued, “Yan Sha needs to walk around. She’s already so big, but she hasn’t travelled with you before, right?”

Jiang Qinghan took a moment to think about it, and it was just as Su Tao had said. In the past, her father-in-law had always been the one taking Yan Sha out.

“I’ll check when I can take some time off tomorrow, but I don’t think that I can take leave for a long time, three days at best!” Jiang Qinghan locked her brows together.

“I’ll plan the itinerary after you’ve confirmed the dates!” Su Tao smiled bfore he continued, “Consider it as a graduation trip for Yan Sha.”

“If Yan Sha knew about this, she would definitely rejoice like no tomorrow.” Jiang Qinghan wryly smiled.

“Me too!” Su Tao smiled.

“You?” Jiang Qinghan looked at Su Tao with a complicated gaze, wondering what this brat was planning.

Although Jiang Qinghan had considered Su Tao family, they ultimately did not have any blood relatives. Furthermore, she had been keeping her guard up against Su Tao after knowing Yan Sha’s thoughts, worried that her daughter might be kidnapped by him.

Revealing an innocent smile, Su Tao looked at Jiang Qinghan. “Shouldn’t it be a happy matter to travel with you guys?”

“Since it’s a graduation trip, then let Yan Sha contact her friends and see if their families can come along as well. After all, it’s more lively with more people.” Jiang Qinghan felt warmth in her heart.

Finding it a pretty good idea, Su Tao replied, “I think that quite a few people will respond to it. After all, Yan Sha has pretty good social relations.”

As the two of them chatted, Su Tao had already finished whipping a few dishes. When Jiang Qinghan called Yan Sha over, Yan Wujin returned and he was humming a Hanzhou folk song. Today, he actually did not return empty-handed, he came back with a few carps. After taking the carps, Su Tao prepared them on the spot and a brief moment later, a sweet-and-sour fish was prepared.

Although it had been a long time since he cooked, his culinary skills did not deteriorate, since Yan Sha practically couldn’t stop eating.

Jiang Qinghan also felt that this meal was pretty good, and she also ate more than usual. On the other hand, Su Tao accompanied Yan Wujin and drank a few cups.

After they finished eating, Yan Wujin waved his hand at Su Tao, calling the latter to the second floor. After making a gesture for Su Tao to sit down, Yan Wujin took out a wooden box from the cabinet.

Seeing Yan Wujin nodding his head at him, Su Tao slowly opened the box. When he saw the item in the box, he exclaimed, “The Fire Beacon?!”

Nodding his head, Yan Wujin’s face suddenly turned solemn as he said in a grave tone, “Consider today to be the official date of you joining the Fire Beacon. Let me reintroduce myself, I’m the Fire Deity!”

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