Chapter 714 - Deafness by a Sudden Burst of Happiness

Seeing that the girl’s deafness was treated by his unusual method, Su Tao smiled. “I have to apologise as the method I’ve used might not be appropriate. I said some unsightly words, so please do not be offended. I created an environment with an intense contradiction on purpose to treat your daughter. We’re definitely still at fault in this matter as our physician drank a little yesterday to leave you with a bad impression. But seeing that Physician Chen treated your daughter with his ‘Letter of Regret’, please forgive him. At the same time, we’re willing to refund you all the fees that you’ve paid for the treatment. If you still believe in the Three Flavour Hall, you will be our most valued customer with a 20% discount in treatments during your future visits. Furthermore, you can also receive priority treatment.”

Seeing Su Tao’s humble expression had completely changed from before, the mother instantly knew that Su Tao was acting on purpose earlier to treat her daughter.

“Why did my daughter suffer from sudden deafness, and how did it suddenly recover?” The mother’s tone softened.

“If I’ve guessed correctly, is there a piece of good news yesterday that made your daughter especially happy?” Su Tao smiled.

“I was shopping yesterday on the internet and managed to snatched a ¥2,000 bag for free.” The girl revealed after a brief hesitation.

Standing to the side, Chen Defeng’s eyes lit up since he finally knew the reason why Su Tao had instructed him to write so many humiliating words.

Actually, it was nothing difficult with Su Tao’s keen sight and brain.

“Let me tell you a story that every physician will know.” Su Tao smiled as he continued, “There’s a famous physician in China, Ye Tianshi, someone proficient in treating unusual conditions. In the Qing Dynasty, there’s an official who had sudden blindness from the joy of his promotion. Hence, he immediately sent for someone to invite the physician to treat him. When Ye Tianshi heard the official’s condition, he simply replied, I’m a famous physician, so how can you invite me in this manner? You have to invite me generously with a ceremony for me to go over. When the official heard the reply, he instantly flew into a rage and roared out. But thereafter, he suddenly recovered his sight. Your daughter’s condition is similar to that official’s, and it’s called Deafness by a Sudden Burst of Happiness. Hence, I used a sudden burst of anger to treat it.”

“So there’s such an unusual treatment method that can treat illnesses without any medicine.” The mother embarrassedly smiled. She’s intellectual, and she knew that she had behaved too rashly earlier because of her daughter’s deafness. After all, it was normal since anyone would lose their rationale in that position. Seeing that not only had Su Tao treated her daughter, but he had also given so much compensation, she also felt much better.

“Strictly speaking, her condition isn’t fully treated yet.” Su Tao bitterly smiled as he shook his head. “Her sudden burst of deafness might have something to do with the joyous news yesterday, but there’s a more indepth reason for it. The ears are the outer orifice of the kidney, with the meridians for the gallbladder and three truncal cavities located in the ears. So generally, those with ear-related conditions will have a close connection to the three of them. Her irregular menses was also related to her kidney, gallbladder, and three truncal cavities. So you guys can let Physician Chen readjust your prescription later to be taken for a full week. If it’s fast, your daughter will be fine in just two to three days.”

When Chen Defeng heard Su Tao’s analysis, his eyes immediately lit up.

His diagnosis was the knot in the girl’s liver energy. But he never expected that it was actually related to the gallbladder.

In ancient times, people often describe that the liver and gallbladder were reflected. In TCM, there’s a close relationship between the liver and gallbladder.

At this moment, Chen Defeng was filled with admiration for Su Tao’s medical skills. He finally knew the reason why his master had treated Su Tao with such importance. He only knew how high Su Tao had reached in TCM by witnessing it himself. It might be a small condition, but Su Tao had a deep understanding behind TCM’s theories. At this moment, all the doubts that Chen Defeng felt earlier disappeared.

Then again, Chen Defeng was also feeling grateful since Su Tao gave him half the contribution to seek the patient’s forgiveness.

This brilliant move had made Chen Defeng inwardly sigh. Su Tao definitely didn’t seem like a young man in his twenties, but a witty old man.

“Since my daughter has already been treated, then we won’t disrupt any longer.” The mother immediately nudged her husband with her elbow and said, “Why don’t you call Chief Lai to tell him not to send anyone over?”

At this moment, her husband had reacted and he gave an embarrassed smile. His daughter had already been treated, so wouldn’t he be causing trouble without a reason if he still called someone over?

But before he could even make a call, his phone lit up.

Chief Lai’s voice solemnly resounded, “Old Deng, I’ve gotten someone to make a check on what you just told me earlier. The Three Flavour Hall is an important TCM structure that the government is protecting. We will act appropriately after investigating the matter.”

Hearing those words, Old Deng was stunned. What Chief Lai meant was that no one could touch the Three Flavour Hall.

“This is all a misunderstanding!” Old Deng held onto his phone and greeted, “I initially thought that my daughter had a problem after taking Chinese medicine, but I never imagined that the cause was something else. We’ve already sorted the matter out.”

“Old Deng, I have to remind you that there are some people that you cannot touch in Hanzhou City. It is lucky that I made an investigation or I might get dragged down by you.” Chief Lai started to grumble after hearing that it was all resolved.

At this moment, Old Deng’s forehead was covered in sweat. He did not have a close relationship with Chief Lai, they could be only considered to be connected by interest. He knew that Chief Lai was unhappy with this matter, and there might even be other consequences. Hence, he immediately started to feel regret as he lowered his voice, “Thank you for your help. I will pay you a visit personally in the future to apologise.”

When he hung up the call, his gaze changed when he looked at Su Tao once more.

He’s a smart person and he knew who to curry favor with. Naturally, Su Tao was that person.

As for the two reporters, they looked at each other since they had no idea what to do right now.

No one had expected that this matter would develop in this manner. It should be a conflict, but the situation was completely flipped around with just a humiliating letter.

“I’m sorry about this. We were rash to invite you guys over.” The mother looked at the two reporters and took out a few red bills from her pocket before secretly shoving them in the female reporter’s hand. “Consider it the expenses for you to travel over.”

“How can we accept it?” The female reporter instantly blushed before she awkwardly replied.

Seeing that the female reporter wasn’t willing to receive the money, the mother shoved it into her partner’s pocket. “Just take it. The weather is hot, and it has been tough on the two of you. But please change the direction of your news today. Physician Chen and Physician Su are both Divine Physicians in the Three Flavour Hall, and my daughter’s condition has nothing to do with their medication, so please report it positively.”

To be honest, reporting it honestly might be a pretty good source material. But when the female reporter recalled how Su Tao humiliated her earlier, how could she possibly provide free advertisement for him?

When the reporters returned to their vehicle, the man took out the money from his pocket and split it in half, to which the female reporter did not hesitate to take her share.

“What should we do with our news today? At the very least, we have to give something from our trip, right?” The man curiously asked.

“Are you really going to provide free advertisement for the Three Flavour Hall?” The female reporter said with indignance.

“Absolutely not! They’re too petty. Even the traveling expenses were forked out by the patient’s family.” The man started the vehicle and continued raging, “Don’t let me catch something on them or I will definitely destroy them!”

“We already have something on them now!” The female reporter suddenly said.

Her partner’s eyes lit up before he replied, “With the material we have right now, we just have to edit it a little to prove the Three Flavour Hall’s rude attitude. If the TV station refuses to broadcast it, we can distribute it on the internet. I know many online promoters, and we can make use of some troll armies to destroy their reputation.”

The female reporter waved the money in her hand and shoved it back into her partner’s pocket. “I won’t take the traveling expenses today. Use it to hire more troll armies.”

Her partner nodded his head. “He’s the one who humiliated the goddess of our program team, so he’ll see how I’ll take my revenge.”

The patient’s family weren’t bad people, and it was all a misunderstanding.

Hence, they immediately deleted Chen Defeng’s video.

This was also the awkwardness with TCM. If someone took both Chinese and western medicine, they wouldn’t think that there’s anything wrong with western medicine but TCM instead. But in reality, Chinese medicine was more reliable than western medicine. After all, it’s a culture that has been developed over thousands of years.

After witnessing how Su Tao resolved the entire dispute, Xiao Jingjing inwardly sighed. If she was the one handling it instead, she definitely wouldn’t be able to resolve it so well.

Although they might ultimately be able to find out that the girl was suffering from sudden deafness, they would definitely use medicine instead of ‘sudden burst of anger’ to treat the patient.

The patient no longer trusted in Chinese medicine, so it’s definitely hard to use Chinese medicine to treat them.

“Master, I’ve learned something today!” Xiao Jingjing chuckled as she followed behind Su Tao.

Pointing at his temples, Su Tao smiled. “You have to use your brain to treat. Many physicians only use medicines to treat. Although it might be a right direction, it still gives off a sense of being old-fashioned. TCM has more spirituality than any knowledge, and you have to keep improving yourself instead of standing in the same position.”

Xiao Jingjing was proficient in medical books, but prescribing medicine was too old-fashioned. Right now, Su Tao was pointing out her flaw, teaching her to be more flexible when it comes to treating patients.

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