Chapter 70 - A Pink Lipstick

Chapter 70 - A Pink Lipstick

After the tough night, Su Tao washed up and went to sleep. His sleep lasted till around eleven in the morning, when the ringtone of his phone awakened him. Su Tao picked the phone and said, “Department Head Lu, there’s no need to thank me, just treat me to a cup of coffee. The coffee in your dorm will do.”

Lu Shimiao sighed and bitterly smiled. “The divorce wasn’t successful!”

“That fellow Qiao Bo went back on his promise?” Su Tao asked with his brows knitted.

Lu Shimiao shook her head. “His father was the one that didn’t agree to it, Qiao Bo couldn’t take the household register.”

After a brief silence, Su Tao helplessly said, “So, what’s the reason Qiao Dehao gave for not giving the household register?”

“He spent a lot of money during our marriage, so he won’t allow us to divorce since the assets haven’t been sorted out. Actually, I have already thought it all out. As long as he allows Qiao Bo and me to divorce, I don't want a single thing.” Lu Shimiao’s face withered down.

“You don’t want a single thing?” Su Tao shook his head. “What’s yours should be yours.”

Lu Shimiao sounded disappointed and frustrated before she sighed, “No matter what, thanks for dealing with Qiao Bo for me. When he met me today, he didn’t even dare to curse.”

Lu Shimiao had suffered in this marriage, but it was still good that Qiao Bo did not curse at her. Su Tao comforted, “Call me if there’s anything. If Qiao Bo still dares to tangle with you, I will let him be completely disappointed in the world.”

Just when he was about to hang up the phone, Lu Shimiao bucked up her courage and asked, “There’s actually something that I’d like to trouble you with.”

“Sure, what is it?” Su Tao smiled.

Lu Shimiao sighed, “I want to move out, so can you accompany me to look for houses when you’re free?”

“Sure, I’m more than willing.” Su Tao smiled. He knew that the reason why Lu Shimiao was inviting him was because of the news yesterday, which talked about a white-collared lady renting a house in Hanzhou and ended up being cheated of her money and love. The matter was blown up, and everyone practically knew about it.

This was the advantage of beauty, never lacking in bodyguards the moment she opened her mouth.

When he hung up the phone, Wang Peng knocked on the door and yelled, “Master, are you not up yet? There’s a beauty looking for you.”

Su Tao knitted his brows before he wore his clothes and washed up. When he arrived at the main hall, he saw a delicate and pretty lady sitting upright on the chair. When she saw Su Tao, she frenetically stood up and took quick glances at Su Tao.

She was quite young, wearing a white hair clip on her head and her long, black hair was draped over her shoulders. She had an oval face and lanceted eyebrows. Although she wasn’t wearing any makeup, she looked even more pretty than an ordinary woman wearing makeup. She wore a white blouse, and a black suspender dress with bling on the collar of her blouse.

Su Tao recognised her and smiled. “You’re Xia He, right? Is there anything I can do for you?”

“I can’t accept this card.” Xia He took out the bank card from her pink handbag and placed it on the table.

Su Tao never expected Xia He to have such moral backbone, since ordinary people would definitely fall to the temptation of ¥1,000,000. But judging from Xia He’s dressing and bearing, he could roughly guess the reason why she refused it. She must have been from a pretty good family, so ¥1,000,000 wasn’t anything much to her.

Su Tao sighed and patiently explained, “You suffered last night, and this is your compensation.”

Xia He firmly shook her head and insisted, “I cannot accept this card. The password is 111111. You can deal with the money yourself.”

Finishing her words, she held her exquisite handbag and walked out of the main hall. A black Toyota was waiting outside and she entered the back seat. She wound down the window and subconsciously looked out, but was disappointed since Su Tao did not come out.

“Miss, are we going to the Airport now?” The chauffeur calmly asked.

Xia He nodded. “Let’s go, there’s still time.”

As the car slowly accelerated, Xia Ha had no idea why, but she was flashing back to the scene of what happened yesterday. How Su Tao’s finger rudely invaded her personal territory. She had been living for over twenty years with her outstanding bearing and talent. The only thing that she didn’t dare to face was her mysterious region. She would feel shy every time she showered, but that man actually touched that spot of hers and even made her feel heaven.

Even if he said that he was saving her, he had also become the first man in her life.

Xia He silently remembered Su Tao in her heart. The reason why she gave the card back didn’t have anything to do with the money, but she just didn’t want to brush past the first man in her life.

After Xia He left, Su Tao stowed the card away. He naturally wouldn’t use the money inside. He decided to find a chance to give it back to her.

If he used the money, then wouldn’t that put him on the same level as bullies that extorted money?

Turning on his computer, Su Tao refreshed the Three Flavour Hall’s official page before logging into his mailbox. Once he was on, he saw that Yan Jing had sent him the information regarding the Physician King Tournament.

In the seventh gathering of the TCM Cultural Analects, the new generation of the Physician King Tournament would be hosted, with a total of 32 participants that came from all over the country. Every single one of those participants had sufficient background and outstanding talent in TCM. It’s on a completely different level than the Huainan TCM University’s tournament.

The information also introduced five seeded participants, and Su Tao paid particular attention to two of them. The two of them must have been the most popular in this tournament. The first being Wang Guofeng, whom he had briefly sparred with, and the second being the Senior Disciple of the Medicine King Valley, Bai Fan.

Wang Guofeng’s skills were publicly acknowledged as the first in terms of his medical skills, but the main reason was because of his sect. The Medical Dao Sect was the most prominent school in the TCM community. Many influential figures were from that school. Even Wang Guofeng’s father was one of the few national doctors that could be counted on one’s fingers.

Su Tao had witnessed Wang Guofeng’s skills, and his Qi technique should belong to the Daoist School and was even a level more powerful than his. However, it’s a little stiff when it came to actual combat, unlike his. So if he encountered Wang Guofeng, he was confident that he had a 60% chance of obtaining victory.

Compared to him, Su Tao was more fearful of Bai Fan. That’s because of the several contacts he had with the Medicine King Valley. Practically everyone from that school used underhand methods that often cannot be guarded against. Su Tao’s research in prescription wasn’t any weaker than his acupuncture technique, but the Medicine King Valley had the geographical and social advantages, so he had to dodge their schemes if he wanted to win.

Naturally, none of the competitors in this tournament could be underestimated. Take the other time, when Wang Guofeng lost to Su Tao, as an example. If Su Tao were to treat Qin Meimei by himself, he would also have to spend a great deal of trouble before he could treat her. It was just that Wang Guofeng had laid the foundation out for him to make use of and he successfully treated Qin Meimei.

But since he had decided to participate in the tournament, he would surely do his best. Although he might not seem concerned about it, he was also a diligent person, a habit due to him practising TCM for a long time. In fact, TCM paid even more attention to precision and rigorousness when compared to western medicine. If the amount of a single herb was dosed incorrectly, it could significantly affect the health condition of the patient and cause a great mistake.

Cai Yan entered the room twice while Su Tao was looking at the computer to replenish his cup.

While Cai Yan was doing that, Su Tao pretended to be focused while peeking at her. He realised that as Cai Yan’s body gradually recovered, her body had also become more excellent, especially her ample chest, which made Su Tao take several more uncontrollable quick glances at her.

Cai Yan had no idea of Su Tao’s thoughts, and when she saw Su Tao’s twisted expression, she stood behind him and looked at the computer to give her opinions. Su Tao felt his body drifting from the fragrance coming from her body. The two of them were firmly stuck together, before Su Tao stretched his waist on purpose and opened his hands. Although Cai Yan reacted quickly, her chest was still being rubbed against by Su Tao’s hand.

Her face blushed as she knitted her brows. “You’re doing this on purpose, right?”

Su Tao yawned and evaded the question, “I’m studying a secret document that cannot be seen by others. If you know about it, you will be killed to silence you.”

Cai Yan rolled her eyes, and replied, “What are you acting for, it’s just porn. Relax, it’s understandable for a young man like you to watch porn.”

Su Tao suddenly felt confused by her words and looked at the computer. There was a pop-up advertisement of a woman in revealing clothes touching her chest. His face instantly turned red as he explained with his face pale, “This is a detestable pop-up advertisement.”

Cai Yan naturally knew about it, but she felt happy and found it interesting when she saw Su Tao’s bashful appearance. She took the kettle and walked out, and her presence made Su Tao feel the urge to press her on the ground and slap her butt a hundred times.

Shortly after, he calmed his heart down. He had had more impure intentions for her. Living under the same roof, Su Tao had subconsciously treated Cai Yan as his, and even if he knew that it’s not right, he was getting fond of this feeling to be keeping a mistress in his house.

Let that complicated, ignorant and sweet feeling carry on to ferment. Fruits this way would taste better. A cunning smile appeared on the corner of Su Tao’s lips. It was a fetish that was cultivated from Japanese AVs. Letting a green sapling grow as he wished was something that made him feel happy.

He stored the documents that he downloaded before turning off the computer. Suddenly, his phone rang. It was a call from the Hospital’s Bella. “I’m outside the Three Flavour Hall, waiting for you.”

“Give me ten minutes to wash up, change and makeup.”

“Why do you need makeup as a man? Are you a serpent demon?”

But in fact, it only took two minutes, and Lu Shimiao saw Su Tao come out and boarded the front passenger seat.

She examined Su Tao and faintly smiled. “Weren’t you a little too fast with your makeup? Your lips are still dry, do you need me to lend you my lipstick?”

“Sure!” Su Tao stretched his hand out without any hesitation.

Lu Shimiao helplessly smiled, then stretched herself back and grabbed her bag. She retrieved a pink lipstick, but just when she was about to pass it to Su Tao, she hesitated. If Su Tao used it, wouldn’t it be an indirect kiss?

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