Chapter 69 - Secret Art of Picking Up Ladies

Chapter 69 - Secret Art of Picking Up Ladies

Qiao Bo was like a blob as he was tossed out of the Karaoke bar. Everyone had also lost their interest in Karaoke after this event, Xia He was sent back to the school in a car that was arranged by Yan Jing. Yu Bo, on the other hand, was brought back to the Three Flavour Hall to have a cast done. Not only did Brother Knife break Yu Bo’s ribs, he even injured Yu Bo’s spleen.

Su Tao even prescribed medicine to Yu Bo for this matter. Yu Bo’s attitude was pretty good, since he genuinely admired Su Tao from the bottom of his heart. Not just anyone can extort ¥1,000,000 out of a villain.

Vera had already returned to her hotel while Cai Yan was already asleep, since she had just recovered from her illness. When Su Tao walked out of the consultation room, he saw that Yan Jing was still sitting in the main hall.

Su Tao made a pot of tea, which he didn’t usually do for just anyone. However, his skills were extraordinary. Ten-odd minutes later, the fragrance of the tea leaves assailed the nostrils, which left Yan Jing extremely surprised. She took a cup and tried a sip, and she immediately praised with a smile on her face, “I never expected you to be so experienced in this as well. There’s a common saying that an excellent master can make a memorable tea, and I have experienced it for myself today.”

Su Tao faintly smiled before his gaze fell onto the seductive and tempting pair of long legs that were wrapped together in flesh-coloured stockings. “A good Physician must also learn the culture of tea. Teas can clear the mind, help digestion and even urinate. It’s a great natural healthcare product.”

Seeing as Su Tao shaking his head, Yan Jing said, “Sometimes, you sound like a conman instead.”

Knitting his brows, Su Tao corrected, “Food can be eaten indiscriminately, but don't talk nonsense. A conman is like that ‘specialist’ on the television show some time ago, claiming that mung beans can treat all illnesses, causing the sudden surge in demand for it. I’m talking facts, teaching you how to take care of your health.”

Yan Jing waved her hand, then she sighed with a solemn expression, “You should have guessed why I have stayed behind, right?”

Su Tao nodded his head. “Because Knife Demon wasn’t caught?”

Yan Jing responded with another sigh, “Knife Demon is extremely cunning. He knows that Senior Yan would chase after him, so he set up a trap and ambushed Senior Yan instead…”

“Senior Yan is injured?” Su Tao was astonished.

“Yeah, but Knife Demon has also suffered a considerable injury. According to Senior Yan’s guesses, Knife Demon will not be able to recover from it for less than a year, that means that he won’t be able to do evil for the time being.” Yan Jing responded.

Su Tao immediately stood up, walked into the house and came out with his medical box. When Yan Jing saw the medical box, she asked in puzzlement, “You want to treat Senior Yan?”

“Are you just chit-chatting with me otherwise?” Su Tao replied in annoyance.

Yan Jing helplessly shook her head and smiled. “I was really just intending to chat with you. But thinking about it now, you’re also a pretty good doctor, so you might be able to help Senior Yan.”

Su Tao was instantly speechless. “What do you mean pretty good? The number of those in the world that can surpass me in terms of medical skills wouldn’t exceed the fingers on one hand.”

Yan Jing rolled her eyes. “Continue boasting.”

Su Tao felt unhappy in his heart and purposely took two deep glares at Yan Jing’s chest. Her chest was perked out with a vague ravine between the two hills, and they looked pearly-white. It’s genuinely not easy for her to maintain them so well when they’re not artificial.

Shifting his gaze up, he saw Yan Jing smiling at him. This woman was a genuine hippocratic creature, always doing the complete opposite of what she was thinking in her heart. However, there was nothing he could do about it.

Rain drizzled in the night of the late summer, early autumn. The atmosphere was cool and refreshing as the drizzle fell onto the car. Roughly half an hour later, the BMW stopped before an antiquity-looking building with cyan roof tiles that peaked up at the edges with two lion statues at the front.

A young lady was standing there, waiting, and she seemed to have expected them for a long time. Su Tao got out of the car and tossed the key back to Yan Jing. She caught it and introduced, “This is Senior Yan’s granddaughter, Yan Sha.”

Yan Sha belonged to the category of sweet lolita that left a deep impression in those that saw her. She had long hair that draped to her waist with bangs that covered her forehead. She had big eyes, rosy cheeks and a height of 5’7”.

She wore a loose t-shirt that revealed her shoulder, blue cropped jeans and a pair of blue and white canvas shoes that gave her a lively look.

Yan Sha was astonished when she looked at Yan Jing and asked, “Big Sister Yan, didn’t you say that you’re going to bring a doctor here?”

“He’s the doctor.” Yan Jing cast a glance at Su Tao.

“He’s so young, can he treat my grandfather?” Yan Sha looked at Su Tao with disbelief.

Yan Jing smiled. “You don’t trust me?”

Yan Sha’s beautiful big eyes looked at Su Tao before she bluntly and impolitely said, “I naturally trust you, I just don’t trust him.”

Su Tao was already used to having his skills questioned, so he smiled. “Bring me to see your grandfather, first. It’s more practical to rely on real capability, rather than words.”

Casting two deep glances at Su Tao, she turned around. “Follow me.”

Su Tao saw Yan Wujin on the second floor of the study room. The latter’s body was bandaged up with blood drenching the bandages. Su Tao knitted his brows, then he walked over and placed the medical box down before giving two gentle jabs on Yan Wujin’s chest.

“You know how to hit the acupoints?” Yan Wujin opened his eyes.

“It’s not hard to hit the acupoints to stop the bleeding.” Su Tao replied.

Shaking his head, Yan Wujin bitterly smiled. “If it’s not hard, I would have done it by myself. Why would I need your help? Knife Demon’s Qi damaged my veins, and I can’t circulate any Qi in my body. I needed a doctor that knew how to use Qi to stop my bleeding externally.”

As a Martial Arts Grandmaster, Yan Wujin naturally knew his body well. Su Tao skillfully changed Yan Wujin’s bandages and even applied a special golden cream on them before he glanced at Yan Sha with a smile. “Your granddaughter practised Martial Arts as well, she should be able to help you.”

Yan Wujin was a little astonished at the fact that Su Tao could tell that Yan Sha knew martial arts, proving his own ability. Yan Wujin shook his head and replied, “She doesn’t know how to control her strength well. If she’s careless, she might even kill this old man.”

Yan Sha’s face turned red before she lowered her head, kicking the tip of her foot on the ground.

The treatment process wasn’t long. Despite Yan Wujin getting on in age, he still had a sturdy foundation, and he wasn’t too heavily injured, despite Knife Demon’s powerful Qi.

It was already 2 in the morning when Yan Sha brought the two of them to the door and she patted Su Tao on his shoulder. “I’m sorry. I apologise for my earlier rudeness.”

Su Tao instantly felt a heavy strength on his shoulder. Yan Sha’s palm was powerful and even contained Qi, causing half of his arm to feel numb. At this moment, he finally knew why Yan Wujin wasn’t willing to have his granddaughter stop the bleeding for him. Bearing the pain, Su Tao forced a smile. “No worries, since you had no idea, as well. I’m also responsible for Senior Yan’s injuries, so treating him is something I should do, after all.”

Taking two more glances at Su Tao, Yan Sha replied, “Then, I’ll not be sending you off.”

Su Tao and Yan Jing boarded the car, and Yan Jing could see Yan Sha still standing on the spot before she smiled. “I never expected your charm to be so great. Even that little girl, Yan Sha, seems to be interested in you.”

Su Tao laughed out, “How is that possible? We just met once. Although I’m a gentleman and elegant, I’m not to the point that even a little girl would fall for me at first sight.”

“Never underestimate a woman’s intuition.” Yan Jing looked at Su Tao’s face, “Taking a closer look now. You’re truly worth a second glance.”

“Chairman Yan, your saliva is dripping.” Holding onto the steering wheel, Su Tao snapped his fingers.

Rolling her eyes, Yan Jing smiled. “I’ve passed the age of yearning for love.”

Sneaking a peek at Yan Jing, Su Tao deliberately responded, “I like mature ladies. They’re filled with elegance and charm.”

Yan Jing never thought that Su Tao would speak such words, so she burst into chuckles, “Little Brother, you’re getting more daring nowadays. Are you forgetting my nickname because I have been too gentle with you?”

“The Poisonous Widow? How can I forget about it? The cute and lovable spider that has always been deeply implanted in my mind, letting me fantasise about that spider.” Su Tao said, but he regretted it the next moment, since it was too corny.

Yan Jing smiled. She felt that Su Tao’s words would get worse if she continued on this topic, and she had to maintain her grim image. She immediately shifted the subject, “Do you want to know the story between Yan Wujin and me?”

“I’d like to hear the details!” Su Tao nodded.

Yan Jing sighed, “Yan Wujin had a son, Yan Sun. The martial arts of his son surpassed him, but he encountered danger while carrying out a mission for the country last year and died. I received an order from above to take care of his family, and Yan Wujin, naturally, also occasionally helps me out.”

Su Tao’s eyes beamed as he sighed, “So they’re the family of a hero, that’s respectable. I think that others are misunderstanding you, thinking that you’re committing evil. Your viciousness is just a façade for you to protect yourself.”

“Don’t think that you understand me, my hands are drenched in blood. So the views of others aren’t wrong.” Yan Jing let out a complicated smile.

Sweeping his glance at Yan Jing, her pearly-white delicate face, along with a smile that hung on the corner of her lips, looked incredibly charming to him, sparking the fire in his heart to conquer this woman.

Conquering a woman was akin to treating a tedious disease. He needed to prescribe the right medicine to treat the illness, just like how he needed to see through the heart of a woman to win her heart. Yan Jing’s weakness was Hua Yan, and she was actually an emotional person. So he would be able to weaken her defence line if he continued to tangle with her.

There wasn’t any Secret Art of Picking Up Ladies, since every woman was different. So if you research psychology enough and understand what women were thinking, then you would surely succeed in picking up girls.

And it just so happens that Su Tao had read lots of psychological books, so he understood the hearts of others very well, including the heart of a woman.

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