Chapter 68 - Head Dunking

Chapter 68 - Head Washing

Lu Shimiao sat on a chair as she impatiently looked at her phone and finally, a notification popped up, “Scoundrel is requesting a video call.”

‘Scoundrel’ was the name of Qiao Bo that was saved on Lu Shimiao’s phone. Lu Shimiao picked up the call, revealing Qiao Bo’s disgusting face. But for some reason, Qiao Bo looked to be in pain before she soon saw another handsome face with a smile hanging on his lips.

“Why is it you?” Lu Shimiao was astonished.

Su Tao faintly smiled and asked, “Have you eaten?”

“I don’t have any appetite.” Lu Shimiao shook her head and honestly answered.

Su Tao smiled. “Good, then. I’ll be showing you a program that might be a little disgusting. If you can’t take it midway through, you can cut the call at anytime.”

Finishing his words, Su Tao carried Qiao Bo to the toilet and lifted the toilet bowl’s lid.

Qiao Bo could guess what Su Tao was trying to do and angrily roared, “Get him to release me now! Or I’ll upload your scandal online!”

“What scandal do I have?” Lu Shimiao furiously replied, she was angered.

Qiao Bo sneered, “You’re a bitch and whore that even sleeps with your Father-in-Law.”

Lu Shimiao was immediately angered. “It’s your father that has been harassing me, get your facts right!”

Qiao Bo threatened, “I have evidence of you seducing my father in our new house. You drank a lot with him and even messed around on our bed. At that time, we’re not married yet. Did you use this to threaten my father to get me to marry you?”

“What nonsense are you talking about? You’re slandering me.” Lu Shimiao replied furiously.

Qiao Bo’s eyes flashed with viciousness as he replied, “Anyhow, I have never loved you. I only felt that you’re pretty and brought you out to give me face. Honestly speaking, your bedwork sucks to the point that I don’t even want to touch you. I believe this guy hasn’t touched you before, right? Otherwise, he would surely be disappointed in you as well!”

Lu Shimiao was extremely enraged, since she never thought that Qiao Bo would insult her, and she was also confused regarding the video that he spoke of at the same time.

“Are you done?” Su Tao calmly looked at Qiao Bo.

Qiao Bo sneered, and just when he intended to insult Su Tao, he was lifted and dunked into the toilet bowl. Su Tao pressed the knob, and Qiao Bo felt that he was being flushed with water in every direction to his face. His eyes were still open with the water filling his nose and mouth.

Lu Shimiao watched from the live broadcast as Qiao Bo’s head was dunked into the toilet bowl and he constantly struggled. Instantly, she felt her anger was being vented out to torture this guy whose mouth was full of rubbish in this manner.

This Karaoke was a high-class venue, so it was comparatively hygienic. But as for the toilet, it was frequently used. At this moment, Qiao Bo’s mouth was filled with a sour stench that nearly made him suffocate.

Su Tao timed it well. He would occasionally pull Qiao Bo’s head out for him to take two breath and dunk his head in again, pressing the knob to flush the toilet at the same time.

After three more times, Su Tao still wasn’t satisfied, so he lifted Qiao Bo to the blow-dry machine. He first took a few sheets of toilet paper and shoved them in Qiao Bo’s mouth before opening his mouth and pushed him beside the blow-dry machine. Qiao Bo instantly felt that his mouth was being filled with hot air, and his eyes widened. He felt that his throat would blow up anytime.

When Su Tao saw the hand-washing soap beside the basin, a better idea hit him. He took off the cap and poured it into Qiao Bo’s mouth, then dunked his head into the toilet bowl once again. At this time, Qiao Bo already felt dizzy, and his mouth was filled with the taste of the hand-washing soap, along with a large amount of water rinsing the hand-washing soap into his stomach. It was practically the definition of utter misery!

Qiao Bo, who was already semi-conscious could guess Su Tao’s next step, and as he had expected, his mouth was shoved full of toilet paper once again and he was placed beside the blow-dry machine. His eyes instantly flipped, and he fainted.

“Aren’t you a little too perverse?” Although Lu Shimiao wasn’t around, she could clearly see the entire process, and Su Tao’s torturing method was simply unimaginable.

Su Tao sighed, “As your husband, do you feel that he’s not perverse to suspect his wife sleeping with his own father?”

Lu Shimiao bitterly smiled. “Let him go for the sake that we’re once husband and wife. I know that you are torturing him for me, which I am grateful to you for. I have indeed felt much better in my heart.”

Shaking his head, Su Tao faintly replied, “You’re not the only reason why I did this, a lady was in danger earlier and was nearly violated.”

If he and Yan Jing weren’t around, then Xia He’s outcome would have been tragic. With the Demon Knife’s character, he definitely wasn’t someone that would be tender with a girl.

Lu Shimiao could sense Su Tao’s rage, and knew that he wouldn’t torture Qiao Bo for no reason.

Closing the video call, Su Tao kicked Qiao Bo and the latter slowly woke up. Qiao Bo was terrified. Su Tao squatted down. “You will take your household register and the marriage certificate to the Civil Affairs Bureau and divorce with Lu Shimiao tomorrow. Otherwise, you will suffer something even worse.”

At this moment, how could Qiao Bo say no? In his eyes, Su Tao was even more fearful than a perverted psychopath. Thus, he replied with a hoarse voice, “Okay.”

Su Tao continued, “This matter isn’t done yet. You brought harm to an innocent lady today, causing her to lose faith in the world. What are you going to do about it?”

“Anything you say.” Qiao Bo looked at Su Tao fearfully.

Raising a finger, Su Tao demanded, “¥1,000,000.”

Heartache could be seen in Qiao Bo’s eyes, since this wasn’t a small amount for him. Even if he had many assets with him, he didn’t have that much cash flow. Usually, he would only have ¥200,000-300,000 cash with him, and he even borrowed money to hire Brother Knife this time.

“¥1,000,000? Isn’t it too expensive? Even if I really raped her, she wouldn’t be so expensive, right?” Qiao Bo tried to bargain since this was practically extortion. If he knew that the price of that lady would be so high, he would have stopped Brother Knife even at the cost of his life.

But there wasn’t any elixir of regret in this world.

“Looks like your head needs to be washed even more.” Su Tao knitted his brows and pulled Qiao Bo’s collar.

Qiao Bo was instantly terrified before he bitterly smiled. “¥1,000,000! So be it! Can you give me some time to gather this large sum?”

Shaking his head, Su Tao dragged Qiao Bo’s head to the toilet bowl and sneered, “So head washing it is!”

Qiao Bo’s face drastically changed upon hearing Su Tao’s words and he immediately said, “I’ll make a call to my father; he will surely save me.”

At this moment, Su Tao was speechless of Qiao Bo. He hated Qiao Dehao in his heart, yet he still relied on Qiao Dehao at this moment, what a cheapskate.

Su Tao gave the phone over to Qiao Bo. There was nothing Qiao Bo could do, and he didn’t even have any temper at this moment as he dialled Qiao Dehao’s number. “Dad, something happened, and I urgently need ¥1,000,000.”

“What happened? Why do you need so much?” Qiao Dehao’s voice sounded shocked from the other side.

“Life is involved, lend it to me first. I’ll return it to you later.” Qiao Bo’s lying skills were absolutely unparalleled.

Qiao Dehao knitted his brows. He knew that this son of his had always caused him to be worried. He even had to clean up for this son of his in the past, but the money that Qiao Bo needed this time was a little too much. “Where are you? I’ll send the money to you.”

Qiao Bo immediately refused, “No need, I’m not in Hanzhou right now. Just transferring the money to my bank will do.”

Before Qiao Dehao could reply, Qiao Bo had already cut the call.

Roughly ten-odd minutes later, a message was sent to Qiao Bo’s phone. It was a notification that he received ¥1,000,000 in his bank. Su Tao knitted his brows at the message. It wasn’t Qiao Dehao that sent the money, but Xu Jiangang. Immediately, he fished out his phone and called Zhao Jian to see if Xia He had woken up.

“She just woke up and has been crying till now.” Zhao Jian replied.

Su Tao helplessly smiled, since it would be hard for any girl to accept this sort of matter. “If she can move, get her to come to the male's toilet!”

“The male’s toilet?” Zhao Jian sighed while helplessly shaking his head.

After some persuasion from Zhao Jian, Xia He finally agreed to come to the male’s toilet. However, she didn’t dare to look at Su Tao, since she still had fresh memories of his finger.

Su Tao walked to Xia He and softly asked, “Do you have online banking?”

Xia He nodded, but she did not speak a word.

Su Tao stretched his hand out. “Pass me your bank card.”

Xia He obediently took out the bank card and handed it over to Su Tao, then Su Tao passed it to Qiao Bo. Qiao Bo was amazed since he initially thought that Su Tao was trying to extort him; he never thought that Qiao Bo would be really giving the money to the lady.

His heart was bleeding as he keyed in the passcode, since it was a sum of ¥1,000,000!

Xia He’s phone vibrated. She immediately took it out and widened her eyes with disbelief.

Su Tao gave a warm smile towards her. “This money is for your trauma, forget everything that happened today.”

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