Chapter 67 - One Miraculous Finger

Chapter 67 - One Miraculous Finger

Brother Knife cast a glance at Qiao Bo. He was annoyed with the sissy’s constant yapping away behind him. The reason why he’s here was to earn some quick cash since he owed a huge debt when he was gambling in Macau. He would be chased to death if he didn’t pay back in time.

With his strength, it wasn’t hard for him to hide from the pursuers, but he disliked the feeling of having no freedom. Aside from this job, Brother Knife even took two other requests, so he had to deal with this as quickly as possible.

He gently raised his hand and sent the 5’9” security guard slamming into another security guard, instantly killing two birds with one stone.

The other security guards were terrified, but they drew out their batons. However, before Brother Knife, those weapons were akin to plastic. He easily bent one and tossed it onto the ground.

The other security guards took a deep cold breath by this scene. They couldn’t help taking two steps back from the fear before Brother Knife spat a mouthful of phlegm on the ground and pounced forth, easily sending all the security guards flying back.

He wasn't an ordinary master; he had already reached a heaven-defying level. He practically dealt with one with every step he took. The lobby manager was already trembling and nearly fell onto the ground.

His target had always been Su Tao, and his gaze was fixated on Su Tao’s hands as he approached. As someone who often stepped on the border of life and death, he could smell a dreadful danger emanating from Su Tao’s hands.

That feeling made him excited, since it wasn’t enjoyable to deal with a small fry; only those with difficulty made it fun.

It was a pair of slim hands that looked like artistic products, pearly-white and emanated a glow.

Brother Knife had already decided to chop Su Tao’s hands off as a souvenir.

Su Tao’s expression turned grave. He couldn’t underestimate this opponent before him. He could tell that Brother Knife had a sturdy foundation, and his fighting techniques had already integrated into his normal movements.

Su Tao was biding for an opportunity, since the latter had noticed the needles in his hand. So if he couldn’t succeed the first time, there wouldn’t be a second chance for him.

As Brother Knife moved closer towards Su Tao, the obstructions between them also decreased and anyone between them would be sent flying by Brother Knife.

When they finally got close, Brother Knife revealed a brutal and insane expression as he threw a jab straight at Su Tao’s face. The wind resistance was like a blade. Su Tao felt a stinging pain before the fist even reach him. If that jab struck him, Su Tao’s head would inevitably rupture.

Taking a deep breath, Su Tao’s right hand suddenly moved when the jab was a centimetre away from his nose. Astonishment flashed in Brother Knife’s eyes, he immediately shifted his centre of gravity down. He bent down and threw a frontal kick towards Su Tao’s lower abdomen before he rolled backwards. A silver light flashed and a needle was shot into the wall.

Brother Knife inwardly cursed, since it was a close call and he nearly fell for it.

Suffering a kick against his lower abdomen, Su Tao took a few steps back and felt the blood in his body boiling. After a brief exchange, he realised that Brother Knife wasn’t an easy opponent, and the difficulty would rise after the first failure.

Brother Knife sneered with his gaze flickering. He had to fight in close range since he had encountered a hidden weapon expert. He pulled out a knfie from his leg and rolled forth before slashing towards Su Tao’s ankle.

Su Tao could only immediately retreat, narrowly dodging it. If he was slower by just 0.1 second, he would have become handicapped.

Brother Knife’s explosive power was shocking. He roared with laughter and followed up.

“Mhm?” Brother Knife was surprised that Su Tao had dodged his attack once again. Su Tao had merely tapped his foot on the ground, and he flew backwards. The so-called ‘Art of Lightness’ was a façade of leg strength. So this meant that Su Tao's leg strength was powerful, since he could achieve this.

He sneered and charged forth once again. His blade aura was dominating forth, which left deep marks on the wall, destroying the wallpaper.

Everyone in the vicinity had already spread out, since anyone that tried to get into the range of Brother Knife and Su Tao would be forced out by the blade aura.

This was Brother Knife’s absolute domain, which wasn’t something that just anyone could enter.

Su Tao knew that the other party would become even more unrestrained if he kept dodging. Thus, he flicked his finger and two silver needles flew out. Although it was futile, it still managed to slightly slow down the blade.

The space was too small, and Su Tao didn’t have a high chance of winning. Brother Knife was also forcing Su Tao into a corner on purpose, which put Su Tao into an even more disadvantageous position.

Su Tao was finally trapped! Brother Knife grinned and lashed out with the blade in his hand, knocking several silver needles away while striding in bid steps and slashed down. He had calculated his aim, and this slash would cut Su Tao’s right arm off.

But all of a sudden, he pulled the knife back and rushed through the door.

Su Tao sighed and looked at the geezer standing before him. The old man’s hair was completely white and he was holding onto a folded fan while standing on the spot.

Yan Jing felt greatly relieved and said, “Senior Yan, thanks for this.”

The old man was called Yan Wujin, a famous Martial Arts Grandmaster. During his youth, he was an expert in the Eight Extremist Fist, but he switched to Taiji after he reached sixty, obtaining achievement in Taiji as well.

Yan Wujin helplessly shook his head, then he cupped his hands and explained to Yan Jing, “The Martial Arts of that person is extremely oppressive. I might have been able to make him stay if I was younger. But right now, scaring him away was the best I can do.”

The lobby manager wiped his sweat then lowered his head towards Yan Jing. “I’m sorry about this, Chairman Yan, for troubling you.”

Yan Jing swept a glance over. “You cannot be blamed for today’s matter. Someone will gather the photos of that man later. We must catch him the next time he appears.”

Evidently, the boss of this Karaoke wasn’t anyone else but Yan Jing, and that also explained why the waiter would send over the beers, snacks and even top-up Yu Bo’s membership card.

“I’ll try to chase after him! At least he won’t dare to return to Hanzhou for the time being.” Yan Wujin was also an expert that was called over by Yan Jing. He cast a deep glance at Su Tao before turning around and left.

Su Tao could notice that, although Yan Wujin looked similar to an ordinary person when he left, his sleeves were fluttering, a sign of Qi being unleashed. Even if Su Tao could achieve it, there’s still some difference between them.

Su Tao was a Physician, and his Martial Arts were mainly used to strengthen his body and health. It was different from experts that were versed in fighting like Yan Wujin and that Brother Knife.

A grandmaster like Yan Wujin usually lived a hermit’s life, and the fact that Yan Jing could invite him over spoke of her strength.

Qiao Bo was dumbfounded, since he still had no idea why Brother Knife suddenly fled. Earlier, he was rejoicing in his heart when Brother Knife was chasing after Su Tao, but it was cut off halfway. It’s similar to premature ejaculation when making love.

The medicine in Xia He’s body had already completely flared and she could no longer stand. She curled into a ball and was moaning while tearing her clothes apart, revealing her pearly-white chest…

Su Tao quickly went over and a finger was wandering around a few of her acupoints. Xia He briefly screamed before she slightly twitched and fainted.

Glancing beneath her skirt, Su Tao sighed when he saw the puddle of water. There was a peculiar fragrance coming from it that made his heart itchy.

Xia He’s last scream sounded painful, akin to weeping. But it was mixed with a little passion that sparked the indecent thoughts in the hearts of others.

There’s a common saying that treating illnesses was similar to treating the river, and it’s inappropriate to block it.

Earlier, Su Tao’s hands touched a few of her sensitive acupoints on her lower body. If she had just taken the drug, he only needed to get her to vomit it out. But the medicine had already gone into her blood, so the only solution to disperse the aphrodisiac was to let her climax in that instant.

He gave an ‘OK’ gesture to Zhao Jian and noticed Yan Jing’s gaze on his fingers. Did Yan Jing misunderstand his hands?

Earlier, he had brought Xia He to climax in an instant, or she would suffer from the side effects of the medicine, such as she would never be able to feel the passionate deed. This was a cruel matter, so Su Tao had chosen the simplest method to treat her. To unleash the wildness in her body.

Su Tao really had pure thoughts of treating her, but everyone else was looking at him with a complicated gaze, as if they were asking, What did he just do to an innocent lady in public?

Fortunately, he had a thick face, to begin with. He patted his hands and walked to Qiao Bo. The latter nervously took two steps back, and Su Tao pulled his collar, seeing that he was about to fall onto the couch. Qiao Bo tried to struggle, but Su Tao gave a jab against his lower abdomen. Instantly, Qiao Bo’s eyes rolled up and revealed the whites of his eyeballs, he wanted to vomit the acid that was in his stomach, but he had no idea what Su Tao did, but he felt that his throat was blocked. It felt excruciating, making him wish he was dead.

Su Tao dragged him to the washroom and locked the door, not allowing anyone else to enter.

“What are you going to do?” Qiao Bo asked nervously. Anyone would be uneasy when they lose control of their body. At this moment, Qiao Bo felt as if his body was possessed by a ghost and he couldn’t control it.

Su Tao fished out a phone from Qiao Bo’s clothes and replied, “Video calling your wife.”

“What are you going to do?” Qiao Bo’s eyes looked fearful and cautious.

Su Tao smiled. “Didn’t you say that you want to give your wife a live broadcast? I’ll satisfy that for you and let her see an exciting video.”

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