Chapter 666 - Natsuki’s China Dream

Oida Yoshikawa’s concern and protection for Yu Omuri was because of his appreciation for talents and also the profits Yu Omuri brought to the hospital. He knew that if Yu Omuri left the hospital, the Chinese medicine facility that he founded would be an empty shell.

Even if there were also other research personnel in the facility, there’s a massive gap between them and Yu Omuri, who had inherited his knowledge from Qian Honghu.

Putting it in a nutshell, the other research personnel only knew pharmaceuticals, but Yu Omuri knew about the characteristics and theory behind the herbs. Furthermore, he’s also proficient in TCM. Only those physicians who knew how to treat others would know how to produce medicines that were suitable for the human body.

Hence, when Yu Omuri sounded his request that he wanted to take up duty as a doctor in the hospital, Oida Yoshikawa immediately agreed to it.

After Oida Yoshikawa left the office, Yu Omuri fell into a long silence before he gave Natsuki Sakamoto a call.

Natsuki Sakamoto sounded a little worried as she asked, “Doctor Omuri, did you get in trouble? If you need help, I can help you out with the explanation. It wasn’t your fault, and it was our choice.”

“Don’t worry about it. They did not make things difficult for me.” Yu Omuri smiled.

“That’s good, then!” Natsuki Sakamoto sighed in relief before she smiled. “For a good person like you, it’s unfair for you to be punished.”

Smiling with guilt plaguing his heart, Yu Omuri humbly replied, “I’m not as good as you’ve imagined!”

“No! You’re one of the most outstanding people that I’ve met!” Natsuki Sakamoto emphasised. Over the years, she met many people while trying to pay for her father’s medical bills, but it’s rare for her to meet someone like Yu Omuri.

“Actually, the objective of my call is to warn you. You have to distance yourself from Naoto Ohshima and Shin Nomura; the two of them have impure intentions towards you.” Yu Omuri sincerely said.

Natsuki Sakamoto smiled, revealing her canine teeth. “Thank you for your warning. I can differentiate between good and bad people.”

“That’s great!” Yu Omuri replied before he went silent. He wasn’t good at social interaction, so he had no idea what to talk about right now.

Natsuki Sakamoto was a little surprised that the phone became silent all of a sudden and asked, “Doctor Omuri, are you still there?”

“Yeah!” Yu Omuri immediately responded.

“I still intend to study Mandarin. Is it possible if I trouble you in the future?” Natsuki Sakamoto smiled.

“Sure!” Yu Omuri instantly felt much better. He initially thought that he would lose his contact with Natsuki Sakamoto the moment her father was discharged, but he never expected that she would take the initiative to ask him to guide her in Mandarin.

“Natsuki-san, it might be presumptuous of me to ask, but why do you want to study Mandarin?” Yu Omuri finally asked the question that he had kept in his heart for a long time.

“Because TCM treated my father, and I want to understand more about Chinese culture. If possible, I would even like to visit China. Doctor Omuri, I heard that you’ve been to China for a few years, so is it possible for you to be my tour guide at that time?” Natsuki Sakamoto explained.

“So you have such a wonderful thought!” Seeing that Natsuki Sakamoto mentioned China, Yu Omuri suddenly became entertaining in the conversation, going from food in China to their terrain and scenery.

Natsuki Sakamoto had only asked it casually, but she didn't expect that Yu Omuri would show such interest for China as well and smiled. “I really hope that my father can recover faster. That way, I will have an opportunity to fulfil this dream of mine.”

“He will definitely recover.” Yu Omuri smiled.

When Natsuki Sakamoto hung up the call, she took out a name card and pointed at the Chinese characters while trying her best to recall the pronunciation that Yu Omuri taught her, “Three Flavour Hall… Su Tao…”

Su Tao and Ni Jingqiu visited a few scenic spots nearby, which Su Tao enjoyed this slow rhythm of life. The two of them had the same interests; both of them liked to visit places filled with culture. Compared to South Korea, which took in its culture from various countries, Japan had its own unique culture.

The Kinkakuji was located in the northwest of Kyoto. The background of the animation that almost everyone in China has watched before, Ikkyu-san, was located here. The main building, Golden Pavilion, had golden leaves covering the floor, and this was how they got the name.

The scale wasn’t massive, and it only took ten-odd minutes for them to tour the entire area. Just when they’re about to leave the mountain, Su Tao receives a call from Asaka Ochi.

“Mr. Su, may I ask where you are right now?” Asaka Ochi asked in a concerned tone.

“I’m with Ni Jingqiu on the Kinkakuji tour.” Su Tao frankly replied.

Asaka Ochi was briefly stunned before she smiled. “What a coincidence! Kohei and I have been discussing about treating Ms. Ni to a meal. Can you ask Ms. Ni if she’s free right now?”

“Why didn’t you ask me if I’m free?” Su Tao teased.

Asaka Ochi smiled. “If Ms. Ni is free, you will naturally be free!”

Glancing at Ni Jingqiu, who was eavesdropping on his call with a bitter smile, nodded her head. Su Tao smiled. “She has agreed to it!”

“Great! I’ll send you the address at a later time! Also, please take care of yourself!” Asaka Ochi replied.

When Su Tao hung up the call, Ni Jingqiu wore a smug expression, “Not bad; I even managed to get a free meal.”

“She said that she wants to thank you, so I’m the one who benefited from you, instead.” Su Tao smiled.

Rolling her eyes at Su Tao, Ni Jingqiu responded, “If she was sincere about treating me to a meal, she could’ve called me since she has my number, why would she call you? Asaka Ochi has a high EQ. She knows that I’m around, so she purposely gave me a way out of the embarrassing situation.”

Sourly looking at Ni Jingqiu, Su Tao smiled. “She clearly wants to treat you to a meal, and it’s something good. Why do you have to make it sound like a scheme?”

Ni Jingqiu was briefly stunned before she immediately smiled. “This is a common problem with women, we can’t stand other women who are more beautiful than us. Oh, you wouldn’t have taken an interest in her, right? Even as a woman, I have to admit that she’s beautiful. If you’re not interested in her, that only means that you’re not a man.”

Su Tao froze, but he knew that Ni Jingqiu was messing around with him and purposely said, “Yeah, I have always been interested in her. After all, how many women can be like her? She travelled around the world to seek medical help for her husband. If I can have a woman like her in my life, it would be all worth it.”

He subconsciously started to analyse those women around him, Lu Shimiao, Vera, Cai Yan, Shui Junzhuo, and Yan Jing. Although he’s confident in them, he was still somewhat worried. After all, a person could change.

Refusing to back down, Ni Jingqiu replied, “I would also be like her if you’re sick.”

But when she said that, she immediately noticed that she had spoken the wrong words and added in a teasing note, “Well, you’re my best friend. So I will definitely treat you well.”

When they left the Kinkakuji and were about to flag a cab, they heard the cries for help nearby. Directing his attention over, Su Tao saw a crying boy with a leg injury. The boy was playful when he was coming out and accidentally injured himself.

Su Tao decisively walked over, to which Ni Jingqiu inwardly sighed. She immediately apologised to the driver then turned to Su Tao and inwardly sighed. Wasn’t this the side of Su Tao that she liked the most?

Whenever they met a patient, he would always step up without any hesitation, making him look charming.

Walking over to that boy, Su Tao asked, “I’m a physician. May I ask if you guys need help?”

At this moment, he couldn’t be bothered to follow the principles of not knocking on the patient’s door. After all, this was an emergency situation, and it would go against the natural duties of a doctor if he didn’t step forth.

Ni Jingqiu immediately translated his words for the anxious mother beside the boy.

“You’re a doctor? Please, help my son!” The mother was too anxious, and her speech was in a mess.

After Su Tao received the consent from the mother, he took a deep breath and touched the boy’s injuries.

The boy loudly cried, to which Su Tao sighed. This wasn’t a typical sprain. The bone was injured as well. There was a slight fracture and dislocation from the foot. Due to the fact that there’s a language barrier between them, Su Tao did not bother redirecting the patient’s attention. His hands moved swiftly, which caught the boy by surprise. Before the boy could even react, Su Tao had already set the bone into position, to which the boy immediately stopped crying since he was startled.

After that, Su Tao first applied medicine on the boy’s injury before he took out two small planks to fasten the afflicted part.

The entire process was complicated, but only took a few breaths’ time. In the process, Su Tao’s movements were so fast that everyone could only see a blur.

When Su Tao finished everything, he wiped his sweat and instructed, “Serious injuries will take a hundred days to recover, but thankfully, it was timely dealt with. Don’t touch the planks. They can only be removed in a week, and he will slowly recover by then.”

After Ni Jingqiu translated for Su Tao, the mother immediately bowed in Su Tao’s direction.

Su Tao even left a bottle of medicine behind for the mother and instructed, “Apply it externally twice a day.”

“Yes! Yes!” The boy’s mother immediately agreed.

“I’m done here. We can go now!” Su Tao smiled at Ni Jingqiu.

Thereafter, the two of them left as an ambulance drove over.

Seeing Su Tao’s unhappy expression, Ni Jingqiu asked, “What’s wrong? You’ve helped someone and was even thanked. Shouldn't you be happy, instead?”

“It’s only a pity that what I’ve done will be in vain. I’m afraid that the boy will suffer once more.” Su Tao bitterly smiled.

When Ni Jingqiu saw the boy being carried into the ambulance in a stretcher, she instantly understood Su Tao’s meaning. In Japan, Su Tao’s method of using planks to fix the injury in place was naturally not medically accepted, and this was why Su Tao had a helpless expression.

“You can open a Three Flavour Hall branch in Kyoto! I believe that with the Three Flavour Hall’s ability, you will be able to receive everyone’s acknowledgment quickly.” Ni Jingqiu suggested.

“Indeed, that’s a good idea!” Su Tao’s eyes lit up.

When Su Tao and Ni Jingqiu entered the cab, a young lady, who had been beside the boy and mother, was in a daze as she watched the cab driving off.

If Su Tao had paid attention to her, he would notice that she’s the lady that he had previously helped during the upskirt incident.

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