Chapter 665 - Yu Omuri’s Worth

When Yu Omuri entered the conference room, Yuji Ohshima, the father of Naoto Ohshima, sat in the middle. He's responsible for the hospital’s management and disciplinary investigation. As for Naoto Ohshima and Shin Nomura, the two of them occupied a corner. Yu Omuri might be an introverted person, but he’s not a fool. He knew that Naoto Ohshima and Shin Nomura were both trying to target him and get him punished.

“Doctor Yu Omuri, do you have any explanation with regards to Naoto Ohshima and Shin Nomura’s report? They reported that you’d abused your authority and allowed someone who did not have any medical practising license to treat a patient in this hospital, and at the same time, misleading the patient by giving a certain treatment method.” Yuji Ohshima questioned with a solemn tone.

“First and foremost, I admit that I had employed the treatment method suggested by Mr. Su Tao because I feel that his method is more suitable than the kidney transplant that we’ve previously come up with. Not only can it reduce the patient’s economic burden, but it’s a milder treatment without any side effects.” Yu Omuri tried his best to explain himself.

“Look, Mr. Ohshima, he had admitted to it!” Naoto Ohshima cunningly interrupted Yu Omuri’s explanation.

Yuji Ohshima looked at Naoto Ohshima with a complicated gaze as he wondered why his son was still so impulsive despite being an adult. He’s currently questioning Yu Omuri, and Naoto Ohshima’s interruption would make himself seem lacking manners; secondly, it would make him look bad. It would make others think that the father and son were conspiring to oppress Yu Omuri.

“Please do not be rude and interrupt!” Yuji Ohshima coughed as he glared at his son.

Naoto Ohshima sighed that his father was still as strict as before. Then again, he knew that Yu Omuri would definitely be punished. After all, the fact was right before them, and there’s no way Yu Omuri could explain himself out of this situation.

Truth be told, it’s easy for Yu Omuri to get himself out of trouble. He could just claim that he didn’t know Su Tao, and the treatment method was the patient’s choice.

However, Yu Omuri was too inflexible, and someone like him wasn’t suitable to be in such a complicated workplace.

“Yu Omuri, please continue your explanation!” Yuji Ohshima said.

“There’s nothing for me to explain. If the hospital wishes to punish me, then go on with it!” Yu Omuri felt indignant in his heart, and he was disgusted by the father and son.

“Yu Omuri, watch your attitude!” Yuji Ohshima was furious as he continued, “If you admit your mistakes, we can deal with it lightly based on your contributions to the hospital. But if you insist on being stubborn, then we can only deal with this matter severely.”

Standing up, Yu Omuri swept a glance at Yuji Ohshima and replied, “Then deal with this matter severely!”

When he finished his words, he immediately left the conference room.

Yuji Ohshima instantly felt embarrassed as he gazed around before looking at another disciplinary personnel, “Yu Omuri was in the wrong, but he still acted so aloof. What do you think his punishment should be?”

That person knitted his brows together and said in a worried tone, “Yu Omuri has another identity as the research personnel of a Chinese medicine research facility affiliated to the hospital. His reputation in the hospital has been good, and he has been a cautious person. Furthermore, his contributions to TCM and Chinese medicine have received the trust of Vice-President Oida Yoshikawa. It is said that Yu Omuri is someone that the Vice-President has personally invited to the hospital, who hopes that he can bring a reformation to the hospital.”

“Using the so-called ‘TCM’ for reformation?” Yuji Ohshima might not be responsible for treating patients, but he also had experience as a doctor. Hence, he smiled in disdain. “Yoshikawa might be an outstanding doctor, but he has made a mistake on this matter; he has misjudged. Yu Omuri is a doctor without responsibility and discipline.”

Yuji Ohshima was the Chief of the Disciplinary Department. Since he has already shown his attitude, the other disciplinary personnel could only cater to his words. “I suggest that we deduct his salary this month and a portion of his merits. What do you think?”

“We’ll go with that!” Yuji Ohshima sighed. If it wasn’t for Oida Yoshikawa backing Yu Omuri up, he would definitely get the latter to leave the hospital.

Naoto Ohshima and Shin Nomura left the conference room together as the latter laughed, “This can be considered as venting out our anger. Just who does Yu Omuri think he is to act so arrogantly?”

“Putting it nicely, it’s called having a character. Then again, you can also call it as being stupid!” Naoto Ohshima held onto his chin with a smug expression, “Oh, right. I just found Natsuki Sakamoto’s contact details from the hospital’s files.”

“Ohshima-kun, you’re not thinking of pursuing her, right?” Shin Nomura looked at his best friend with a complicated gaze and warned, “With your status, Natsuki Sakamoto isn’t a match for you.”

Japan was a complicated country. They might have a developed economy, and their citizens have good manners, but there’s a clear difference in social levels, especially marriage. There’s a massive threshold, and it’s hard for someone poor to enter the household of someone wealthy.

“You’re overthinking it!” Naoto Ohshima smiled as he continued, “I only just want to have a taste.”

“Why are you putting it so tactfully? Just say that you want to have a one night stand with her.” Shin Nomura had greed in his eyes as he continued, “I have to admit that Natsuki’s figure can be acclaimed as perfect. Whenever I watch her films, I would wish to be the male protagonist!”

Winking his eyes at Shin Nomura, Naoto Ohshima replied with a smug expression, “Then are you interested in having some fun together?”

“I rather admire you. You’re single, while I already have a wife.” Shin Nomura spoke in a concerned tone despite having a flash of madness through his eyes.

“We’re working hard as doctors, so we should occasionally have some fun. I believe that your wife will be understanding.” Naoto Ohshima comforted.

“I’m somewhat tempted now!” Shin Nomura had a flash of expectation through his eyes and continued, “How do you intend to get close to Natsuki? I heard that she has already retired from the industry.”

“Make threats and promises! Since she could enter the industry for money back then, I believe that she will come to an agreement if we provide the right sum.” Naoto Ohshima shook his head.

After that, the two of them looked at each other with cunning smiles.

When the two of them entered the elevator, a figure suddenly appeared around the corner. It was Yu Omuri. He had just come out from the washroom and overheard the conversation between Naoto Ohshima and Shin Nomura by accident, which made him gnash his teeth.

He wouldn’t bother if the two of them were humiliating other women with their words, but he couldn’t endure them targeting Natsuki Sakamoto. He even nearly went over and bashed the two of them up. But in the end, he still had an introverted personality, and he lacked the courage to do it.

After returning to his office in a gloomy mood, before he could even warm his butt on the chair, the door was pushed open. An elderly man walked in so Yu Omuri immediately stood up and greeted, “Hello, Mr. Yoshikawa.”

Letting out a sigh, Oida Yoshikawa asked, “I’ve just heard about it. Are you alright?”

Lowering his head in guilt, Yu Omuri replied, “Sorry to disappoint you, Mr. Yoshikawa. I was indeed at fault on this matter for not handling it well.”

Shaking his head, Oida Yoshikawa said in a grave tone, “I have already understood the entire situation. Your method might have caused the hospital to suffer a certain loss, but it’s the right choice. I’ve also researched that young man who provided the treatment method. That young man is a talented figure who has just recently appeared in China. Not only does he have several pharmacies under his name, but he is also a National Healer. So even though he might not have any hospital certificates, his ability is unquestionable.”

“Mr. Yoshikawa, thank you for your acknowledgment.” Yu Omuri gratefully replied with his eyes lit up.

Waving his hand, Oida Yoshikawa continued, “Yu Omuri, you’re definitely one of the most talented people that I’ve met, and I have already previously warned you about your flaws. You’re not proficient in social interaction, and you will definitely suffer greatly in this environment. You weren’t wrong with your decision this time, but the problem lies in the fact that you were too frank, which was used against you. I will retire in two years, and I’m apprehensive about your prospects.”

Yu Omuri emotionally looked at Oida Yoshikawa. Aside from his master, Qian Honghu, Oida Yoshikawa was the other person that he respected. After all, the latter has shielded him from many storms.

“I will do my best to change!” Yu Omuri sighed.

Waving his hand, Oida Yoshikawa bitterly smiled. “Once a person’s personality is formed; it’s hard for it to be changed. Even if you managed to change your personality, you would no longer be that Yu Omuri that I recognised. I will do my best to help you gain a stable footing in the hospital before I retire. Not only is that my honour, it is also the fortune of the hospital and our patients. TCM might have been under oppression for decades, but it’s worth is significant.”

Yu Omuri was introduced to Oida Yoshikawa by Qian Honghu. Back then, when Oida Yoshikawa visited China, he witnessed how Qian Honghu used his brilliant medical skills to treat an extremely complicated disease. It was also that incident that toppled his view on western medicine.

Yu Omuri was a vital person to enrich the hospital system. However, Yu Omuri was being rejected by everyone, and this was also due to his opponents interfering. After all, if he changed the current situation, the interest of some people would be affected. For example, the new medications developed by the Chinese research facility affiliated with the hospital had successfully replaced a portion of western medicine. Not only did that affect the pharmaceutical interest, but it also affected the vested interest of some people in the hospital’s management.

“I will continue to persevere on my path and change everyone’s view on TCM and Chinese medicine!” Yu Omuri said in a resolute tone.

“I’m relieved that your heart did not change!” Oida Yoshikawa smiled, then he continued, “Please continue to work hard and prove yourself with action.”

Truth be told, Yu Omuri had already proved himself with action. Under his efforts, the new medicines developed by the Chinese research facility brought tens of millions of profit in US dollars for the hospital. But Yu Omuri had no idea about it since it belonged to the hospital’s secret.

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