Chapter 661 - A tough game of chess

“I never expected that you’re intending on entering the medicine market!” Kim Jung-ho bitterly smiled and continued, “This is a tough game of chess.”

Su Tao locked his brows together. He already knew that several large enterprises have previously monopolised the Chinese market, and new enterprises would need their approval to enter. But judging from the current situation, not only was there no appearance of new enterprises, but the old enterprises were also being acquired. The reason why the Iwata TCM Medicine Research Facility held a position in the hierarchy was not only because of their facilities, but also the fact that they controlled the standards and threshold.

Putting it in a nutshell, if you wished to enter the international market with your medicine, you would need to be verified by the Iwata TCM Medicine Research Facility. If they say that you’re not qualified, then your medicine couldn’t enter the international market.

“China is the origin of TCM, and it becomes illegal for us to create our own medicine? What ridiculous logic is this?” Su Tao commented.

With an embarrassed smile, Kim Jung-ho replied, “But these are the rules. I suggest that you shouldn’t waste your time on this. Actually, you can focus on expanding your pharmacies. Nowadays, people have a high awareness of their health. As long as your service can follow up to the trend, you can swiftly branch out and earn more money than establishing a medicine factory. Furthermore, if you managed to branch out overseas, it’s the same as spreading the TCM culture abroad.”

Kim Jung-ho’s words might sound prickly, but Su Tao could hear his sincerity from his tone. The former was genuinely trying to persuade him.

After gaining more understanding of this matter, Su Tao felt unprecedented pressure. So it turned out that investments and facilities weren’t the problem, but the problem lied in the obstacles.

“Chinese medicine is a crucial factor in China’s TCM, and I won’t give up. It was something handed down by our ancestors, so on what basis are you guys only allowed to profit off it?” Su Tao unhappily replied before he continued, “You guys are just snatching our cultural resources.”

Letting out a sigh, Kim Jung-ho was already used to this nationalist and waved his hand. “I admit that we’re ripping off China's cultural resources, but that’s only because you guys have discovered it too late. You guys are totally capable of creating massive wealth with it, but they were neglected. So can’t others use something that you guys have abandoned?”

What Kim Jung-ho said made sense. The reason why other countries were monopolising the Chinese market was that TCM entrepreneurs did not discover the potential in this market. In addition to those impersonators and the misguiding controversy, TCM has walked on a wrong path in the country, and they could only try to struggle whilst at death’s door.

Knitting his brows together, Su Tao replied, “This is a robber’s logic. Here’s an example, I have many valuable herbs growing in your backyard, and you tried to cultivate it after realising the value of it. When you’ve managed to gain those herbs, you sold them out to make money. But at that moment, I also wanted to sell them, but I was forbidden since you guys are afraid of me snatching your pie? This is just ridiculous.”

Kim Jung-ho sighed since he never expected that he would start a verbal argument with Su Tao. Then again, he was standing on the side of his country to quarrel with Su Tao. In the end, he changed the topic, “I heard that you’re going to compete with Amaki Hamasaki during the TCM Medicine Discussion? I have to warn you that he did not beat Wang Guofeng by a fluke. That fellow is talented, and he has been deeply hidden.”

Seeing that their conversation had gone the wrong way, and yet, Kim Jung-ho could still give him a reminder, Su Tao’s tone lightened up, “You’re worried that I might lose to him?”

“That’s right. You can only be defeated by me, and me alone!” Kim Jung-ho spoke with pride. He had already walked out from the shadows of defeat after some time and viewed Su Tao as his motivation to improve.

“Don’t worry about it. I won’t disappoint you!” Su Tao gently sighed.

Due to the difference in their countries, his relationship with Kim Jung-ho could only be that of a rival. But even if they’re rivals, they’re also friends.

Amaki Hamasaki was entirely different from Kim Jung-ho. Kim Jung-ho might be cunning and proficient in packaging himself with controversy, but Amaki Hamasaki gave off a gloom around him that cannot be seen through.

Simply put, Kim Jung-ho was a proper physician who had received adequate education. He knew his bottom line, and even if he did use some schemes, he wouldn’t violate his medical ethics.

On the other hand, Amaki Hamasaki did not have that much consideration. Strictly speaking, he cannot be considered a physician, but someone who has researched TCM after it was restored in Japan. That meant that even if Amaki Hamasaki studied TCM, he did not acknowledge it deep in his bones. He was only trying to make use of it as a tool to obtain more benefits.

At this moment, Kim Jung-ho’s voice resounded, “Jung-yeon, return my phone!”

“I want to speak with Su Tao Oppa!” Kim Jung-yeon chuckled.

In the end, Kim Jung-ho could only helplessly stand to the side as he looked at his sister.

Su Tao was baffled by the sudden development. Although he couldn’t understand Korean, he managed to guess that the voice belonged to Kim Jung-yeon.

“Oppa, are you in Japan right now? I will be coming along with my brother!” Kim Jung-yeon said in excitement.

“Ah? It’s a pity, then! I will be returning to China in about a week, and I’m afraid that we won’t have an opportunity to meet.” Su Tao had no idea why he wanted to hide from Kim Jung-yeon.

“You’re lying! I received news from a trustable source that you will be in Japan for a month!” Kim Jung-yeon sounded somewhat angry.

As Su Tao’s scalp started to turn numb, he immediately smiled. “So you know about it. It’s not easy to tease you.”

“Don’t forget, I’m the person behind your fan club. If I have no idea of my idol’s itinerary, how can I be capable of recruiting so many fans?” Kim Jung-yeon wore a smug expression.

Su Tao was instantly speechless. He initially thought that Kim Jung-yeon eavesdropped on his conversation with Kim Jung-ho, but he never expected that she would have her own sources of news. That meant that she must have bribed someone close to him, and it looked like he had to make an investigation when he returned.

“Alright, I’ll be waiting for you in Kyoto.” Su Tao then teased, “I hope that you can also gain a harvest on this trip and help me open up a fanbase in Japan.”

“You’re pretty smart to know that I’m going to Japan to expand the fanbase for you. Meeting you is only just part of it.” Kim Jung-yeon suddenly became prideful.

Su Tao actually wanted to see Kim Jung-yeon, but the problem lied in Kim Jung-ho, who’s always cautiously staring at him, making him feel uncomfortable.

When he ended the call, he took out a bracelet from his medical box. It was something given to him by Kim Jung-yeon before she left Beijing as a memento. He had been bringing it around with him, and it looked like he would be wearing it when Kim Jung-yeon comes so as to not disappoint her.

Thereafter, he took out two tattered books from his medical box and started reading them. Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang would periodically send over some of their medical notes to him. But after Su Tao was done with their medical notes, they started sending the medical notes of their friends. For them to obtain these notes, he knew that his two masters must have paid a great price.

He couldn’t afford to let down a South Korean beauty, nor could he afford to let down his two masters.

Su Tao had a habit of making notes, and whenever he read someone’s notes, he would include his own opinions on it. When he was reading medical books in the past, he would immediately leave behind his own comprehensions. But now that it belonged to someone, he couldn’t possibly write in on someone’s property, so he could only get a book and record his insights.

According to his intention, he intended to write a medical book when he gets older to leave a treasure for the later generations. Although everyone had their own secret techniques and prescriptions, there were still more and more medical books circulating around, and the reason why TCM could be passed on for thousands of years; many grandmasters were selflessly willing to share their own medical comprehensions.

Without him knowing it, two hours had passed. When his doorbell rang, Su Tao opened the door and saw Ni Jingqiu with Gu Yin and Mu Jingchen behind her.

“Sorry to disturb you.” Gu Yin smiled.

Su Tao smiled in response and gestured them into the room. “Mr. Gu, Mr. Mu, please come in!”

The reason why he did not call out to Ni Jingqiu was because he had already considered her as someone on his side.

After the three of them sat down, Su Tao brewed tea for Gu Yin and Mu Jingchen, in which the two of them took a sip out of politeness. With their status, they’re used to expensive teas. Although the quality of the tea in the hotel was definitely better than those back in China, there’s still a rough taste that they couldn’t get used to.

“We won’t beat around the bush. The reason why we’re here is because we hope that you can take a look at Mr. Mu.” Gu Yin sincerely said.

Sweeping a glance at Mu Jingchen, Su Tao smiled. “Mr. Mu does have some issue with his body, but it’s nothing serious.”

When Mu Jingchen heard Su Tao’s words, his face instantly became grim. He knew his condition well, and yet, Su Tao said that his condition wasn’t serious? Was Su Tao trying to make himself look great, or was he trying to dupe him?

This young man is arrogant!

That was the first thought that flashed through Mu Jingchen’s mind.

However, he wasn’t too bothered by it. From how Su Tao used his poem to advise him, it meant that Su Tao wasn’t your average joe.

Even if Su Tao did not have remarkable medical skills, his attainment in calligraphy was superb. Just relying on this fact alone, Mu Jingchen was willing to sit down with Su Tao and chat. Otherwise, Mu Jingchen would’ve left by now with his character.

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