Chapter 660 - Scheming again

Everyone here was an influential figure, and when they saw how Su Tao displayed his skills, all of them felt an urge and were curious if this young divine physician from their motherland could take a look at their health. However, they ultimately bore their urges down and decided to visit him privately.

No one could be exempted from being hot-headed in life, even for those successful people. The more wealth they possessed, the more concerned they were with their health. Hence, Su Tao’s display from before was akin to a catalyst that set off a chemical reaction.

After Chen Zhang obtained Su Tao’s contact details, he left with his eyes narrowed from his smile. When he came out, he even pulled Gu Yin to the side and emotionally said, “That Su Tao really does have a skill or two.”

Gu Yin initially wanted Chen Zhang to test Su Tao’s standards, but he never expected that the matter would develop in this direction. He smiled as well. “I have misjudged. I never expected that he wouldn't even have to take your pulse, and all he had to do is to take a look at you.”

“You should talk to Old Mu. I can tell that Su Tao’s medical skills are pretty good, and he might be able to treat Old Mu.” Chen Zhang whispered to Gu Yin.

“You should know Old Mu’s temper!” Gu Yin sighed. Everyone in the circle knew that Mu Jingchen was ill, but he didn’t seem to be anxious about it. On the contrary, it left all his friends worried sick.

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce would be hosting its election for the new President, and Mu Jingchen was a popular candidate. If he collapsed from his illness, wouldn’t it all be a futile effort? It would undoubtedly be a significant loss to their circle.

When the meal came to an end, everyone took their leave.

As for Gu Yin, he pulled Mu Jingchen to his office on the third floor and brewed a pot of tea. He waited for Mu Jingchen to take a sip before he smiled. “Why don’t you help out with the Ni Family’s matter?”

Knitting his brows from those words, Mu Jingchen unhappily replied, “Old Gu, you should know me well, and I can’t do anything that violates my principles. What have you taken from Ni Jingqiu to be a middleman? Let’s not talk about this matter anymore, lest it damages our friendship.”

In the end, Gu Yin waved his hand. Mu Jingchen might seem amicable, but he’s a loyal friend. Whenever there’s an issue in the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, he would be the first to step out and help without any reservations. But it wouldn’t be easy to handle the moment it involved his principles.

“You’re a stubborn fossil!” Gu Yin joked and continued, “Oh, right. Su Tao displayed his medical skills today, so are you interested in having him take a look at you?”

“I suspect that he might be trying to get close to me on purpose.” Mu Jingchen went silent.

Sourly glaring at Mi Jingchen, Gu Yin replied, “Even if he’s trying to get close to you and trying to form a relationship with you to help Ni Jingqiu, what’s the problem if he can treat you?”

“Your words make some sense.” Mu Jingchen sighed.

Ni Jingqiu’s Newlight Media was seeking an investment from the Fuji Group, and the reason why Mu Jingchen wasn’t optimistic about it was because it had integrated TCM culture in it. He wasn’t confident of TCM since there were many negative news related to TCM back in the country, and many famous physicians were a product of packaging, to which they were ultimately exposed to. As for Su Tao, if it wasn’t for his stunning performance earlier, even Mu Jingchen would have some doubts.

Henceforth, Mu Jingchen wasn’t optimistic about this project, and the evaluation that he gave the Fuji Group wasn’t too good as well. And this was also the reason why Ni Jingqiu couldn’t obtain her expected investment from the negotiations.

Right now, Mu Jingchen felt an urge to be the guinea pig and have Su Tao treat him. If Su Tao couldn’t treat him, it’d prove that TCM was nothing but a sham, and even if he gives a low evaluation on the project, Ni Jingqiu couldn’t blame him. But if there’s really a miracle, he would have a clear conscience on giving a high evaluation on the project.

“Please help me arrange to have Su Tao take a look at me!” Mu Jingchen spoke with his brow furrowed, but judging from his tone, he wasn’t too optimistic.

The air quality in Kyoto was much better than in China. A few decades ago, when Japan was swiftly developing, the air quality was terrible. But after roughly ten-odd years ago, Kyoto increased its environmental protection and finally achieved such standards.

Coming to an unknown lake, Ni Jingqiu called for the cab to stop and she paid the bill before turning to Su Tao with a smile. “Let’s have a walk!”

The scenery was pretty good. This place was serene, since it’s far from downtown. Many couples were sitting on the stone benches by the shore, chatting. This place should be somewhat famous, and this must also be the reason why there were so many couples here.

“This place is beside Kyoto University, and it’s known as the Temple of Love. Since we’re here, we naturally have to take a stroll around. Otherwise, wouldn’t we be leaving regrets behind?” Ni Jingqiu explained with a smile.

Su Tao wasn’t familiar with this place, so he could only tag along with Ni Jingqiu. Truth be told, he wasn’t too fond of strolling in such a location.

“You seem, uninterested?” Ni Jingqiu instantly read Su Tao’s feelings.

“Yeah, there are so many displays of affection around, and it’s uncomfortable looking at it!” Su Tao nudged his lips to the bush.

When Ni Jingqiu directed her gaze in that direction, she saw a couple chatting together as if they were the only ones around. They did not bother about other people’s gazes since they were intoxicated in their own world, to which many people felt envious looking at them being so bold.

Ni Jingqiu’s face blushed as she hissed, “Your eyesight is really good. They’ve hidden so well, but you still managed to discover them!”

Shaking his head, Su Tao sighed, “Compared to my eyes, my hearing is sharper. Can’t you listen to their loud kisses?”

Ni Jingqiu was instantly speechless, so she could only try to change the topic, “If Mu Jingchen comes to look for you, how confident are you?”

“I feel that the problem lies in the fact that he won’t come looking for me. Judging from his tone, you can tell that he believes in western medicine. If he comes looking for me, it will be the same as toppling his worldly view, and this is a greater difficulty than treating him.” Su Tao shook his head with a smile.

Listening to Su Tao’s words, Ni Jingqiu smiled. “Looks like you’re capable of treating him. Don’t worry about it; he will definitely come looking for you.”

“Where did you get your confidence from?” Su Tao sourly asked.

“My confidence comes from you!” Ni Jingqiu pursed her lips and continued, “He’s the key person behind the Fuji Group’s project, and he will definitely be curious if you’re capable of holding up the entire project, so he will try and test your capability.”

“Why do I feel so unhappy hearing your words?” Su Tao muttered.

With his superb medical skills, did he need to be tested?

Gently poking Su Tao’s cheeks, Ni Jingqiu responded, “Endure the humiliation for once, for our grand project!”

As the two of them strolled a little more, they digested their lunch and flagged a cab by the roadside. At this moment, Ni Jingqiu’s phone rang the moment she entered the vehicle. When she picked up the phone, a smile spread on her lips, which made Su Tao sigh. Even without her saying it, he knew that things had gone her way again.

But for Mu Jingchen’s condition, he still had to exercise his brain a little on the treatment method.

On their way back to the hotel, Su Tao received a call from Xia Yu concerning Yu Omuri’s investigation. Aside from being a little anti-social, he didn’t have any stain on his résumé. His master, Qian Honghu, was a famous grandmaster in the TCM field, and also had a good relationship with Dou Fanggang. Furthermore, his master withdrew from the TCM Association last year and joined the TCM Alliance.

“I’m interested in Yu Omuri, and he’s a suitable candidate. But I’m afraid that it won’t be easy to persuade him to leave Japan for China.” Su Tao smiled.

Nodding his head, Xia Yu replied, “That fellow is very attached to his country. Previously, Qian Honghu tried to make him stay in the country, but it failed. That fellow seems to be trying to change the concept of TCM in the eyes of the public.”

After a brief moment of silence, Su Tao’s interest for Yu Omuri grew as he praised, “You’ve done a good job. The information is pretty detailed!”

When he hung up the phone, he saw Ni Jingqiu looking at him and smiled. “What’s with the weird look?”

“Your expression seemed a little sinister earlier, as if you’re scheming against someone.” Ni Jingqiu retaliated.

Rolling his eyes, Su Tao solemnly replied, “What scheming? I’m saving someone!”

After Su Tao rested for a few hours in the hotel, he made use of his time to research the TCM Medicine Discussion, as well as his upcoming opponent, Amaki Hamasaki.

There would be a total of thirty-odd countries participating in this discussion, and ironically, as the origin of TCM, China wasn’t invited since this event was led by South Korea and Japan. Su Tao looked through a few enterprises that would be participating, to which he gave Kim Jung-ho a call to understand the situation.

When Kim Jung-ho heard that Su Tao was currently in Japan, he smiled. “I will also be participating in the TCM Medicine Discussion, and it looks like there’s a chance for us to meet.”

“Which enterprise are you representing?” Su Tao asked.

Kim Jung-ho did not need to hide it from Su Tao, to which he explained with smug, “Not only am I a Council Member of the TKM Association, but I’m also the consultant of a few medicine enterprises.”

Listening to his words, Su Tao sighed, “If I had known about this, I wouldn’t have wasted my time coming to South Korea. I could’ve just looked for you to help me get a medicine factory established.”

After a brief silence, Kim Jung-ho said in a grave tone, “Let me tell you something. In the TCM medicine industry, there’s an unspoken rule to exclude all the enterprises from China.”

Su Tao was briefly frozen upon hearing the revelation, but he instantly figured it out. TCM originated from China, and if China focused on developing their research in medicine, it would undoubtedly put enormous pressure on the other enterprises.

Furthermore, Kim Jung-ho even revealed even more bad news. The registration and audit for TCM medicine was under the control of some forces, so even if Su Tao established a qualified medicine factory, it still had to get the international approval to formally enter this industry.

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