Chapter 66 - Intensely Drugged Beer

Chapter 66 - Intensely Drugged Beer

The drunken man was strong. He dragged over the girl with a single hand.

The girl was helpless and felt fearful in her heart, so she could only follow him into the room. There were also three other men seated in the room with five KTV Princesses. One of them was singing, while the four others sat on the couch, lying in the embraces of men. All of them had placed their hands on the sensitive spots of those ladies, be it their thighs, chest or even into their pants.

“Brother Knife, I brought a beautiful princess over. She looks especially fresh and pure, better than any of these.” The drunken man said, trying to curry favour.

“I’m not a KTV Princess. I was called by my friend over to sing.” The girl from the Music University looked at the man called Brother Knife and was instantly frightened by the azure dragon head tattoo on his shoulder.

A cultured-looking young man who sat beside Brother Knife cast a glance at Brother Knife. Seeing the interest in Brother Knife’s eyes, he faintly smiled. “Don’t be nervous. Sing a few songs with us, then you can leave. You will not be singing for nothing as well, we will pay you well.”

Finishing his words, he took a stack of cash out from his clutch bag that looked roughly about ¥10,000.

The girl was beyond terrified at this moment, no matter how much money was offered to her, she also wouldn’t dare to want it. Thus, she shook her head. “I don’t want the money; I just want to look for my friends.”

The drunken man held onto the girl’s chin and threatened, “Sing a few songs with us. Your friends are cowards. If you continue to refuse, then don’t blame me to ruining a flower.”

As he spoke, he took out a flip knife and placed it on her cheek.

The cultured man faintly smiled, then walked towards the girl and glared at the drunken man. “Why are you scaring the girl? Girls are for pampering.”

The drunken man chuckled and stood to the side. “Young Master Qiao is a gentle one who knows how to take care of ladies.”

The cultured man put his hand over the girl’s shoulder and smiled. “So, beautiful, what’s your name?”

“Xia He.” The girl lowered her head and answered with unease.

“Xia He… what a beautiful name! That’s pretty artistic, why don’t you accompany me and have a drink? Give me face, and I’ll take care of you next time.” The cultured man took a cup on the table and handed it over. “Finish it, and I’ll let you go.”

Due to threats, Xia He took the cup and drank it all in one gulp before saying, “Can I go now?”

The cultured man raised his thumbs and replied, “You’re straightforward enough. We’ll send you out after Brother Knife finishes this song, how about it?”

Brother Knife was singing the《Barred Window Tears》with a hoarse voice filled with emotion that gave the song a special feeling. In the beginning, Xia He could still remain standing, but she suddenly felt that something was amiss. Her throat felt dry and her mind was stirring. Beads of sweat also fell from her skin, and her face was flushed red. She involuntarily clamped her legs together and something moist was leaking out that made her feel excited.

Xia He instantly knew that the cup of beer must have been drugged, but it was too late for her to regret it.

The cultured man sat beside Xia He with a hand placed over her shoulders. “What’s wrong? You don’t want to leave now, right? Endure it a little, and we’ll look for a place in a bit for you to chat with Brother Knife.”

Brother Knife did not finish the song, but tossed the mic to the drunken man, who continued singing, and walked in big steps over when he saw that the girl fell for it. “I never expected you to be pretty sinister!”

The cultured man chuckled, “Brother Bo dislikes tender grass?”

Brother Knife was a straightforward person and smiled. “Young Master Qiao, those princesses are too fake, tender grass like this one is more suitable to my tastes. It’s more fun that way, as well.”

Hanzhou wasn’t a big city, so it’s often for enemies to meet. The cultured man was the husband of Lu Shimiao, Qiao Bo. Together, he came with a particular purpose, to entertain the man called Brother Knife.

Qiao Bo had been grudging over the incident in the pub, and he had intended to look for an opportunity to teach Su Tao a lesson. He knew that there weren’t many people in Hanzhou that dared to offend the Poisonous Widow, so he personally invited Brother Knife over from Nanyue Province.

Brother Knife’s reputation in the Nanyue Province wasn’t any weaker than the Poisonous Widow. He had made a name for himself in just two years, killing without batting an eye. Practically anyone that went against him ended up dead or crippled, thus giving him the nickname Knife Demon.

It was a connection that he got from his partner in the pub. Although Qiao Bo was doing pretty well economically, the price of ¥500,000 for Brother Knife still made him feel some heartache. However, when he recalled how Su Tao and Lu Shimiao kissed in the dancefloor, he would be swept by anger. Money was a mere worldly possession, so it was worth it if he could feel happy.

Qiao Bo practically went all-out just to get Brother Knife’s help, and he even drugged an unfamiliar girl.

It’d be easy once the girl was drugged. Firstly, no one could resist the charm of the aphrodisiac, and once it had taken effect, the girl would pounce without him moving. Secondly, they only needed to take the nude photos of the girl to threaten her, so that she wouldn’t dare to report this matter.

At this moment, Xia He felt as if ants were biting her entire body with the urge to remove her clothes and soak herself in water. When Qiao Bo let out a breath of alcohol onto her face, she felt great when she should usually be feeling disgusted.

Qiao Bo made a call and smiled. “The room is already booked, it’s in the Happy Hotel next door. Brother Knife, you can go there anytime now.”

Brother Knife chuckled, “I will definitely help you with your matter because of your perfect entertainment today.” Finishing his words, he grabbed ahold of Xia He’s face and pinched her cheeks.

As a normal man, Brother Knife naturally didn’t have any resistance for such an attractive chick like Xia He.

The drunken man walked up and opened the door, but before he could react, he suffered a kick to his stomach and was sent flying back.

Brother Knife knitted his brows and glanced at Xia He with unhappiness. “Looks like your friends are pretty loyal for not abandoning you.”

Pushing Xia He aside, Brother Bo walked towards the door. The one that sent the drunken man flying with a kick was Zhao Jian. When he heard that Yu Bo had been beaten and the girl he called over was snatched away, Zhao Jian immediately rushed over and sent the drunken man flying with a kick to launch a sneak attack and vent his anger.

Su Tao pulled Zhao Jian behind him and glanced at Brother Knife. “Move away, you’re not his opponent.”

Brother Knife wasn’t too robust, but Su Tao could see that the former was trained. His temples bulged out with his eyes beaming. His muscles were well-distributed throughout his limbs, containing explosive power.

“Su Tao, it’s you!” Qiao Bo immediately bounced up from the couch and looked at Su Tao in joy. He intended to look for Su Tao, so he never expected that Su Tao would send himself over.

Su Tao had long seen Qiao Bo, and his face turned cold. He thought that Qiao Bo seized the girl called Xia He just to get him back. Instantly, he was boiling with anger.

“You guys know each other?” Brother Knife looked at Qiao Bo.

“The person that I have invited you over to deal with is him!” Qiao Bo was too excited. His eyes were turning red and he was frantically pointing at Su Tao. “Don’t hold back, cripple him!”

Brother Knife licked his lips as he grinned, exposing his yellow teeth. “Pretty lucky, looks like I can return home tomorrow.”

He gently pushed Xia He aside and gave two glimpses at her chest with a chuckle. “Beautiful, wait five minutes for me. We’ll have some fun after I deal with all these people.”

“What did you do to her?” Seeing that Xia He didn’t look right, Yu Bo asked in agitation.

“Just a drugged beer.” Qiao Bo sneered.

“Fuck, I’ll fight it out with you!” Yu Bo was a loyal person, so he would naturally take responsibility for the girls since he was the one that called them over. Seeing that something happened to Xia He, he instantly grew agitated and charged towards Brother Knife.

But since he wasn't standing close to Su Tao, Su Tao couldn’t stop him in time.

However, before he could approach Brother Knife, he felt an intense pain in his lower abdomen and he flew back, smashing against the wall before falling onto the ground.

Su Tao walked towards Yu Bo with his brows knitted. This Brother Knife was truly ruthless with his moves, throwing three lashes in an instant and broke three of Yu Bo’s ribs along with a severe sprain on his neck. He gently pressed Yu Bo’s abdomen to help him shift his bones back before gently twisting his neck to resolve the sprain.

Brother Knife exclaimed with his brows knitted as he looked at Su Tao, “Interesting!”

The fight in the room had instantly attracted the attention of the security guard. The lobby manager immediately sent out all the security guards to separate the two groups while standing in the centre. “Don’t you know whose turf this is?”

Brother Knife knitted his brows as he smiled in disdain. “I don’t care whose turf this is! Today, this daddy wants to kill. Stand aside if you guys are smart, or I’ll deal with all of you as well!”

Qiao Bo stood behind Brother Knife and felt safe. He felt his money was all worth spending.

The corner of his lips were raised into a sneer as he opened up WeChat and started a video call.

“That lover of yours, the gigolo, Su Tao will soon be taken care of.” Qiao Bo grinned as he smiled. “This is the outcome for offending me!”

Lu Shimiao’s brows knitted, since she had difficulties seeing due to the dim light. However, she could still recognise Su Tao. “Are you insane? You’re now a mad dog that only knows how to bite!”

Suffering such a vicious curse from his wife, Qiao Bo’s face didn’t look good. His elegant appearance was instantly replaced with ferocity as he sneered, “Wait and see how he kneels and begs!”

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