Chapter 656 - Beautiful even if the makeup is messed up

Su Tao was feeling more confident with his own abilities. This group of ferocious hoodlums had all turned into his training targets. After all, he could only bring out his potential in an actual fight and slowly integrate with Yan Wujin’s teachings.

Uto Koizumi’s face was ashen since he knew that Su Tao was a formidable opponent. After getting a few more slaps from Su Tao, he finally learned obedience and made a call to get Kohei Koizumi over.

As for Eiko Fujino, she was stuck in her position. She knew that the situation wasn’t favorable to her, but she couldn’t just abandon Uto Koizumi and leave. When she looked at the confident smile on her cousin’s face, she despaired. Was she really destined to never beat her cousin?

In the end, she gnashed her teeth and she found a dagger before charging in Asaka Ochi’s direction. The trajectory of the dagger was aimed at Asaka Ochi’s chest, but it’s a pity since Su Tao had been paying attention to her movements. The moment Eiko Fujino moved, he pulled Asaka Ochi into his embrace before lashing a kick out at Eiko Fujino. Eiko Fujino was thrown out and her head knocked on the wall before she fell on the ground and lost her consciousness.

On the other hand, Asaka Ochi’s chest tightened up since Su Tao’s hand had accidentally groped her chest earlier. Her face blushed as she looked at Su Tao, she was trying to see if he had any reaction. But soon after, she inwardly sighed in relief since it was only an accident.

Lin Kun was watching the entire process, in which he gnashed his teeth and inwardly cursed Su Tao.

But after seeing how Su Tao fought, Lin Kun no longer dared to provoke him.

At this moment, Lin Kun knew the reason why Su Tao did not pay attention to his ridiculement; Su Tao did not want to lower himself to his level. If Su Tao wished to deal with him, he only had to move his fingers to accomplish it.

Truth be told, Su Tao’s heart jolted when he accidentally took advantage of Asaka Ochi, but he had only worn a strong front to conceal his emotions.

Asaka Ochi’s face was as red as an apple, and Su Tao also realised that after having such a long interaction with Asaka Ochi, he actually felt a rush of excitement for her.

A fair lady was an excellent match for a gentleman, and Su Tao knew that his fickle heart had acted up again.

Half an hour later, Kohei Koizumi finally arrived in the Wild Flowers Hall. He first saw Asaka Ochi, who had tears in her eyes, before he turned to look at his son, whose head had swollen like a pig. He immediately sighed. He only needed to briefly analyse the situation to figure out what had happened with his intelligence.

“Dad!” Uto Koizumi’s first reaction was to make an explanation for his actions.

“Don’t call me dad; I don’t have a son like you!” Kohei Koizumi coldly replied.

When Asaka Ochi saw that Kohei Koizumi was trembling from the anger, she immediately went up and held onto his arm. “Please don’t get agitated, it won’t be good for your body!”

Kohei Koizumi sighed. He knew that Asaka Ochi was genuinely concerned for his health. He patted her hand and apologised, “I’m sorry to have made you suffer!”

“Let’s go!” Asaka Ochi sighed.

Turning to look at Uto Koizumi, Kohei Koizumi said in a stern tone, “All of you have greatly disappointed me, and all of you have failed my test. From today onwards, I don’t have such unfilial children, and none of you will be getting a dime from my inheritance. You’re all on your own!”

Kohei Koizumi actually had the opportunity to escape, but he wanted to give a test to his children. He wanted to see if his children would treat him sincerely after he had lost his freedom. However, the result was disappointing. Not only did Uto Koizumi try to control him, he even tried to lay a hand on his wife.

He was actually concerned about Uto Koizumi. Although he had been divorced with Uto Koizumi’s mother for many years, he had always been providing the best for his son. But under the misguidance of his mother, Uto Koizumi had felt that he was the one who betrayed this family and marriage first.

Although he tried to change the hatred that his son had for him, Kohei Koizumi wasn’t successful.

Despite the fact that he wanted to leave some inheritance for his children, their actions had greatly disappointed him.

When Su Tao saw Kohei Koizumi, he knew that his objective had been achieved, so he no longer continued to torture Uto Koizumi.

He left together with Kohei Koizumi. Although he couldn’t understand what the two of them were talking about, Kohei Koizumi’s current mood and condition weren’t optimistic. His health had worsened by a lot compared to when he was in Beijing.

However, Kohei Koizumi’s body was in no condition for any treatment, so he could only try and extend Kohei Koizumi’s life to the best he can.

Amongst the group, Lin Kun’s mood felt the most complicated. When he saw Kohei Koizumi, who was ill but still maintained his elegance, he was filled with hatred in his heart. It was this old fogey who stole Asaka Ochi away. When he witnessed the family dispute between Kohei Koizumi and his son, he actually felt satisfied in his heart. He felt that it was Kohei Koizumi’s retribution for marrying Asaka Ochi despite his age and ruining her life.

But when Kohei Koizumi appeared, the admiration he had for Asaka Ochi waned down. He didn't even dare to take a glimpse at Asaka Ochi, fearing his thoughts might be revealed.

“Thank you!” Asaka Ochi said to Lin Kun when they got out.

Lin Kun knew that Asaka Ochi was tactfully telling him farewell, to which he smiled. “It’s fine. After all, what are friends for?”

At this moment, he felt a little guilty since he couldn’t explain what he was doing in the Wild Flowers Hall.

Watching Su Tao, Kohei Koizumi, and Asaka Ochi entering a car, Lin Kun couldn’t help sighing. He wasn’t disappointed because Asaka Ochi did not invite him, but for some reason, he felt that Asaka Ochi was getting further and further from his reach.

“Lin Kun might be wretched to tail you, but he has also helped you greatly. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be able to get into such a high-class restaurant.” Su Tao softly said to Asaka Ochi. He had subconsciously glanced at Lin Kun before he got in the vehicle, and that fellow seemed a little sad.

Asaka Ochi glanced at Kohei Koizumi in the vehicle and replied, “I know how he feels, but the feelings of some people will never change in their lifetime.”

Sitting in the front passenger seat, Su Tao turned his head to see Kohei Koizumi as he wondered. How would Kohei Koizumi feel if he knew that his wife was being courted by someone else?

Life was that helpless. Even if you possessed all the wealth in the world, you couldn’t resist the natural cycle of life. Don’t joke around with your life, and be sure to cherish every moment. Because one day, when you’re on your last breath, your lover might be in someone else’s embrace, and your children would be calling someone else their father or mother.

As the vehicle drove into an exquisite district, the security allowed them to pass after seeing Asaka Ochi and Kohei Koizumi. This was the couple’s fixed residence. Despite the fact that they hadn’t been around for close to a month, the housekeeper had been keeping the house clean.

When Su Tao changed to a pair of slippers, he came to the room with Kohei Koizumi that’s specially used for recuperating. After a simple diagnosis, Su Tao sighed and pulled Asaka Ochi to the side before he frankly said, “Your husband’s condition has deteriorated. If he had eleven months of life left from before, then I’m afraid that he’s only left with a little more than half of that right now.”

Sorrow flickered through Asaka Ochi’s eyes before she suddenly held onto Su Tao’s hands. “Is there really no way? You’re a Divine Physician, and I believe that you can create a miracle!”

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao patiently replied, “Life and death are part of the natural cycle. I’m a doctor, but I’m also at the mercy of nature’s rules. Furthermore, I have already gone against the natural order of life by previously extending his life.”

Seeing that Su Tao was sincere about his speech, Asaka Ochi recovered and realised that she was grabbing onto his hand, to which she immediately pulled her hands back. “What about the request that I previously told you?”

“That’s even more impossible!” Su Tao smiled bitterly and continued, “Let me frankly tell you. Strictly speaking, your husband can no longer be considered a man.”

Asaka Ochi staggered before she leaned against the wall with tears falling down her cheeks. If someone were to take a professional camera right now, she would even look artistic at this moment. However, Su Tao wasn’t in the mood for that. He only felt her genuine feelings for Kohei Koizumi, and it’s truly rare for there to be someone as loyal as her.

Then again, analysing it from a psychological point-of-view, Asaka Ochi’s tears weren’t purely for Kohei Koizumi, but for herself as well.

Asaka Ochi loved Kohei Koizumi deeply, and had kept faithful to her feelings. This was also why she had been staying by Kohei Koizumi’s side. At the same time, that also meant that if she falls in love with someone else, she would also show such faithfulness.

It’s rare for him to make a trip to Japan. Although Su Tao knew that acupuncture had not much effect on Kohei Koizumi, he still performed an hour of acupuncture.

In Su Tao’s point of view, Kohei Koizumi needed some encouragement, so he’s just walking through the procedure. If Kohei Koizumi felt despair and his mood became terrible, it would only be a hope for him to live for six to seven months.

When Su Tao ended his acupuncture session, he gently persuaded Kohei Koizumi, “Your state is pretty good. You should maintain it with an optimistic mindset to enjoy life as much as possible.”

“Thank you for your reminder! I’ve already come to accept it. I will do my best to regulate my body, and I will not disappoint you!” Kohei Koizumi warmly smiled.

Stowing his tools in his medical box, Su Tao replied, “I’ll continue your treatment tomorrow!”

“Thank you for your efforts.” Kohei Koizumi sincerely said.

Asaka Ochi then retrieved a red Ferrari from the garage and sent Su Tao back to the hotel. Throughout the entire trip, the vehicle was playing music while the two of them kept their silence. When they’re about to arrive at their destination, Asaka Ochi suddenly teared up.

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao knew that she had been putting up a strong front until she met Kohei Koizumi; after which, she collapsed.

Asaka Ochi parked the Ferrari by the roadside and buried her face on the steering wheel as she quietly sobbed. Looking at her, Su Tao took the napkins by his side and handed them over.

After Asaka Ochi wiped her tears and snot, she smiled. “Am I ugly right now?”

“Nope. Your make-up might be messed up, but you’re still beautiful!” Su Tao sincerely said as he shook his head.

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