Chapter 655 - Curbing violence with violence

The commotion was great, especially Uto Koizumi’s howling that resounded throughout the entire building. The security guards from the Wild Flowers Hall had also responded and they rushed over. When they saw Uto Koizumi, they were instantly stunned since they had no idea how to react at this moment.

“This matter has already blown up. Release Uto right now, or you will be in deep trouble!” Eiko Fujino yelled as she looked at Uto Koizumi, worried. She instantly felt her heart aching after seeing how he was tortured.

Although he no longer looked as elegant as he used to be at this moment, Eiko Fujino was still determined that he’s her destined one.

“You want me to let him go? That’s easy. I want to meet Kohei Koizumi.” Su Tao waited for Asaka Ochi to translate for Eiko Fujino before he spoke his request.

Asaka Ochi was a woman, and she wasn’t resolute enough in her decisions. If he didn’t meddle in this affair, he might not even be able to see Kohei Koizumi before he leaves Japan.

Letting out a sigh, Asaka Ochi also couldn’t be bothered about the consequences since this matter has already blown up. Uto Koizumi has taken it too far, and he has violated her bottom line. Henceforth, she couldn’t tolerate him anymore.

Uto Koizumi was terribly tortured. When he heard Asaka Ochi translating Su Tao’s request, he immediately agreed without any hesitation, “I’ll promise you. I’ll let you guys see my father!”

The circumstances were desperate, and it wasn’t favorable to him. He also did not want his attempt of trying to rape his step-mother to be revealed to the public. In the beginning, he only wanted to set up a scheme to hold something against Asaka Ochi. However, he never expected that he would fail and even suffer greatly instead. Most importantly, more and more people were coming over, and if this matter gets revealed to the public, he wouldn’t have the face to step out in the sun.

He was afraid of getting drowned by curses if this matter got revealed. After all, as someone in the upper-class society, who’s willing to be a laughing stock?

He lusted after his step-mother when his father was ill. If this piece of news was publicly revealed in Japan, it would instantly arouse public rage.

At the same time, Kohei Koizumi might also delay his decision about the distribution of his inheritance because of this matter and leave nothing to his outrageous children.

After receiving Uto Koizumi's promise, Asaka Ochi was also a little emotional, so immediately she said, “I want to see him right now!”

Uto Koizumi’s brows twitched before he fearfully looked at Su Tao. He then replied, “Fine, I’ll promise you. You can follow me back!”

Receiving the translation from Asaka Ochi, Su Tao locked his brows together and denied, “Get him to bring Kohei Koizumi over. Otherwise, he can dream of leaving here!”

Clearly, Uto Koizumi still had no idea about his current position. Right now, he had no authority of speech, and he could only listen to orders.

“Do you want to kill him out of anger?!” Uto Koizumi roared.

After Asaka Ochi translated Uto Koizumi’s words to Su Tao, she added her own opinion, “I’m also worried about his condition!”

Shaking his head, Su Tao did not hesitate to give another slap to Uto Koizumi and replied, “The one who’s trying to kill Kohei Koizumi isn’t you or me, but this unfilial son. Then again, he can feel free to reject. All I have to do is to blow up this matter and make a trip to the police station before visiting the newspaper. Let’s see how big this matter can blow up!”

Asaka Ochi was stunned when she heard Su Tao’s words. She fell into silence before she woke up to reality. Perhaps she had been too tolerant, and this was why Uto Koizumi was behaving more outrageously.

Since Su Tao was here, there shouldn’t be any danger for Kohei Koizumi, even if he comes to know about this matter.

Su Tao was trying to use his own methods to change Asaka Ochi’s weak heart.

After all, begging towards someone who hates you would only invite more humiliation.

Asaka Ochi directly translated Su Tao’s words, to which Uto Koizumi immediately agreed without any hesitation.

He’s trying to delay time for his reinforcements to arrive. When they’re here, he would be able to take Su Tao down, and this was also the reason why he’s momentarily bowing his head.

Uto Koizumi’s hand trembled as he took out his phone and gave a call to the person who’s responsible for watching over Kohei Koizumi and instructed that person to bring his father over immediately. Although that person could hear something unusual about Uto Koizumi’s tone, he still followed the order and came to Kohei Koizumi’s room with a smile. “Uto-kun instructed me to bring you out for a spin!”

Sweeping a glance at this person, Kohei Koizumi replied, “Thank you.”

After being under house arrest for nearly a month, Kohei Koizumi was calmer than he had imagined. He knew that under this situation, he could only try and live longer to find an opportunity to escape. His motive for asking Asaka Ochi to look for Su Tao in Hanzhou City was merely an excuse to send her away. He did not hold any hope that Asaka Ochi would be able to bring Su Tao over, and him wanting kids was also an excuse that he came up with.

A father knows his son the best. Kohei Koizumi knew that with him around, he could naturally keep his son under control. But now that he has resigned from his duty in the Fuji Group with his life coming to an end, he couldn’t suppress his son’s ambitious heart anymore.

He had no idea how his son wanted to deal with him. At this moment, he could only keep himself calm to live longer so he would have sufficient time to transfer his assets to Asaka Ochi.

During this period of imprisonment, he was practically isolated from the outside world. Not only was he unable to meet a lawyer, but he also couldn’t watch his political news anymore. The news that he was watching was all under Uto Koizumi’s orders, and they were all playbacks from a few days ago. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was meticulous in noticing that the television’s set-top box was tampered with, it’s impossible for him to notice this issue.

That meant that his world was two to three days delayed from the outside world. Uto Koizumi felt that it was good for his father to live in this way, for him to live in the past and lies. This was a form of revenge for the divorce his father had with his mother that brought him pain and loneliness.

Even if Uto Koizumi did not show it on the surface, he hated his father to the core. His father abandoned his mother and found new love, causing his youth to be filled with humiliation and ridicule. When Uto Koizumi got to know that his father married Asaka Ochi, he was further enraged, and he had been planning this scheme for a long time.

Within the Wild Flowers Hall’s private room.

Asaka Ochi had already warned Su Tao that Uto Koizumi and Eiko Fujino might be stalling for time, so she continued, “There might be more people coming. Why don’t we leave first?”

“Don’t you want to see your husband?” Su Tao asked with a playful smile.

“I do, but now’s not the time!” Asaka Ochi weakly sighed.

He is currently under my control, so isn’t this the best opportunity? If you miss this chance, you might never see Kohei Koizumi ever again.” Su Tao calmly replied.

“But we’re in danger right now!” Asaka Ochi could catch a scent of danger from Eiko Fujino’s vicious gaze.

“As the saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures!” Su Tao casually replied and continued, “Not to mention that we’re not actually in a desperate situation right now. On the contrary, this step-son of yours is firmly in our hands.”

Asaka Ochi smiled upon hearing this since she knew that Su Tao said this on purpose to make her relax and inwardly sighed. Just what kind of man is he to be able to remain so composed even at this time?

If she was in another country with a language barrier, she definitely wouldn’t be able to be so composed.

Su Tao wasn’t bold because of his confidence, but he wanted to get rid of Uto Koizumi’s powers once and for all. Since he had already decided to make his move, then he would take extreme measures and uproot all the threats to prevent him from retaliating in the future.

Furthermore, he’s currently in a foreign country, so he acted more unbridledly without much consideration.

As Asaka Ochi fell into a brief ponder, she had figured it all out. She realised that Su Tao was right, and if they didn’t get rid of Uto Koizumi once and for all, it’s impossible for her to meet Kohei Koizumi.

She’s apprehensive about her husband right now. Since Uto Koizumi dared to act so outrageously towards her, she knew that her husband wasn’t faring any better.

Roughly ten-odd minutes later, footsteps resounded from outside.

Eiko Fujino instantly knew that reinforcements had arrived. All of them were bald and they wore black short-sleeved shirts. They glared at Su Tao.

When Eiko Fujino whispered in the ears of the leader, that person wore a disdainful smile before he pulled out a machete from his waist and started toying with it.

Looking at this situation, Lin Kun’s expression immediately turned pale and he took a few steps back. He never imagined that he would be in such danger and started to regret poking his nose in this matter. Although his feelings for Asaka Ochi were sincere, he had no intention of throwing his life away in a foreign country.

Compared to him, Asaka Ochi was more composed as she coldly looked at those men.

Su Tao sighed since he never expected that his trip to Japan would be so troublesome. He initially only wanted to get his TCM medicine factory sorted, but he was dragged into this vortex of a mess due to Asaka Ochi. Judging from the other party’s build, he must have trained. This underground society run by Uto Koizumi wasn’t like the weak Azure Wolf Group, and they even seemed to be involved with some major powers. He could sense that his opponent was getting more unfathomable.

But he was never one to be afraid. Stretching his hand out, a silver needle flew and shot towards the leader’s wrist, which the latter felt an intense pain coming from his joints and lost control of his machete. Due to the momentum, the machete flew out and stabbed into the wooden door, which terrified everyone.

The bald man gritted his teeth and pulled out the needle before he pounced at Su Tao.

However, Su Tao only threw out a jab that seemed slow, which accurately struck the bridge of the bald man’s nose. The bald man instantly felt dizzy with the stench of blood spreading out in his mouth. He immediately spat on the ground and even included two of his teeth.

“Bakayarou! Everyone, charge!” The bald man initially wanted to challenge Su Tao by himself, but he never expected that Su Tao would be such a great fighter. He immediately, cautiously took two steps back and waved his hand for everyone to charge forth.

Looking at this scene, Su Tao inwardly sighed. It seems that he could only curb violence with violence at this moment.

He instantly charged forth, brandishing his fists out like a storm. It only took a few breaths for him to drop everyone onto the ground, and even the security guards of this restaurant took a few steps back while they inwardly rejoiced. They were all feeling lucky that they did not make a move earlier. Otherwise, they would be lying on the ground by now.

Uto Koizumi initially thought that he had been saved, but he never expected that Su Tao would beat his well-trained elites so easily.

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