Chapter 654 - Please have two bowls of wasabi

But at the most exciting period, the door was knocked. Uto Koizumi was startled and inwardly cursed. Didn’t he instruct them to not disturb him?

Just when he wanted to ignore the knockings, the knockings became even louder. Uto Koizumi instantly felt that something was amiss so he held onto Asaka Ochi’s mouth to prevent her from calling help before he yelled, “Who is it?”

“Waiter! I’ve prepared free desserts!” A voice resounded in response.

“No need! We don’t need it!” Uto Koizumi said in annoyance.

“Then, I’ll not disturb you anymore!” The person outside also did not insist and stopped knocking on the door.

But just when Uto Koizumi was about to resume, the door was smashed open with a huge hole in it.

He subconsciously stood up and pulled up his pants.

Finally, Asaka Ochi had room to breathe. When she saw a familiar figure, she immediately exclaimed out in joy, “Su Tao!”

She had completely neglected the fact that someone was standing beside Su Tao as well.

Su Tao had immediately rushed over after obtaining Asaka Ochi’s address, but the Wild Flowers Hall wasn’t open to the public except for members. Coincidentally, he saw Lin Kun here just when he was racking his mind with ideas to enter.

It wasn’t a complete coincidence for him to meet Lin Kun here since that fellow had been following Asaka Ochi, and he was just about to get his membership done to tail Asaka Ochi.

Hence, Su Tao made use of Lin Kun’s newly obtained membership to smoothly enter and found the room that Asaka Ochi was in.

The waiter from before was Lin Kun and he verified the commotion inside with Japanese. But since the door was locked and Asaka Ochi did not utter a word, the two of them instantly guessed that Asaka Ochi might be in danger. Lin Kun might be cheap and cowardly, but his feelings for Asaka Ochi were genuine, and he was afraid of anything happening to her.

While he was hesitating on the next step, Su Tao had burst through the door without any hesitation.

With his perfect plan interrupted, Uto Koizumi felt both enraged and embarrassed. He subconsciously wanted to flee since this was a typical criminal mindset; the first thing any criminal would want to do is escape upon being caught.

However, Su Tao threw a kick at Uto Koizumi’s lower abdomen and the latter cried out in pain. He grabbed his crotch and kneeled on the ground.

Asaka Ochi felt extremely satisfied at this scene, but when she noticed that her clothes were torn with her skin exposed, she subconsciously covered herself with her hands. Looking at her, Su Tao inwardly sighed before he removed his shirt and tossed it to her.

In that brief instant, Su Tao’s heart also went into havoc by her appearance.

When Lin Kun saw Asaka Ochi using the clothes that Su Tao gave her, he did not say anything right now despite the fact that he was unhappy with Su Tao taking his position. He knew that they had to stand united at this moment and raged, “How should we deal with this fellow?”

“Call the cops?” Su Tao sighed as he looked at Asaka Ochi.

However, Asaka Ochi immediately shook her head. “Family shame must not be spread publically.”

Wearing a bitter smile, Su Tao asked, “He has already done this, and you’re still trying to help him?”

“He’s Kohei’s son!” Asaka Ochi replied in a soft voice.

Su Tao sent a serious look at Asaka Ochi and felt that she’s a stupid woman. But it was also because of this stupidity that made Su Tao admire her even more.

Humans have feelings, unlike plants. Asaka Ochi had just gone through a horrifying experience and nearly fell into a demon’s grasp. But for her to be able to swiftly calm down and consider the bigger picture proved her refinement.

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth had always been Su Tao’s style. However, he respected Asaka Ochi’s choice at this moment. After all, she’s the victim, and he couldn’t possibly force her to make a complaint against Uto Koizumi.

Uto Koizumi might be captured, but he wasn’t too worried. On the other hand, he viciously looked at Asaka Ochi and Su Tao and spat out, “Release me now, or you can dream of seeing my dad ever again!”

Staring at Uto Koizumi with her eyebrows furrowed, Asaka Ochi was at a loss at this moment. She had no idea how to deal with this scum.

Seeing this, Su Tao sighed. He might not be able to understand their conversation, but he could see the hesitation on Asaka Ochi’s face.

“Do you need my help?” He asked.

Asaka Ochi was baffled as she looked at Su Tao. “How can you help me?”

“Someone like him needs a beating!” Su Tao pointed at Uto Koizumi.

Shaking her head with a bitter smile, Asaka Ochi replied, “If you piss him off, I’m afraid that I will never get to see Kohei again!”

“Give me ten minutes. Ten minutes and I will let you meet Kohei Koizumi. For now, wait outside!” Su Tao said with confidence.

The process wouldn’t be too nice, so Su Tao did not want Asaka Ochi to witness it.

Looking at Su Tao with a complicated view, Asaka Ochi left the room with Lin Kun following behind her.

“What do you want to do?” Uto Koizumi suddenly became nervous as he was wondering if the security in this restaurant were all slacking. Why didn’t anyone come to help?! However, he had totally forgotten that he was the one who told them that no one was to disturb them no matter what happens.

Su Tao couldn’t understand Japanese, so he naturally couldn’t understand what Uto Koizumi was talking about. He walked over and gave a slap to Uto Koizumi’s face.

When Uto Koizumi received that slap, he staggered as a red handprint was left on his cheeks along with traces of blood hanging on his lips.

Su Tao did not go easy on someone like him, who lusts for his own step-mother. He could only teach Uto Koizumi the meaning of fear for him to change his mind and agree to let Asaka Ochi reunite with her husband. Asaka Ochi might be soft-hearted, but he had no relationship with Uto Koizumi, so he naturally wouldn’t be lenient. After all, if he hadn’t reacted in time, he would’ve fallen for their traps back in the hotel.

He subconsciously glanced at the cameras on the wall and pointed his finger at Uto Koizumi before drawing his thumb across his neck. He was telling Eiko Fujino that if she didn’t come over immediately, he would kill Uto Koizumi.

The moment Eiko Fujino saw Su Tao’s appearance on her phone, she had immediately rushed over. When she saw his arrogant gesture, she couldn’t help cursing out, “What a despicable fellow!”

Then again, she had forgotten that today’s incident had started with the trap she had planned with Uto Koizumi, and the situation only took a turn because of Su Tao.

She knew that Su Tao could fight, so she had already called everyone over. But for now, she had to meet Su Tao to drag for time.

“Stop!” Eiko Fujino yelled with her eyes reddened as she charged into the room.

Although Asaka Ochi and Lin Kun tried to stop her, they did not manage to succeed.

At this moment, Uto Koizumi had already suffered ten-odd slaps. Su Tao’s slaps weren’t simple since they contained his internal energy. He had immediately transformed Uto Koizumi’s somewhat handsome face into a swollen pig head, which frightened Eiko Fujino.

Su Tao sneered when he saw Eiko Fujino’s arrival and he continued to slap Uto Koizumi. He also had lingering fear for Eiko Fujino since this woman has hidden herself really well and even fooled his eyes.

“I want you to die! I will ensure that you suffer a terrible death!” Uto Koizumi cursed.

Su Tao couldn’t understand his curse, so he continued with another slap before dragging Uto Koizumi’s collar and threw him on the table. He did not hold his strength back and even caused the wooden table to crack.

Su Tao ensured that only the toughest bone in Uto Koizumi’s body was involved in the collision so that his life wouldn’t be in danger. However, a light concussion was unavoidable.

Uto Koizumi’s face was covered in blood. He felt exceedingly grieved.

“Quick, call everyone! I want his life!” He howled.

Su Tao inwardly sighed. Someone like Uto Koizumi had only been the bully in his life, and he was never the victim of bullies. This was the reason for his arrogance and didn’t know the concept of putting his own safety before principles.

When Su Tao saw the wasabi on the table, he wore a sneer and muttered, “I’ve heard that Japanese people love to eat wasabi. I believe you must be the same, so I’ll make sure you had enough of it today!”

As he spoke, he pinched Koizumi’s nose and started pouring a big bowl of wasabi into his mouth.

Wasabi provoked tears, and it was extremely spicy. Thus, Uto Koizumi started to tear up, and when his tears came in contact with his wounds, a stinging pain instantly started to spread out, but he immediately found himself to be numb from the pain.

Su Tao seemed to know that Uto Koizumi would react in this manner. If a person suffered too much pain, his nervous system would automatically block out the pain to prevent him from losing consciousness.

After he gently tapped on an acupoint located on Uto Koizumi’s spine, the latter was suddenly electrocuted before he cried out in pain.

The acupoint that Su Tao used was meant to spark Uto Koizumi’s nervous system, increasing the pain he felt by ten-fold.

“Let me go!” Even an unswerving person wouldn’t be able to endure such brutal treatment, not to mention Uto Koizumi, who had never been professionally trained for it. Hence, he started to beg.

Su Tao couldn’t understand Japanese, so he had no idea what Uto Koizumi was talking about. So when he saw that there’s another bowl of wasabi, he instantly poured it down Uto Koizumi’s mouth.

Once more, a spicy and sour sensation came that triggered his tears to flow and Su Tao tapped on the acupoint once more.

“Please, let me go! I beg of you!” Uto Koizumi was practically only left with half of his life at this moment. Looking at him, Eiko Fujino’s face turned pale and she started to panic. She never expected that Su Tao would be so brutal, and she never expected to see Uto Koizumi in this state.

Uto Koizumi had always packaged himself well before her, so how could he have that gentlemanly look right now when he’s begging for his life under the torture?

Eiko Fujino felt at a loss. The backup would arrive in fifteen minutes, but judging from this current situation, she had a feeling that Uto Koizumi would be played to death in just five to six minutes.

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