Chapter 653 - Asaka Ochi in danger

“What nonsense are you speaking? Please respect your father and me!” Asaka Ochi finally recovered, took the cup on the table and threw the liquor in his face.

Uto Koizumi wasn’t angered by this act since it would only be interesting if this step-mother of his reacted so violently. As he grinned, he wiped the liquor off his face as his gaze wandered on her body wantonly with a ferocious light flickering within.

He had seen many beautiful women, but none of them could be comparable to Asaka Ochi. That enraged expression of hers even looked charming to him.

In just a brief moment, I’ll scatter your pretence and see if you still dare to be so rude to me!

Uto Koizumi’s behaviour wasn’t surprising since Asaka Ochi was simply too charming. She was born attractive, and her charm was something that came from her bones. In addition to her clothing, she looked even more gorgeous, and any man would be attracted to her. Uto Koizumi was also a man, and now that he had spoken his every thought, his emotions started to blaze.

Asaka Ochi had disdain in her eyes before she finally struggled free from Uto Koizumi’s grasp. She immediately stood up and grabbed her purse with the intention to leave.

“Since we can’t come to an agreement, then I’ll be leaving. Let me give you a warning, Kohei knows very well what you’re doing, and he has already grasped the whole situation. Despite all the effort that you’ve put in, it will only be wasted.”

When Uto Koizumi saw that Asaka Ochi wanted to leave, he immediately stood up and blocked the door. “Don’t go! We’re not done chatting!”

Meanwhile, he was starting to wonder why the drug hadn’t kicked in. That was something that he bought off the black market, and the seller gave him a guarantee that even a virtuous woman would become uncontrollable.

When Asaka Ochi noticed the lust in Uto Koizumi’s eyes, she knew that she couldn't afford to stay any longer and wanted to leave. But at this moment, Uto Koizumi suddenly stepped forth and embraced her waist before saying, “Stop acting. Aren’t you just yearning for his wealth to marry someone of his age? I’m his son, and his inheritance will go to me. If you’re willing to submit to me, you can still be wealthy in the future. I assure you that you can enjoy all the wealth to your satisfaction.”

Since she wouldn’t take the soft methods, then he could only be forceful. As long as he made Asaka Ochi submit to him before taking photos of her as blackmail, he wouldn’t have to be afraid of her being disobedient. He knew that Asaka Ochi was fearful of the matter blowing up, and it’s a scandal for her to be forced upon by him. Hence, he was confident that she wouldn’t go public with it.

Asaka Ochi was ultimately a woman, so how could she contend with Uto Koizumi in terms of strength? When Uto Koizumi gave her a shove, she instantly stumbled and fell on the tatami. When she tried to retrieve her phone from her purse, Uto Koizumi snatched it and smashed it on the ground.

“You!” Asaka Ochi was thoroughly angered.

“I also didn’t want to force myself upon you.” Uto Koizumi had a troubled look as he continued, “The liquor was actually drugged, but it doesn’t seem to be useful. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to refuse me right now.”

Asaka Ochi instantly widened her eyes with rage upon hearing that. Fortunately, she was smart and spat out the liquor in the bamboo that was used to serve the chawanmushi.

“You beast!”

“Don’t scold your step-son in this manner! If I’m a beast, then you’re the mother of a beast! Wouldn’t that make you a beast as well?” Uto Koizumi rubbed his chin with a smug look as he continued, “Just submit to your fate. You have no choice but to follow my wishes today. I have already rigged the room with a surveillance camera, and I’m sure you will definitely like the quality of it!”

“You’re shameless!” Asaka Ochi raised her hand and gave a slap to Uto Koizumi’s face.

However, her slap was easily held by Uto Koizumi. At this moment, the phone in his pocket rang. When Uto Koizumi glanced at it, a sneer rose on his lips. Since the drug wasn’t effective on Asaka Ochi, then he’d try to destroy her psychologically.

“Eiko, do you wish to talk to your cousin?” Uto Koizumi smiled.

“Eiko, call the cops! Uto Koizumi is trying to rape me, and I need help!” Asaka Ochi yelled.

Uto Koizumi’s brows twitched before he placed the phone by Asaka Ochi’s ears, “She won’t be able to hear you clearly in this manner. Here, you can talk to her more clearly this way.”

Asaka Ochi knew that something was up since Uto Koizumi’s attitude was too blatant. Despite knowing that Eiko Fujino might be in cahoot with Uto Koizumi, she still tried her best to communicate with her, “Eiko, are you there? I need help!”

Letting out a sigh, Eiko Fujino replied, “Cousin, I have been watching all along. The cameras in the room are connected to my phone, so I can watch your every action. Oh, right. I also picked the venue and installed the cameras.”

Asaka Ochi’s body started to tremble since she never expected that her very own cousin would betray her. It was a significant blow to her. As her chest heaved up and down, she questioned, “Why?”

Eiko Fujino had a smug look as she ridiculed, “I have always wanted this to happen. I want to tear off your pretence and make you into someone that everyone despises.”

“We’re cousins, so why?” Asaka Ochi was surprised.

“Cousin? In the eyes of your family, my parents and I are just your servants, right? Since young, my parents would reprimand me whenever we had a conflict. What makes you more superior?” Eiko Fujino vented the anger that she had held for decades at this moment, “In just a moment, you will become someone that even you despise, and it will be a stain on your life. My dearest princess, my dear cousin, you will never be able to raise your head proudly after this!”

Listening to Eiko Fujino’s insane laughter without any trace of feelings, tears welled up in Asaka Ochi’s eyes.

Eiko Fujino’s heart was utterly twisted. Asaka Ochi had been taking good care of her cousin ever since they were young, and she would always share anything that belonged to her with her cousin first. But in Eiko Fujino’s eyes, her action would be considered giving alms and sympathy, wasn’t it?

Asking herself from the depths of her heart, Asaka Ochi had never thought of Eiko Fujino in this manner.

Looking at Asaka Ochi’s current state, her psychological defences have collapsed at this moment. Taking the phone back from her, Uto Koizumi said, “Don’t worry about it. I will be sure to take good care of your cousin.”

“Uto-kun, please don’t go easy on her. I would like to see a brutal and violent scene.” Eiko Fujino replied as her voice instantly became gentle.

As Uto Koizumi laughed, he threw his phone to the side and pounced at Asaka Ochi once more.

Asaka Ochi quickly reacted. She retrieved the toner from her purse and sprayed it at Uto Koizumi’s face. The content of this toner contained peppermint, which was the main ingredient of pepper spray. Furthermore, it could also be used to kill germs and decrease inflammation. If it was sprayed in the eyes, it would have the same effects as pepper spray.

Uto Koizumi was caught unprepared and howled out in pain, which Asaka Ochi took this opportunity to charge straight for the door. However, the room was locked from the outside, so she couldn’t open it no matter how she tried.

Finding a wet napkin, Uto Koizumi wiped his eyes. His eyes were red and looking more savage as he glared at Asaka Ochi. This time, he did not dare to be careless again.

When Asaka Ochi tried to spray it in his eyes once more, he slapped the bottle out of her hand before gripping her throat. He no longer had the intention to have tender feelings for her at this moment.

“Help me!” Asaka Ochi looked at the ceiling, yelling out in a hoarse voice. When the force on her neck tightened, her voice was suddenly cut off.

Watching this scene through her phone, Eiko Fujino wore a smug grin. Was Asaka Ochi stupid? She had spent so much time and energy planning for this, so how could she possibly help her?

Uto Koizumi might have emptied his body with alcohol and sex, but it wasn’t an issue for him to deal with Asaka Ochi. When he saw her face turning purple and was helpless to struggle, he pulled out a dagger and gently ran it over her face. He wanted to take revenge by ruining her appearance.

At this moment, Asaka Ochi felt despair with fear rising in her heart. If Uto Koizumi ruined her looks, that meant that she would sink into darkness. Furthermore, with Uto Koizumi having the video as blackmail, would she dare to expose his deeds? Naturally not!

Asaka Ochi had to consider those people around her. If her husband, Kohei Koizumi, came to know about this matter, he would definitely suffer a blow and cause his condition to worsen.

This was something that Uto Koizumi had predicted; he had a good grasp on Asaka Ochi’s mentality.

Uto Koizumi had already planned it all out. After today, Asaka Ochi would fall under his control as his slave.

Asaka Ochi had no idea of Uto Koizumi’s vile thoughts, but she still tried to find ways to get out of this situation. But the answer was depressing since she had no means of breaking free from this situation. The room was locked, and she was also much weaker than Uto Koizumi.

When Uto Koizumi wasn’t paying attention, Asaka Ochi had already run to a corner. In a rage, he lifted the chair and threw it at Asaka Ochi, which the chair hit her back. She cried out in pain before she fell onto the ground, curled up like a wounded deer.

At this moment, Uto Koizumi did not take any pity for her and slowly walked towards Asaka Ochi.

Asaka Ochi tried her best to struggle, but it had only ignited the beastly instinct in him. When she lifted a chair and threw it in his direction, he stumbled and managed to dodge it with great difficulty before rage flashed on his face.

Sitting in the Mitsubishi vehicle, Eiko Fujino seemed even more excited than Uto Koizumi. She did not even blink her eyes since she even felt that Uto Koizumi was too gentle!

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