Chapter 652 - Baring Fangs

“Uto, Asaka has already gone up. But it doesn’t seem like Su Tao has been dealt with!” Eiko Fujino gave a call to Uto Koizumi and reported the situation to him.

Uto Koizumi slightly knitted his brows together and unhappily asked, “Why can’t you even deal with such a small issue? I even went as far as going into conflict with that Chinese organisation just to save that trash, Misaaki Takasugi!”

“Su Tao is a good fighter. Ken Takasugi and his men are just a bunch of cowards, and they’re not his opponent.” Eiko Fujino immediately explained.

At this moment, she still had no idea that she had been sold out by the coward that she had just spoken of, and Su Tao had also guessed that she’s trying to harm Asaka Ochi.

Waving his hand in annoyance, Uto Koizumi replied, “Just think of how to deal with the Azure Wolf Group. I still have a chat with Asaka Ochi, and I will persuade her to divorce my father. If that happens, our relationship will be simpler, and we will be able to get married.”

“Uto, I’ll wait for you!” Eiko Fujino smiled.

She knew what Uto Koizumi would be doing, and she’s looking forward to seeing how he humiliates that aloof cousin of hers. Suffering from such humiliation, she’d see if her cousin still has the courage to continue living.

If Asaka Ochi disappeared from the world, Eiko Fujino wouldn’t even shed a tear.

After hanging up the call with Eiko Fujino, Uto Koizumi wore a ridiculing smile on his lips. Although people say that women are scheming creatures, they’re the easiest to control in his eyes. As long as you flood them with sweet talks, they would be willing to do anything for you without any complaints.

Even if Asaka Ochi divorced Kohei Koizumi, he would never marry Eiko Fujino. He had so many outstanding women around him, so how could he afford to be tied up by one? The reason why he obtained Eiko Fujino’s loyalty was that he has been coveting Asaka Ochi.

Eiko Fujino was the best chess piece that he had planted beside Asaka Ochi.

Back then, when he got to know Asaka Ochi through Eiko Fujino, he was already interested in such an elegant woman. However, he never expected that she would catch his father’s eye, and their relationship would develop swiftly before she ultimately became his step-mother.

He suffered a heavy blow, and this was the reason for the tense relationship between him and his father.

Then again, aside from Asaka Ochi’s outstanding appearance, Uto Koizumi was more concerned by the fact that Asaka Ochi would inherit his father’s wealth if his father passed away. He had already investigated this matter, to which he found out that his father had altered his will. After his death, most of his wealth would be given to Asaka Ochi.

Wouldn’t that mean that he and his fellow siblings wouldn’t be able to get any inheritance? Hence, he felt that it’s unfair.

In the eyes of Kohei Koizumi’s children, it was Asaka Ochi who tempted their father and made him forget about his children for her.

At the same time, this had also verified their initial thoughts. All of them thought that Asaka Ochi only married Kohei Koizumi for his wealth.

To make it on time for the appointment today, Asaka Ochi did not wear any fashionable clothes. Her style was conforming with the norms of society, but her beauty was something that cannot be concealed by her clothes. The tailored black professional clothes defined her figure even more and even added an appeal. Beneath the skirt, she wore black stockings. Her figure could be considered tall amongst Japanese women, and she even wore heels that made her look like a noble and stylish businesswoman.

When Asaka Ochi entered the room and removed her heels, she instantly attracted Uto Koizumi’s attention. Her legs were tightly wrapped by her black stockings, which made Uto Koizumi’s thoughts go wild.

When Asaka Ochi sat before him, he could smell a faint flowery fragrance coming from her and felt butterflies in his stomach. He did not lack beautiful women around him, but he had never seen a dignified and virtuous woman like Asaka Ochi, who permeated a sex appeal at the same time. Adding on her identity as his father’s wife, his heart tingled even more.

He hated his father for betraying his marriage for this woman.

Hence, he personally wanted to destroy her.

“Serve the dishes!” Uto Koizumi clapped his hands and waitresses entered with dishes. Through this period, his eyes were focused on Asaka Ochi’s body with a trace of admiration. When an ordinary woman senses such a gaze, they wouldn’t feel disgusted but respected instead.

But when Asaka Ochi saw the admirable gaze in her step-son’s eyes, she instantly felt disgusted. She hoped to see the respect that a junior had for a senior in Uto Koizumi’s eyes, not a somewhat arrogant gaze.

She’s his step-mother, so he shouldn’t be so disrespectful towards her.

“Are you hungry? Let’s eat!” Uto Koizumi picked up a piece of sashimi and placed it on Asaka Ochi’s plate.

Asaka Ochi did not touch her chopsticks but locked her brows together, coldly. “Let’s not beat around the bush. What do you want me to do to allow me to meet your father?”

Placing a piece of sashimi in his mouth, Uto Koizumi smiled. “It’s the first time that we’re eating together, so can’t we nurture our relationship first? If our relationship is well nurtured, who knows, I might loosen my mouth and allow you to meet my father.”

Since Uto Koizumi was threatening her, she picked up a piece of sashimi and placed it in her mouth. As she slowly chewed, the sashimi melted in her mouth.

Wearing a smile, Kohei Koizumi took sushi for Asaka Ochi and continued, “The food here tastes pretty good, and only such delicacies can fit your status.”

Swallowing that piece of sashimi in her mouth, Asaka Ochi replied, “The sashimi was frozen for too long. The reason why there’s no odour is because they added a flavouring in the wasabi. As for the chawanmushi, it was roughly made. The eggs were too hastily filtered, and the fire was too high. Furthermore, the texture isn’t delicate enough.”

“You could tell so many problems with it? Why can’t I sense anything wrong with the taste?” Uto Koizumi was slightly stunned.

“Because you’ve tasted all sorts of flavourings, and your taste buds have already lost their sensitivity. This is the reason why you can’t taste it.” Asaka Ochi replied.

Uto Koizumi locked his brows together and felt that Asaka Ochi was indirectly insulting him, reminding him to mind his identity. With an arc rising on his lips, Uto Koizumi asked, “If you don’t like this place, why don’t we change to another restaurant?”

Waving her hand with annoyance, Asaka Ochi replied, “No need. The food is secondary. The primary issue is when are you letting me meet your father?”

Unhappily flinging his lips aside, Uto Koizumi responded, “Didn’t I just remind you earlier? As long as you’ve nurtured a good relationship with me, I can immediately allow you to meet my father.”

Asaka Ochi inwardly sighed. Uto Koizumi might share a resemblance with Kohei Koizumi, but regardless of speech or manners, he pales in comparison to his father.

Kohei Koizumi was a refined gentleman, while Uto Koizumi was an overbearing and arrogant rogue. Asaka Ochi knew that Uto Koizumi had a bunch of criminals under his command, and he had done illegal activities.

Kohei Koizumi abided by the law, while Uto Koizumi walked under it. Using the term, ferocious father and useless son was an appropriate choice to describe this father and son.

“You must be getting thirsty.” Uto Koizumi went on and poured a cup of liquor for Asaka Ochi.

“I won’t be drinking any alcohol today.” Asaka Ochi might have a good liquor capacity, but she didn’t want to drink on this occasion out of her alertness.

“If you’re willing to drink three cups, I’ll let you see my father immediately!” Uto Koizumi immediately pulled out his trump card after seeing that Asaka Ochi wasn't falling for it.

Asaka Ochi was smart, and she instantly realised that the liquor had been tampered with. Hence, she immediately started to feel a little nervous. When she recalled that Uto Koizumi had also eaten the food here, only then did she feel somewhat relieved.

“My body is in no condition to drink right now, and it seems like I won’t be able to see your father today.” Asaka Ochi decided to make a retreat as a form of an advance.

Uto Koizumi was briefly stunned since he never expected that Asaka Ochi wasn’t falling for his scheme. Thus, he immediately frowned. “If you’re not even willing to drink three cups with me, it seems like your feelings for my dad aren’t as deep.”

After that, he picked up the liquor that he poured for Asaka Ochi and drank it down.

Asaka Ochi paid attention to Uto Koizumi’s reaction. When she did not find any changes, she instantly started to doubt whether she was too paranoid.

However, she had also analysed another possibility, such as Uto Koizumi had taken the antidote beforehand.

Letting out a sigh, Asaka Ochi replied, “Alright, but you have to uphold your promise. After I finish three cups, you must let me meet your father.”

“That’s a promise!” Uto Koizumi smiled. Asaka Ochi was smart, and it was no wonder that his father would be so captivated by her. He had purposely drunk the liquor to dispel her alertness.

If it wasn’t because of the fact that he had taken the antidote, anyone would fall with a cup. But to ensure that there’s no accident, he requested for Asaka Ochi to drink three.

When Asaka Ochi finished the three cups, she knitted her brows together. The liquor was burning her throat so she took a few mouthfuls of chawanmushi before her expression loosened up.

“I’ve already done as you’ve requested! Shouldn’t you fulfil your promise now?”

“Naturally!” Uto Koizumi wore a playful smile before he suddenly grabbed Asaka Ochi’s hand on the table.

With his eyes flickering, he said, “Asaka, I have always held an admiration for you. What do you intend to do after my father passes away?”

Asaka Ochi was surprised by Uto Koizumi’s sudden bold actions and panicked. She immediately pulled her hand back, but she couldn’t break free due to Uto Koizumi’s strength. In the end, she could only give a verbal warning, “Uto-kun, please mind your actions. I’m your father’s wife, and that means that I’m your step-mother. Do you really want to commit something so immoral?”

Uto Koizumi’s expression became gentle at this moment as he replied, “Please forgive me for my rudeness. I really hate you too much, and I would imagine you sitting beside me every night as I erase you from this world. Whenever you’re together with my father, I would feel a knife stabbing into my heart. I respect you, but I can’t accept you. Since my father will be leaving this world, don’t you want to follow him along?”

While Uto Koizumi was putting on an act that made Asaka Ochi feel disgusted, he quietly counted in his heart.

As long as the medicine kicks in, Asaka Ochi would become a toy regardless of her virtue.

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