Chapter 650 - Easy Target

Despite the language barrier, Su Tao could guess that those two from before had a terrible relationship with Yu Omuri, and they’re here to cause trouble.

When Su Tao noticed this detail, he started to form a plan in his heart and asked, “Who are they?”

“They’re my colleagues, Naoto Ohshima and Shin Nomura. They wish to take a photo with Natsuki-san, and I’ve rejected them.” Yu Omuri frankly replied.

An unhappy expression appeared on Su Tao’s face as he responded, “Ignore people like them. On the other hand, you looked pretty heroic when you protected Ms. Natsuki earlier.”

“I know what they’re thinking. Natsuki-san might have been involved in some vulgar films, but I know that she’s a pure woman through our interaction. She only made that choice because she was forced by circumstances to pay for her father’s medical bills. On the contrary, I feel that Natsuki-san is more kind-hearted than those wealthy ladies in society.” Yu Omuri smiled with his face blushed.

“Mr. Omuri, I can tell that you’re interested in Ms. Natsuki. Why don’t you confess to her?” Su Tao wore a playful smile.

“What?” Yu Omuri suddenly panicked when his inner thoughts were exposed. When he saw Natsuki Omuri blinking her eyes in perplexion as she looked at him, he subconsciously realised that she couldn’t understand Mandarin, so he immediately lowered his head. “Mr. Su Tao, please don’t make irresponsible remarks. I don’t have any thoughts of that nature.”

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao bitterly smiled. “Failure is not fearful, but the lack of courage to fight for success is terrifying. If you don’t let her know your feelings, how will she pay attention to you?”

Yu Omuri knew that Su Tao was encouraging him, but he didn’t even dare to take a glance at Natsuki Sakamoto with his introverted personality.

As for Su Tao, he also no longer forced Yu Omuri. After all, trying to change the personality of someone wasn’t easy.

When Natsuki Sakamoto saw that Su Tao and Yu Omuri were chatting incessantly, she asked after Yu Omuri went silent, “What are the two of you talking about?”

“We were talking about your father’s condition!” Yu Omuri smiled.

“Oh? What did Physician Su say?” Natasuki Sakamoto was concerned about her father’s condition.

“The problem isn’t as serious as you’d imagined, and he should be able to recover after a period of time!” Yu Omuri was feeling guilty at this moment as he told a lie to conceal the embarrassment in his heart, to which Natsuki Sakamoto took his words seriously.

After lunch, Su Tao bade his farewells and flagged a cab. He was getting worried since Asaka Ochi hadn't contacted him.

He could feel that something was amiss about this matter since he still didn’t manage to see Kohei Koizumi even after three days of arriving in Japan.

After watching Su Tao leave in the cab, Natsuki Sakamoto suddenly looked at Yu Omuri and asked, “Doctor Omuri, I would like to ask something of you!”

Yu Omuri was shocked as he looked at Natsuki Sakamoto, in which he nodded his head without any hesitation. “Please, speak. If it’s something I can help with, I will definitely do my best.”

“I would like to learn Mandarin! You’re proficient in it, so can I learn from you?” Natsuki Sakamoto gave out a shocking statement.

“Sure, no problem!” Yu Omuri smiled and continued, “But why would you want to learn Mandarin?”

“Because I felt a little nervous when you were conversing with Physician Su earlier in Mandarin. I would like to be able to communicate with him the next time we meet.” Natsuki Sakamoto said with embarrassment.

“I see!” Yu Omuri might have an introverted personality, but he’s not a fool. Natsuki Sakamoto wanted to learn Mandarin for Su Tao… Could it be…? 

He did not dare to analyse any further. Su Tao was tall and handsome with superb medical skills, so it’s reasonable that Natsuki Sakamoto would have feelings for him. As he started to vex, he squeezed out a smile. “Sure! If you’re willing, you can look for me anytime. I will be on duty in this period of time, so you can come and look for me!”

As a beautiful smile rose on Natsuki Sakamoto’s lips, she replied, “Then, I’ll go and buy some Mandarin learning books.”

Looking at the energetic Natsuki Sakamoto, Yu Omuri did not feel any joy since he could guess that she’s doing this for another man. However, he comforted himself since he had plenty of chances to interact with her. Perhaps he might not be able to walk into her heart, but being able to see her every day was also a form of joy.

Hence, he could only silently guard this goddess of his…

Due to Ni Jingqiu’s work, she had to pay a visit to Fuji Group to discuss some details on the investment, so she wasn’t in the hotel right now.

Then again, Su Tao did not immediately return to the hotel, but made a trip to the supermarket first to get some snacks and took a walk nearby. He had to admit that Japan was filled with scenery everywhere. Japanese women might be shorter than Chinese women, but all of them wore short skirts, which created a pleasant view.

Holding onto a popsicle, Su Tao sat under the parasol while looking at the beauties walking past. Suddenly, he locked his brows together when he noticed a man in a baseball cap sneaking his phone under the skirt of a young lady who’s before the vending machine. Instantly, he felt disgusted in his heart. How can there be trash like him in the world?

One of the ladies noticed it, to which she turned around and hooted. The man was instantly startled and ran in a panic in Su Tao’s direction.

But how could Su Tao allow him to escape? All he did was stretch out his leg, and the man fell on his face with his phone sliding across the ground. Stepping on that man’s hand to prevent him from escaping, Su Tao picked up the phone and shoved it in the man’s face. “Password!”

When he saw that the man wasn’t responding, Su Tao gave a slap over before asking once more, “Password!”

Although the man couldn’t understand Mandarin, he could guess Su Tao’s intention. Furthermore, he was also intimidated by Su Tao’s ferocious aura and immediately keyed in the password.

Scrolling through the album, Su Tao locked his brows together when he saw all the upskirt photos stored in the man’s phone. There were even some exposing photos where several strands of hair were revealed.

Su Tao immediately deleted all of the photos as a form of upholding justice for those girls.

The lady who shouted at the man earlier came to Su Tao and gave a deep bow before she said in Japanese, “Thank you for your courageous act!”

Shrugging his shoulders, Su Tao bitterly smiled. “I’m sorry, but I’m a Chinese, so I can’t understand what you’re saying.”

At this moment, a siren resounded and two police officers came out from their vehicles before talking to Su Tao in Japanese. However, the young lady seemed to know that Su Tao couldn’t understand Japanese, so she immediately explained on Su Tao’s behalf. As the officers pulled the wretched man up, they made a few gestures, asking for Su Tao and the young lady to make a trip to the police station for a statement.

When they arrived at the police station, a female officer that knew Mandarin wrote the statement for Su Tao after some arrangements. Su Tao had deleted those photos, but there were so many witnesses around, and even the culprit had confessed to his crimes. Hence, they did not make things difficult for Su Tao and allowed him to leave after asking some questions.

Su Tao never expected that he would meddle in someone’s business even after coming to Japan, to which he was, once again, amazed in his ability to be involved in trouble.

A vehicle seemed to have been waiting for him for a long time before the window wound down. The young lady from before appeared and she thanked Su Tao before she left in the car.

Looking at the car, Su Tao sighed. That was definitely a wealthy princess. But judging from her complexion, she seemed to be suffering from some minor issues. Then again, they chanced upon each other purely by coincidence, so he wouldn’t have another opportunity to make a deeper diagnosis on her.

Upon returning to the hotel, several men were standing outside with tattoos of an azure wolf on their shoulders. Su Tao’s first reaction was that they’re related to Misaaki Takasugi from the underground pub’s incident. When one of them saw Su Tao, he immediately pulled out a machete and charged over.

Locking his brows together, Su Tao also charged forth without any hesitation.

His actions had stunned the other party since they never expected that Su Tao would be coming in their direction instead of running.

But they soon found out the reason why Su Tao did not run. As they say, the skilled are all bold and they were all flipped onto the ground.

Su Tao had purposely used his bone separation technique to dislocate the joints on their wrists or legs. The scenery wasn’t bloody, but it was more brutal. Even if an experienced bone-setting expert managed to treat them, they would still face customary dislocations.

Su Tao did not show any sympathy for them since they’re all here to claim his life.

In the blink of an eye, Su Tao had reached the door. He lifted one of the goons to face the peephole before pressing on the bell.

When the people inside saw that it was one of them, they thought that Su Tao was dealt with and opened the door. But in the end, Su Tao casually threw the man that he was holding away and gave a frontal kick at the one who opened the door, sending that person flying out for a few meters.

There’s someone in the room, and compared to those small fries outside, those inside were definitely more skilled.

Then again, the improvement of Su Tao’s martial arts has reached a high level.

After he sent the man who opened the door flying, he tapped on the switch on the wall to shut the curtains and instantly unleashed darkness upon the room.

While charging into the room as he crouched down, his hand reached for Ken Takasugi, who was sitting in the chair and easily, but gently, dislocated the latter’s shoulder joint.

As for Ken Takasugi’s bodyguard, he had only reacted at this moment and wanted to pull out a pistol from his waist, but Su Tao had easily snatched it over with a kick to the waist.

The entire scenario only took a few breaths!

Ken Takasugi never expected that the easy target in his eyes would easily resolve this situation.

And with a pistol pointed at his temple, beads of sweat started to roll down from his forehead.

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