Chapter 65 - Pawns on the Chessboard

Chapter 65 - Pawns on the Chessboard

After Yan Jing separated from Vera and came to her own office, she received an important call and a stern voice resounded from the other side, “How’s the plan coming along?”

Yan Jing sighed as she replied, “Rest assured, everything is going as planned, Mr. Tu.”

Mr. Tu gently smiled. “You never did anything that you’re not confident in. The Nie Family has been in Huaibei for years, becoming a great tumour there. So if you’re not able to deal with that tumour, we won’t be able to start the treatment.”

Knowing the meaning behind Mr. Tu’s words, Yan Jing replied, “If we want to overthrow the Nie Family, we can start from Cai Zhongpu. The Nie Family has been trying to do charity in the past year to wash themselves clean. Cai Zhongpu is the key person, since he was the one that helped them launder the goods. So you might be able to get some clues if you start from him.”

A sigh sounded from the other side of the phone, “The Nie Family’s sins implicate too many people. It will be chaotic when that happens, something that those upstairs don’t want to see. Political contest seeks balance, so no one will tip the balance so easily.”

Yan Jing nodded her head. “I will do my best to push the Physician King Tournament and put pressure on the Nie Family after the tournament to get them to leave Huaibei.”

Mr. Tu let out a gratified smile. “I will also keep my promise to you. You can expand your power into Huaibei, and the government will give you the greatest support possible.”

After they further discussed a few details, Yan Jing hung up the phone and her eyes flickered. The Nie Family had been hosting the Physician King Tournament for years, and they even paid a great price to broaden the influence of the tournament this time. However, they had no idea that they’re already targeted by an absolutely powerful force to be removed.

She took a deep breath. She and the Nie Family were standing on opposite sides as enemies in this plan, and she’s merely a pawn in this game with a powerful mastermind behind this game.

There was a hierarchy in society. Although Yan Jing looked carefree, it’s merely a façade, since she was also affected by this hierarchy and had to rely on someone else to survive.

There was a recent change to Huaibei Provincial Committee, the Secretary of Political and Legal Affairs was replaced by Chen Shoujun, who was previously Huainan Province’s Deputy Secretary of Political and Legal Affairs and the Head of Public Security Bureau. This was a signal that if it went as expected, there would be an important figure transferring to Huainan and assuming a high post as well.

The reason why Chen Shoujun was moved beforehand was to clear any obstacles, straightening out the complicated situation in Huainan and lay the foundation for that important figure.

Mr. Tu was the trusted aide of Chen Shoujun, an important connection that linked Yan Jing with Chen Shoujun. Many matters weren’t too suitable for Chen Shoujun to handle would be given to Yan Jing to deal with using the underground method.

Sitting before her desk, Yan Jing took out a photo frame from the drawer with an old photo that had turned a little yellow and she gently caressed the picture of the man in the photo with warmth in her eyes. But when she heard the sudden knock, she placed the photo frame back into the drawer. “Enter!”

Su Tao entered with a smile hung on his lips. “Big Sister Jing, come have dinner in Three Flavour Hall tonight, and bring Hua Yan along.”

“Why the Three Flavour Hall?” Yan Jing was stunned.

Su Tao patiently explained, “Firstly, didn’t I promise that I’d treat you and Hua Yan to a meal? Secondly, my disciple, Zhao Jian, is celebrating his birthday today, so I can celebrate his birthday as well. Thirdly, letting Hua Yan come in contact with more people will help her condition.”

None of his reasons had a flaw in them, Yan Jing looked at Su Tao for a long time before smiling. “Sure, I’ll let Geng Hong to bring Hua Yan to the office. We’ll head to the Three Flavour Hall together after work.”

Seeing Su Tao humming a tune as he left, Yan Jing’s eyes flashed. Ever since her husband was involved in a car accident, she had been living in hatred, sealed in her own small world. In many cases, she was decisive and cold-blooded when she dealt with things, thus the origin of her nickname, the Poisonous Widow.

But Su Tao’s appearance had changed her life. He was akin to water seeping into her dried-up soul; a seed into fertile land.

She no longer lived for vengeance. She had a daughter now. 

When it’s time for everyone to get off work, many employees still continued to work overtime. However, they were shocked that Chairman Yan had finished work early today. She held onto a limited edition red branded bag and left the company.

When she arrived at the carpark, Su Tao was in the backseat, whispering with Hua Yan. When she opened the door, Su Tao moved towards the centre, and Yan Jing immediately, unhappily knitted her brows. “Why are you sitting in the middle?”

Su Tao smiled. “I’m too lazy to change. If it’s not inconvenient for you, you can come in from another side, and Hua Yan will be in the centre that way.”

“Start the car.” Yan Jing rolled her eyes at Su Tao.

Moving towards Hua Yan’s ears, Su Tao whispered, “Your mom is fierce!”

Hua Yan nodded her head in acknowledgment.

Su Tao complacently made a funny face towards Yan Jing. Yan Jing was annoyed and amused at the same time and muttered, “Childish!”

The car was spacious, so it wasn’t a tight squeeze for the three of them. But Yan Jing’s skin would accidentally come in contact with Su Tao, and she would peek at him. However, he didn’t seem to be bothered about it, since he was still whispering around with Hua Yan. Thus, she no longer felt awkward in her heart.

The passionate event in the Gentle Countryside was still held in her heart. Every time, she would always think of that man who was younger than her in the middle of the night, and she would often feel restless. Something that she had not felt for a long time. It felt strange, exciting and fearful at the same time.

When the car arrived before the Three Flavour Hall, Yan Jing asked when she saw the few cars that were parked outside, “There’s someone else as well?”

Su Tao smiled. “I invited Vera as well, she brought Cai Yan back together ahead of us.”

He carried Hua Yan and placed her over his neck.

For some reason, Yan Jing felt a little disappointed when she heard that. After watching Su Tao enter together with her daughter, she slowly shook her head and calmed herself down.

The Three Flavour Hall had changed since the renovation. Two round tables were placed in the dining hall, decorated with balloons and ribbons for Zhao Jian’s birthday. Aside from those of the Three Flavour Hall, Zhao Jian’s friends were also invited over as well.

When Yu Bo saw Su Tao, he immediately came over and greeted, “Big Brother Su, you’re finally back.”

Su Tao nodded with a smile. “Please feel at home, do excuse me if it’s not satisfactory.”

Yu Bo’s gaze fell onto Yan Jing with shock in his eyes. His legs were already wobbling when he saw Cai Yan and Vera, so when he saw Yan Jing, he immediately felt his legs going soft. However, due to Yan Jing’s domineering bearing, he merely took a glance before he shifted his eyes away, fearing that he would disrespect this queen.

He went to look for Zhao Jian and miserably whispered, “I’m really envious of you, to have so many beauties celebrate your birthday. You should ask your Master to let me join the Three Flavour Hall as well!”

“Brother Bo, stop joking around. Your father is a famous entrepreneur in Hanzhou, with assets of over ten million. Would your father even agree to you coming to work in a place like the Three Flavour Hall?” Zhao Jian rolled his eyes and laughed.

Rubbing his nose, Yu Bo sighed, “You’re right, but… I’m really envious of you to be able to see beauties every day.”

The birthday celebration started with two tables with Zhao Jian and his friends at one table, while the rest were sitting together with Su Tao at the other table. It was just a few home-cooked meals and cold plates. Despite being inferior to a restaurant in terms of taste, it was a warm meal.

After eating for roughly an hour, the celebration ended and Yu Bo suggested Karaoke. Su Tao pulled Yan Jing and Vera along as well. Yan Jing was still worried that it might not be suitable for Hua Yan, but she could tell that Hua Yan was extremely curious about it. Her hand was tightly holding onto the corner of Su Tao’s shirt, so she figured that she'd let Hua Yan try going into a different environment.

The Old Street was pretty well located, it’s downtown, so it only took them a few minutes for them to walk to the best Karaoke in the city. Yu Bo was clearly familiar with this place, since he selected a luxurious room that was 30-40 square meters, so it wouldn’t feel tight, even with ten-odd people in the room, and it also came with a private washroom.

Soon after, the waiter entered after knocking with a huge batch of alcohol and snacks, causing Yu Bo to be puzzled, so he asked, “I don’t think I ordered so many things.”

The waiter smiled, “This is something that my boss gave to you guys for free.”

“Something so good?” Yu Bo was taken aback.

The waiter continued, “Your membership card is also topped up with ¥5,000, so do come to visit us often.”

Yu Bo was astonished, but he felt that something was amiss. Immediately, he pulled the Waiter. “I don’t know who your boss is, is this a mistake?”

“It’s not a mistake, but I’m not sure of the reason why my boss gave this order.” The waiter smiled.

Youths were more lighthearted, not to mention such freebies. Thus, Yu Bo shrugged and wasn’t bothered by it anymore.

After the waiter left, Yu Bo made a call outside the room. There must be some specialised personnel for Karaoke; he called a few girls of the Music University.

Roughly ten-odd minutes later, Yu Bo received a call and went to receive the ladies. All of them looked above average, and the one leading the group had a tall figure. She smiled. “Brother Bo, aren’t I loyal enough? I called all the Bellas of the school here.”

Pinching her on the face, Yu Bo smiled. “A hundred points for this. I’ll also guarantee the appearance fees.”

When they walked towards the luxurious room, the door of another room was suddenly opened and a drunken guy appeared, tripped, and fell onto the floor. The last girl also fell from the force and sprained her ankle.

The drunken man wore a golden chain around his neck, and just when he was about to get angry, he saw that the girl’s legs were widely opened with her black underwear being revealed. A tent was immediately built over his crotch and he gulped down a mouthful of saliva. “Fuck, are they looking down on me for not introducing such a pretty princess?!”

Finishing his words, the drunken man immediately dragged the girl into his room, and just when Yu Bo wanted to stop him, he took a kick from the drunk man and fell onto the ground. Although the drunken man wasn’t tall, he was well-built and must have trained.

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