Chapter 648 - Taking the Bait

The doctor’s name was Yu Omuri. He graduated from Kyoto Medical University. At the same time, he worked as a TCM researcher in the Chinese Research Facility under it. When he was young, his grandfather was saved by a physician from China, and since then, he had an interest in Chinese medicine. Not only did he research China's medical books by himself, he even suspended his schooling for two years to pay a visit to a famous physician in China, Qian Honghu. Under his bitter begging, he finally became Qian Honghu’s disciple.

Qian Honghu was a stubborn person, and to show his sincerity, Yu Omuri waited two months outside Qian Honghu’s medical clinic. In the process of accepting his disciple, Qian Honghu even added more tests for Yu Omuri, due to his identity as a foreigner. When Qian Honghu finally felt that this Japanese person had a good character, he took him as a disciple.

In two years, Qian Honghu taught all his knowledge to Yu Omuri without any reservation. After Yu Omuri returned to Japan, he completed his studies and had been pushing for TCM’s theory to those around him. Thus, in the eyes of his fellow classmates, he became an oddball.

However, it was also precisely his foundation in TCM that gave him some fame, and a research facility even employed him under the medical university as a researcher.

But in the eyes of many, Yu Omuri did not receive the acknowledgement from those around him. After all, he’s an oddball who liked Chinese culture, not to mention that he looked unremarkably ordinary. Hence, this was the reason why he’s still single, and no one was willing to approach him.

Since Yu Omuri had an introverted character, he wasn’t proficient in interacting with the opposite sex. Despite the fact that he had recognised Natsuki Sakamoto at first glance, he did not take the initiative to chat with her but paid attention to her every movement. Through the medical report and a simple inquiry, Yu Omuri found out the reason why Natsuki Sakamoto entered the industry, in which he was filled with sympathy for her.

At the same time, he knew the price that Natsuki Sakamoto had to pay in order to get a kidney transplant and for her father to recover.

Hence, he’s trying to advise Natsuki Sakamoto that she could try using TCM. After all, it would lighten her financial burden, and not to mention that TCM did not have many side effects.

When he gave a call to his master, Qian Honghu, he told the latter about the situation and even gave a prescription.

Slightly knitting his brows, Qian Honghu remained silent for a long while before he finally asked, “Do you know the name and age of the person that gave this prescription?”

“I have no idea. The prescription seems to be left by a young man, and that young man claimed that he had gotten it elsewhere that can be used to treat all sorts of illnesses!” Yu Omuri bitterly smiled as he shook his head.

Laughing out, Qian Honghu replied, “They might believe in those words, but do you? Medicine cannot be taken without the prescription of doctors, and this is not a prescription that can treat all sorts of illnesses; it’s a prescription to treat kidney function. Furthermore, judging from the herbal proportions, it’s targeted at the patient’s condition. If I have guessed it correctly, not only can this prescription regulate kidney function, but it can also nurse the spleen and stomach. Does the patient have any condition with his spleen and stomach?”

Locking his brows together, Yu Omuri replied, “We’ve already done checks, and the patient’s spleen and stomach are in the normal perimeters.”

“Did you forget the principles that I’ve emphasised with you? In TCM, you cannot just look at the surface of the problem. Judging from the prescription, the one who gave it must have noticed the focus of infection on the spleen and stomach. You have to make a thorough check. If I have guessed it correctly, the person who gave the prescription is a true expert.” Qian Honghu unhappily said.

After Yu Omuri ended his call with Qian Honghu, he gave a thorough check up on Keisuke Sakamoto’s spleen and stomach, which the result of his checkup had shocked him. It was just as his master, Qian Honghu, had analysed. Keisuke Sakamoto’s spleen and stomach functions were slightly weaker than the average person. There weren’t any apparent signs of an illness, but it had also verified that the prescription had added some herbs meant to nourish the spleen and stomach.

With the reminder from his master, Yu Omuri immediately rushed to look for Natsuki Sakamoto in excitement and asked, “May I ask if you can contact the person who gave you this prescription?”

“What’s the matter?” Natsuki Sakamoto was baffled.

“If nothing goes wrong, this prescription is effective for your father’s condition. Hence, I would like to verify the person who gave you this prescription.” Yu Omuri smiled.

“A young man gave it to me. Oh, right. He even gave me his name card!” Natsuki Sakamoto replied.

With excitement raging in his heart, Yu Omuri requested, “May I take a look at the name card?”

Nodding her head, Natsuki Sakamoto retrieved the name card from her purse and handed it over. When Yu Omuri took a look at it, his eyes instantly flashed with admiration as he said, “You’ve truly met a true expert!”

Since Natsuki Sakamoto couldn’t understand the English and Chinese printed on the name card, she curiously asked, “Is he really that good?”

Natsuki Sakamoto knew that Su Tao could fight, but he’s too young, and it’s hard to link him together with a bunch of experienced National Healer Specialists.

Since Yu Omuri had been paying attention to the development of TCM in China, he wasn’t unfamiliar with Su Tao’s name. On the contrary, he was shocked. He never expected that Natsuki Sakamoto would be so lucky to encounter a National Healer! Returning the name card to Natsuki Sakamoto, he solemnly said, “I suggest you contact him and request his help to treat your father. I believe that his treatment will definitely be more effective than a kidney transplant.”

Looking at the string of numbers, Natsuki Sakamoto first fell into deep thought before she ultimately gave a decisive call to Su Tao.

Su Tao was surprised to receive Natsuki Sakamoto’s call, but he couldn’t understand Japanese and locked his brows together. In the end, he could only hand the phone over to Ni Jingqiu, who was having breakfast together with him.

After Ni Jingqiu translated for him, Su Tao nodded his head. “Tell her to stay calm. I’ll make a trip to the hospital later.”

When Ni Jingqiu hung up the call, she looked at Su Tao with a complicated gaze along with a trace of a weak smile. “You guessed that she would be requesting your help?”

“Anyone who knows a little about TCM will be able to figure something out from the prescription that I gave.” Su Tao patiently explained and continued, “Most importantly, Natsuki Sakamoto is quite pitiful, and I want to help her.”

“I don’t think your reason is that simple! Men, who wouldn’t want to get close to a woman like Natsuki Sakamoto?” Ni Jingqiu wore a playful smile.

Immediately waving his hand, Su Tao said with a straight face, “I really don’t have such thoughts. Some people are only suitable to be admired through the television, and if you blasphemed it in real life, wouldn’t it ruin the beauty?”

“What beauty, you’re just a hypocrite!” Ni Jingqiu hissed.

Su Tao laughed at her reply, but he really did not have any improper thoughts about Natsuki Sakamoto. Fate brought them together, and since it’s not a troublesome matter, he wouldn’t mind helping her.

But at the same time, Su Tao was curious. He wondered who it was that managed to see through the fact that his prescription was useful against Keisuke Sakamoto’s condition.

It wouldn’t be surprising if he’s in China. After all, many people there knew about TCM, and there wasn't a shortage of people who could see through the prescription. But Japan’s TCM was weaker in comparison to their Chinese medicine, so there shouldn’t be many people who could see through the prescription.

Half an hour later, Su Tao took a cab to Kyoto University Hospital by himself and met both Natsuki Sakamoto and Keisuke Sakamoto. At the same time, he was also shocked when he saw Yu Omuri. This person was one of the three in Xia Yu’s report who could help him in establishing his TCM medicine factory!

This was a coincidence, and at the same time, there was also a connection.

After all, his prescription could be considered bait.

Only those with a certain foundation in TCM could tell the usage of his prescription, and it’s no surprise that a talent like Yu Omuri managed to do it.

Lowering her head, Natsuki Sakamoto said, “I had no idea that you were an outstanding physician yesterday, and it was all thanks to Doctor Omuri’s reminder. Please, treat my father!”

As she spoke, her nose turned sour, and her eyes red. She was practically on the verge of kneeling to beg for Su Tao’s help.

Just a moment ago, she searched Su Tao online. Despite the fact that they’re in another country, there wasn't much information about him on the search engine, Su Tao’s photo and the miracle that he performed in treating a leukemia patient was available. At this moment, she had practically treated Su Tao as her last straw.

Since Yu Omuri was proficient in Mandarin, he acted as a translator for Natsuki Sakamoto.

Supporting Natsuki Sakamoto up, Su Tao smiled. “Firstly, I would like to apologise for the fact that I lied. This is because as physicians, we have our own rules, and we’re not allowed to take the initiative to treat the patient unless they request it. You have to thank Doctor Omuri, and if it wasn’t for him, I’m afraid that we wouldn’t be meeting again.”

When Yu Omuri heard Su Tao’s words, his impression about Su Tao rose in his heart.

With a humble smile hanging on his lips, Yu Omuri replied, “I sought my master, Qian Honghu, for guidance, and he was the one who managed to see through your prescription. It was only after that that I asked Natsuki about it to find out that you were the one who gave the prescription.”

Su Tao was surprised when he heard Yu Omuri’s words. He did not expect that his fame would cross the ocean, and even someone like Yu Omuri, who stayed in Japan, knew about him. At the same time, it also gave him some confidence to convince Yu Omuri. However, now wasn’t the best moment to convince Yu Omuri, and treating Keisuke Sakamoto was the priority.

“Your condition can be treated with medicine. You just have to take the prescription for three months, and your kidney condition will naturally recover. I will now perform acupuncture on you to clear up your kidney and spleen meridians, which will aid in your recovery.” Su Tao said.

After listening to the translation from Yu Omuri, Keisuke Sakamoto had gratitude in his eyes as he responded, “Thank you for your trouble!”

The spleen was considered acquired, while the kidney was deemed to be inborn. The warmth of Yang energy was needed from the kidney for the spleen to operate normally, and if the spleen and stomach were weak, it might lead to indigestion. In small cases, it might lead to abnormal bowels, and in severe cases, it might weaken the kidney.

Hence, the acupuncture performed by Su Tao was mainly to regulate the spleen and kidney meridians.

If Keisuke Sakamoto was in China, many physicians would be able to see the cause of his condition, and they would even have 90% confidence to treat him. But in Japan, the foundation of TCM wasn’t that sturdy, and some TCM theories were still lacking. Although they managed to develop medicines that could be used to treat kidney diseases, they still couldn’t create any medicine to regulate the spleen and stomach. Hence, their medicine was only treating the symptoms and not the roots.

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