Chapter 646 - Getting someone to do one’s dirty work

Aside from Xiao Yao, everyone more or less drank, so Xiao Yao drove carefully. Sitting beside Ni Jingqiu, Natsuki Sakamoto lowered her head. When she finally saw the familiar scenery outside the window, she immediately called out, “I’ve reached home! Thank you guys for your help tonight. If you’re willing, why don’t you have some tea in my home?”

This place belonged to a remote district in Kyoto. Since Xiao Yao was somewhat curious about Natsuki Sakamoto, she smiled. “Since Ms. Natsuki has invited us, why don’t we briefly go?”

Su Tao and Ni Jingqiu exchanged a gaze. They were both speechless since the two of them knew that Natsuki Sakamoto was just making a modest remark, and these two really wanted to trouble her.

Although it was a surprise, Natsuki Sakamoto did not show any unhappiness on her face. On the contrary, she even looked excited. Ever since she started working in her profession, it had been a long time since someone visited her home, including her relatives, who maintained a distance with her.

Hence, she was excited that someone was willing to visit her home, so she led them in and started to get busy by herself.

Su Tao examined the house. It was made of wood, and it was nicely cleaned. There’s a refreshing fragrance, and the decorations on the wardrobe also added a relaxing atmosphere to the scenery. At this moment, Natsuki Sakamoto’s father came out and greeted everyone.

Keisuke Sakamoto’s complexion did not look great, but he looked graceful. Just from this detail alone, Su Tao could tell that this person wasn’t ordinary.

But through his observation, Keisuke Sakamoto had a serious kidney condition.

“Welcome! Natsuki-chan rarely brings any friends home!” Keisuke Sakamoto wore a friendly smile and continued, “I’m proud of Natsuki-chan. If it weren’t for her, I would’ve left the world a long time ago, and she’s also the reason why I’m still alive.”

Gu Li was briefly stunned by his words before she asked, “Uncle, why are you so pessimistic?”

Keisuke Sakamoto sighed as he bitterly smiled. “A few years ago, I was seriously ill. Natsuki-chan’s mother left me since life was too tough and married overseas. Natsuki-chan and I are left with each other. In order to pay for my medical bills, not only did she quit school, she even… and for that, I feel extremely guilty. You guys are her friends, so please help me persuade her. Life is fated, and I have long seen through the natural cycles of life.”

From the side, Ni Jingqiu translated Keisuke Sakamoto’s words to Su Tao.

Su Tao did not expect that Natsuki Sakamoto would have such a life experience, which he gained some respect for her.

Many people who entered the industry like Natsuki Sakamoto had an impure intention. Some wanted to use it as a platform to enter the showbiz and become a celebrity, while some wanted to make money. However, Natsuki Sakamoto sacrificed herself for her father, and that alone was admirable.

Perhaps others might not believe it, but Su Tao could tell that Keisuke Sakamoto wasn’t lying from his body condition.

From a physician’s point-of-view, Keisuke Sakamoto’s kidney was in a severe condition, and if it wasn’t for all that expensive medicine, he would’ve died a long time ago. Even if he had gone through all sorts of treatments, his health still wasn’t optimistic.

“Dad, why are you telling my friends that?” Natsuki Sakamoto walked in with a wooden tray with all sorts of exquisite desserts on it.

Keisuke Sakamoto respected his daughter, to which he awkwardly smiled. “My bad, I lost control of my lips. Sorry about that!”

Su Tao sighed and found an excuse to visit the toilet before he wrote down a prescription. When he returned, he handed it over to Keisuke Sakamoto and smiled. “This is a prescription left behind in my family, and it’s very effective in treating chronic diseases. Uncle, you can give it a try if you’re willing!”

Keisuke Sakamoto was stunned upon hearing that, and after Ni Jingqiu translated for him, he lightly shook his head. He couldn’t read the Chinese words on the paper, but he found this young man to be a little rash. How could any medicine be taken without a doctor's prescription?

However, he still accepted it with a smile. “Thank you for your kind intentions!”

Judging from Keisuke Sakamoto’s expression, Su Tao knew that the former did not put any importance in the prescription that he gave and sighed. As doctors weren’t allowed to knock on the patient’s door, he couldn’t possibly directly treat the former. Hence, he could only use an indirect method. But he guessed that if Keisuke Sakamoto was at wits’ end, he might be willing to give it a try. As long as Keisuke Sakamoto was willing to try, he would know how effective the prescription was.

Amongst everyone present, only Ni Jingqiu knew about Su Tao’s stunning medical skills. However, when she saw that Su Tao did not reveal his identity, she did not speak much. But in her heart, she was exclaiming at the fortune of this father and daughter to encounter Su Tao. This was undoubtedly a turnaround in their life.

After a short rest in Natsuki Sakamoto’s home, the group left. Before they left, Natsuki Sakamoto even exchanged numbers with Gu Li.

Su Tao analysed that this was probably related to Gu Li’s character. Gu Li probably felt that she’s the same as Natsuki Sakamoto, both who were rejected by society, and thus, they formed a connection.

After Su Tao and Ni Jingqiu returned to their hotel, Ni Jingqiu suddenly popped a question just when Su Tao was about to enter his room, “In your view, do you think that Natsuki Sakamoto is a good or bad person?”

“Why would you ask something so strange?” Su Tao smiled.

Su Tao noticed that there was something unusual with Ni Jingqiu. Her gaze was weird when she looked at him.

With a self-mocking smile, Ni Jingqiu replied, “My emotions were just suddenly strung. You have to answer my question!”

“Good and bad, that depends on the situation. They’re good if they stand on our side, but they’re bad if they stand against us. Natsuki Sakamoto did not have any conflict of interest with us, so she can be considered neither.” Su Tao smiled as he continued with his explanation, “You want to ask why I wanted to help her? I’m a doctor, and saving lives is my natural calling. If I encounter a patient and do not help, it’s the same as businessmen like you catching the scent of a business opportunity and not grasping it.”

Ni Jingqiu shot a serious look at Su Tao, to which she found him dashing. When she suddenly realised that she had lost her composure, she changed the topics, “What do you have for plans tomorrow?”

Su Tao shrugged his shoulders. The TCM Medicine Discussion wouldn’t be happening anytime soon, so he suddenly realised that he’s pretty free.

“I’ll probably be waiting for Asaka Ochi’s news and see if I can meet Kohei Koizumi to check his condition.” He replied.

Nodding her head, Ni Jingqiu responded, “Then, we’ll talk again tomorrow. I’ll be going back to rest!”

Waving his hand at Ni Jingqiu, Su Tao entered his room.

When Ni Jingqiu returned to her room, she entered the bathroom and she looked in the mirror while patting her cheeks, trying to calm herself down. She suddenly realised that she’s slowly walking on the wrong road. Despite knowing that she had to maintain her distance with Su Tao, she still couldn’t help being captivated by him.

After Su Tao finished showering, he gave a call to Xia Yu, “How’s the investigation going?”

“I’ve locked onto three potential candidates. All three of them are experienced in medicinal research, and they’re unhappy with their current life as per your request. But I have to remind you that people like them are stubborn, and it won’t be easy to convince them to leave behind what they have now to move to Hanzhou City.” Xia Yu replied.

Nodding his head, Su Tao responded, “Send the information to me. I believe that as long as I handle it well, there’s nothing that cannot be done.”

Helping Asaka Ochi was just Su Tao’s secondary objective, and his main objective was to find a suitable candidate to help him establish the TCM medicine factory.

“Then, I’ll be keeping a watch on it!” Xia Yu laughed.

Roughly thirty minutes later, Su Tao received the information from Xia Yu. There were a total of three people, and all of them were Japanese. Every single one of them was above the age of thirty-five, and they belonged to different research facilities. Because Xia Yu had to investigate from another country, the information he provided wasn't too detailed. Hence, Su Tao only had a rough understanding of the three. When he finished reading the information, he started marking on a paper, which one of the names was circled, and this person was his target.

The leader of the Azure Wolf Group, Ken Takasugi, wore a pale expression. There’s a woman seated in front of him, but he did not dare to show any rudeness because it’s easy for anyone who managed to intrude into his office to take his life.

“What do you want? I have already acted according to your request.” Ken Takasugi replied with a grave expression.

As the woman fiddled with an exquisite dagger in her hand, she glanced at Takasugi Misaaki on the ground and said, “I’ve safely brought back your younger brother for you. If it wasn’t for me, he would probably be dead by now.”

The woman wasn’t lying. If it wasn’t for her timely interruption, Takasugi Misaaki would have fallen in the hands of those responsible for protecting Gu Li. For scum like Takasugi Misaaki, those people wouldn’t show any compassion to him and allow him to return safely.

As Ken Takasugi’s expression loosened up, beads of sweat started to form on his forehead as he asked, “What do you want me to do?”

“I need your help with something!” The woman faintly replied before she continued, “I need you to kill someone for me!”

“Kill someone?” Ken Takasugi immediately started to panic. Despite the lives that were lost in his hands, for some reason, he started to panic when he heard those words from this woman.

The woman handed a photo to Ken Takasugi and replied, “He will be in Japan for a month. If you can’t get rid of him in this period of time, I will find Takasugi Misaaki and take back the life that I gave him!”

Instantly, Ken Takasugi knew what’s going on. It turned out that this woman wanted to borrow his hand to kill someone!

As for the photo, it was Su Tao, who had just come to Japan two days ago.

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