Chapter 644 - Underground Pub’s Disturbance

When Su Tao and Ni Jingqiu came out, the window of a Porsche parked outside the hotel wound down, revealing a face with heavy makeup. Looking at this lady, her short hair was highlighted green, and she had thick eyeshadows. Her face was covered in thick powder, concealing her natural complexion. She wore purple lipstick, and she had big eyes; however, she looked horrifying with her makeup on.

Even Ni Jingqiu was startled and shook her head before bitterly smiling. “This is my friend, Gu Li. Get in!”

When Su Tao sat in the backseat, Gu Li chewed on the chewing gum, then blew out before asking, “Who’s this?”

“My best friend!” Ni Jingqiu replied as she sat in the front passenger seat.

“He looks pretty tender! I never expected you to have a taste for younger men!” Gu Li laughed without any qualms and ignored Su Tao’s existence.

Shrugging her shoulders, Ni Jingqiu replied, “My relationship with him is the same as my relationship with you. The only difference is that you’re a woman, while he’s a man.”

Blowing another bubble with the chewing gum, Gu Li teased, “I like seeing how you lie to yourself!”

When the vehicle stopped before a traffic light, Gu Li took out a cigarette box and handed it over to Su Tao. “Yo, brother! Would you like one?”

“I don’t smoke; thank you!” Su Tao politely rejected while curiosity arose in his heart. How did such a graceful woman like Ni Jingqiu get to know this weird woman? Hence, many things in life cannot be explained with logic.

Seeing that Su Tao had rejected her, Gu Li inwardly sighed. She felt that Su Tao was even more of an introvert than her. Regardless if he smoked or if he’s just pretending, she found him to be a sissy!

After she took out a stick and lit it up, she turned to Ni Jingqiu and smiled. “I told you that I would be bringing you to have some fun, so why did you bring a man along? I’m afraid that many outstanding men will be chased away.”

“I’m only here to experience the culture of Japan’s nightlife. As for romantic encounters, forget about it.” Ni Jingqiu shrugged her shoulders.

“You’re still as stubborn as before!” Gu Li took two more puffs before she extinguished it. Her driving skill was exceptional. Despite driving at high speed, the car was stable even when she made turns.

After parking the car, they saw a young woman standing by the road. Her makeup was similar to Gu Li, it’s just that she had long hair. She did not dress in neutral gender fashion like Gu Li, and her clothes were leaning more towards the feminine side. She looked exquisite and cute, but her makeup was a huge turn off to Su Tao.

“This is my girlfriend, Xiao Yao!” Gu Li introduced. While she spoke, Xiao Yao was already holding her hand and whispering in her ear.

When Su Tao saw this situation, he naturally knew that the two of them were a couple.

“You got startled?” Ni Jingqiu whispered beside Su Tao.

“Not really.” Su Tao casually replied, “I’m a physician, so I can accept homosexuality.”

“Gu Li is a descendant of the Gu Family in Beijing, and we have shared a close relationship since young. She once confessed to me… and I rejected her. But not long after, she left the country.” Ni Jingqiu continued.

“I see!” Su Tao revealed a cheap smile.

Looking at his smile, Ni Jingqiu was briefly stunned before she asked, “What do you mean by that?”

“No wonder that girl, Xiao Yao, shares a resemblance to you!” Su Tao lowered his voice.

“The sky’s so dark, and she has so much makeup on her face. But despite that, you still managed to see clearly?” Ni Jingqiu chuckled.

Pointing at his eyes with two fingers, Su Tao responded, “I have great eyesight.”

This could be considered an underground pub since it’s roughly about twenty to thirty square meters. This was because many people in Japan did not like to have their interests revealed, so they wouldn't provide any exact locations on their promotion. They would only give a rough description on the website, such as the nearby metro station, to which you have to call upon arriving for them to verbally guide you. Hence, that meant that tourists wouldn’t get to experience it.

Su Tao followed the group to a table with four seats. Despite the separation between seats, the privacy wasn’t great, and Su Tao could see a woman dressed in a sexy bunny costume with a liquor bottle in her hand, chatting with a man while the man’s hand gently patted her thigh.

“Since we’re here, then we must relax!” Gu Li smiled as she waved her hand to the waiter. She’s a frequent customer here, so the waiter’s attitude was extremely modest.

When the liquor came, a middle-aged woman came over and spoke to Gu Li, asking if they needed any girls to accompany them.

A brief moment later, four young ladies walked over and sat beside them.

“Getting a lady for Su Tao would do!” Ni Jingqiu smiled bitterly.

“Why don’t I get you a man instead?” Gu Li smugged.

Shaking her head, Ni Jingqiu smiled. “No need!”

The ladies couldn’t understand Mandarin, so they could only wear a smile as one of them poured liquor. After the alcohol was poured, they each took a cup and served the customers.

Su Tao did not refuse and gulped it down. Everyone’s profession was different, so Su Tao did not look down on them. But even though the women here were outstanding, Su Tao wasn’t attracted to them since his taste was high.

Pointing at the lady sitting beside Su Tao, Gu Li smiled. “She’s the best that the shop has to offer. Her name is Sakamoto Natsuki, and many customers specially came for her!”

Sakamoto Natsuki?

Su Tao turned and examined the woman sitting beside her. It’s no wonder why she looked so familiar, it turned out that he was once her audience. Sakamoto Natsuki has filmed in many exciting films, so Su Tao never expected that he could see her in person. Her complexion wasn’t as fair as she was in the films, and there’s also a flirtatious appeal in her makeup, which made her lack in her innocent appeal, and this was the reason why Su Tao failed to recognise her.

Sakamoto Natsuki was more introverted and bashful than he had imagined. In the end, she only acted in those films to make a living. Her expression and actions were directed by the directors, and the person herself wasn’t much different from an ordinary woman.

Due to the language barrier between them, Su Tao did not have much conversation with Sakamoto Natsuki. In the end, he could only drink, but he also found his trip to Japan worthwhile. After all, he got to meet the legendary actress herself. As a Chinese man, it could be considered a bucket list in his life.

Sitting to the side, Ni Jingqiu was left speechless. She initially wanted Gu Li to show her and Su Tao the pub culture in Japan, but she never expected that Gu Li would bring the two of them to a ghetto pub. She sneaked a peek at Su Tao, and when she saw him drinking normally, she felt somewhat calm in her heart. She convinced herself to consider this as a unique cultural experience, and it’s just like how foreigners would visit Thailand to watch transvestite performances. They would even be occasionally asked by those transvestites to feel their breasts to see if it’s soft.

Roughly half an hour later, the mamasan from before came over with an apologetic expression as she whispered to Gu Li. She wanted to bring Sakamoto Natsuki away since someone else asked for her. Furthermore, the other party was influential, and she couldn’t afford to provoke them. Hence, she asked for their understanding.

Gu Li did not make things difficult for that mamasan since she knew that they had their own difficulties and allowed Sakamoto Natsuki to leave.

When Sakamoto Natsuki left, she took a deep glance at Su Tao. Amongst all the customers she met, it’s rare for there to be someone like Su Tao, who could behave himself. If it were other customers, they would’ve tried to take advantage of her by now.

The pub wasn’t bustling when compared to the ones in China, and all the customers were seated in their seats chatting with the girls, occasionally taking a few gropes. This sort of entertainment outlet was rather common in Japan, and if the customers become a VIP member, occasionally they would even be allowed to bring girls out of the pub with them.

A brief moment later, a commotion resounded, mixed with the voice of a woman calling for help.

Gu Li subconsciously stood up and stomped in the direction of the voice, and just from this detail alone, Su Tao could tell that she’s someone who liked to get in on the action.

Ni Jingqiu was also curious and followed behind Gu Li. Seeing this situation, Su Tao weakly sighed since he could only follow behind them.

Sakamoto Natsuki, who was with them a brief moment ago, was on the floor with her skirt torn. She was holding onto her face with traces of blood hanging by the corner of her lips. A robust man stood before her in a golden flowery shirt. He looked to be in his mid-thirties, and the top button of his shirt was left open, revealing the tattoo on his chest, which seemed to be a wolf.

The mamasan grabbed onto the man and begged, “Sakamoto is new here, and she’s unfamiliar with many things. Takasugi-kun, please forgive her. I’ll apologise on her behalf, and I’ll even waive off your bill today!”

“Matsumoto-kun is a good friend of mine, so how will I possibly freeload here?” Misaaki Takasugi spat on the ground as he pointed at the scratches on his face. “I know the meaning of showing tender feelings for the fairer sex, but that doesn’t mean I’m someone who can be humiliated. She’s the first person who dared to leave scratch marks on my face.”

Sakamoto Natsuki looked at Misaaki Takasugi with a complicated expression. If it wasn’t for the fact that he tried to force himself on her, would she have slapped him?

Sakamoto Natsuki was just moonlighting here, which she declared beforehand that she would only accompany the customers to drink, and she would not get involved with any men. But just a moment ago, Misaaki Takasugi nearly used his finger to invade her private part. She tried to persuade him several times, but he wouldn’t give up, so she decided to leave. However, Misaaki Takasugi drank a little too much and did not allow her to escape. Hence, her nails scratched his face under the scuffle. In the end, Misaaki Takasugi blew his temper and slapped her; he even went as far as trying to rape her on the spot.

The mamasan was also helpless at this moment since she knew about Misaaki Takasugi’s background. This fellow influenced this region, especially underground pubs. He’s someone that she cannot afford to offend.

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