Chapter 643 - Gold is destined to Shine

Since Eiko Fujino couldn’t speak Mandarin, Su Tao couldn’t converse with her. Occasionally when words were coming from one of them, the other one would wear a gentle smile as if they understood each other, which made Su Tao feel pretty interested.

Eiko Fujino was Chiaki Ochi’s niece, and she worked in Chiaki Ochi’s private clinic. She’s responsible for logistic and administrative works.

Eiko Fujino had been observing Su Tao in the car, to which she was baffled as to why Su Tao would receive such importance from her uncle and cousin. Compared to him, she would rather prefer Lin Kun. This was also mainly because she could converse with Lin Kun in Japanese. Facing Su Tao, the two of them could only look at each other, which made Eiko Fujino feel tedious.

As the saying goes, to each with their own preference. Su Tao might be an outstanding gentleman in the eyes of many, but he could only be considered as ordinary in the eyes of others.

From Eiko Fujino’s attitude, Su Tao also managed to find out something. Hence, he did not talk to her and maintained his distance with her.

Eiko Fujino’s appearance could be considered lovable, but she pales in comparison to her cousin.

Furthermore, Su Tao also had beauties around him, so he had built up resistance for ordinary women.

When the Mitsubishi stopped at the car park, Su Tao gave a call to Asaka Ochi and briefly spoke to her before he handed the phone over to Eiko Fujino.

When Eiko Fujino took the phone over in perplexion, Asaka Ochi’s voice resounded, “Eiko, you can return later. Su Tao will go by himself, so you don’t have to wait for him.”

“Hai!” Eiko Fujino replied.

After she handed the phone back to Su Tao, the latter retrieved his luggage from the trunk and stood outside the window with a smile, waving his hand in her direction. “Bye! Be careful on the road!”

Although Eiko Fujino couldn’t understand Su Tao’s words, she could still sense his goodwill and smiled. “Sayonara!”

The interaction between people was a process of mutual understanding. Although Eiko Fujino was on her guard with Su Tao earlier, their brief interaction had changed her view about Su Tao. He did not want her to wait, and this was a decision filled with goodwill!

Su Tao felt that everyone’s time was precious, and it’s rude to let someone wait for him.

If you want to move others, you would have to change their view about you. Words were useless and practical actions were more effective.

After waiting in the airport for a long while, his phone rang, it was a call from Ni Jingqiu. Just when he wanted to pick up the call, a slender and fashionable figure raised her hand.

Walking over, Su Tao smiled. “Are you hungry?”

Nodding her head, Ni Jingqiu sighed, “The food on the plane wasn’t to my taste, so I only ate a little. Let’s find somewhere to fill up my stomach first!”

“You’re buying?” Su Tao smiled.

Rolling her eyes at Su Tao, Ni Jingqiu sourly replied, “Look at you. Fine, I’ll pay the bill!”

The two of them found a western restaurant at the airport and ordered a steak, pizza, and spaghetti as they chatted while eating.

“How long will you be in Japan?” Ni Jingqiu curiously asked.

“At least a month!” Su Tao explained and continued, “Asaka Ochi’s matters seem to be somewhat troublesome. Furthermore, I still have to find someone who can follow me back to set up the TCM medicine factory.”

“I might not be able to help with Asaka Ochi’s matters, but I can pull strings for you regarding the TCM medicine factory.” Ni Jingqiu confidently smiled.

“Oh? What idea do you have?” Su Tao asked.

“Japan has a large Chinese population as well, roughly about 2,000,000, and they’ve formed into a network. If you need help, you can get help from the Chinese organisation here and find a candidate through them.” Ni Jingqiu smiled, and she further continued, “I’ll be contacting a few friends who have migrated to Japan later. I can get them to help and see if there’s a suitable candidate.”

Su Tao felt that idea was pretty good, and Ni Jingqiu’s trip to Japan has provided him with another channel. He initially wanted to make use of Chiaki Ochi’s identity as a technological consultant to find a candidate, but that channel wasn’t smooth. Furthermore, it’s impossible for Chiaki Ochi to poach someone from the company he’s working for to help a stranger.

“Then, I’ll be troubling you!” Su Tao smiled.

“So, who’s paying the bill?” Ni Jingqiu playfully winked.

“Me!” Su Tao laughed.

Although the expenses were high in the airport, it was nothing for Su Tao, not to mention Ni Jingqiu, who was born with a silver spoon. The two of them were just enjoying the process of teasing each other.

After they finished their meal, Su Tao paid the bill while Ni Jingqiu held onto her chin and looked at Su Tao’s silhouette with a smile. All of a sudden, her heart jolted, and she inwardly scolded herself for looking at a man with such an infatuated gaze.

After the two of them flagged a cab outside the airport, Su Tao was shocked when Ni Jingqiu conversed with the driver in fluent Japanese.

“That’s shocking. I never knew that you could speak Japanese!” Su Tao sighed.

“That’s because you don’t know me well. Back then, I’ve worked hard in studying six languages!” Ni Jingqiu smiled as she continued, “But Japanese is one that I’m not too familiar with; I’m better with French and Portuguese!”

Hearing that, Su Tao inwardly sighed. This was probably the difference between the upper circle and the grassroots. Regardless of Ni Jingqiu or Shui Junzhuo, the two of them have started learning foreign languages at a young age, while most people would spend decades learning English without an opportunity to use it.

However, Su Tao decided in his heart to start making up for his foreign languages when he returned. After all, he’s planning to bring TCM into the global stage, and the international communication language was English. So if he wanted to promote the TCM culture, he would have to work hard.

Then again, Su Tao wasn’t a stranger with foreign languages. Back then, he crammed on English when he was learning western medicine to read medical documents. However, he still had to work on his pronunciation.

When the two of them finally arrived at their hotel, Ni Jingqiu briefly conversed with the receptionist before she handed a room card to Su Tao and smiled. “Our rooms are beside each other. Later, when I’m done showering, I’ll show you something interesting.”

Upon hearing that, Su Tao bitterly smiled since he had no idea what Ni Jingqiu was planning.

Roughly half an hour later, his doorbell rang. Ni Jingqiu had changed into a set of loose clothes with her wet hair wrapped in a towel. Although she did not have any makeup on, her skin was bright and tender since she had just showered. Furthermore, she even permeated with a fragrance that made Su Tao discreetly sniff.

Seated on the chair, Ni Jingqiu placed her laptop on the table and smiled, “Pay attention now. Don’t blink your eyes!”

Su Tao was stunned. He saw Gu Rushan on the screen. Compared to her usual self, she looked mature, graceful, and charming on the screen. Her actions were filled with femininity. Due to the fact that she’s acting in a drama set in the Republic of China, she wore a cheongsam. Her every frown and smile was so captivating that they could distract others from the actual dialog.

“This film is already sold, and it will be broadcasted on the various television channels next month during summer vacation. Due to the quality, it was sold at a good price. If it goes according to my expectations, Gu Rushan will be able to make use of this film to enter the entertainment circle. Her management company has already planned out a whole series of packing for her; they’ve planned out advertisements and other acting roles for her.” Ni Jingqiu explained in detail.

Su Tao inwardly sighed. He was naturally happy to see Gu Rushan becoming famous, but Su Tao felt a little weird that Ni Jingqiu was telling him about it so solemnly.

“You seem to be more excited than anyone!” Su Tao smiled.

Emotions cannot be hidden, and Ni Jingqiu had shown concern for Gu Rushan. After all, she could be considered the middleman between the two of them. If it wasn’t for her, Su Tao wouldn’t be so close to Ni Jingqiu.

“That’s for sure! The two of us have excavated her together, and if she succeeds, doesn’t that mean that our eyesights were great?” Ni Jingqiu smiled.

“In my view, gold is destined to shine. With Gu Rushan’s talent, she will definitely be able to succeed as long as she perseveres for an opportunity.” Su Tao did not seize any of the credit.

“There are plenty of talented people in China, especially those who dream of being in the entertainment circle. However, they weren’t granted many opportunities.” Ni Jingqiu smiled as she continued, “In general, Gu Rushan is lucky and talented. You’re her benefactor!”

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao comforted himself, “I’m afraid that she will forget about it when she’s famous. Then again, it’s fine. It is better to give than to take and helping without any desire for repayment is the virtue of China.”

“If she’s that sort of person, would you still help her?” Ni Jingqiu smiled.

Ni Jingqiu truly understood him. He had truly tested Gu Rushan several times, and even if Gu Rushan resorted to some means to obtain an opportunity, she still maintained her kindness and principles.

At this moment, Ni Jingqiu’s phone rang so she picked it up before Su Tao. When she finished the call, she smiled. “Someone wants to bring us to a pub. Are you interested?”

“Let’s go, then!” Su Tao put on a helpless expression, but he was pretty curious in his heart since he was wondering about the difference in pubs between Japan and China.

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