Chapter 640 - Competition with Amaki Hamasaki

Su Tao was instantly speechless. He had seen a fair share of shameless people, but he had never seen someone like Lin Kun. The latter was clearly hostile towards him, but that fellow actually called him a friend? Just how disgusting was that?

However, Su Tao wasn’t in a position to refuse. After all, Lin Kun has shown his respect, and his tone came with the intention of helping him. Furthermore, Su Tao was currently in another country, and Lin Kun was a fellow comrade. He couldn’t possibly fall out with Lin Kun before the Japanese since it would only embarrass themselves.

“If it’s convenient, let Lin Kun tag along, then.” Su Tao spoke against his heart.

Lin Kun wore an unnoticeable trace of a smile from how tactful Su Tao was.

Even Asaka Ochi loathed Lin Kun, but since Su Tao had already spoken, she could only silently agree to Lin Kun’s participation. As for Chiaki Ochi, he was extremely unhappy and glared at Lin Kun, whose face has paled.

Lin Kun could tell that Chiaki Ochi didn’t like him, but he was willing to endure it for Asaka Ochi. Furthermore, he did not have any favorable opinion about Chiaki Ochi, either. After all, this fellow actually married his daughter to someone of his own age, which made Lin Kun feel that he’s an unqualified father.

When they entered the Mitsubishi seven-seater, Su Tao noticed that Lin Kun was sitting beside him, to which he inwardly sighed. It looks like this fellow has changed his strategy. He must be trying to get close to him as a foundation to get close to Asaka Ochi since she had treated him with great importance.

“Little Su, we’re fellow comrades. This is your first time in Japan, and you must have many inconveniences. You can find me if there’s anything, I’ll try my best to resolve it for you.” Lin Kun slapped on his chest as he guaranteed. At the same time, he took out some chewing gum from his pocket and handed it over to Su Tao.

“Thank you!” Su Tao smiled before he turned his head to the window, ignoring Lin Kun.

Lin Kun snickered at Su Tao’s acting as he bit on the chewing gum to vent out the rage in his heart. If it wasn’t for pursuing Asaka Ochi, Lin Kun wouldn’t even want to talk to Su Tao.

The vehicle drove for roughly an hour before it finally arrived at a Chinese-styled building. The plaque was written in Chinese, Iwata Chinese Medicine Research Facility. Looking from the exterior, the building did not seem impressive, but Su Tao knew that this was his greatest opponent in conquering the world.

There was a group of people waiting outside with an old man leading the party. He looked to be in his seventies with six people of different ages standing behind him. Evidently, this old man had high prestige in this Iwata TCM Medicine Research Facility.

“This is the most outstanding young physician from China, Su Tao.” Chiaki Ochi introduced in Japanese.

“Welcome! I’m Hiro Iwata, the Facility Chief of this TCM Medicine Research Facility.” The old man said in a powerful voice.

Su Tao was taken by surprise since he never expected that the Facility Chief would personally welcome him.

Then again, this was because Su Tao had underestimated his influence. Not long ago at the International Medical Summit, Su Tao’s brilliant performance in his competition with Kim Jung-ho had caused great waves, resulting in Su Tao to gain some fame in Japan’s TCM industry as well.

“It’s my honor! Thank you, Mr. Iwata. This is a learning opportunity for me.” Su Tao gave a humble smile.

Su Tao smiled as he shook hands with them. Even if he could tell that some of them were just putting on an act, he still maintained a good attitude and tried his best to calm himself since he’s here to learn from them.

When Su Tao shook hands with the last person, that person smiled and said in Mandarin, “I have wanted to meet you. Now that I’ve met you in person, I’m very excited.”

After looking at this person for a long time, Su Tao found this person familiar, but he couldn’t recall when he had seen this person before and asked, “Excuse me, but you are?”

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Amaki Hamasaki, and I participated in last year’s Three States Forum Exchange, hosted at Yuhang City!” The man smiled and continued, “I know that you’ve defeated Kim Jung-ho and even made him change the name of his clinic. Hence, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you and comparing notes!”

Su Tao instantly realised who this person was. So this person was a part of Japan’s representative team at last year’s Three States Forum Exchange. Back then, Wang Guofeng led China’s party and lost miserably. Not only did he lose to South Korea, but he also lost to Japan. In the end, the result of that competition even made Tang Nanzheng tear up.

At the same time, it was also no wonder that Amaki Hamasaki would have pride in his words. After all, he had defeated China back then, representing Japan. In his view, only Kim Jung-ho was capable of being his opponent.

When he saw how his colleagues prepared such a grand scene to welcome Su Tao, Amaki Hamasaki naturally found it laughable.

As for Su Tao and Kim Jung-ho’s competition during the International Medical Summit, Amaki Hamasaki had also studied it and suspected it to be fake. Kim Jung-ho wasn’t weak, he was just unlucky, or someone used underhanded tactics for Su Tao to emerge victoriously.

“If there’s an opportunity, we can compare notes! After all, I also wish to prove China’s TCM.” Su Tao replied without showing any weakness.

Su Tao did not have any prejudice to most Japanese. After all, what’s past was past, and those butchers whose hands were stained in blood were already dead. However, Su Tao’s attitude towards Amaki Hamasaki was direct, since he did not like this person who once humiliated TCM.

Naturally, the spark between Su Tao and Amaki Hamasaki had attracted everyone’s attention.

“Hamasaki! Su Tao is our guest, and you’re not allowed to behave so rudely!” Hiro Iwata roared.

“If a challenge is being rude, then that means that he’s weak. Isn't he the most outstanding physician? I would like to see if he has that qualification!” Amaki Hamasaki replied.

Letting out a helpless sigh, Hiro Iwata looked at Su Tao and said in a sorry tone, “Please don’t put that in mind. Hamasaki is a straightforward person, so please don’t pay any attention to him!”

Shaking his head, Su Tao smiled. “Chief Iwata, everyone has their own bottom line. Just a moment ago, Amaki Hamasaki had crossed it. So I would like you to be the witness of our competition for him to accept his loss wholeheartedly!”

Hearing those words, Hiro Iwata was stunned since he never expected that Su Tao would be so overbearing.

Su Tao’s face was grim. He could show forbearance in many things, except on the dignity of TCM, and especially before these people.

Amaki Hamasaki, you want competition?

Then I’ll use my medical skills to show you the real TCM!

“Chief Iwata, I also hope to compete with him. This is my wish, and I hope that you can promise me!” Amaki Hamasaki said in confidence.

When he finished speaking, he lowered his head. This was a Japanese gesture to beg someone.

“What do you think?” Hiro Iwata sighed as he looked at Chiaki Ochi, seeming as if he did not wish for such a scene to appear.

“Since the two of them have agreed to it, then let us not stop them.” Chiaki Ochi had also caught the scent of a scheme, so he wondered if his colleagues had plotted for Su Tao to face Amaki Hamasaki. After a brief pondering, he continued, “But since the two youngest representatives of the two countries are to compete, it shouldn’t be done in such haste. I think that we should add a segment in the TCM Medicine Discussion to increase global popularity on TCM medicine as well.”

Hearing that, Su Tao slightly knitted his brows together. Although it was a casual suggestion from Chiaki Ochi, he still felt unhappy. it’s as if he had been used.

The competition between the two youngest talented physicians from China and Japan would naturally increase the attention on the TCM Medicine Discussion.

The reason why Hiro Iwata and his group welcomed him so passionately was probably because they had this planned, using soft and hard tactics to force him to accept the challenge.

But he wasn’t too bothered about it. If he could defeat Amaki Hamasaki during the TCM Medicine Discussion, not only could he win back the honor of China’s TCM, but he could also increase the popularity of TCM in the hearts of Japanese citizens. To him, it could be considered an opportunity.

As for Lin Kun, he was sneering in the back at Su Tao’s arrogance.

Although he’s not a physician, he was well-aware of Amaki Hamasaki since this fellow often participated in variety shows. Despite his ordinary appearance, he could be considered a small celebrity in Japan. Furthermore, Amaki Hamasaki had a formidable background, and he could be regarded as one of the elites in society. Su Tao might be considered somewhat famous in Hanzhou City, but he had no fame in Kyoto. To provoke someone like Amaki Hamasaki, wasn’t he finding trouble for himself?

“You shouldn’t have challenged Amaki Hamasaki!” Asaka Ochi found an opportunity to stand beside Su Tao and sighed, “It’s not that I don’t trust in your medical skills, but even if you defeated him, you would be a public enemy. I’m worried that you might be in trouble!”

Su Tao knew that Asaki Ochi was advising him out of goodwill, so he smiled. “I love to resolve trouble the most. It’s rare for me to visit Japan, so wouldn’t it be a pity if I don’t get to experience the most outstanding talent here?”

Listening to Su Tao’s words, Asaka Ochi sighed and started to plan how to protect Su Tao’s safety.

She knew that Amaki Hamasaki had a complicated relationship network. Not only did he have tycoons as his patients, but even the Yakuza were his patients

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