Chapter 64 - Girl Next Door Ripening

Chapter 64 - Girl Next Door Ripening

“This year is different; the funds in this Physician King Tournament are the highest since the beginning of history. If you obtained the championship, you would get a prize of ¥5,000,000, along with the title of the Physician King. Furthermore, the main point is that the advertising is well-funded. They will invite famous celebrities to be the spokesperson, so the central media will all be there.” Yan Jing handed a pamphlet over to Su Tao.

Su Tao skimmed through it and nodded his head. “Truly shocking.”

Yan Jing faintly replied, “In the past, the TCM Tournament belonged to an internal activity, so it had always been held amongst themselves. So most of the public wouldn’t know about it due to the limited influence. But this year is different, the Huaibei Province’s Government could smell the strategic significance in it, so they spent a huge sum of money in it, to publicise their province.”

Su Tao shook his head. “The bigger the scale of the tournament, the harder it will be for me to obtain the Physician King title.”

Yan Jing felt that Su Tao was an intelligent person, since he could swiftly guess through her intentions. “According to what I know, the Physicians in this tournament are all competent. But under this condition, perhaps there may be a dark horse.”

Su Tao stared at Yan Jing for a long time before he helplessly said, “You wouldn’t sell me, right?”

Shrugging her shoulders, she nudged her lips in the direction of Vera. “Someone else is doing that.”

Vera was sitting opposite of Su Tao. Her legs changed a posture and she smiled. “The Gambling Company, Utopia, is going to get involved in this, and I recommended you to them.”

Su Tao knew the reason behind it. A company such as Utopia had a powerful connection, not only did they control the tournaments and competitions around the world; they even had ample resources in their hands. So they spare no expenses to achieve their final objective.

Su Tao sighed and bitterly smiled. “I do not wish for my Physician King’s title to be something that I obtained from connections.”

Vera pursed her lips and explained, “All of us believe in your strength. The reason why I looked for them is to get a layer of guarantee. I just hope that you can be given a fair ground to compete.”

Su Tao could understand Vera and Yan Jing’s intentions. They’re telling him that he could compete without worries.

There were many benefits to him winning the Physician King Tournament. Firstly, it could be justified as being for Di Shiyuan. Regardless of whether Di Shiyuan could fulfil his promise, at least he did not let down Di Shiyuan’s belief in him. Secondly, it could turn the Three Flavour Hall into a brand, so that it could be further expanded in the future. Thirdly, they could also save up on the advertising fees on skincare products.

As they ate in the company’s canteen, he sat on a square table with the three ladies. It was an enjoyment for him, since he could see a different style of beauty in each of them, which left him intoxicated.

“Your saliva is dripping.” Cai Yan rolled her eyes.

Su Tao naturally wouldn’t fall for it, so he awkwardly smiled. “Are you guys misunderstanding me? I just thought of an issue.”

Yan Jing knew that it must be Su Tao’s imagination running wild with ideas again and smiled. “Oh? What issue?”

Su Tao replied, “I feel that as a skincare company like us, we must not limit the employees to any dress code. Although our uniform is pretty well-designed and modern-looking, it doesn’t fit every single employee. So I suggest to loosen up this requirement, so the employees don’t have to be limited to their uniforms at work. They just have to maintain a neat and tidy appearance.”

Yan Jing was stunned. “That’s backward thinking. The current management method speaks of unified visual identity, including uniforms. This can make the employees seem more company-cultured.”

Picking up a slice of sweet-and-sour pork and placing it in his mouth, Su Tao refused with a smile. “The best idea of the unified visual identity is not to have them wear similar uniforms. The employees in our company are beautiful, so it can also improve our public image if we retained a customisation beauty.”

Vera nodded her head and smiled. “I agree to Su Tao’s suggestion, it’s more suitable for us that way. According to my knowledge, many employees are unhappy with the uniforms. All of them dislike such management methods in their hearts since it would be hard for their beauty to blossom with unified uniforms. However, the main point of our products is to allow others to become more beautiful for them.”

Yan Jing was stunned before she helplessly sighed, “Alright, then. Since two of the Directors agree to it, then I’ll change the policy later.”

Su Tao felt satisfied in his heart. Although his post as the Honorary Chairman was just an empty position, his words were still useful, occasionally.

After that, the four of them each went to their offices. Just as Su Tao had laid on the couch, the door was knocked on and Cai Yan entered. Su Tao knew Cai Yan’s intention, so he poured tea. “Have a seat!”

“You know why I’m here?” Cai Yan nodded as she sighed.

“More or less.” Su Tao passed that cup of tea over to her.

She looked a little sad and said, “I feel that I’m unnecessary in the company. Yan Jing is smart and capable, and all her management is thorough. Vera doesn’t usually make a move, but when she does, she can surely resolve anything. On the other hand, I’m a complete newbie and can only watch from the side. Earlier, when you guys discussed about the company, I didn’t even understand any of it.”

Su Tao patiently waited till Cai Yan finished speaking before he shook his head and comforted, “Firstly, don’t undervalue yourself. That’s because I understand you, and you’re not any weaker than them. On the contrary, you’re smarter.

“Secondly, the company has just been established, so there are many things that we are unfamiliar with. For the time being, Yan Jing and Vera don’t have enough trust for you, so they did not give you any tasks. However, they have their own careers, so their attention will be shifted after this company is on the right path.

“Lastly, my energy is not on this company. There will be a day when you’re entirely in charge of it, so you need a clear-cut target and continuously improve yourself. You should not be feeling remorse.”

Cai Yan knew that Su Tao’s energy was on the Three Flavour Hall, and this cosmetic company was merely a side-job for him. “I looked through the Physician King Tournament, and it seems to be dangerous. The Nie Family is the organiser of this event…”

Su Tao nodded his head. “How can I get the tiger’s cub if I don’t brave myself to enter the tiger’s den? Don’t you want to save Uncle Cai? Then, perhaps this is a pretty good opportunity.”

Cai Yan’s eyes instantly beamed, but she felt complicated inside. She never thought that Su Tao would also participate in the Physician King Tournament with the thought of rescuing Cai Zhongpu.

She had been suppressing herself. Although she wanted to rescue her father, there’s a limit to what she could do. But at this moment, she realised that she hadn’t been alone, Su Tao was also with her.

She lowered her head, feeling touched. “Actually, you don’t have to do this. Doing this will land you in a dangerous situation.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Su Tao smiled. “Everything is done by fate. Or else, how can I get to know you? Rest assured, I’m planning and preparing in my heart. Who knows, maybe I might be able to rescue Uncle Cai after the Physician King Tournament?”

“If he’s not back, then I’ll come looking for you to take responsibility for your words.” Cai Yan raised her head with tears flickering in her eyes.

Su Tao crooked his head as he pondered. “But if he’s back, you’ll be my servant in the future and serve me.”

Cai Yan burst into a smile. “Deal!”

Seeing that Cai Yan had regained her self-confidence, Su Tao felt inwardly relieved. In this period, when Cai Yan was in the Three Flavour Hall, she had displayed talents in management. The Three Flavour Hall may be small, but it was complete in every detail. Things as massive as the medicine’s storage down to the meals of his three disciples were all managed by her.

Cai Yan was a graduate from a university and studied in business management. So she wasn’t unfamiliar with management; she only lacked experience. Thus, his intention to place two outstanding ladies like Yan Jing and Vera was for her to learn from them. Even if Cai Yan was still tender when compared to them, she would definitely improve significantly in the future.

She was also critical in the blueprint of the Three Flavour Hall’s expansion.

Compared to Vera and Yan Jing, Cai Yan wasn’t considered eye-catching. But he could imagine the changes on her several months or years later as her charm started to ripen as time passed.

Yan Jing held a transparent cup in the office with amber tea leaves emanating a bewitching fragrance before she sighed and smiled towards Vera. “You don’t seem too happy today. Let me guess, is it because of Cai Yan?”

Vera cast a glance at Yan Jing and smiled. “Indeed, no woman would be happy seeing the man she loves being so close with another woman. But, fortunately, that means that the man that I have my eyes on is outstanding, so how can he only have one woman beside him?”

Yan Jing sighed, “How open-minded. I would be in a tough spot if I was you.”

“Don’t mislead me. If I do anything to hurt Cai Yan and Su Tao finds out about it, he will distance himself from me even more.” Vera shook her head.

Shrugging her shoulders, Yan Jing felt that despite Vera’s angelic appearance, she shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. She wasn’t someone that could be easily tricked.

Yan Jing faintly smiled and changed the topic, “When can the funds for the tourist attraction, City of Culture project, come in for the Old Street?”

Vera’s eyes briefly roamed around before answering, “If nothing happens, by this week.”

“Once the funds are in, we’ll start the project immediately.” Yan Jing replied.

“I believe that our cooperation will be a joyful one.” Vera smiled in response.

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