Chapter 638 - Soaking in Hot Spring Together

Roughly an hour later, Chiaki Ochi received a phone call so he held onto his phone and walked off.

“I never expected that you would be so entertaining in a conversation. My father is a complete mystery in the eyes of many people, but I never expected that he would actually chat with you in Mandarin for so long. I can tell you that he admires you very much.” Asaka Ochi smiled.

Su Tao smiled as he humored, “I suspect that your father finally found someone who knows how to speak Mandarin and wanted to test his language ability.”

“My father is completely infatuated with medicine. After he graduated from university, he was initially a white-collared worker until he met a Chinese who’s proficient in acupuncture. Since then, he started to learn acupuncture and even studied many TCM books. At the same time, he personally paid a visit to many TCM masters in the country. As for me, I started to read medical books from China when I was young under his influence.” Asaka Ochi filled Su Tao’s cup with tea.

Su Tao never expected that Asaka Ochi would have such an experience in the past, but this was the charm of TCM. As long as you try to come in contact and understand it, you would be subdued by its magic. Chiaki Ochi could only be considered as someone who switched to a job that he’s not trained for, but his dedication was admirable.

It’s an undeniable truth that China lacked people with a dedicated spirit like Chiaki Ochi. Even if this country was defeated in a war in the past, they managed to swiftly get back on their feet and even surpassed China. Furthermore, they’ve displayed outstanding creative capability in many factors that won the admiration of many.

Staring at Asaka Ochi, Su Tao decided to be more straightforward and asked, “I’ve already come to Japan with you. Can you come clean with me now? What do you want of me?”

Hearing Su Tao’s words, Asaka Ochi was briefly stunned before she changed the topic, “There’s a hot spring in that mountain over there, do you want to experience it? It’s effective in removing the exhaustion from the travel.”

“Aren’t you a little too stiff when you tried to change the topic?” Su Tao bitterly smiled.

Looking at Su Tao for a long time, Asaka Ochi finally opened her mouth, “Alright, I’ll not hide it from you anymore. I hope that I can bear a child for my husband in the last journey of his life.”

“That’s impossible!” Su Tao waved his hand and reminded, “Mr. Koizumi’s body condition has already determined that he no longer has that ability.”

Nodding her head, Asaka Ochi bit on her lips. “That’s right. I went with him for a checkup and got the same result as you. But since your medical skill is so brilliant, I believe you must have a method.”

Inwardly letting out a sigh, Su Tao wryly smiled. “Ms. Ochi, I’ll tell you the truth. Your husband is practically hanging on by a thread, and his candle of life will extinguish even with a small breeze. As for his reproductive function, it is already inexistent. Let me give you an example, his body is akin to a boundless desert, and it’s difficult to plant and germinate seeds.”

“It’s difficult, but it’s not impossible, isn’t it?” Asaka Ochi actually started to bite on Su Tao’s words.

Su Tao could tell Asaka Ochi’s current mood, to which he bitterly smiled. “I can tell you seriously right now that there’s no hope at all! He had already lost that function.”

“I hope that you can meet with my husband. Not only is this my wish, but it’s also his final wish. If it’s really impossible, then please help me console him. This way, he won’t suffer any blow that might result in his condition worsening.” Asaka Ochi replied with pain on her face.

Upon hearing that, Su Tao sighed. This was probably Asaka Ochi’s main intention. Even if it couldn’t be done, she still wanted Kohei Koizumi to stay calm and unaffected by it.

Nodding his head, Su Tao responded, “I will console him. Truth be told, I’m pretty envious of him. Even if he’s suffering from a terminal illness, he still has your love. A wife like you is the fortune of any man.”

Asaka Ochi’s face blushed as she smiled. “My husband is an elegant, magnanimous, and meticulous gentleman; he’s the prince of my dreams. Even if our marriage suffered the opposition of many, including my father, who even wanted to sever our relationship, I still persevered because I do not regret having such an outstanding man as my lifelong companion.”

Su Tao went into silence as he analysed Kohei Koizumi. The latter is truly outstanding, a dragon among people. But it's a pity that he’s suffering from a terminal disease. Letting out a sigh with complicated feelings, Su Tao replied, “It’s truly not easy for you to have such thoughts even at this time.”

“I had my regrets, but I would feel a surge of courage whenever I look at his unswerving gaze.” Asaka Ochi smiled.

“Let’s talk about something realistic. What do you intend to do after Mr. Koizumi is gone?” Su Tao suddenly asked a cruel question.

“I will stay as a widow until the end of my life.” Asaka Ochi seriously replied.

“What? That’s a pity, then!” Su Tao sighed and continued, “Actually, you don’t have to be that serious. That Lin Kun seems to have feelings for you, and he’s pursuing you right now.”

“Him? He has tasted the best food in the world, so would he be interested in terrible ones?” Asaka Ochi replied in disdain.

For some reason, Su Tao felt satisfied when he heard Asaka Ochi’s words and smiled. “There is no best food in the world. If you had too much of it, you wouldn’t have any stomach left for food. Right now, you’re full, which is why you do not have any intention. But when you’re hungry, you will realise that there are actually many outstanding men in the world as well.”

Asaka Ochi was briefly stunned since she never expected that she would go into such a deep conversation with Su Tao. She rarely had such an intimate conversation with someone of the opposite sex. But then again, she subconsciously treated Su Tao as a physician, and she did not know that Su Tao was counseling her.

“Why are we talking about this?” Asaka Ochi gave a self-mocking smile as she tried to avoid it.

“If you can’t figure it out, you will eventually fall ill!” Su Tao reminded with a sigh.

“I’m very healthy, and I’m sure about that.” Asaka Ochi looked at Su Tao in perplexion.

Shaking his head, Su Tao replied, “That’s because your husband is still alive right now. The moment he’s gone, you will lose your mental support, and you will undergo a drastic change. The reason why your husband wants a child is for your consideration. He wishes that when he’s gone, you still have something else supporting you.”

Listening to those words, Asaka Ochi fell into silence. Evidently, Su Tao had guessed her conversation with her husband.

Su Tao did not continue and inwardly sighed. The key to resolving the problem wasn't Kohei Koizumi, but Asaka Ochi’s mentality. She had to learn to accept Kohei Koizumi’s death.

Simply putting it, he’s not here for Kohei Koizumi, but Asaka Ochi. It’s just that she’s probably still in the dark about it.

“I realised that chatting with you is interesting. Your thoughts are different from others.” Asaka Ochi recovered and sighed.

“That’s because I’m a physician. When I consider a problem, I will start from the heart. Physicians are also psychologists since they’re occasionally required to resolve the knot in other people’s hearts to treat their illnesses.” Su Tao smiled.

“You mean that you’re giving me a treatment?” Asaka Ochi shrugged, “But I’m healthy!”

“TCM emphasises treating the illness that hasn’t appeared!” Su Tao pointed at Asaka Ochi’s towering perks and continued, “Yours is in your heart, and if you don’t take any precaution against it, the consequences will be dire.”

Su Tao wasn’t deliberately trying to exaggerate the matter to scare her.

According to Asaka Ochi’s feelings for Kohei Koizumi, she would definitely fall ill when he’s dead. In life, there were many cases where one would pass away quickly after the death of their partner.

A problem in the heart required medicine for it. There might be chances if it’s other illnesses, but if Asaka Ochi falls ill, it would be tough to treat. After all, he couldn’t possibly bring Kohei Koizumi back to life, right?

Letting out a sigh, Asaka Ochi wryly smiled. “Don’t worry about it. I’m not that weak!”

“If you’re not weak, why would you try to convert yourself into a charming nun?” Su Tao questioned with a smile.

Looking at Su Tao in embarrassment, Asaka Ochi helplessly replied, “You’re disrupting my thoughts!”

Gravely nodding his head, Su Tao answered, “That’s right, I’m disrupting your thoughts. I’m trying to change your psyche so that you can accept life and death, the natural cycle of life.”

Asaka Ochi wore a bitter smile as she realised that Su Tao’s mouth was formidable. She knew that she wasn’t his opponent, so she could only shake her head and remained silent.

On the other hand, Su Tao knew that he had to follow up on changing Asaka Ochi’s psyche. After all, it’s not something that could be done instantly. 

Changing the topic, he asked, “Is there really a natural hot spring nearby?”

“It was the developer’s idea back then to have an independent hot spring in every villa, and can also be considered their selling point!” Asaka Ochi’s eyes lit up.

Then again, Su Tao soon had a bucket of cold water pouring down from his head. In his heart, he had a misconception that hot springs in Japan were mixed. If it’s separated between men and women, wouldn’t that mean that he wouldn’t be able to witness that sort of tickling scenery?

However, Asaka’s words set his heart on fire once more as she said, “It has been a long time since I enjoyed a hot spring. Let’s soak in it together!”

But the moment she spoke, she bit on her lips as she realised that she had taken it too far with her words and started to regret it.

Rubbing his nose, Su Tao stuttered, “I-I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to soak in it together, right? After all, it’s inconvenient, and I’m a conservative person.”

“If men and women are mixed together, you naturally have to wear a swimsuit. Or are you going to soak in it naked? It will be too unbecoming if that’s the case.” Asaka Ochi smiled.

Listening to her words, Su Tao was somewhat disappointed in his heart. But then again, it’s still a sight to see Asaka Ochi wearing a bikini.

“I don’t have a swimsuit with me.” Su Tao bitterly smiled.

Waving her hand, Asaka Ochi replied, “I’ll get someone to prepare one based on your measurements!”

Thereafter, she swept her gaze on Su Tao as if she’s trying to figure out Su Tao’s measurements for his swimsuit!

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