Chapter 636 - Poking a hole in the sky

Seeing that Yan Sha was letting Su Tao in her room, Jiang Qinghan inwardly sighed. Yan Sha would be facing her examination soon, and it would significantly affect her examination if there’s a huge fluctuation in her emotions right now.

Truth be told, Jiang Qinghan had always been careless with Yan Sha, and the reason why she’s so concerned about her daughter is that she would be facing one of the most major examinations in her life.

Yan Sha did not like to be treated like a child, and they also did not have many private talks. Thus, this was also the reason why there’s a bridge formed between them.

Su Tao knew what Jiang Qinghan was thinking. Ever since she learned that Yan Sun has abandoned her and her daughter, her thoughts changed. In the past, she treated Yan Sun as someone to entrust her life with, but it has been changed to Yan Sha now. However, Yan Sha was used to Jiang Qinghan allowing her to be independent, so she couldn’t adapt to her mother’s sudden display of concern.

Seeing Yan Sha crying her heart out, Su Tao bitterly smiled. “What grievance did you suffer? Why don’t you tell me about it?”

“My mom disrespected me and went through my room!” Yan Sha said with indignance.

“Well, she’s in the wrong in this matter.” Su Tao went along with Yan Sha’s words and commented on Jiang Qinghan, “People need to respect each other and not invade each other’s privacy. This is basic respect.”

Nodding her head, Yan Sha continued to grumble, “That’s right, so I’m not going to talk to her anymore!”

Shaking his head, Su Tao smiled. “She’s your mother, so how can you possibly ignore her?”

“I’ll leave home to not see her anymore.” Yan Sha gnashed her teeth.

“You’re still in Junior High School, so where can you possibly go after leaving home?” Su Tao reminded with a bitter smile.

“Your home!” Yan Sha took a peek at Su Tao and asked, “You wouldn’t chase me out, right?”

Bursting into laughter, Su Tao replied, “The matter is actually not that complicated. This is the Yan Residence, and your mother’s surname is Jiang. Logically speaking, you’re the owner of this house, and she’s the outsider. Why don’t you just chase your mother out?”

“That’s right! Why should I leave? She should be the one leaving!” Yan Sha gnashed her teeth.

Looking at Yan Sha fiddling her uniform, Su Tao continued, “Actually, your mother should’ve left a long time ago. Perhaps it might be a relief for her instead. She can find a reliable man and form a new family. This way, she won’t invade your privacy, and she can find a new life.”

When Su Tao finished his words, Yan Sha was dumbfounded. Even if Jiang Qinghan rarely showed her concern, Yan Sha wouldn’t feel lonely with her mother around because her mother was someone who made her feel safe. As long as her mother was in the Yan Residence, Yan Sha wouldn’t feel that she’s inferior when compared to others.

But if her mother remarries, wouldn’t she be an orphan?

She stared at Su Tao for a long time. Yan Sha is smart, so she could naturally hear the hidden meaning in Su Tao’s words and asked, “You’re here to meditate?”

Gently tapping on Yan Sha, Su Tao smiled. “The hearts of a mother and daughter are connected. Regardless of any conflict, you guys will patch up once you calm down. Actually, I know about the matter of your mother going through your room. She was worried that you might be cheated and even asked me to come up with a solution for her.”

Upon hearing that, Yan Sha’s face blushed. Not only was her anger not appeased, she even felt more unhappy with her mother.

Her senior brother actually knew about the contraceptives, just how embarrassing was that?! She even wanted to bury herself in a hole at this moment.

Although Su Tao had no idea what’s going through Yan Sha’s mind, he knew that she’s definitely not feeling great since he knew about her privacy.

Then again, conflict was the same as pus. Only by poking it, can it recover better.

“Your senior brother is a physician, and you can first consult me about such matters in the future. I can help you with a safe and reliable solution.” Su Tao immediately explained.

“How can I possibly talk about that?” Yan Sha bit on her lips.

“You must have heard from your friend about using contraceptives to delay menstruation, right?” Su Tao smiled.

As Yan Sha’s face grew redder, she lightly nodded her head.

If Su Tao was an old physician, perhaps she might not feel so embarrassed. However, Su Tao was just a few years older than her, and more importantly, she’s in love with him!

The reserved and bashfulness of a young lady was all revealed at this moment, causing even Su Tao’s heart to jolt a little.

“You must follow a doctor’s instructions if you want to take contraceptives to delay your menstruation. You’re already too late, and there won’t be any effect even if you take it right now.” Su Tao solemnly said and continued, “This is the reason why your mother wanted me to find a solution for you. She’s not trying to question you, but she wants to guide you with a proper method.”

“Really?” Yan Sha might be smart, but facing Su Tao, who was an expert in lies, she’s clearly still too inexperienced.

“Yeah, your mother even asked me for a prescription. If I’ve guessed correctly, you quarreled with her before she could even explain to you about it, right?” Su Tao continued with his act.

Yan Sha nodded her head. She might be in her rebellious age, but she’s not an unreasonable person. Compared to Jiang Qinghan, Su Tao’s words were more persuasive.

“She was in the wrong that she went through your room and found your secrets without your permission, but I think that you’re also in the wrong because you did not allow her to explain herself.” Su Tao smiled and continued, “But this is a small matter. Are you really going to kick your mother out of the house because of a bottle of contraceptives and find yourself a step-father?”

“No way!” Yan Sha finally smiled.

No one would be willing to accept a man without any blood relations to possess their mother.

Su Tao knew that Yan Sha’s mood had become much better. The reason why he came over was that he was worried that a conflict might occur today. Jiang Qinghan might be a decisive police officer, but she’s still too experienced as a mother.

Su Tao wasn’t trying to help Jiang Qinghan get out of trouble, but he was worried that Yan Sha’s examination might be affected since she’s still in her rebellious phase.

With simple guidance, the knot in Yan Sha’s heart was resolved. Since she’s willing to talk to Jiang Qinghan, that meant that they’ve each taken a step back.

“Mom, I want to eat chocolate!” Yan Sha drew circles with her feet when she came out with her head lowered.

“Alright, I’ll buy them for you later!” Jiang Qinghan sighed as she glanced at Yan Sha before turning to Su Tao. She never expected that Su Tao’s words would be more effective than hers.

As Yan Sha continued with her studies, Su Tao and Jiang Qinghan left for the supermarket. The neighbors left and right would greet them, but for some reason, Jiang Qinghan could feel that everyone’s gazes were abnormal today. Or was it due to her guilt?

“Why did you come over with such a coincidental timing?” Jiang Qinghan asked as she chose chocolates in the supermarket.

“Probably because our hearts are linked?” Su Tao fiddled with his fingers and continued, “My eyelid was violently twitching, and I had a premonition that something will happen tonight, so I came to take a look. In the end, my premonition came true.”

“Look at how cocky you’ve become!” Jiang Qinghan rolled her eyes and changed the topic, “I heard that you’re heading to Japan in a few days?”

“Yeah, for about a month.”

The reason why Su Tao delayed was because he was worried about Yan Sha’s examination. Otherwise, he would’ve left for Japan by now due to Asaka Ochi’s begging.

“Watch out for your safety!” Jiang Qinghan finally picked a bar of chocolate and smiled. “Remember to buy something for Yan Sha. Otherwise, she will be disappointed!”

Su Tao was briefly stunned that Jiang Qinghan knew how to be humorous. He nodded his head. “Don’t worry about it. I have an excellent memory. Not only will I get something for Yan Sha, but I also won’t forget you and Old Yan as well! Oh, right. What present do you want?”

Jiang Qinghan wore a smile and inwardly sighed. According to her disciple’s character, he’d probably cause a huge mess on this trip to Japan. But as time passed, Jiang Qinghan was already used to his ability to cause trouble.

Putting it in a nutshell, even if he poked a hole in the sky, he would also cover it up with his own method.

Asaka Ochi made use of her relationship with Kenji Inada to swiftly sort out Su Tao’s Visa. In the meantime, Su Tao also settled the daily affairs in the Three Flavour Hall, Three Flavour International, and Qihuang Charity Funds.

Due to the fact that he had people he could trust in the three businesses, he was pretty relieved with going on a trip for a month.

As for his studies at Qiongjin Medical University, he could only inform He Deqiu about it. He Deqiu had a great understanding of Su Tao’s medical skills, and he only told the latter to focus on his matter. As for the school, He Deqiu would get it sorted for him.

Although the results of Yan Sha’s examination did not come out, she must have performed pretty well based on her reaction.

As for Sun Xuefeng, Su Tao wasn’t relieved about him, so he introduced him to Yan Jing, getting him into the technology department to help with the development of the mobile application. When he’d settled those things, he flew to Kyoto with Asaka Ochi.

However, he was surprised since Lin Kun was also tagging along.

Lin Kun gave an excuse that he’s going to visit his second hometown, so he’d be accompanying Asaka Ochi.

When Su Tao heard Lin Kun calling Japan his “second hometown”, he felt an urge to bash the latter up. This fellow evidently did not have any self-awareness of his nationality.

But he could tell that Asaka Ochi had ignored Lin Kun’s advances. It was so much so that she even showed a slight annoyance that made Su Tao’s heart feel better.

It’s part of human characteristics. If you flatter a person too much, they would despise you instead.

When the plane landed, Su Tao took his luggage and followed behind Asaka Ochi. When they came out, a Japanese woman that looked to be in her early twenties walked over.

“Ms. Eiko, it has been a while since we met. You’ve gotten more beautiful!” Lin Kun greeted in Japanese.

Politely nodding her head at Lin Kun, Eiko Fujino smiled at Asaka Ochi. “The car is waiting. This way, please!”

This was Su Tao’s first time coming to Japan, so he looked around. When Lin Kun noticed this, he was filled with disdain in his heart. During their flight, Asaka Ochi had treated Su Tao completely different from how she treated him.

Hence, Lin Kun did not have any favorable opinions of Su Tao. When he saw Su Tao looking around, he couldn’t help muttering in his heart, “What a country bumpkin!”

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