Chapter 635 - Secret behind the Contraceptives

Jiang Qinghan was speechless as she looked at Su Tao. Why is this fellow speaking so irresponsibly? Yan Sha even kept contraceptives in her room, so how can it be a small matter?

“Yan Sha is just sixteen years old! She might have reached adulthood, but she’s still a child. I still hope that her life can be innocent and pure.” Jiang Qinghan replied.

Many parents were alike, being strict, and taking precautions when their daughter reaches puberty. They’re afraid that their daughter would be tempted. After all, if that happens, their daughter would suffer the most.

Taking a deep breath, Su Tao sighed at the fact that Jiang Qinghan did not have a sufficient understanding of Yan Sha. Although she’s currently putting her attention on her family, she still didn’t have much understanding of Yan Sha’s life.

After a brief silence, Su Tao asked, “Do you know when Yan Sha’s menstruation cycle is?”

“What?” Jiang Qinghan blushed as she looked at Su Tao in shock. She never expected that he would ask something so personal.

Even Su Tao felt a little awkward as he rubbed his nose. “As her mother, you don’t even know about her menstruation cycle?”

After a brief pondering, Jiang Qinghan answered, “I’m really not sure about that, but I know that she has a habit of writing it down. Why do you want it?”

“Because it’s greatly linked to these contraceptives!” Su Tao spoke with confidence.

The two of them entered Yan Sha’s bedroom. Although Su Tao has entered Yan Sha’s room in the past, he did not have the opportunity to take a closer look around. Perhaps it’s because Jiang Qinghan had been busy with work in the past, so Yan Sha has built up independence since young. She was the one cleaning and decorating her own room, so the entire room was filled with an aura of a young girl. The furniture and bed were all pink, filling the room with a cute ambiance. There was a computer on the desk beside the table with posters above it. The table also had a few photo frames. Aside from Yan Wujin, there were also photos of Jiang Qinghan and himself. Yan Sha had framed up a photo with him, one that even he had no idea when they took it.

Su Tao sighed since it turned out that the photo was taken on a phone. Yan Sha had printed it out, which spoke for her attentiveness.

Jiang Qinghan came to the table and opened the diary, flipping to the last month.

Walking over, Su Tao took a glance at it. It was just as he had analysed and smiled. “If Yan Sha has a healthy body, her menstruation cycle will come on her examination day. Yan Sha must have heard that using contraceptives can delay her menstruation cycle, and she’s trying to use it to avoid having it during her examination.”

With Su Tao’s reminder, Jiang Qinghan finally knew what’s going on and felt somewhat guilty. So it turned out that as a mother, she had no idea when her daughter’s menstruation cycle was. Furthermore, she even misunderstood Su Tao and suspected that he had something to do with the contraceptives.

“Will taking it harm the body? There won’t be any problem, right?” Jiang Qinghan nervously asked. She also had some knowledge about it. Some couples did not want kids during the first few years of their marriage and took contraceptives. In the end, there were common cases of wives not being able to get pregnant for years.

“Contraceptives are using hormones to disrupt the endocrine. From TCM’s point-of-view, it’s extremely inadvisable since it can leave side effects on the body, especially for someone who’s still growing like Yan Sha. It’s dangerous, and it will be too late even if she starts taking it now. So even if she takes it, there won’t be any effect on her body.” Su Tao said with a grave expression.

Women’s menstruation cycle was akin to the changes in moon phases. So if the menstruation cycle was delayed, it would put a huge burden on the body. If the hormones were disrupted, it might result in illnesses.

Furthermore, contraceptives had to be taken in the previous month to change the menstruation cycle. Take one tablet a day and stop a day before the examination to delay the menstruation cycle.

But Su Tao had seen Yan Sha a few days ago. Judging from her complexion, she still hasn’t started taking the medicine, or she would show signs of Yin and Yang imbalance.

Jiang Qinghan fell into silence and shook her head. She knew that her daughter was healthy, and she didn't even experience pain during her menstruation cycle. However, she didn’t want her daughter to damage her body just for an examination. Looking at Su Tao, she asked, “Do you have a better method to resolve this issue?”

After a brief pondering, Su Tao replied, “There will certainly be side effects to disrupt the metabolism in the body. I can give you a prescription, and she can start taking it now. It will be effective until the end of her examination, and the side effects are smaller than using western medicine.”

From western medicine’s angle, girls who want to avoid having their menstruation during their examination could take progesterone, progestogens, and dydrogesterone. However, it wasn’t advisable.

Su Tao wrote a prescription and handed it to Jiang Qinghan.

Su Tao has verified this prescription through multiple channels. In ancient times, when the Emperor chose who they randomly sleep with without any notification, it’d be awkward if the chosen concubine was experiencing her menstruation. Hence, some concubines would get imperial physicians to make preparations to delay their menstruation.

Letting out a sigh, Jiang Qinghan smiled. “Sorry for making you come over in such a hurry.”

“Master, you’re regarding me as an outsider if you put it that way. In my heart, Yan Sha is akin to a younger sister of mine, so how can I let anything happen to her?” Su Tao smiled.

Reflecting on this incident today, Jiang Qinghan felt somewhat awkward that she discussed such a personal matter with her disciple.

“Please keep this matter a secret. Yan Sha is easily embarrassed, and I don’t want to put her in a difficult position.” Jiang Qinghan solemnly said.

“Hush money!” Su Tao stretched out his hand and joked with Jiang Qinghan.

Slapping his hand, Jiang Qinghan questioned, “You dare to ask me for hush money?”

It wasn’t painful, and it even felt ticklish instead. Stretching out his palm once more, Su Tao smiled. “I’m a money-grubber. If you don’t pay me the hush money, I’ll definitely tell junior sister that you flipped through her room and even questioned me!”

Jiang Qinghan felt both teased and annoyed at the same time. She knew that Su Tao was acting shamelessly with her, but she felt helpless about it. As she brandished her wrist, she wanted to slap Su Tao’s palm once more.

But this time, Su Tao swiftly reacted and dodged it before he flipped his wrist and grabbed onto her palm.

Jiang Qinghan did not expect that Su Tao would be so bold and looked at the latter in astonishment. Su Tao tickled her palm a few times and felt satisfied looking at Jiang Qinghan, staring at him with rage.

Jiang Qinghan clearly never expected that Su Tao would be so bold to hold onto her hand and even touch her. She felt as if her heart was leaping out of her chest, and her mind went blank.

When she finally recovered from the shock, she shook off Su Tao’s hand and glared at the latter. “Go on, I won’t keep you here any longer.”

Looking at Jiang Qinghan’s face, Su Tao felt smug since he was confident that she wouldn’t dare to tell anyone about this matter.

As he chuckled, he waved his hand and left Yan Sha’s room.

Looking at Su Tao’s photo on her daughter’s desk, the initially sunshine appearance suddenly looked cheap to her.

After Yan Sha finished her self-studies that evening, Jiang Qinghan had already prepared dinner. After Yan Sha finished eating, Jiang Qinghan entered her room with a cup of warm milk. Seeing her daughter studying, she phrased her words for a long time before she said, “Shasha, I would like to apologise to you. When I was cleaning up the room for you today, I found something.”

Upon hearing that, Yan Sha locked her brows together and unhappily slammed her pen on the desk. “Mom, didn’t I tell you before not to touch my things? You’re a police officer, don’t you know how to respect someone’s privacy?”

Jiang Qinghan had already expected that Yan Sha would react in this manner. Although Yan Sha was a mature lady, her temper was as fiery as any other girl.

Letting out a heavy sigh, Jiang Qinghan replied, “That’s why I would like to apologise to you!”

After that, she took out a bottle and continued, “I already know what these are, and you’re not allowed to take them!”

Instantly, Yan Sha’s face turned red as if her dignity was trampled on and raged, “Mom, how can you not have any basic quality? You’re a thief!”

Jiang Qinghan initially wanted to talk to her daughter nicely, but she never expected that Yan Sha would start shouting at her.

“Shasha, how can you speak to your mom like that? I was thinking out of consideration for you!” Jiang Qinghan tried to explain herself.

“I don’t need it! I have been relying on myself all these years, and I’m doing great!” Because Yan Sha was furious, her words were somewhat nasty.

Sensing her daughter’s rage, Jiang Qinghan was filled with regret since she had no idea how to explain this to her daughter.

“You know nothing, and you only know how to give out orders! I hate you!” Yan Sha shoved Jiang Qinghan out of her room and locked her door before she started to cry.

Jiang Qinghan never expected that she would mess everything up. She initially wanted to make use of this incident to communicate with her daughter, but in the end, she started a conflict instead.

Just as she was troubled, Su Tao and Yan Wujin’s laughter resounded. Looking at Su Tao, Jiang Qinghan locked her brows together. Why is he here so late?

Su Tao walked towards Jiang Qinghan. When he looked at her expression and the locked door, he roughly guessed what was going on and went to knock on the door. “Junior Sister Shasha, It’s Su Tao. Open up the door. I have something that I would like to talk to you about!”

After a brief silence, the door was opened and Yan Sha’s face was covered in tears. “Come in, only you are allowed in!”

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