Chapter 63 - Beauties filled in the Company

Chapter 63 - Beauties filled in the Company

Xu Tiande took out a package of medicine and tossed it to Mrs. She. When Mrs. She opened it up, she took a deep breath while being intoxicated before Xu Tiande said from the other side, “Control your intake. Aren’t you afraid of overdosing?”

Lying on the bed, Mrs. She had her limbs spread out, looking intoxicated, as if she was hallucinating while she felt light and airy. “So what? All of us die in the end, wouldn’t it be good to die while feeling happy?”

Looking at the woman who was in his control, Xu Tiande replied with indifference, “What’s the progress on the matter that I told you to do?”

Mrs. She was dazed before she replied in a stupefied manner, “The Nie Family is only an empty shell now. Although it looks powerful and big, it’s in a total mess. I have used my own means to transfer the funds of several companies to the account that you gave me. The Nie Family is fragile now, so if you wished for it, the Medicine King Garden could be in your hands anytime.”

Xu Tiande replied with satisfaction, “I’m just worried about that person behind the Nie Family!”

Mrs. She’s voice gradually turned weak as she replied, “He’s too busy with his own matters. He surely knows that Cai Zhongpu will reveal him to the police, so if the matter is exposed, he will be destroyed.”

With a faint laugh, Xu Tiande gently scraped her nose. “You’ve been working hard. Are you exhausted now? Take a nap, then.”

His voice was filled with tenderness, and when he finished speaking, Mrs. She slowly closed her eyes.

Xu Tiande’s eyes flashed with ecstasy and felt his heart fluctuating. Under his hard work of many years, the Medicine King Garden would finally have a new owner.

He had been putting so much effort for the Medicine King Garden, so how could he let his efforts benefit someone else?

Mrs. She was merely a pawn in his plans to seize the Medicine King Garden. Under his scheme, the Nie Family was slowly falling into the swamp. As for the wealthiest tycoon in Huaibei, Nie Haitian, he probably would have no idea how he lost everything when the day came.

Xu Tiande wore his clothes and went to the living room. His senior disciple, Bai Fan, had already been waiting there with another disciple of his standing beside him, Hu Xiaofeng. Xu Tiande slowly walked over and suddenly raised his leg, then kicked Hu Xiaofeng’s face, sending him flying a few metres out. However, Hu Xiaofeng quickly stood up and returned to his original spot.

Xu Tiande faintly said, “That kick is to punish you for being so reckless. I’ve spent a large amount of resources and energy to get you into the Huainan TCM University, but not only did you fail in a small task, you even got brought to the police station as a rapist. How embarrassing is that?”

A guilty expression appeared on Hu Xiaofeng’s face as he lowered his head. “Master, I’m sorry. I never expected that Su Tao to be so difficult to deal with!”

Xu Tiande gently snorted as he looked at Bai Fan. “Have you gathered his information?”

Bai Fan sighed, “Through our various investigations, we only obtained his information in recent months. We only know that he has a close relationship with Yan Jing, and also the TCM Department’s Head of the Jiangnan Hospital and is highly valued by the President, Di Shiyuan. At the same time, we also found out that he has an ambiguous relationship with the heir of Russia’s Ormond Family, Vera.”

With his brows knitted, Xu Tiande replied, “No prior history and is able to obtain so many resources in just a few months. There must be a power standing behind him, and I’m even suspecting that he might be related to those existences. Continue to pay attention to him and immediately inform me if there’s anything.”

Bai Fan nodded his head. “I understand. Furthermore, Su Tao will also take part in the upcoming Physician King Tournament.”

Xu Tiande sneered, “He’s pretty gutsy. Just when I was wondering how to deal with him, he sent himself to me?”

Bai Fan briefly paused and continued, “We also found out something else. Not long ago, he had a secret competition with Wang Guofeng, resulting in Wang Guofeng’s loss.”

“Oh?” Xu Tiande was surprised, before he continued, “With Wang Guofeng’s character, he definitely will not give his opponent a chance. It seems like this Su Tao is pretty capable, list him amongst the contestants. Perhaps we can make use of this variable to control this Physician King Tournament the way I want.”

The three goddesses, Cai Yan, Yan Jing and Vera, sat together. It was an unimaginable scene, but it was just right before Su Tao.

All of them represented a different type of beauty in this preparation meeting of the Three Flavour Cosmetic International Limited.

Cai Yan represented a charming girl next door, like a blooming jasmine flower, while emanating a dense natural fragrance from her.

Yan Jing wore a milky-white dress with a dazzling platinum necklace hanging on her neck. Her skin was as white as snow with two silver ear studs on her ears. She’s covered with a mature and elegant bearing.

As for Vera, she wore a pink woman’s suit with her outstanding figure and angelic face. She could easily be the focus of everyone’s attention, since her pearly-white skin, and characteristic pupils looked bewitching.

Yan Ling sat straight up and her gorgeous appearance made her look like a piece of art. Her gaze swept out at everyone before she said, “We plan to officially launch our products a month from now. We’re making a final confirmation of duties so that the products can have a successful start.”

“Firstly, the sales department is responsible for making contact with the local influential cosmetic dealers and confirm the market price, and it cannot be messed up. Secondly, the marketing department needs to get in touch with mainstream media to ensure that our products will be advertised on the internet, television, newspapers and other mainstream advertising channels. Lastly, the finance, human resource and administrative departments will have the logistics done to ensure positive operation.”

Once again, Yan Jing displayed her outstanding management ability. All her arrangements had a purpose, so she smiled. “Naturally, there is also another matter in this meeting. Let me introduce you guys to the creator of Three Flavour Hall’s cosmetic series, Mr. Su Tao.”

Su Tao stood up with a slight smile. “I’m grateful to everyone for working hard for the company. With these three outstanding ladies taking charge of the operation, I’m glad that I can sit back and enjoy it. With my understanding of the three of them, all three of them are generous people. So if the launch is successful, I’m sure that everyone will get a huge bonus.”

His words immediately caused the other department heads to have their faces covered with smiles as they whispered to each other.

Yan Jing and Vera exchanged a look, interacting with their gazes. Su Tao had given the employees a huge loaf without him knowing, and it’s an issue that they would suffer headaches on the specific implementation.

The meeting ended and Su Tao followed Yan Jing, Vera and Cai Yan to an office. This office was roughly twenty-odd square meters, decorated with a leather couch, bookshelf, office table, and chandelier that gave others a sense of luxurious beauty.

When Cai Yan saw Su Tao examining the antique porcelain, she smiled. “Be careful with it; it’s genuine stuff!”

Shock flashed in Su Tao’s eyes before he raised his thumbs. “Ming Dynasty goods, how luxurious.”

Vera smiled. “This is the company’s office for the Honorary Chairman, so it naturally has to be good. In the future, you can come here to have tea and play computer games to kill time.”

It was only at this moment that Su Tao realised that this office was meant to him. Immediately, he shook his head. “No way! Not good!”

Vera was taken by surprise from Su Tao’s reply and asked, “Which part are you not satisfied with?”

Su Tao shook his head and snapped his fingers, before he sighed, “I’m starting to regret that I’m leaving the work to you guys. I just realised that the treatment of our company is pretty good, not to mention the beauties. Working here on a daily basis is akin to an enjoyment.”

Cai Yan laughed, “Back then, Big Sister Yan mentioned that you would be tempted with so many beauties in the company, and it turns out to be true.”

“I’m a normal man. But I’m still not as bad as being tempted. At most, it’s eye-catching with the pleasant view. As for beauties, I have a high standard. Unless they are at the level of you three, they will not be able to make my heart beat a little faster.” Su Tao sighed.

“Talking nonsense again!” Yan Jing chuckled as she continued, “As workers in a cosmetic company, everything else is secondary. The most important thing is to have an attractive appearance so that our products will be convincing. So the first request to enter our company is to look attractive!”

Su Tao felt that Yan Jing’s selection for talent was too fitting to his taste. Thus, he thoughtfully nodded his head and raised another request, “As the Honorary Chairman, I have a simple request. A copy of the newly employed employees’ resumes has to be sent to my mailbox, along with ten photos of their daily lives.”

“Dream on!” Vera and Cai Yan replied together, but they soon exchanged a look with embarrassment.

Yan Jing could naturally tell the intentions of those two with her wittiness, so she changed the topic, “Su Tao, as the MOST important member of the company, you have to complete an important task that greatly concerns the development of the company.”

“What is it?” Su Tao couldn’t help raising his head. Truth be told, he has been feeling uncomfortable ever since he stepped into the company. Even if he looked modest, he had an absolute authority of speech. But in the meeting today, he had a feeling that he was a mere figurehead.

Yan Jing faintly smiled. “The Physician King Tournament will soon begin, and you are to obtain the championship so that it can be an imagery advertisement to the company.”

Su Tao was surprised before he asked in puzzlement, “So this is the reason why the products are to be launched a month from now?”

Yan Jing nodded her head. “Right, marketing through this is better than any advertisement. If you can obtain the Physician King’s title, it would be equivalent to a sum of ¥50,000,000 advertising fee.”

Su Tao suddenly had a feeling that he had been involved in a scheme. No wonder they gave him such a big office, so it’s a trap for him to jump into.

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