Chapter 62 - Heavenly Yin Body

Chapter 62 - Heavenly Yin Body

After the shower, Su Tao hung the towel over his shoulders and realised that Cai Yan’s room was still lit. He stood outside the door and coughed before pushing the door open and saw Cai Yan’s brows knitted together. “It’s so late in the night. What are you doing?”

Su Tao shrugged and took several steps back. “It’s already so late, why aren’t you going to sleep? Are you waiting for me to talk to you?”

Cai Yan rolled her eyes. “I’m not that free, just preparing the matters for the Three Flavour Cosmetic International Limited is already giving me a huge problem to deal with.”

“Isn’t the new company managed by Vera and Yan Jing? You can just act.” Inwardly, Su Tao felt that Cai Yan was a serious person deep in her bones.

He saw Cai Yan shake her head. “That I can’t do. Since you’ve given this task to me, then I naturally have to fight for the biggest profit.”

Su Tao nodded his head and gave a thumbs-up at Cai Yan with a smile. “My eyes haven’t failed me. You’re truly a hardworking wife.”

“Who’s your wife? Don’t speak nonsense or I’ll dump the work and quit.” Cai Yan replied with a dismissive attitude.

Su Tao chuckled, finding Cai Yan’s character a little shrewish, and he had to know when to stop when teasing her. His face suddenly turned serious. “Looking at the colour on your face, your old illness has relapsed? Try not to work too hard.”

“What illness do I have, why is it relapsing?” Su Tao sighed.

Su Tao entered her room. A delicate fragrance burrowed into his nose and he saw a long table beside the dressing table with a laptop. Judging from the documents, Su Tao could tell that Cai Yan was seriously working on the new company.

He found a chair and sat with his gaze sweeping across her face. “Your illness is related to your physique. It’s called the Heavenly Yin Body. It’s the same as everyone else’s, normally, but your body will be greatly weakened at a specific time. If it’s not nursed, the consequences will be dire. Furthermore, it will get worse as you grow older.”

“My father asked Grandpa Su, but he did not say anything about the Heavenly Yin Body.” Cai Yan was surprised.

Su Tao sighed and smiled, “He probably didn’t want Uncle Cai to worry about you. Because, speaking from a certain angle, the Heavenly Yin Body belongs to a disease that cannot be treated, and it can only be nursed with medicine. That’s because the Heavenly Yin Body is related to your astrological birth data, it’s the work of the heavens. As doctors, even if we can find the root of your illness, there’s no way we can change your birth data. So, strictly speaking, it is an incurable disease.”

A bitter smile rose on the corner of Cai Yan’s lips. “I never thought that it would be so complicated. But why didn’t you use any medicine when you’re treating me?”

“Because my grandfather had used enough medicine when he treated you.” Su Tao further explained, “The body will also be affected by our emotions. So I would try to cheer you up so that it can ease out your relapse. However, your mood hasn’t been good lately due to Uncle Cai’s matter, which explains the severe symptoms when your Heavenly Yin Body relapsed.”

Cai Yan shrugged. “We can’t control our life and death, and I don’t have anything. So I wouldn’t frown even if the reaper comes knocking on my door.”

“With me around, it’s not easy for you to die. Come, I’ll give you a message to make you relax.” Su Tao shook his head and smiled.

Cai Yan cast a cautious gaze at Su Tao and lowered her voice, “Will you molest and try to take advantage of me?”

Blacklines immediately covered Su Tao’s forehead and he was speechless. “Am I that perverted? Furthermore, if I wanted to take advantage of you, why would I bother talking so much with you? I would have just pinned you down and started to rape you by now.”

Cai Yan gently snorted with her brows knitted and felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen. Just as Su Tao had said, her illness had been relapsing lately. She had just been keeping quiet about it.

The Heavenly Yin Body belonged to the category of mysterious diseases because the patient’s astronomical birth data would all be in the ‘Yin’ time, also known as the person closest to hell.

In those Wuxia Novels, The Heavenly Yin Body was known to be martial art geniuses. Those were all bullshit. Under TCM’s Yin-Yang’s theory, a person with the Heavenly Yin Body couldn’t absorb any ‘Yang’ energy during their birth, thus resulting in a natural defect. Therefore, they would be fragile during the ‘Yin’ time of the month.

There’s a reason why China had a tradition; newborn babies would have a fortune teller calculate their astronomical birth data for a name, to complement for their deficiency in the five elements. It also had a link with TCM’s Yin-Yang equilibrium. Although there’s nothing they could do to change the birth data, they could, at least, find psychological comfort.

The reason why the Nie Family was willing to sign the contract for the ghost marriage with Cai Zhongpu was also because they had already calculated the astronomical birth data. They knew that Cai Yan had a Heavenly Yin Body, a perfect partner for the ghost marriage.

Cai Yan quietly sat on the chair and Su Tao gently massaged her acupoints from the back. For some reason, Su Tao’s heart would start to race every time his hand came in contact with Cai Yan’s body.

Even if his hands were separated by a thin layer of clothes, he could still feel the tenderness of her skin, which brought an electric current through his fingers.

“Are you taking advantage of me?” Cai Yan felt that something was amiss.

“I’m massaging, don’t misunderstand.” Su Tao replied with a guilty conscience.

“I don’t think this is a massage, right? Why do I feel ticklish?” Cai Yan shook her head as she spoke of her feelings.

“Yeah, do you feel like laughing? That’s the way.” Su Tao lied.

“Now it’s another different feeling, and my lower abdomen feels numb. What’s going on?” Cai Yan felt that Su Tao had increased his strength as she asked.

“We were at the transitional phase earlier, and we’re moving into the ending phase now. So do not speak. I’m currently treating your illness. Why are you chattering away? It will affect my focus, so don’t blame me if something goes wrong.” Su Tao threatened.

Actually, Su Tao wasn’t being honest with his hands, since Cai Yan’s skin felt like it was filled with a charm that made him lose control.

“Alright then, I’ll not speak. But let me remind you not to take advantage of me, or I’ll scream. Your disciples are just beside us.” Cai Yan wittily warned.

Hearing Cai Yan’s words, Su Tao’s dishonest hands immediately returned to the right spots.

He was a doctor with medical ethics, but he was also a hot-blooded young man. Facing a perfect body that’s emanating charm, it’s unavoidable for him to have other thoughts in his heart.

There was a delicate fragrance that emanated from Cai Yan’s body, which Su Tao wasn’t unfamiliar with because he was injecting Qi into her body to ease out the stagnation in several of her ‘Yin’ acupoints.

There’s no way to treat the Heavenly Yin Body, and he could only nourish it by infusing Qi into her acupoints. After the Qi circulated one round, Cai Yan’s pale face started to look rosy with a gloss and beads of sweat on her face.

The medicine that Su Guangsheng had used for treating Cai Yan still remained in her body. So it was triggered by his Qi and it slowly fused, nourishing Cai Yan’s five viscera and six bowels to achieve Yin-Yang balance in her body.

Su Tao gently blew out a breath and his hands retracted as he smiled. “It’s suppressed, for now. I’ll give you another massage next month when it relapses.”

Seeing the exhaustion in Su Tao’s eyes, Cai Yan replied, “You’ve worked hard.”

Su Tao’s gaze was attracted by Cai Yan’s chest, since her shirt stuck close to her skin due to the sweat, vaguely showing her bosom. He faintly smiled. “It’s my duty.”

Sensing Su Tao’s strange gaze, Cai Yan cursed him in her heart before her face turned stern. “Is there anything else? If not, please leave.”

Before Su Tao could recover, he had already been heartlessly pushed out of the room by Cai Yan.

But if he continued to stay in her room, then he might have done something out of his animal instincts.

Cai Yan was also on the verge of falling into his hands. Her eyes were filled with charm and passion when she looked at Su Tao. Cai Yan was afraid that she would fall if Su Tao stayed in her room any longer.

After the shower, Mrs. She stepped out of the bathroom with a well-figured middle-aged man lying on the bed. He was topless, revealing his lean muscles and, looking at this scene, Mrs. She couldn’t help clamping her legs together as her face turned hotter.

The middle-aged man wasn’t her husband, Nie Haitian, but the man known as the Medicine King, Xu Tiande.

Xu Tiande was currently smoking, spinning his hand in the smoke. Mrs. She’s bathrobe dropped to the ground, revealing her appealing lingerie. Her body slightly leaned forward and her butt perked up, vaguely showing her lower body.

Xu Tiande chuckled as he stood up and walked over, removing the shower cap on Mrs. She’s head and grabbed onto her wet hair, then pinned her against the wall.

Mrs. She groaned as she pushed the teacups on the table and barely propped her body upwards. She felt a burning pain. Xu Tiande was too domineering, he didn’t give her the time to breathe and treated her like a puppet.

Half an hour later, Mrs. She was tossed to the bed and she was looking at Xu Tiande. “Tiande, you’re too formidable. Compared to you, Nie Haitian is a weakling.”

Xu Tiande walked over and held onto Mrs. She’s chin, then sneered, “Don’t compare me with him, you slut!”

When he finished his words, he gave a slap on Mrs. She’s face.

Not only was Mrs. She not furious, she even smiled. “I insist on comparing. I’m happy to see you, jealous.”

Xu Tiande gave another slap on her face and cursed, “You’re a whore.”

Mrs. She chuckled, “Yeah, if it wasn’t for a slut and whore like me, how can you, Xu Tiande, swallow up the assets of the Nie Family for yourself?”

With a wicked smile, Xu Tiande rubbed Mrs. She’s face and gently said, “The cheaper you are, the more intoxicated I am with you.”

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