Chapter 59 - Xiao Jingjing’s Counterattack

Chapter 59 - Xiao Jingjing’s Counterattack

Yu Bo’s refusal caused his cousin to be enraged, before he turned to explain with an awkward expression, “Uncle Feng, the young are being insensible. Why don’t you give me face and let me resolve this matter?”

Liu Qian, who stood beside Chen Lingfeng, whispered to him before he said, “Actually, my requirements aren’t high. I only want that wench, Xiao Jingjing, to kneel and beg for my forgiveness!”

The cousin was stunned and soon figured out that it wasn’t Yu Bo that offended Chen Lingfeng, but someone else, instead. He felt regret in his heart; he wouldn’t have come if he knew about it, since Chen Lingfeng was an infamous figure in Hanzhou!

His territories all belonged to the grey regions, such as the ice rink, arcade, internet café and snooker zones. All of them were located on the border of the city. Naturally, his main profits weren’t from those. There were rumours that Chen Lingfeng had a close relationship with a drug lord, distributing drugs throughout his grey regions.

There were also rumours that Chen Lingfeng had several guns with him, all given to him by that drug lord. The crucial factor was that provoking Chen Lingfeng might result in provoking the criminals that lived in the grey regions.

Chen Lingfeng cleared his throat. He was also an authoritative figure in Hanzhou, so there’s no need for him to make things hard for a bunch of students. After all, it wouldn’t look good for his reputation, so he generously said, “Things aren’t that complicated. Get that girl to kowtow before my adopted daughter and apologise. Then, we’ll call this matter off.”

Su Tao sighed. The underground society didn’t recognise any right or wrong. He walked towards Yu Bo and faintly said to Chen Lingfeng, “Do you know the reason behind this matter?”

Chen Lingfeng cast an indifferent eye at Su Tao and sneered, “There’s no need for me to know. Young man, the underground society is a complicated place, and only the powerful speak here, and right now, my fists are bigger than yours, so I can judge who is right and wrong!”

Su Tao knitted his brows. “Why do you think that your fists are bigger than mine?”

Chen Lingfeng laughed, “Isn’t that obvious?”

Shaking his head, Su Tao replied, “We have to compete to know whose fists are bigger!”

“What a great tone you have there. It looks like I’ll have to show you some colours before you know how to back down.” Chen Lingfeng laughed while looking at Su Tao’s emotionless expression.

He then waved his hand. The bald man immediately ran towards Su Tao and took out a baton from his pocket. It was an extendable baton, often used by the government and they’re also popular amongst the citizens. It’s a three-tiered baton produced by the Armament Systems and Procedures Inc that were commonly used by American police.

But it was still four to five meters away before the bald man felt his wrist become numb and the baton fell onto the ground. Su Tao moved up and his right hand jabbed at the bald man’s chest, causing the bald man to be instantly dazed before he fell onto the ground.

Actually, the bald man already had his guard up after the earlier brief exchange with Su Tao, so he had figured out that Su Tao knew martial arts. However, he still couldn’t react in time before his fighting strength was robbed.

Chen Lingfeng’s face slightly changed before he instructed, “All of you, go!”

The few of them were also experienced in brawls, so they charged forth. However, Su Tao’s hand swiftly moved, and those men instantly fell onto the ground.

Chen Lingfeng’s face was drained of all colour before he pulled out a pistol from his waist and pointed it at Su Tao. “You’re pretty good. But what’s the use of having martial arts? Can you be faster than bullets?”

“At this distance, I really do dare compete with a bullet.” Su Tao faintly smiled.

Chen Lingfeng’s gaze turned cold. Just when he was about to pull the trigger, he suddenly felt a sharp pain from his index finger and noticed a needle deeply stuck between the nail and flesh. He instantly lost control of the pistol and it fell onto the ground.

Su Tao walked towards Chen Lingfeng and threw a kick. The latter was like a ball. He rolled a few meters away before Su Tao glanced at Liu Qian, whose face was drained of all colour. “Looks like my fists are bigger. According to the logic of your uncle, you should apologise to Xiao Jingjing!”

Liu Qian immediately panicked, since she never expected that Su Tao would be so overpowering, defeating all the grunts with a few moves.

Su Tao turned to Xiao Jingjing. The latter took a deep breath and walked before Liu Qian. Without Su Tao’s order, she had already raised her hand and started to slap Liu Qian.

She was venting all the grievances that she had pent up. Liu Qian never hid her displeasure for Xiao Jingjing and even mocked her. But before others, she would act like a big sister, taking care of her. But behind that façade, she had been humiliating Xiao Jingjing.

Finally, her hand was stopped and Su Tao sighed, “If you continue, you’ll be injured as well.”

At this moment, Liu Qian’s face was swollen and she looked dazed. A satisfied smile rose on the corner of Xiao Jingjing’s lips. “Compared to the ordeal that I have had to suffer in my heart, the pain in my hand is nothing in comparison.”

“Continue, then!” Su Tao speechlessly replied while shrugging his shoulders.

But surprisingly, Xiao Jingjing shook her head. “I’m not going to hit her anymore. Liu Qian, I only want to let you know that the reason why I took care of you isn’t because of your monetary support for me, but because I had pity for you. From the first day we became roommates, I knew that you didn’t come from a good family, either. However, you betrayed your body and soul to put up an image, so I felt pity for you. I hope that those slaps will wake you up so that you can face reality and life.”

Finishing her words, Xiao Jingjing walked out without turning back.

Su Tao never thought that there would be such a story behind this. On the contrary, Liu Qian held onto her mouth and wept. She felt that she had hidden it well with the luxurious cars that picked her up and the branded goods she wore. However, she never expected Xiao Jingjing to see through her façade this whole time.

Perhaps it was precisely the reason why Liu Qian felt jealous of Xiao Jingjing, since they both started on the same spot but ended up on different paths.

Xiao Jingjing took another path without shortcuts and encountered Su Tao, who scouted her talent and accepted her as his disciple. Not only did she obtain excellent results in Huainan TCM University’s tournament, she even earned quite a bit from selling skincare products.

The most insane matter was that the freckles on her face disappeared, her skin turned pale, and she removed her clumsy-looking glasses. She transformed into the Bella of the school, adored by many men.

Liu Qian couldn’t accept Xiao Jingjing’s changes, so she wanted to destroy Xiao Jingjing at all cost.

However, Xiao Jingjing’s words hurt even more than her slaps. They had utterly destroyed Liu Qian’s false pride and arrogance.

Seeing Xiao Jingjing's leaving figure, Su Tao looked at her with a complicated expression. At this moment, Xiao Jingjing had broken the cocoon and transformed into a butterfly. Only when she was strong in her heart, could she be considered to have matured.

When Yu Bo’s cousin saw how Su Tao easily dealt with Chen Lingfeng, he shook his head and left. He didn’t want to attract any trouble onto himself.

When Zhao Jian and the rest came out, all of them felt heavy in their hearts. They felt as if the sky had collapsed. After all, they’re only students, so it was natural that they would feel uneasy after offending someone so powerful.

After a brief consideration, Su Tao sent a message to Yan Jing. “You have previously said that no matter what problems I have in Hanzhou, you can deal with them?”

Soon after, his phone rang. Su Tao picked it up and laughed, “Chairman Yan, you replied pretty quickly!”

Yan Jing sighed, “You have been causing quite a bit of trouble lately. You caused trouble in a pub two days ago and even trashed a place today. Why do I feel like you’re not a doctor but a small hot-blooded hoodlum?”

Su Tao faintly smiled. “You’re wrong. At the very least, I should be considered a big hoodlum. Oh, right, your information isn’t accurate. I’ve even beaten a fatty called Uncle Feng.”

After a brief silence, Yan Jing’s sigh resounded from the other side of the phone, “Is it Chen Lingfeng? That fella is not a pushover; how did you offend him? His identity is a little complicated and is even closely related to some criminals… Forget it. I’ll get Geng Hong to clean up for you. But you have to stop for a while, or you’ll mess up the entire Hanzhou.”

Su Tao felt touched from Yan Jing’s words. Although he wasn’t worried about those people taking revenge, it would affect the Three Flavour Hall’s operation if they came to take revenge.

Su Tao smiled, “Truly my partner. It feels comfortable with a backing like you!”

Yan Jing replied in disdain, “It’s because your Beautifying Cream will bring huge benefits to me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t give a damn about you.”

“How has Hua Yan been these few days?” Su Tao suddenly changed the topic.

Yan Jing sighed, “She has been pestering me to look for you. Looks like she’s very reliant on you.”

Su Tao smiled. “Alright, I’ll treat the two of you to food this weekend in return.”

Yan Jing nodded her head. “At least you have some conscience.”

Hanging up the phone, Su Tao waved his hand towards Zhao Jian and they moved aside before he said, “Don’t feel pressure about today’s matter. I have already settled it.”

Doubt flashed on Zhao Jian’s face before he asked in a worried voice, “Master, how are you going to deal with it?”

Su Tao faintly smiled. “Don’t underestimate me. Actually, I have another special identity.”

He had a close relationship with the Queen of the Underground Society, the Poisonous Widow. Using special to describe it was an understatement.

Seeing how Su Tao was skilled in both medical and martial arts, Zhao Jian definitely believed Su Tao’s words. He lowered his voice, “I know! You must be from the special forces in the past like novels online, but you have to return to the city due to special circumstances. But in fact, you’re very powerful, and you can simply move your fingers to deal with those small fries like Chen Lingfeng.”

Su Tao was stunned when he heard Zhao Jian’s words; he was flabbergasted by Zhao Jian’s imagination. However, Zhao Jian still failed to guess his history. Su Tao coughed with a guilty conscience. “Remember this, I’m a low-profile person.”

Zhao Jian heavily nodded his head. “I will definitely keep this secret for Master.”

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