Chapter 58 - Flower Jealous of the Sidekick

Chapter 58 - Flower Jealous of the Sidekick

It’s typical for fights between students, especially something as violent as the Muay Thai Club. Generally, the injuries wouldn’t implicate the school or police station. Firstly, none of those members were clean, to begin with. Secondly, they would be a laughing stock if this matter was known.

Even if the Basketball Team didn’t help much, Zhao Jian still treated everyone to the nearby Yonghe Soybean for breakfast.

Yu Bo requested a cube of ice from the waiter while rubbing his swollen face. He grinned while facing Su Tao. “Physician Su, are you still accepting disciples? Your flying needles skills are truly godly, and I want to learn from you.”

Seeing Su Tao remain quiet, Xiao Jingjing said, “Yu Bo, my Master excels in medical skills. If you’re willing to learn, my Master might consider. But if you’re thinking of learning how to fight, I’m afraid that he might not pay any attention to you.”

Yu Bo shrugged before he turned to Zhao Jian and laughed, “The mouth of this Senior Sister of yours is pretty powerful.”

“Brother Bo, stop messing around. My Master will not accept you.” Zhao Jian chuckled.

Su Tao finally opened his mouth. “Actually, saving and hurting someone is the same. Zhao Jian’s acupuncture has been progressing pretty good lately. In about two or three years, he can also do something like what I did today.”

Hearing Su Tao’s words, Zhao Jian immediately revealed joy as he smiled. “Master, please be rest assured. From today onward, I will surely work hard in my acupuncture skills.”

Seeing that Su Tao wouldn’t accept him, Yu Bo awkwardly smiled before he tore the deep-fried breadstick into pieces and put them into the soy milk. “I guess Old K will definitely not let the matter rest because of this. You guys just be careful, I’ll call my cousin at night to have him deal with this matter.”

Zhao Jian immediately turned unhappy. “What is there to deal with? He started the matter first, anyways.”

Waving his hand, Yu Bo lowered his voice, “It’s not that simple. I heard that Old K took money to create trouble for Xiao Jingjing.”

“Who is the mastermind?” Zhao Jian knitted his brows.

“I’m not too sure.” Yu Bo shook her head.

Xiao Jingjing sighed as her expression turned stern. “I know who it is!”

Zhao Jian suddenly slammed his hand on the table and raged, “Tell me who it is. They’ll see if I don’t kill him.”

“Liu Qian, my roommate.” Xiao Jingjing shook her head as she continued, “Last week, when I returned, I found out that she secretly threw my stuff out. When I confronted her, she denied this matter and even said that she would get someone to create trouble for me. A day later, Old K started to harass me while I was selling the Beautifying Cream.”

“It makes sense now. I’ve heard of this Liu Qian, she’s wealthy and has strong social abilities. I often see luxurious cars picking her up.” Yu Bo nodded his head.

Xiao Jingjing sighed, “I felt that my relationship with her was pretty good in the past. But recently, she has been filled with hostility for me.”

Su Tao had seen Liu Qian once, and she was more mature than the other students with deep experience as well. He knitted his brows as he analysed, “A girl’s jealousy is extremely terrifying. Initially, you’re just a sidekick when you’re beside her, while she’s the flower. But your roles have suddenly changed, so it’s unavoidable for her to feel jealousy and want to cause trouble for you.”

Xiao Jingjing fell into silence after hearing Su Tao’s words with a complicated expression on her face. 

After a brief pondering, Su Tao said to Xiao Jingjing, “We have to thoroughly resolve this matter. You give Liu Qian a call and call her out. This matter has to be resolved.”

Instantly, Yu Bo turned energetic as he rubbed his palms. “I’ll call my cousin now. With him around, there won’t be a problem.”

Looking at Su Tao’s gentle gaze, Xiao Jingjing sighed before she called Liu Qian.

The phone was picked up and Liu Qian coldly said from the other side with her brows knitted, “What is it?”

Xiao Jingjing adjusted her emotions with a deep breath and said, “You’re the one that got Old K to harass me, right?”

With her brows knitted, Liu Qian mocked, “Indeed, it was me, so what? Are you feeling happy right now? Isn’t it blissful for a tasteless girl like you to be wooed?”

Xiao Jingjing never expected Liu Qian to acknowledge the matter. She suppressed the rage in her heart. “Liu Qian, we have been roommates for three years, and I have treated you well. I was the one that took care of you when you returned drunk, I even helped you wash your clothes and sun your bedsheets, most of the time…”

Liu Qian sneered as she interrupted Xiao Jingjing, “Hold on! Don’t make yourself seem so noble. I was the one that replenished your meal card, and it can be my payback to you. In my eyes, you’re merely a maid. Our relationship is that of an employer and employee, so I don’t owe you anything!”

Hearing her words, Xiao Jingjing was thoroughly angered, since she never thought that Liu Qian would be so harsh in her words. “Let’s meet up, it’s time to resolve this matter.”

With her brows raised, Liu Qian replied, “Sure, we’ll meet in Goofy Ice Rink half an hour from now. Oh right, bring more people with you, in case you suffer if a brawl occurs.”

Liu Qian clearly had no idea that Old K had been beaten up in the Muay Thai Club.

After hanging up the phone, Liu Qian removed the fat hand on her chest with her brows knitted and sighed, “You’ve heard it. That bitch from my dorm wants to resolve this matter with me. Uncle Chen, you have to help me!”

“You little vixen, you tormented me last night for so long, and you’re still not letting me get more sleep in the morning.” Chen Lingfeng yawned as he looked at his watch.

Liu Qian’s hand wandered on Chen Lingfeng’s body. Her hand wandered down as she blew wind into his ears with a smile and her eyes narrowed. “Uncle Chen, you’re still vigorous. You’re throwing in the towel so easily?”

Chen Lingfeng chuckled before he flipped around and pressed Liu Qian beneath him, groping her chest. “What a vixen, see if this uncle doesn’t play you to death.”

After speaking, he stuck his crotch out, nearly causing Liu Qian to vomit. However, she soon got used to the violence and tightened her mouth with her hands holding onto it. It’s as if she was savouring a hotdog with sounds of it hitting the back of her throat.

A few minutes later, Chen Lingfeng moaned and turned over on the bed. Although Liu Qian’s appearance was considered ordinary, and she didn’t have a good figure, she was especially wild on the bed, which made Chen Lingfeng infatuated with her.

Liu Qian wiped her mouth with a tissue, then she moved to Chen Lingfeng’s ears and whispered with a smile that caused Chen Lingfeng to chuckle and replied, “Since you’re so obedient, uncle will definitely help you. Let uncle rest a few minutes before going with you.”

The Goofy Ice Rink’s business was pretty good, since there were several girls with their hair dyed skating. There were even some punks smoking on the side. None of them looked over 18, and they belonged to the category of school dropouts without anyone to control them at home.

Roughly ten-odd minutes later, a car stopped outside the Ice Rink and a bald man with a flower-patterned shirt and sunglasses walked over to the security guard. “Close down this area, the boss is going to use this place to talk.”

After those girls and punks were chased out, the bald man spoke a few words through the walkie-talkie. After that, a black car stopped by the door and Chen Lingfeng walked down along with Liu Qian beside him, hooking her arm over Chen Lingfeng’s.

Chen Lingfeng’s height was 5’8”, but due to his plump size, he looked like a wooden pile. His face was round and fair with a small scar by the corner of his eye that contained killing intent.

Seeing that the other party was young, Chen Lingfeng suddenly felt contempt before he knitted his brows. “Who is it that provoked you? Point them out to me, and I’ll deal with this matter for you.”

“That woman.” Liu Qian glanced at Xiao Jingjing.

Chen Lingfeng nodded. “Drag her over.”

The bald man grinned, “Sure boss, please wait for a moment!”

The two highest buttons of the bald man weren’t buttoned, revealing his chest hair and tiger tattoo. When he walked over, he caused the party over at the Basketball Team to slightly tremble. Although they often got into fights, they’re still inferior to the underground society. So their aura was lacking in comparison.

Yu Bo was still calm as he said, “Hold on a minute. We’ll wait for my cousin here before we start to talk.”

The bald man was stunned before he laughed, “Talk? Talk to your mother!”

He took bigger steps and quickly arrived beside Yu Bo, then threw a slap over. However, Su Tao, who stood beside Yu Bo gently knocked the bald man’s hand, causing the bald man to lose strength in his arm.

Yu Bo felt beads of sweat on his forehead before his phone rang at this moment. He immediately picked it up. “Cousin, you’re here? We’re waiting inside for you guys.”

At this moment, the bald man was gently pushed by Su Tao, then took several steps back. When he recovered, he looked at Su Tao with fear since he knew that Su Tao knew martial arts.

Yu Bo’s cousin brought three people with him. When he entered and saw Chen Lingfeng, his face immediately changed. “Uncle Feng, sorry about this. My cousin failed to recognise Mount Tai and actually caused trouble in your territory. I will immediately take him away now.”

Chen Lingfeng looked at the person for a long time. Clearly, he had no idea about the person’s identity, before the bald man walked towards him and introduced him.

Nodding his head, Chen Lingfeng said, “You’re someone from the Lame Ding’s side? Even if Lame Ding is here, I am also qualified to teach his underlings how to do things. In terms of qualification, I’m more senior than him. You can stand on the side and watch. Uncle Feng will teach you how to teach youngsters today.”

Yu Bo’s cousin revealed an embarrassed expression before he signalled to Yu Bo. “Why aren’t you apologising to Uncle Feng?”

Yu Bo initially felt that his cousin was powerful. He never thought that his cousin would be bowing his head towards Chen Lingfeng, so he immediately felt disappointed in his heart. But then again, he could tell that Chen Lingfeng wasn’t your average hoodlum, but an authoritative figure in Hanzhou.

Zhao Jian saw the difficult situation that Yu Bo was placed in and said, “Brother Bo, why don’t you stop interfering in this matter?”

“Are you looking down on me?” Yu Bo stared at Zhao Jian as he turned to his cousin. “If you’re not helping, then leave. I will not apologise to him.”

Yu Bo was a hot-blooded man, and in comparison, his cousin lacked a little loyalty.

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