Chapter 57 - Hand Hurting from Slapping

Chapter 57 - Hand Hurting from Slapping

Xiao Jingjing noticed that Zhao Jian and Wang Peng had been behaving suspiciously after breakfast. After prying their mouths open, she found out that they’re going out with Su Tao to seek justice. So it turned out that Zhao Jian got beaten up because of her without her knowledge, so she also requested to go along after knowing about it.

Since the matter arose because of Xiao Jingjing, she would be able to resolve the problem once and for all if she came with. Thus, Su Tao got Wang Peng to remain in the Three Flavour Hall, while he brought Zhao Jian and Xiao Jingjing to the school.

When they reached the gate, Zhao Jian told Su Tao and Xiao Jingjing to briefly wait while he called his friends from the Basketball Team, rushing them over.

Roughly ten minutes later, Zhao Jian’s friends arrived, but they still looked sleepy since it was still early in the morning.

Su Tao looked at them, all of them looked robust and tall. Even the shortest one had a height in the 5’9”, while the tallest stood at nearly 6’5”. Standing between them, Su Tao looked extremely ordinary.

“Jian, why did you call us so early in the morning? We went to a BBQ last night, and we still haven’t had our fill of sleep.” The one standing at the front lazily said.

Zhao Jian immediately introduced, “Brother Bo, Old K goes to the Muay Thai Club in the morning. It’s just the right time for us to find him.”

Brother Bo shrugged. “Old K is arrogant in the school. I have been turning a blind eye to it since he never provoked our Basketball Team. But since he beat you up, then we’ll go look for him to settle this matter today.”

Zhao Jian smiled in excitement. “Brother Bo truly values loyalty. I’ll treat you guys to breakfast after this matter is done.”

Brother Bo nodded and noticed Su Tao and Xiao Jingjing before he said, “Jian, are those two your friends?”

Zhao Jian had no intention to hide, so he introduced, “This is my Master. His medical skills are excellent, just look for him if you guys have any injuries in the future, I guarantee that you will be good as new. This is my Senior Sister, Xiao Jingjing.”

“Xiao Jingjing is the Bella of the school; we naturally know about her.” Brother Bo’s eyes beamed as he smiled while facing Su Tao. “So you are Jian’s Master? I never expected you to be so young, and he has been praising your skills before us. Do show us a skill or two when you’re free.”

Su Tao faintly smiled. “You have an old injury on your right ankle joint, pay a visit to the Three Flavour Hall for acupuncture when you’re free.”

Brother Bo was stunned before he looked at Zhao Jian. Zhao Jian had a proud smile on his face, and at the same time, he signalled to Brother Bo that he never told Su Tao about Brother Bo’s old injuries.

Raising his thumbs to Su Tao, Brother Bo smiled. “You’re something, indeed. I’ll look for you after the matter is done.”

Brother Bo was the Captain of the Basketball Team and strongly valued loyalty and started to plan strategies with the test. Brother Bo would be going in the front, and the rest would cover him. If it turned into a mass brawl, then Brother Bo would be covering the medical bills. Judging from his tone, Su Tao could guess that he probably came from a well-known family.

Naturally, their strategies excluded Su Tao. Although Su Tao was Zhao Jian’s Master, no one felt that he could fight after judging from his elegant and feeble appearance.

Brother Bo stood outside the Muay Thai Club and kicked on the door. The ten-odd people inside instantly turned their attention over while Brother Bo knitted his brows. “Where is Old K? Get him to come out.”

A dark-skinned man with a height of roughly 5’7” threw a heavy jab on the sandbag while sneering and walked towards the door. He wore a white headband, had sharp eyes and a ferocious appearance. He briefly looked at Brother Bo before his gaze fell onto Zhao Jian and moved to Xiao Jingjing.

“Finally learned how to be smart. If you want to find trouble, then at least bring a few people to back you up.” Old K raised his head and looked at Brother Bo. “You must be Yu Bo of the Basketball Team, right? I’ve been yearning to look for you for a fight.”

Brother Bo pointed at Old K and faintly said, “We’ll fight 1-on-1, and if you lose, you will apologise to my brother.”

Old K shook his head. “How can I lose? No deal. Since you dared to kick on the door of my club, then don’t think of leaving. Even the Bella of the school has to stay behind and chat with us.”

Finishing his words, he snapped his fingers and a few spectating members of the club stopped what they were doing and surrounded them.

Brother Bo knitted his brows. “You want a mass brawl?!”

Old K smiled. “Right on. We’re going to bully you with the advantage of numbers, blame yourself for sending yourself right up our door.”

Brother Bo cursed before he threw a kick towards Old K.

Even if Old K practised Muay Thai, he did not dare to let his guard down when facing Brother Bo. The reason why competitions were separated into weight classification was that weight could affect the fighting strength of one. Even if a lightweight champion fought with LeBron James in the ring, there’s an 80% chance that the champion would lose. The difference in weight would also mean the difference in strength behind the punch and resistance.

However, Old K was exceptionally agile and he dodged that kick with a duck and bent down before he threw a low kick towards Brother Bo. Brother Bo groaned and took two steps back before he felt a sharp pain in his bones.

Old K coldly sneered and immediately put up a stance. He raised his fists before him with one knee raised to cover his lower body’s weakness. The top of his toes occasionally touched the ground as he swiftly approached Brother Bo before twisting his body and unleashed a rampage towards Brother Bo’s face.

However, Brother Bo swiftly reacted and threw out a jab at Old K’s chest. However, the other party’s elbow also managed to fly across his face, instantly making him feel dizzy.

Old K revealed a proud smile and mocked, “Ah Bo of the Basketball Team, I never expected you to be so weak that you can’t even take a hit. Brothers, go up and make them stay. But don’t hurt the Bella, she is your brother’s future wife.”

The members of the Muay Thai Club laughed, and someone moved. One of them threw a kick while the rest pounced forth as well. Despite the Basketball Team’s members having the advantage in size, they couldn’t deal with so many at once. After a brief confrontation, they were all retreating and even suffered light injuries.

Zhao Jian helped Brother Bo up and whispered, “Why don’t we back down today? I never thought that there would be so many people inside.”

Brother Bo felt that half of his face, which was struck by the elbow, was numb and cursed, “It’s because I have not fully sobered up from the alcohol last night. My legs are still feeling soft. Retreat, then.”

However, the Muay Thai Club’s door was suddenly closed with two people guarding the door.

On the Basketball Team’s side, there were two that had already fallen onto the floor.

Su Tao still hadn’t made his move. The Basketball Team wouldn’t suffer so severely at the beginning, but he never expected that the members of the Muay Thai Club would be so vicious, they even took metal rods. The Basketball Team members were all flesh and blood, so they lost the majority of their fighting strength when they suffered a blow.

Su Tao was surprised that Xiao Jingjing did not look frightened. Her gaze was composed, but due to her being a girl, she had no idea how to fight.

The Basketball Team had also formed a circle to protect Xiao Jingjing and Su Tao. But with them being defeated, there was someone who swiftly brandished a rod towards Su Tao, causing Xiao Jingjing to exclaim.

However, the situation did not go as she had expected. That person’s hand trembled, and the rod was stopped in mid-air before falling onto the ground. His face was covered with a sinister expression as he cried out, “That brat is playing dirty! He used needles against me!”

Su Tao walked over and gave him a kick in his abdomen. “Did we state not to use hidden weapons before the fight began?”

That man had been knocked out by that kick. A few saw the situation on Su Tao’s side, they charged over and focused on Su Tao, relieving the pressure on the Basketball Team’s members.

There were roughly eight that surrounded him, but Su Tao’s gaze was on Old K, who was beating Zhao Jian. You had to catch the bandit king to deal with the bandits, so he had to swiftly take Old K down.

Although Su Tao looked relaxed, his movements were swift. It was a strange scene, since every movement of his would cause a needle to shoot out and knock a person onto the ground.

Old K was also paying attention to Su Tao while knitting his brows. He immediately abandoned Zhao Jian and pounced towards Su Tao. He knew that Su Tao had hidden weapons, so he casually picked up a sandbag to cover as a shield.

However, Su Tao’s skill wasn’t something that could be learnt in a few days. As long as the range was within ten meters, he could easily achieve accuracy. Old K immediately felt his knee joints losing strength and he fell onto the ground with his face falling first.

Before he could recover, Su Tao had already walked over and stepped on his neck, which instantly made Old K feel powerless.

Zhao Jian and Brother Bo exchanged a look since everything happened too quickly. They initially thought that they would be thrashed today, but the situation had suddenly flipped around.

In less than ten minutes, the battle started with the Basketball Team losing before Su Tao made his move and flipped the entire situation around.

Brother Bo whispered to Zhao Jian, “How did your Master knock them down?”

Zhao Jian was also at a loss before he shook his head with a bitter smile. “I have no idea, either!”

Brother Bo gruffly said, “You’re his disciple, and you have no idea about his fighting skills? You’re simply blind!”

Zhao Jian bitterly smiled and shook his head. “I thought that he’s just a doctor. I never expected him to be so skilled in fighting as well. If I knew about it, why would I make such a big fuss?”

Brother Bo nodded as he rubbed his face. “Just his martial skills alone; it’s all worth it for you to have him as your Master.”

Su Tao waved his hand at Zhao Jian. “Come here.”

Zhao Jian nodded his head and lifted the leg that was nearly broken by Old K earlier before walking over. “Master, you’re too powerful! I never thought that you would have such skills hidden!”

Su Tao faintly smiled and held Old K up, “Beat him.”

Zhao Jian glanced at Old K. Even if he felt powerless, his gaze still showed a ferocious look.

He rubbed his hand and hesitated. “It feels a little like beating someone when he’s down. I can’t bear to lay my hand.”

Su Tao sighed and spoke with disappointment, “You called so many people over to seek justice. Now that he is already before you, why are you hesitating?”

Zhao Jian took a deep breath. “Then, I’ll do it!”

A slap landed on Old K’s face before Old K revealed a smile and said with a hoarse voice, “Fuck, have you not eaten? You hit like a girl, and it’s not the slightest bit painful!”

Shaking his head, Su Tao replied, “See? He has not been beaten enough, continue!”

Suddenly, Zhao Jian felt that Su Tao was different from his usual state when he saw Su Tao’s gaze. It was practically beyond his control that he did according to what Su Tao had wished, he raised his fist and punched Old K in the face.




Only a bashing sound rang out in the Muay Thai Club as Old K was beaten beyond recognition.

Even Brother Bo and the rest of the Basketball Team couldn’t bear to look at it, since the scene was too bloody.

God-knows how long later, Su Tao finally said, “That’s enough.”

Zhao Jian felt his fist numb as he looked at Old K, who had fainted and said in a worried tone, “He wouldn’t have died, right?”

“As an experienced doctor, I can tell you that he merely suffered from a concussion. He will recover after staying in the hospital for two months.” Su Tao smiled.

Zhao Jian was relieved upon hearing Su Tao’s words and laughed, “Man, this fella’s face is so thick even my hand is starting to hurt.”

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