Chapter 56 - Mother and Daughter that looks like Sisters

Chapter 56 - Sisters-like Mother and Daughter

After they settled their dinner in the café while discussing the matters of the investment, Vera sent Su Tao back to the Three Flavour Hall. But from the beginning till the end, there wasn’t anything about love affairs. After sending Su Tao back to the Three Flavour Hall, Vera knitted her brows before she called Michelle. “Where are you now? I’ll come and look for you.”

Michelle smiled. “I’m in a pub, looking for love, you want to come as well?”

Vera rolled her eyes. “Send me the address, and I’ll be there shortly.”

Michelle sat on a small loft in the pub with two bottles of foreign liquor on the table. There was also various assortments of snacks on the plate and she occasionally tossed peanuts into her mouth. When she saw Vera’s arrival, she waved her hand to the waiter and ordered another bottle of liquor and cake.

Michelle looked at Vera, and when she saw that Vera’s face was tensed up, she smiled. “Why are you so fierce when it has been some time since we last met?”

Vera sighed, “Mother, why are you not respecting me?”

“How am I not respecting you? If I don’t respect you, why would I travel to Hanzhou? Isn’t it because I’m worried about you getting cheated?” Michelle shook her head.

Vera sourly replied, “Is your daughter so easily cheated?”

Michelle sighed, “I’m especially worried since you’re inexperienced in this. Don’t underestimate the might of love, and anyone can fall in it. Some made a comparison of love and a cult, which I deeply agree.”

Vera was shocked before she looked at Michelle. “You've been hurt?”

Rolling her eyes at Vera, Michelle acknowledged, “That’s right! Your mother was a fool in the past, and she even wanted to cut the relationship with her father because of love. In the end, that person chose power over love.”

“Then, you abandoned yourself to despair and chose my father?” Vera pursued.

Michelle nodded. “Although your father isn’t a sweet person, he’s more mature. He also gave me sufficient respect because of the marriage. After all, I was like a clown, akin to a dirty rag that was thrown away in the previous relationship.”

Vera looked at Michelle. This was the first time that she saw such emotions on her joyful mother.

“Who is that person? And where is he now?” Vera couldn’t help her curiosity.

Michelle sighed, “We have already cut contact. When love disappears, it will be kept in the bottom of the heart that won’t be touched again.”

Vera took a sip of liquor. It was a burning taste in her mouth before she looked at Michelle. “That means that you're not optimistic that Su Tao and I can walk till the end?”

“Correct, because the gap between the two of you is too wide. However, if it’s just purely dating and not getting married, then it’s not a problem.” Michelle gently poked Vera in the head.

Vera was shocked. “Michelle, your views in life and value is twisted.”

Michelle rolled her eyes, “That’s because I’m anxious. You’re already in your twenties, and you’re still a virgin. Why wouldn’t I find it weird? I even once thought that you’re homosexual!”

Vera’s forehead was instantly covered with lines. She didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. “Is there a mother that would say such things about her own daughter?”

She had hysteria in the past, so aside from work, how could there be other guys close to her?

Michelle cleared her throat and continued, “But I’m letting you know in advance. I’m allowing you to date, hold hands, kiss or even sex. But never speak about marriage, that’s your father’s bottom line!”

Vera widened her eyes. “Only dating and not marriage, how can you have such thoughts?”

Michelle sighed, “Remember, marriage is the grave of love. Unless you want him to leave you, then use marriage to kill love.”

Vera replied in disdain, “I will not be affected by you.”

“Then, let setbacks teach you how cruel love is.” Michelle sighed.

Vera gently snorted, “Why don’t we bet? If we managed to go that far together, then you must use half of your stash as dowry.”

Michelle instantly knitted her brows. “No way. Those are my babies!”

“Aren’t they still mine after you die?” Vera curled her lips.

“Unfilial girl, how can you curse your mother?” Michelle continued, “Even if I die, they will be buried with me.”

“Miser!” Vera briefly paused before speaking in a soft voice, “Michelle, thanks for coming.”

If Michelle wasn’t worried for her, would she come all the way and secretly meet with Su Tao?

Michelle attentively looked at Vera before her eyes and beamed as she exclaimed, “My heavens, when did your bust grow so big?”

Although the pub was pretty empty, there were still other customers. When they heard Michelle’s words, they immediately looked over. Vera instantly felt her face burning before she lowered her voice, “Sometimes, I feel embarrassed to be together with you.”

“Tormenting a vixen like you is truly joyful.” Michelle grinned.

Vera and Michelle, a mother and daughter with relationship as close as sisters!

When Su Tao finished showering, he passed by Cai Yan’s room and noticed that the lights were still on. He walked over and knocked the door, before Cai Yan coldly replied, “What is it?”

Su Tao knew that she was still furious, so he smiled. “I want to discuss something with you.”

“You can say it from out there. I’m listening.” Cai Yan replied in a frustrated voice.

Su Tao sighed, “Someone saw the potential in the Beautifying Cream and is preparing to invest in establishing a company.”

Cai Yan was surprised before she asked, “Is it that foreigner or married woman?”

A bitter smile plastered on Su Tao’s face as he replied, “Both of them are going to invest. There are some things that I would like to discuss with you.”

There wasn’t a reply from Cai Yan. She briefly pondered before she finally opened the door and pointed to a chair. “Sit.”

Su Tao sat on the chair and peeked at Cai Yan. She was wearing a loose white t-shirt that covered most of her thighs with white sandals and her red nail polish. It was an impactful scene.

“This is what I’ve decided!” Su Tao took a deep breath before saying, “My energy has to be placed on the Three Flavour Hall. But I need someone trustworthy to help me deal with the cosmetics company.”

Hearing Su Tao’s words, Cai Yan felt happy in her heart. So it turned out that her spot was that high in his heart, but her mouth spoke otherwise, “Xiao Jingjing is pretty good and capable. She is also your disciple; choosing her is the best choice.”

Su Tao faintly smiled. “Xiao Jingjing is still a student, and she doesn’t have much experience in life. Vera and Yan Jing are veterans in the business field, how can she fight with them?”

Cai Yan coughed, “You’re not thinking about me, right?”

Su Tao nodded. “That’s right. It’s perfect if you take part in the operations by representing the Three Flavour Hall. First of all, you have an outstanding appearance and also someone with a certain way of thinking. But the crucial factor is that I can trust you.”

Even if Cai Yan knew that Su Tao was drugging her with sweet words, she had loosened up her words, “Don’t trust me. You should be worried that I’ll do something behind your back.”

Su Tao laughed. He knew that Cai Yan was no longer that angry, so he replied, “It’s fine. Even if you want to stab me, I’m willing to take it.”

Cai Yan glared at him. “Stab you? It’ll only make my hands dirty.”

Cai Yan had a shrewd character, so it was fun bickering with someone like her. Su Tao took a deep breath and continued, “Then, we’ll decide with that.”

“Get lost!” Cai Yan rolled her eyes.

Seeing Su Tao staring at her, smiling with his eyes narrowed and wasn’t willing to leave, she stood up and pushed him. Su Tao could only accept it and got pushed out of the room before the door was slammed behind him.

Wang Peng popped his head out in astonishment. “Master, isn’t it a little awkward?”

Su Tao speechlessly waved his hand at Wang Peng. “Get lost, don’t make things worse.”

Wang Peng stuck his tongue out. He misunderstood, thinking Cai Yan rejected Su Tao. But after a brief ponder, he lowered his voice towards Su Tao, “Master, there’s another thing I have to tell you.”

Su Tao knitted his brows in puzzlement. “What is it?”

Wang Peng nudged his lips to the room next door. “Take a look at Zhao Jian, and you’ll know what’s going on.”

Su Tao gently slapped on the door. “Zhao Jian, open the door.”

A few seconds later, Zhao Jian opened the door with sunglasses. “Master, is there anything?”

Su Tao knitted his brows. “Why are you wearing sunglasses at night? Remove them and let me see your injuries.”

When Zhao Jian removed his sunglasses, his eyes were extremely swollen, but he smiled. “It’s nothing, I got in a small conflict with someone.”

Su Tao sighed, “Speak the truth, what happened?”

Zhao Jian glared at Wang Peng, since he instantly knew that he was betrayed by the latter. He stuttered as he said, “Senior Sister Xiao, she was harassed because she was selling Beautifying Cream in the school. I couldn’t idly stand by and watch, so I interfered and suffered a few punches…”

“Xiao Jingjing doesn’t know about this matter?” Su Tao guessed.

Zhao Jian nodded. “I’m afraid that Senior Sister would be worried and look for them.”

Su Tao knew Zhao Jian’s feelings for Xiao Jingjing, so he sighed, “I’ll make a trip with you to the school tomorrow.”

With a bitter face, Zhao Jian replied, “Those guys cannot be messed with. The name of the leader is Old K, a tyrant in the school and has connections in the underground society. I can deal with this myself.”

Zhao Jian was a member of the Basketball Team, so he had some skills when it came to fighting. However, the other party must be powerful to make Zhao Jian suffer.

“I am your master, and I have a responsibility to help you.” Su Tao placed his hand on Zhao Jian’s shoulder.

“Alright, then!” Zhao Jian knew that Su Tao was doing this out of goodwill. But he was also not a pushover. Inwardly, Zhao Jian decided to get a few helpers tomorrow.

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