Chapter 551 - My Comrade

For some reason, Su Tao’s heart would trump without fail whenever he hears the term ‘transaction.’

He wasn’t worried about suffering a loss, but he was hopeful of what he would be obtaining.

Although he’s not an authentic businessman, he’s still an expert in negotiation.

A transaction occurs when there’s a swap of resources with both parties, each taking what they need. Looking at Yuan Lan for a long time, Su Tao had a feeling that the scale of this transaction wouldn’t be small. Thus, he grew expectant about it.

“What is it?” Su Tao took a deep breath and continued, “As long as it’s not too much, I can consider it.”

“You have to agree to it!” Yuan Lan’s tone sounded cold and firm as she continued, “I’ve already sent that anesthesia you gave me to the research facility, in which they’ve determined that it will greatly benefit the country. Hence, we would like to purchase your recipe, and you can name your price!”

Su Tao’s anesthesia had already obtained the acknowledgment from the 33 Bureau’s technology department and they’ve reached a unanimous agreement in a short period that they have to obtain this medicine. After all, it would play a crucial role for agents when they’re executing special missions.

Country… what an enormous scale Yuan Lan has thrown out.

“What if I don’t agree to it?” Su Tao wasn’t too worried after falling into a disadvantageous position and smiled. “I’ve told you that this recipe is exclusive. We have to sacrifice for the country to give up on personal benefits for the en masse benefit, such as handing over a discovered precious antique to the country. But I’m a physician, and I rely on these recipes to make a living. If I sell the recipe off, wouldn’t I lose a huge portion of my income?”

“We can discuss the price, but you’re not allowed to be greedy.” Yuan Lan unhappily replied with her brows locked.

With a confident smile, Su Tao replied, “I will definitely not be selling the recipe, but I can provide you guys with the medicine. You can give me an order, and I will provide them to you. This way, you guys can obtain the medicine you want, while I can have a source of income. Isn’t it a win-win solution?”

“You’re greedy!” Yuan Lan commented as she continued, “You know how to conduct business more than I’ve imagined, but generally speaking, our partners must have a certain standard, and you don’t have that qualification.”

Waving his finger, Su Tao patiently explained, “Regardless of standard or qualification, it can be created with hard work. Most importantly, many enterprises might possess advanced technology or superior production lines, but can they create such outstanding medicine? They can’t, and that is where I have confidence in my competitiveness. If I’m seeking profits, I can easily find an investor to build a production line. You should know that I do not lack buyers; I can contact hospitals or organisations such as yours.”

As Yuan Lan fell into a long silence, she said, “The effect of the anesthetic you gave me previously has a good effect, and it’s extremely beneficial for the entire 33 Bureau, but it’s not appropriate to make an exception for just one medicine.”

“I actually have tons of recipes with me, and anesthetics is just one of them. Take the Beautifying Cream, for example. You’ve tested it, and you should know its effect. While this is a skincare product, it is also extremely effective as a medicine. As long as I optimise it a little, it can be used in the army. I believe that the 33 Bureau also has thoughts on such medicine as well, right?” Su Tao patiently persuaded.

As splendor flickered in Yuan Lan’s eyes, she replied, “You’ve guessed correctly. Truth be told, we’re also interested in your Beautifying Cream. The army often requires excellent external medication, especially on the battlefield, and this type of medication that permeates into the skin is universally applicable.”

Gravely nodding his head to Yuan Lan, Su Tao continued, “My intention is for the Three Flavour International to provide medicine for the 33 Bureau under a partnership method. As for the price, please trust that I will give you a fair price.”

“This is your motive behind treating me, right?” Yuan Lan asked in alert as she looked at Su Tao with a complicated gaze.

Immediately raising his head to the ceiling, Su Tao explained, “Don’t misunderstand, it was only something that I thought at that instant. Truth be told, I want to provide those prescriptions to the public, but it will definitely cause a negative influence. This sort of medication can only be used in our hands for more benefits and for fewer people to be harmed by it.”

Hearing his words, Yuan Lan froze. She shared the same view as Su Tao and reminded, “To have the intention to cooperate with the 33 Bureau proves that you’re bold. I will report this to my superior and seek instructions about it. At the same time, you must be prepared to be investigated.”

Gently patting Yuan Lan’s shoulder, Su Tao smiled. “If you can get this matter done, I will give you a huge red packet! Uh, commission, you know!”

“No need!” Yuan Lan’s brows raised as she slapped Su Tao’s hand away and continued, “Bribes have no effect on me!”

Sighing out, Su Tao curiously asked, “Aside from executing missions, don’t you have other hobbies? I feel that it will be dangerous for you to continue living your life in this manner.”

“Why?” Yuan Lan swept a glance at Su Tao. Although she knew that nothing good that comes out of Su Tao’s mouth, she was still curious about his conclusion.

“What’s the joy of life without any desire and aim? If a person has no joy in life, it will be easy for them to fall sick.” Su Tao used a deep gaze to look at Yuan Lan and continued, “For example, you’re in your twenties, but you’ve started to menopause, right?”

“Shut up!” Yuan Lan snapped as her eyes gushed with flames.

Shaking his head, Su Tao patiently persuaded, “When a woman no longer has a menstruation cycle, that means that she has half of her foot into old age. If this goes on for another year, your skin will start to wrinkle. As for sexual desires… you probably will have no idea about it your entire life… Putting it in a nutshell, you might experience menopause with your temper becoming fiercer and having health issues…”

At this moment, Yuan Lan’s face was practically pale as she listened to Su Tao’s nagging.

When she finally couldn’t take it anymore, she threw a jab at Su Tao’s abdomen. Looking at Su Tao, hugging his belly, Yuan Lan coldly said, “Don’t think that I will be grateful to you just because you’ve treated my scars.”

The force behind that punch was more terrifying than he had imagined.

It took Su Tao a long time for him to recover as he glared at Yuan Lan. “I’m a target to be protected, so how can you use violence against me?”

“Because you humiliated me.” Yuan Lan coldly replied.

Su Tao inwardly sighed. Although he was exaggerating, Yuan Lan’s earlier jab still caught him off guard.

Wearing a bitter smile, Su Tao responded, “I will definitely file a complaint against you.”

Sweeping a glance at Su Tao in disdain, Yuan Lan replied, “Starting from tomorrow, Hei Jing and Tang Shi will be responsible for protecting you.”

“What about you? Where are you going?” Su Tao asked, frozen.

“It’s a secret!” Yuan Lan said as she left the room.

Looking at Yuan Lan’s fragile yet bolted silhouette, Su Tao inwardly sighed. He knew that she must have received a new mission, and it might be dangerous. Although Yuan Lan was skilled and experienced, her missions were those that required her to face those on the same level as her. Putting things in an unsightly manner, this might be the last time they see each other.

“Pay attention to your safety!” Su Tao seriously said as he followed Yuan Lan out.

Hearing his words, Yuan Lan briefly froze before she disappeared into the elevator.

Su Tao inwardly sighed. Everyone knows that life is precious, and the reason why there’s a portion of people that neglects their safety is because they have to put their life on the line to protect more lives.

It’s the same as how doctors save the dying and help the injured, but their profession was even more respectable.

When Yuan Lan’s figure appeared, the side door of the van opened and Tang Shi smiled. “Captain, do you feel today?”

Sweeping a glance at Tang Shi, Yuan Lan patiently reminded, “Beijing currently has dangers lying around. We’re no longer in the shadows, but in the light, so we must be cautious.”

“Captain, don’t worry about it! After you leave, Vice-Captain Hei Jin and I will firmly stand our ground; we will definitely complete our mission. The Dragon Group is too weak, and not many of them can fight.”

Yuan Lan nodded her head upon hearing those words. Tang Shi might be a woman with a petite frame, but she’s exceptionally skilled. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have gotten into the 33 Bureau. After a brief consideration, Yuan Lan turned to Hei Jin. “Su Tao has agreed to cooperate with the 33 Bureau to provide the anesthetic and external injury medicine, but he does not intend to sell the prescriptions. He only wants to supply us.”

“Even I might not sell the rights to the prescriptions in his shoes. Su Tao has meticulous thoughts since he intends to use the medicine and the 33 Bureau to forge a close relationship with the military.” Hei Jing smiled.

Nodding her head, Yuan Lan solemnly replied, “According to Sire Shui, Su Tao can be considered one of us, so there’s no issue for this method of cooperation. But I’m worried right now that he still has no idea that he’s already a member of the Fire Beacon.”

Shaking his head, Hei Jin patiently consoled, “Su Tao is smart. Although he might seem cunning, he’s actually a loyal person deep down in his bones. I feel that he has already considered us as his comrades.”

“You seem to trust him a lot.” Yuan Lan was perplexed.

“Ever since he treated you, I’ve already considered him a comrade.” Hei Jin replied with a solemn voice.

Letting out a sigh, Yuan Lan commented, “Let’s hope that he will not disappoint the hopes that Sire Shui placed on him.”

“Our organisation became independent because of him, and I believe that he will exhibit his own worth in creating miracles.” Hei Jin comforted.

“What miracle?” Yuan Lan casually asked as she swept a glance at Hei Jin.

“Actually, it’s just a feeling, and I can’t describe it. But for some reason, I can feel that he will bring many new things.” Hei Jin replied.

At this moment, Tang Shi interrupted and gave her comment, “I feel that he will become everyone’s idol, a Divine Physician that everyone likes. If that’s the case, then our organisation can change to the Divine Physician Organisation.”

Rolling her eyes as she sourly glared at her subordinates, Su Tao seems to have recently affected the two’s mindsets. After all, Su Tao’s talent in medicine was too shocking.

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