Chapter 550 - Aspiration

After Ling Yu unpacked his luggage, Su Tao took out a stack of papers from his medical box and smiled. “Take a look at this when you’re free. What you want is in there.”

After immediately washing his hands, Ling Yu dried his hands and flipped through a few pages before he asked, “This is the theory for the Heavenseizing Hands?”

Nodding his head, Su Tao answered, “It might seem simple, but it won’t be easy to practice it. You will have to learn the Pulse Art first and store your Qi in your acupoints, while the Heavenseizing Hands is the method and trick to use the Qi.”

“You were right, the circulation method of this with the Rising Dawn Qi is completely different.” Ling Yu sighed.

Su Tao could understand the disappointment that Ling Yu was currently feeling. If the latter wished to learn the Heavenseizing Hands and Pulse Art, he would have to overthrow his previous theory. It was practically akin to crippling his own martial arts in wuxia novels to cultivate once more, and it required enormous courage.

Perhaps Ling Yu wouldn’t lack the courage to cultivate again, but as a disciple of the Medical Dao Sect, it would be disrespectful to his sect.

Seeing that Ling Yu’s brows were locked together as he fell into a dilemma, Su Tao smiled. “Actually, ancient medical arts have a common point. Although you’re not able to learn the systematic Heavenseizing Hands, you can try to practice the Pulse Art. It will be beneficial to strengthen your physique, and it won’t affect your original Qi cultivation method. It will only be beneficial to you.”

Giving a deep bow to Su Tao, Ling Yu expressed his gratitude, “Thank you, Senior Brother Su, for your generosity. I will study it seriously, and I will not let you down.”

Helping Ling Yu up, Su Tao smiled. “Actually, it’s not a secret since anyone who’s an employee of the Three Flavour Hall can practice the Pulse Art. But due to the differences in talent, not everyone can achieve an accomplishment in it.”

Looking at the papers again, Ling Yu asked, “Senior Brother Su, this seems to be a medical book, but I’ve never seen it before.”

“This comes from the Imperial Physician Scripture, and it can be considered a superior knowledge. There’s a lot of content, and the system is pretty complicated, so I only wrote down a portion of it. You can take a look at it first, and I’ll send the rest over once I’m done with them.” Su Tao smiled and did not hide it from Ling Yu.

Su Tao burnt the original copy of the Imperial Physician Scripture for Su Guangsheng.

However, Su Tao had already memorised the content by heart, and the version he wrote down included his own comprehension. Thus, it would only be even easier to understand than the original copy.

Collecting the completed Imperial Physician Scripture had always been Su Guangsheng’s dream, and Su Tao went ghost for the past decade to fulfill his grandfather’s dream.

Flipping through the papers, Ling Yu exclaimed in praises, “I’ve read many medical books, but the Imperial Physician Scripture is on a whole new level and simply leaves me in amazement.”

Su Tao knew that Ling Yu was truly talented. Ordinary physicians would only feel that the content of the Imperial Physician Scripture was outrageous, but Ling Yu managed to see how unique it was.

Thus, he explained the origin of this book to Ling Yu, “The Imperial Physician Scripture is a medical book that an ancestor of mine wrote after sorting through all the cases of imperial physicians throughout the dynasties. He was a medical genius who added many of his unique comprehensions in the process. At the same time, he was versed in both the Pulse Art and Heavenseizing Hands, which he recorded the cultivation technique in it.”

“So Senior Brother Su is also an heir of medical art as well. From the words used in the Imperial Physician Scripture, I can see the literary talent of the author. The author is definitely not inferior to the founder of my sect; they’re both absolute talents in the TCM industry.” Ling Yu sighed.

“TCM has never lacked in dazzling figures, but they’re just divided by sects through the inheritance that leads to TCM not having a simplified and common system.” Su Tao smiled.

“My master has also once commented on the current TCM’s situation in the same manner, and he also saw through the corruption in it.” Ling Yu sighed.

Hearing those words, Su Tao briefly froze and made a mental note that he must meet the Sect Master of the Medical Dao Sect if there’s an opportunity. Someone that could nurture such a talent like Ling Yu must have an amazing breadth of mind and ability.

Su Tao might seem extreme in the way he handles stuff, but his original intention wasn’t to go against the entire world. The occasional overstepping of his actions was just to give a wake-up call to the TCM industry and liven things up in the TCM industry.

After that, Ling Yu and Su Tao started to discuss the content of the Imperial Physician Scripture.

Although Ling Yu had a mild character, he showed a tough side of him when discussing the theory of TCM with many unique comprehensions that left Su Tao surprised and gained his own insights as well.

Then again, Ling Yu’s heart was also swept in a turmoil since he found another door opened to him through Su Tao’s words. As the saying goes, different routes will ultimately lead to the same destination, and it turned out that TCM had such a treatment medical system.

As the two of them chatted, they lost the concept of time.

It was only when the sun was going down that Su Tao bade his farewell, “I never imagined that it’s so late now. I’ll return first, and we can chat in the future when there’s time.”

Despite feeling reluctant about Su Tao’s departure, Ling Yu still wore a smile and replied, “Then, I’ll wait for Senior Brother Su to be free for me to seek guidance from you.”

Sending Su Tao to the door and seeing him disappearing into the alley, Ling Yu sighed before he gave a call to the Sect Master of the Medical Dao Sect.

“Master, I’ve  interacted with Su Tao for an entire afternoon and was deeply touched!” Ling Yu sighed and continued, “I’m inferior when compared to him!”

The Sect Master of the Medical Dao Sect knew that Ling Yu had his own pride despite having a mild temperament and smiled. “There’s always someone better in the world. With three people walking on the same path, there is bound to be something to learn. You should rejoice that such a person exists in the world.”

As Ling Yu smiled, he fell into silence again before his smile turns bitter. “Senior Brother Guofeng seems to have a grudge built against me!”

Although he shook his head with a bitter smile, he did not tell his master about the incident from the afternoon.

As the Sect Master of the Medical Dao Sect fell into a brief silence, he patiently said, “Wang Xi is an extraordinary physician with keen eyesight. He knows that Guofeng isn’t suitable as a physician, and this is also why he decided for Guofeng to leave the industry.”

“I’ve rejected the invitation of the Wang Family’s Pharmacy, so will it arouse their enmity and affect the sect?” Ling Yu asked in concern.

“Ling Yu, since when did you start to be concerned about the ways of the world?” The Sect Master of the Medical Dao Sect smiled.

“You wanted me to withdraw from worldly affairs before entering it again. Isn’t it because you wanted me to sense the world?” Ling Yu explained.

Gratified, the Sect Master of the Medical Dao Sect smiled, “It looks like you’ve harvested greatly on this trip to Beijing. A famous physician like Wang Xi definitely has a steelyard in his heart that will not be easily swayed, and I believe that he will understand and accept your choice.”

“But even so, after I join the Three Flavour Hall, who knows if I might use it as a foundation to challenge the authority of the Wang Family’s Pharmacy in the future.” Ling Yu continued.

“Don’t underestimate a person’s heart. For you to have such an aspiration, Wang Xi will only feel that there's a future for TCM.” The Sect Master of the Medical Dao Sect replied.

When Su Tao got out of the cab, he saw a silver van parked beside a fruit stall, in which he knew that Yuan Lan’s team was protecting his safety.

As he purposely waved his hand at the van, the window wound down and Tang Shi’s face popped out and she stuck her tongue out at Su Tao before she was dragged back in. Seeing this, Su Tao sighed since Tang Shi must have caused many troubles for Hei Jin.

Pressing on the doorbell, Cai Yan opened the door. She squeezed her brows and winked her eyes as she lowered her voice, “There’s a guest!”

When Su Tao glanced at the couch, he instantly rejoiced at the sight of Yuan Lan and asked Cai Yan, “Is she here for the follow-up of her treatment?”

 This time, Yuan Lan came in openly through the door.

“I didn’t ask her about it.” Cai Yan reported mysterious and continued, “She’s cold, and she did not utter a single word ever since she came in.”

As Su Tao nudged with his lips, Cai Yan smiled while she entered the guest room, making room for Su Tao and Yuan Lan.

“How’s the effect?” Su Tao examined Yuan Lan’s complexion, which her complexion seemed pretty good.

“It’s alright. I’m here for you to change my bandages!” Yuan Lan indifferently replied.

“Didn’t you say that you will get Tang Shi to change them for you?” Su Tao purposely tried to provoke Yuan Lan and see if she would get angry.

However, he was disappointed. Yuan Lan still stuck to her indifferent reply, “She doesn’t know how to, nor does she dare to. Hence, I can only come and trouble you.”

After that, she took out an envelope and asked, “The treatment fees are in there, ¥2,000. Is it enough?”

Su Tao was initially joking about the treatment fees, but he never expected that Yuan Lan would treat it seriously and smiled as he stowed the envelope. “Let’s go to the master bedroom. It won’t take long.”

Changing the bandages wasn’t much simpler than the treatment, so Su Tao wasn’t surprised that Yuan Lan could come and look for him.

When Tang Shi saw Yuan Lan’s healing skin, it’s inevitable for her to be worried that she might mess up, which was why she refused to help.

After all, there’s a high threshold to be a doctor.

Entering the master bedroom, Yuan Lan swiftly removed her clothes. When she noticed Su Tao gazing upon her, she couldn’t help lightly frowning her brows and snapped, “If you continue to stare at me in this manner, I’ll gouge your eyes out.”

Listening to her threat, Su Tao laughed, in which Yuan Lan raised her brows and questioned, “What are you laughing at?”

“I had already seen your entire body yesterday. You have bandages on your right now, and many parts of your body are covered. Are you more attractive this way?” Su Tao asked with guilt in his heart. Truth be told, Yuan Lan covered in bandages did look more attractive than being naked.

Despite bandages wrapping around her body, Yuan Lan’s flawless body still gave a refreshing feel to it. Putting it in a nutshell, she’s permeating a flirtatious temptation.

Although he did not admit it with his mouth, Su Tao still tried his best to calm down from Yuan Lan’s reminder and changed her bandages.

Since he was the one that wrapped her in bandages, he naturally knew how to swiftly remove them, ensuring that Yuan Lan would not be hurt in the process. As layers of bandages fell onto the ground, Su Tao was relieved when he saw the pink flesh growing from the scars on Yuan Lan’s back, since there’s no issue with his treatment.

Roughly ten minutes later, Su Tao finished changing Yuan Lan’s bandages and smiled. “Alright, your recovery was much better than I’ve imagined. There’s no need for you to wear the bandages tomorrow, so you can apply the medicine yourself.”

Calmly looking at Su Tao, Yuan Lan said with her usual icy tone, “Let’s make a transaction!”

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