Chapter 549 - Apathetic Relationship

Wang Guofeng immediately left after leaving his words behind. After all, he was afraid that Su Tao might beat him up.

However, Su Tao did not lower himself to Wang Guofeng’s standards. To someone who had already been beaten into fear, there wouldn’t be much effect even if he beat up Wang Guofeng again. He couldn’t imagine how Wang Guofeng cultivated. Yet despite his continuous failures, the latter still dared to show off before him.

But there’s nothing he could do about it. He’s a doctor, not a killer, so he couldn’t possibly become a murderer for the scum of humanity.

“If I’ve guessed it correctly, your Senior Brother will definitely take revenge against you.” Su Tao understood Wang Guofeng’s character well and continued, “He’s a person that will definitely take revenge. Since he feels that you’ve betrayed him, he will definitely find ways to make you pay.”

Although Ling Yu had a hint of worry on his face, it only lasted for a moment before he shrugged. “Since that’s the case, then I will deal with whatever comes as long as I have a clear conscience.”

Sighing at Ling Yu’s righteous aura, Su Tao smiled. “Since you’re my ally, then I won’t stand by and watch and allow him to bully you. Oh, right. He recommended the place that you’re staying?”

“Yeah, he recommended the hotel to me. Actually, Senior Brother still cares about me…“ Ling Yu sighed as he nodded his head.

Seeing that Ling Yu was too simple, Su Tao waved his hand. “Let’s go back to the hotel first to retrieve your luggage.”

With his understanding of Wang Guofeng, Su Tao knew that Wang Guofeng must be thinking of ways to take revenge against Ling Yu.

Pondering over it, Ling Yu also did not feel that it’s appropriate to continue to stay in the hotel since he had already sorted things out with Wang Guofeng.

Taking a cab, the two of them came to the hotel. When they entered the room, Su Tao waited for Ling Yu to pack his luggage before they came to the receptionist to check out after making sure that nothing was missing.

After the receptionist got someone to check the room, she said, “Mister, the total bill for the room will be ¥18,000.”

“Why is it so high?” Ling Yu frowned and was instantly frozen.

With an awkward smile, the receptionist explained, “Here, I’ll show you the bill. Our room is priced at ¥300 a day, and you stayed for a total of ninety-five days. According to this calculation, it will be ¥28,500. But as you’ve stayed for a long time, so we gave you a discount and even scraped the penny for you.”

Su Tao did not take a look at the bill since he knew that it must be something that Wang Guofeng arranged. Waving his hand to Ling Yu to signal not to speak any further, he took out a bank card from his pocket and handed it over. “I’ll pay with card!”

Seeing this gesture, Ling Yu looked at Su Tao with gratitude and inwardly sighed. He might possess outstanding medical skills, but he only had ¥6,000-7,000 with him. If it weren’t for Su Tao following him over to clear the bill, he would definitely be in an awkward position right now.

After the receptionist swiped the card, she respectfully handed it over to Su Tao. “Mister, here’s your card. Please come again!”

Walking out of the hotel, Ling Yu smiled in embarrassment. “Senior Brother Su, it’s all thanks to your attentiveness. Otherwise, I would be in a really awkward position right now. I’ve been traveling in the past, and I did not have much concept for money. Furthermore, Senior Brother Wang told me that he would pay for the hotel, so I did not consider too much about it. If I knew that it would be so expensive, I would have definitely not stayed there for so long. As for the money…”

“You’re now a pillar of my Three Flavour Hall, so let’s not talk about money for the time being. Consider it my investment in you, in which I’ll deduct it from your salary.” Su Tao smiled as he interrupted Ling Yu.

Nodding his head, Ling Yu did not have a better solution at this moment, so he gave up insisting. At the same time, his heart fell to the bottom of the valley since he never expected that Wang Guofeng would be so ruthless.

The fact that Wang Guofeng became apathetic made Ling Yu’s heart turn cold. The former had abandoned him the moment he was useless.

So it turned out that all the help Wang Guofeng had been providing him was just an act.

But in reality, Su Tao welcomed this situation. Using this opportunity, Ling Yu could take a clear look at what kind of person Wang Guofeng was. At the very least, it’s better than having loose ends like Mo Sui’er, who became a hidden threat beside him.

Using this matter, the relationship between Wang Guofeng and Ling Yu has also reached a freezing point. Although he knew that Ling Yu was a kind person, he was initially still concerned that Ling Yu was approaching him under Wang Guofeng’s instructions.

Putting it in a nutshell, using ¥18,000 to win the heart of a National Healer, was a profitable deal.

“Since you have no place to stay, why don’t you stay at my rented apartment? I still have an empty room around, and I will also be leaving Beijing soon, so you can take over that apartment. You don’t have to worry about the rent since the company will be paying it.” Su Tao might as well just invite Ling Yu to stay with him.

“No need!” Ling Yu was more resolute than Su Tao had imagined and shook his head. “I will find a suitable place to stay by myself, so you don’t have to be worried.”

Knowing that Ling Yu was someone with his own views, Su Tao did not insist on it and smiled. “Alright, then. If you have any troubles in the future, you can come and look for me. Remember that since you’re a member of the Three Flavour Hall, you’re not only my colleague, but you’re also a friend and family.”

Heavily nodding his head, Ling Yu smiled. “Senior Brother Su, I definitely won’t be modest with you.”

Seeing Ling Yu’s face, Su Tao was briefly stunned. Ling Yu seemed a little sissy when he smiled with his delicate features. However, that thought only briefly flashed past his mind before he smiled. “Since you’re not willing to stay with me, then I’ll look for an apartment with you since I don’t have anything to do right now.”

“Alright! I don’t have a high requirement on the location as long as the price is suitable.” Ling Yu smiled, nodding his head.

Sitting in the lobby of the hotel, Su Tao and Ling Yu searched for a new apartment and made a few calls before they swiftly found a decent house nearby.

The real estate agent soon contacted Su Tao and Ling Yu, bringing them to the house that was hidden in the alley.

The owner of this house was an old lady in her sixties who dressed herself quite fashionably. Her partner passed away a few years ago, and she was a retiree. Since her children weren’t staying with her, she decided to rent out a room, but the reason why it hadn’t been rented out was that she was picky. Putting it in a nutshell, she was someone that judged a book by its cover. If the potential tenant was too ugly, they would be immediately rejected by her.

When Granny Feng saw Ling Yu, she instantly took a liking to him and smiled. “Lad, what do you work as?”

“I’m a TCM physician.” Ling Yu smiled, reservedly.

His reply stunned Granny Feng as she doubted, “Such a young physician? You’re not fooling me, right?”

Wearing a smile, Su Tao said to Ling Yu, “Why don’t you take a look at Granny Feng? As long as she believes you, she will definitely be willing to rent the room out to you at a lower price.”

“That’s right, why don’t you take a look at me?” Granny Feng chuckled.

Sweeping a glance at Granny Feng, Ling Yu pointed to her waist and replied, “If I’ve guessed correctly, you should have sprained your waist, right?”

“You seem somewhat capable. Lad, how did you notice it?” Granny Feng nodded her head after a brief stun.

With a bashful smile, Ling Yu replied, “Firstly, your walking posture won’t be normal with an injury on your waist. You’ve been walking on your toes out of fear that you might pull your muscles, which resulted in your strange walking posture. You should’ve sprained your waist a few days ago. Furthermore, there’s a strong scent of ointment coming from you that won’t fool my nose.”

Nodding her head, Granny Feng immediately rejoiced.

“I see! I was dancing a few days ago in the park and accidentally sprained my waist. Can you treat it? If you can treat it, I’ll exempt you from a month’s rent.”

Waving his hand, Ling Yu smiled. “There’s no need to exempt my rent. I’m satisfied as long as you’re willing to rent the room to me.”

Suddenly, Ling Yu pointed in a direction and exclaimed, “What’s that?”

Stunned by his exclamation, Granny Feng directed her gaze over. But no matter how she looked in that direction, there’s nothing.

But before she could react, Ling Yu immediately took a step forth and grabbed onto her waist with a hand before he gently twisted her waist left and right. As crackling sounds rang out, Ling Yu had already let go of Granny Feng when she yelled out.

Standing on the sideline, Su Tao could tell that Ling Yu’s bone-setting skills have reached the pinnacle.

“Granny, try and move your waist!” Ling Yu smiled.

“It really doesn’t hurt anymore!” Granny Feng was in shock as she exclaimed, “You’re pretty good!”

Granny Feng naturally had no idea that Ling Yu was a National Healer, and it’s her luck that she encountered him.

“There’s no need for ointment anymore. Although external medicine wouldn’t have many side effects on the body, all medicine still has some toxicity, and you shouldn’t use it. Just drink more bone soup for the next two days and do not participate in any intense activity. You will swiftly recover.” Ling Yu patiently gave out his advice.

As Granny Feng rejoiced, she waved her hand out at the real estate agent. “It’s a done deal. I will rent the room to Little Ling. Oh, right. Do you think you can discount the agent fees a little?”

Hearing Granny Feng’s request, the real estate agent awkwardly smiled. Since when was there a landlord that would negotiate on the agent fees?

“You see, it’s not easy for me to do business, and it’s tough to earn money.” He wryly smiled.

At this moment, he felt bitter in his heart. Granny Feng’s house was situated in a good location, but she’s a difficult landlord. However, he had been relying on it to earn some quick bucks. After all, whenever he brings a potential tenant over that gets rejected, he would be reimbursed with some money.

Thus, the real estate agent initially thought that he had encountered another tenant to be conned, but he never expected that Ling Yu would succeed so easily today. In reality, he was actually bleeding in his heart since he had a smaller source of income now.

When Granny Feng passionately brought Ling Yu to the room, Su Tao felt an unprecedented bliss for some reason.

He finally understood the reason why Ling Yu was fond of wandering the streets. It turned out that the warmth between people would be so comforting.

Suddenly, Su Tao realised that he could have such a life as well. He might even be able to receive more comprehension to be in such a simple relationship.

He had been involved in hoodwinks and schemes for so long, so he was lacking when compared to Ling Yu’s sincerity when treating others.

This was also the reason why he couldn’t comprehend the final section of the Imperial Physician Scripture, the Supreme Scripture.

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