Chapter 548 - Ling Yu’s Job Application

Although the curtains were closed, sunlight still seeped through and shone on Su Tao’s face. When he opened his eyes, he first caught sight of Cai Yan, who had curled up like a little kitten in his embrace and couldn’t help touching her forehead.

Knitting her brows, Cai Yan snorted as her eyelashes trembled, and her eyes slowly opened. “I’m tired! I only managed to get a wink!”

Thinking about last night, Su Tao felt a surge of heat rising in his nose and sighed, “What’s the fun in sleeping? Why don’t we chat!”

“No!” Cai Yan shut her eyes again since she knew Su Tao’s intention and snapped, “Move your stinky hands, or I’ll kick you off the bed!”

“So violent? I like it! Go on, kick me down!” Su Tao fearlessly replied.

“You… you’re too shameless! You have three minutes to put a ten-meter distance between us!” Cai Yan ordered as she rolled her eyes.

“No way! I’m not leaving you unless I’m dead!” Su Tao chuckled.

“You perverted, stinky rogue!” 

But before Cai Yan could finish her words, she started to regret it.

Su Tao was purposely trying to provoke her so that he had a reason to continue to bully her.

The commotion lasted till ten before it came to an end. When Cai Yan received a call about the renovation of the new branch, she cursed since she actually forgot something so important.

But when she saw that Su Tao wasn’t giving up, she immediately kicked him onto the ground and she wore her clothes in a panic before left for the new branch without eating.

It took Su Tao great difficulty to get up, so he pondered about a woman’s powerful potential. Cai Yan clearly exercised for an entire night with him, but she had instantly recovered and became a tigress.

Although the National Healer Selection ended, Su Tao still had to remain in Beijing for his new branch to launch.

However, he was surprised. He received a call from Ling Yu, who said that he would like to talk.

After making an appointment with Ling Yu at a nearby teahouse, Su Tao saw him making an entrance half an hour later.

Ling Yu had the same habit as Su Tao, to bring his medical box whenever he goes out. Then again, Ling Yu’s medical box was much simpler than Su Tao’s. Taking out a paper from his medical box, Ling Yu smiled. “Senior Brother Su, this is my job application!”

Looking at Ling Yu in surprise, Su Tao double confirmed, “Are you joking?”

If Ling Yu was joking, then Su Tao would definitely send him flying with a kick.

Wearing a smile on his lips, Ling Yu answered, “I’ve already reported this matter to my master, and he supported my decision. I feel that the Three Flavour Hall is an organisation that utilizes a whole new concept, and as a young man, I believe that I can learn more stuff under this new system.”

Su Tao knitted his brows. It’s a piece of good news that Ling Yu wished to join the Three Flavour Hall. However, Su Tao still had his concerns and sighed, “What about Wang Guofeng?”

Ling Yu seemed to have expected that question and frankly answered, “I’ll not keep it from Senior Brother Su. Initially, my sect wanted me to join the Wang Family’s Pharmacy after the National Healer Selection to learn from them and become the next master of the Wang Family’s Pharmacy. But everyone has their own freedom, and I feel that the Three Flavour Hall is more suitable for me.”

Hearing those words, Su Tao sighed. He knew that Ling Yu wasn’t trying to flaunt himself and told him the truth so that there wouldn’t be any barriers between them.

Gently knocking on the table, Su Tao smiled. “It’s a great piece of good news for me that you can join the Three Flavour Hall. If the Three Flavour Hall wants to develop, we will need more talents. You can let me know if you have any requests, such as salary or employee benefits. I will definitely do my best to fulfill your request.”

“Senior Brother Su, this isn’t my request, but I’m afraid that I might put you in a difficult position if I say it.” Ling Yu said, waving his hand.

Brandishing his hand, Su Tao smiled. “Why don’t you talk about it?”

Although there’s no doubt in Ling Yu’s ability, the necessary interview procedures still needed to be done.

As Ling Yu blushed, he seemed to be in an awkward position and said, “I would like to learn the Heavenseizing Hands and your unique Qi cultivation technique. This request might be too abrupt as it concerns your privacy, but it’s fine if you’re not willing. I’m still willing to make contributions for the Three Flavour Hall’s development.”

Without any hesitation, Su Tao smiled. “With regards to the Heavenseizing Hands and Pulse Art, I have no intention of keeping those for myself. However, the Pulse Art might have some conflict with your Rising Dawn Qi. As for the Heavenseizing Hands, it requires the Pulse Art as a foundation. The reason why I’ve not released it publically is because of the high threshold. Naturally, I can hand it to you if you wish to learn. At the same time, we can research a public version together so that more people can learn it.”

Su Tao wasn’t trying to brush Ling Yu off, these were his genuine thoughts. However, he just didn't have the energy to put it into reality.

Ling Yu had high talent, and his achievements in medical studies were just beneath him. So if the two of them worked together, they might be able to create a whole new theory system that could change the current situation in TCM.

Hearing those words, Ling Yu grew excited, since he never expected that Su Tao would be so simple and agree to his request. Furthermore, he even had a long-term plan.

“Thank you, Senior Brother Su, for understanding and accepting me!”

“In the future, we’re martial brothers, and I’ll just call you Junior Brother Ling. Beijing’s branch will soon open, and we currently lack someone to take the overall charge. If you’re willing, you can stay here. I believe that with the standards of your National Healer ability, you will definitely be able to swiftly make a name for yourself.” Su Tao smiled.

Wearing a humble smile, Ling Yu replied, “Senior Brother Su, I will follow your arrangements!”

Su Tao had an understanding of Ling Yu. The latter was a flexible person and only sought the improvement of his medical skills.

Truth be told, Su Tao never expected that the situation would develop in this manner. He was still considering the physician to take charge of Beijing’s branch, and Ling Yu’s appearance had undoubtedly resolved his headache.

Although the headquarters of the Three Flavour Hall was located in Hanzhou City, Beijing was the capital of China. Hence, the branch here held significant importance.

With Ling Yu’s addition to the Three Flavour Hall, if the news got out that the Three Flavour Hall has two National Healers, it would definitely stir a commotion in the international medical community. When the time comes, the Three Flavour Hall’s branch in Beijing would definitely prosper.

At the same time, this was also a piece of good news for Ling Yu.

Ling Yu might be able to learn the Wang Family’s medical skills if he joined the Wang Family’s Pharmacy, but ultimately, he would still be suppressed by Wang Ru and Wang Xi, the two experienced National Healers.

However, it’s entirely different if he joined the Three Flavour Hall. Even if he and Su Tao were both National Healers of the same generation, they did not have seniority between them in terms of their medical skills. Furthermore, according to Su Tao’s intention and promise, he would not interfere in Ling Yu’s work after the latter takes charge of the Beijing branch. Su Tao was sure that Ling Yu would have his own freedom and space for growth.

Seated in a black vehicle, Luo Ran waited for a Range Rover to arrive before he entered the Range Rover’s front passenger seat.

Although Wang Guofeng wore sunglasses that covered half of his face, Luo Ran could still see Wang Guofeng’s pale complexion.

“They’re in there, and they’ve been inside for a long time now.” Luo Ran took out his mobile phone and showed a few photos to Wang Guofeng.

Seeing that Ling Yu’s smile in the photo was so pure and innocent compared to the past, Wang Guofeng gnashed his teeth and raged, “That traitor!”

“What should we do now?” Luo Ran asked. “Are we really going to let… Physician Ling go to the Three Flavour Hall?”

According to Wang Guofeng’s plan, Ling Yu would not only become the heir of the Wang Family’s Pharmacy, but he would also join the Medicine Deity Corporation. It would be beneficial for all the pharmacy chains under the Medicine Deity Corporation. However, Wang Guofeng got to know from his master that Ling Yu did not choose to join the Wang Family’s Pharmacy but stood against the Medicine Deity Corporation.

“I will give him one final chance, and if he still sticks to the wrong decision, then he can’t blame me for being ruthless even though we’re from the same sect.” Wang Guofeng snorted.

“Chairman Wang, you’re truly an affectionate person.” Luo Ran sighed.

Removing his sunglasses, Wang Guofeng headed for the teahouse. Looking at Wang Guofeng’s silhouette, a sneer rose on Luo Ran’s lips as he muttered to himself, “How full of yourself.”

After that, he took out his phone and gave a call to Rangure to report on the situation.

Although Luo Ran might seem respectful to Wang Guofeng, he’s just a chess piece planted by Rangure. He might seem to be aiding Wang Guofeng, but he’s actually keeping surveillance of the latter.

Entering the teahouse with a grim expression, Wang Guofeng headed for Su Tao and Ling Yu’s direction.

“Senior Brother, why are you here?” Ling Yu was a little surprised. He was unsophisticated so he did not realise that Wang Guofeng kept surveillance on him.

“Ling Yu, I’m here to bring you with me!” Wang Guofeng then pointed at Su Tao and continued, “This person is my foe, and you’re not allowed to be so close to him!”

Letting out a sigh, Ling Yu replied, “Senior Brother, I have always kept my respect for you. But relying on my own judgment, I deemed that Senior Brother Su is not a bad person. I can still differentiate this, so please don’t persuade me anymore.”

“If you’re really going to join the Three Flavour Hall, then our relationship as martial brothers will end here!” Wang Guofeng threatened.

Hearing his words, Ling Yu fell into brief hesitation before he slowly nodded his head. “Then, we will do as you say; our relationship as martial brothers will end here. But I have some advice for you; persisting in evil only brings upon destruction. Everyone already knows what a hypocrite you are, and I hope that you can wake up. A changed man is worth more than gold.”

In reality, Ling Yu had already seen what kind of person Wang Guofeng was, but he had only kept silent about it due to his reserved personality.

Hence, he wasn’t surprised by how Wang Guofeng revealed his true self.

Ling Yu maintained his composure. As a talented physician with excellent inspection skills, how could he not see through a person?

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