Chapter 547 - Assassin and Demoness

At this moment, Yuan Lan couldn’t put up any resistance. But before Su Tao, she actually felt relieved. It was abnormal for a special agent with her nervous system constantly tensed up, in which Yuan Lan concluded that it must have something to do with the anesthesia that made her fall asleep for half an hour.

“This gun wound is really dangerous. It practically brushed past your heart. You were fortunate.” Su Tao commented when he started to handle the round-shaped scars and continued, “And fortunately, it was a penetrative wound. If the bullet was lodged within your body, no surgeons would dare to operate for you. Furthermore, the bullet was also extremely powerful. It caused burns when it shot you, which swiftly stopped the blood from pouring out. This is also the reason why you were able to travel for 5 kilometers with a gunshot wound.”

Seeing that Su Tao’s analysis was with such high accuracy, Yuan Lan became baffled and asked, “Who told you about it? Was it Tang Shi? Or Hei Jin?”

Su Tao instantly knew that Yuan Lan suspected that the two of them had disclosed her matter and smiled. “Don’t belittle me. I can analyse your scars to determine your state when you received them back then; this is just a foundation for physicians.”

“It’s not hard to tell that it’s a penetrative wound, but how did you know that I traveled for 5 kilometers with this wound?” Yuan Lan asked.

Gesturing towards the scar with the knife, Su Tao patiently explained, “If you dealt with this wound immediately, the scar would heal better. Out of all the scars on your body, only this one was fatal. If I’ve speculated correctly, you should have a habit of taking painkillers. Whenever the weather is moist or warm, your scars will start to feel an unimaginable itch. This is also caused by the fact that you traveled for nearly 5 kilometers back then!”

Hearing his explanation, Yuan Lan fell into silence. Her habit of taking painkillers was a secret that no one knew.

Patting his chest, Su Tao guaranteed, “Although it’s an old wound, you’re pretty lucky to meet me. I’ll prescribe medicine for you later. Take them for half a month, and you will fully recover.”

Yuan Lan would feel an itch on her scar during unusual weather. In western medicine, this was called connective tissue proliferation, while it’s called blood stagnation hematoma in TCM after allowing blood to clot and relieving pain as a treatment.

It’s not a difficult condition to treat, but Yuan Lan had a stubborn character with strong pride and did not get it treated by doctors, which resulted in an ailment after she recovered. Thus, Su Tao took the opportunity to deal with it as well.

Even if Yuan Lan’s upper body was naked, Su Tao was extremely focused, and his professionalism did not feel any discomfort. This was also because Yuan Lan knew that Su Tao was an outstanding physician. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to wake her up from her vegetative state.

But in reality, Su Tao was currently trying his best to restrain the demons in his heart.

Although Yuan Lan’s body was riddled with scars, her body was perfect. Her body was akin to a perfect piece of art, and he had several urges to pinch her skin to feel the tenderness.

Then again, it was only just a thought. Firstly, Yuan Lan cannot be called a woman. She has undergone long and strict training, so it’s not absurd to call her a robot. Secondly, Yuan Lan was a patient at this moment, and if he really committed blaspheme, there’s no difference for him to be compared to a beast.

When Su Tao finally dealt with the last wound on her body and covered it with gauze and bandages, he instructed, “To ensure cleanliness and hygiene, you have to come every day for the next three days for me to change them.”

“Can’t I get someone else to help me?” Yuan Lan asked with her brows knitted.

Rubbing his nose, Su Tao wryly smiled. “That also works, but it might not be as perfect as mine. You can take a look at the mirror; those bandages are all a piece of art. Not only are they artistic, but they’re also ventilating. If someone else did that for you, I don’t think it would be so perfect.”

Wearing her clothes, Yuan Lan glared at Su Tao. “Don’t worry about it. Anyone in our team is an expert when it comes to this. You can just give me the medicine, and I can get Tang Shi to help me with it!”

However, Su Tao still wasn’t willing to give up and sighed as he threatened, “I won’t take any responsibility if the bandages aren’t changed correctly. I can only do this surgery for you once since it exhausts your body greatly by bleeding so much.”

Casting a faint glance at Su Tao, Yuan Lan tried to move her body a little. Although her limbs were still a little stiff, the anesthesia’s effect had already worn off a little.

“Don’t worry; I won’t trouble you again.”

Su Tao bitterly smiled from her rejection. He had some selfish motives for wanting to change her bandages, and at the same time, he was also afraid that others wouldn’t be meticulous enough. Taking out a small bottle of Beautifying Cream’s essence, he placed it beside Yuan Lan and instructed, “Do not take a shower before your wounds heal. Based on your physique, it should be fine after three to five days. Furthermore, you also have to take the medication that I’ve prescribed you in time and be cautious when using the toilet. After all, you have a scar there that has been treated by me. When you’re doing that, try not to squeeze too hard. Got it?”

Although the boundary between man and woman was low for Yuan Lan, she still couldn’t tolerate Su Tao’s words and snapped, “Got it my fart!”

“Looks like you got it. Remember that even when farting, you can’t do it with too much force!” Su Tao laughed.

Sourly glaring at Su Tao, Yuan Lan put on her clothes and coldly replied, “I’m leaving!”

“So, are you going through the window or the door?” Su Tao smiled.

Yuan Lan knew that Su Tao was trying to annoy her on purpose, so she headed for the door. Her body was weak right now, and jumping through the window was no different from committing suicide.

Seeing Yuan Lan to the door, Yuan Lan suddenly stretched her hand out at Su Tao.

Shrugging his shoulders, Su Tao asked in perplexion, “I’ve already given you the medication, and I’ve also checked that you didn’t bring any money with you, so I won’t ask you for the fees now. You can just remember to pay me the next time we meet. We might be acquaintances, but you’re not allowed to put it on credit!”

“Give me a bottle of that anesthesia!” Yuan Lan weakly sighed.

Returning to his room, Su Tao came out with a bottle and handed it to Yuan Lan.

“This anesthesia is my exclusive recipe. Here, I’ll give you a bottle for free. You can try, but don’t think of pirating it. Although I believe that you guys won’t be able to extract my recipe with your standards, it doesn’t feel good to be betrayed. At the same time, I don’t mind selling it at a fair price. If you guys need the anesthesia, you can contact me, and I’ll sell it for a reasonable price.”

Looking at Su Tao for a long time, Yuan Lan sighed. For some reason, she had a feeling as if she was being used. Could it be that Su Tao had other motives for treating her?

Sending Yuan Lan off, Su Tao tried to open the door to the guest room. However, the door was locked by Cai Yan, so he helplessly coughed out and smiled. “My dearest little rabbit, open the door! Your hubby is back!”

After singing a few times without receiving any response, Su Tao patted on his forehead and found a set of keys by the television drawer before he unlocked the door.

“Why are you so shameless?” Cai Yan hugged the quilt as she glared. She did not expect that Su Tao would use this method.

“If men aren’t shameless, how can we find ourselves a wife?” Spinning the keys on his finger, Su Tao tossed them on the cabinet before he pounced at Cai Yan with a grin.

As the two of them swiftly tangled together, Cai Yan covered Su Tao’s mouth and asked, “Confess honestly. Is that woman from earlier interested in you?”

“You’re overthinking it. She’s just my patient, so how can she be interested in me?” Su Tao knew that Cai Yan was still bothered about it despite her words. At the same time, he pondered that he had to be more cautious in the future.

“For a female patient to suddenly appear at your home in the middle of the night, how can I not be suspicious?” Cai Yan bit on Su Tao’s shoulder.

After a brief pondering, Su Tao helplessly replied, “I can’t help it. Her identity is a little special, and she can’t show herself during the day, so it’s more convenient at night!”

“Psh!” Cai Yan wasn’t an easy fool and snapped, “Don’t make it sound so mysterious. Don’t tell me that she’s an assassin?”

Women have a strong jealous heart. Even if she knew that Su Tao was speaking the truth, she still couldn’t help being suspicious. Looking at it from another angle, her being suspicious of Su Tao also meant that she’s concerned about him. So when a woman feels jealous, you have to be happy that fate gave you such a lovable woman.

“Yeah, why are you so smart?” Su Tao sighed as he felt elated in his heart and continued, “She’s an assassin, one that doesn’t blink at the sight of blood. So there’s nothing I can do about it. I can only treat her out of fear for my life!”

Hearing his words, Cai Yan briefly froze before she chuckled, “Don’t try and fool me. If she’s an assassin, then I’m a demoness!”

“Demoness? You’re already a demoness. Look at how charming you are right now!” Su Tao chuckled as he stared at Cai Yan’s face.

“Don’t try to change the topic; I’m still pissed right now!” Cai Yan pushed Su Tao, but her strength wasn’t enough. Su Tao was akin to a mountain.

Moving closer to Cai Yan, Su Tao fell into a brief hesitation before he acted out a pitiful appearance and begged, “Big Sister Cai, why don’t we get it done today? You’re my woman, sooner or later. Uncle Cai doesn't have any issue with it, and we can collect our certificate tomorrow!”

Seeing how Su Tao stared at her passionately, she knew that he was speaking the truth, and her heart couldn’t help but race. As she closed her eyes, she slowly said, “I don’t care about that certificate. As long as you have me in your heart, I’m always yours.”

Hearing her words, Su Tao fell into intoxication. He was charmed by Cai Yan’s gaze.

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