Chapter 546 - The Front Door Next Time

Not long after Su Tao returned to the room, Cai Yan knocked on the door and her gaze fell on Yuan Lan before she smiled. “Do you need any help?”

Cai Yan was a duplicitous person who’s only tough on her words.

At the same time, she was also curious about what kind of woman Su Tao was treating.

Yuan Lan had a pretty and delicate appearance. Although the lights in the master bedroom were dim, her features were exquisite. At the same time, her skin was a little tanned and did not seem out of place; on the contrary, it appeared healthy.

Yuan Lan calmly responded to this matter. She had read up on Cai Yan, so she knew about Cai Yan’s relationship with Su Tao. Glaring at Su Tao, she asked, “You told her about me?”

“This is the basic respect between a couple!”

Su Tao then turned around and faced Cai Yan. “Help me bring my medicine box over along with a pail of warm water.”

He gave some tasks to Cai Yan because he wanted to prove that he’s innocent with Yuan Lan, and just as he had expected, Cai Yan’s mood instantly became much better when Su Tao tasked her with work.

She left the room chuckling as she yelled ‘roger’ before she returned a brief moment later with the medicine box and a pail of water.

“Alright, you can wait for me in your room for an hour.” Su Tao already wore his clothes by now, so he gave Cai Yan a wink.

Shrugging her shoulders, Cai Yan waved her hand towards Su Tao. “I’m tired, so I won’t be waiting for you. Don’t disturb me when you’re done as well. I will be irritated if my sleep is disturbed.”

Hearing the door close, Su Tao inwardly sighed.

“You don’t seem to be happy!” Yuan Lan already laid down on the bed.

“You’re still worth saving since you can tell that I’m unhappy. Firstly, if you want me to treat you next time, please give me notice first; I’m sure you have my number. Secondly, please take the proper entrance, don’t just sneak in from the window.” Su Tao smiled.

“It’s a habit of mine!” Yuan Lan replied, making Su Tao feel as if he had just wasted his time talking.

“If you want your scars removed, then I will have to cut them open again before using medicine and gauze. The process will be excruciating, so I will be giving you anesthesia.” Su Tao passed a bottle of medicine to Yuan Lan and explained, “Just one pellet will do.”

Glancing at the bottle, Yuan Lan shook her head and placed it to the side. “I don’t need it!”

“You’re the patient now, so you have to listen to me!” Su Tao wryly smiled.

“I have received special training, and anesthetics doesn’t have any effect on me. Furthermore, my pain tolerance also exceeds ordinary people, so I can take the pain even without the help of anesthetics.” Yuan Lan explained.

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao felt complex in his heart upon hearing Yuan Lan’s words. For a person not to feel any pain, god-knows how much torture she has experienced in the past.

However, Su Tao insisted, “Listen to me and take it! It’s impossible for someone not to feel any pain, it’s just the pain of the nervous system being affected by relying on willpower.”

Seeing that Su Tao was so persistent, Yuan Lan sighed and took a grey pellet.

Finding a mat from his medical box, Su Tao laid it on the bed so that the blood wouldn’t stain the sheets. After that, he disinfected a small knife with alcohol. In ancient times, Hua Tuo used a similar knife when he scraped Guan Yu’s bone to remove the poison, so physicians weren’t unfamiliar with knives.

The reason why TCM surgery hasn’t improved was due to their theory. TCM believed that the human makes out an entire system, and surgery must not be used unless absolutely necessary. By using a knife to cut out a part of the body, it would affect the body’s balance and ultimately result in other illnesses.

“Remove your clothes!” Su Tao instructed after he finished his preparations.

Yuan Lan did not hesitate as she stripped her clothes. Although Su Tao has seen the bodies of many women, he still couldn’t help having his heart palpitate. Yuan Lan’s body was akin to a piece of art. Her skin was tight without any excess fat, in short… everything about her was perfect.

“Are you done looking?” Yuan Lan actually felt bashful under Su Tao’s gaze.

It should be a nonexistent emotion for a specially trained special agent.

She should have long accepted death, so how could she be bothered about men and women?

In her missions, every single part of her body could be a lethal weapon.

“Enough! Enough!” Su Tao pinched his nose as he drew a half-moon arc with his right hand and tried to conceal the awkward atmosphere. “Please believe in my professionalism. I noticed that there’s also a scar under your neck, and it’s a long scar that reaches your ribs. It must’ve been painful back then, right? Why don’t I get rid of this scar for you as well?”

“You’re the doctor here, and you’re asking me about it?” Yuan Lan’s eyes nearly shot flames.

Sniffing his nose, Su Tao smiled. “Then let’s deal with it together!”

After that, he got Yuan Lan to lie face-down and explained, “I won’t take too long to treat your scars, but you can close your eyes and take a rest if you’re tired.”

“I’m not tired!” Yuan Lan declared and added, “With a sharp weapon being so close to me, I can’t fall asleep.”

In Yuan Lan’s eyes, anything that could cause death was a sharp weapon, not to mention the small sharp knife that Su Tao had just disinfected with alcohol.

However, Su Tao did not argue with Yuan Lan about it. He had just given her anesthetics, and it’s not within her control if she would fall asleep.

Thus, he purposely chatted with Yuan Lan. Her willpower was stronger than he had imagined, but even so, she still fell into sleep under overwhelming exhaustion.

Seeing this, Su Tao smiled. Weren’t you so confident earlier claiming that you’ve undergone special training? But aren’t you sleeping now?

Although the medicine was powerful, it would probably last a shorter time compared to ordinary people due to Yuan Lan’s unique physique. Thus, Su Tao immediately started to work on Yuan Lan’s scars.

Looking at the scars that covered Yuan Lan’s back like a spiderweb, Su Tao inwardly sighed. With his professional experience, he could determine which of those were old and new scars, and at the same time, he could also determine which of the scars belonged to a bullet wound, knife wound, and even whip wounds.

Su Tao instantly felt a rage burning in his heart. Why did Yuan Lan risk her life so much to the point of neglecting her own safety?

As a physician, he respected life, and it should be something that no one should neglect.

However, he was soon relieved. Perhaps the reason why Yuan Lan disregarded her life was so that she could use her life to protect others.

Suddenly, Su Tao wondered why his realm reached such a high level all of a sudden?

He felt deep veneration for Yuan Lan’s profession. When he looked at the scars on Yuan Lan’s body again, there wasn’t any blaspheme in his eyes. In his eyes, those scars were sacred.

Su Tao dealt with those scars very carefully as he first cut open those scars and swiftly applied the essence of the Beautifying Cream. Roughly ten minutes later, the scars that covered Yuan Lan’s back were all dealt with.

However, his gaze fell onto a scar on her waist. This scar dragged from the waist to her butt, and even deeper, so the scars ranged from her waist to her thigh.

He only briefly hesitated before he decided to remove Yuan Lan’s tights. But suddenly, his hand was slapped by another and Yuan Lan coldly asked, “What are you doing?”

Su Tao never expected that Yuan Lan would regain her consciousness so quickly and explained, “There are still scars on your waist, and I have to deal with them as well.”

“I’ll remove them myself!”

But as Yuan Lan tried to get up, she couldn’t muster any strength at all, and in her shock, she asked, “What did you give me earlier?”

At this moment, Yuan Lan realised that there’s a frame of her memory missing and was inwardly shocked. Was that really the effect of the medicine that Su Tao gave her?

“The anesthesia that I made myself is more powerful than you’ve imagined. I initially thought that you would only regain consciousness in another fifteen minutes.” Seeing how Yuan Lan couldn’t budge, Su Tao knew that the anesthesia was still active. However, Yuan Lan had relied on her willpower to temporarily regain her consciousness.

“You won’t be able to remove your tights, so let me do it for you!”

As Yuan Lan shut her eyes and fell into silence, Su Tao took it for an acknowledgment.

But when Su Tao removed her tights, he nearly laughed out. Yuan Lan was wearing underwear with a cartoon bear.

“Is it funny?” Yuan Lan coldly questioned.

“It’s alright!” Su Tao shrugged his shoulders and continued, “I never expected that the icy Captain Yuan would actually have such a childish side to her.”

“If I could move right now, I would definitely give you a bashing!” Yuan Lan warned.

Yuan Lan was someone that would do as she says, and Su Tao did not want to be bashed, so he immediately smiled. “I’m just joking for you to relax.”

Letting out a cold snort, Yuan Lan shut her eyes and no longer cared about Su Tao.

But in reality, she was panicking in her heart. She couldn’t muster any strength at this moment, and she also couldn’t feel anything when Su Tao was cutting her skin. At this moment, she felt as if she no longer had control over her body, and it was an extremely uncomfortable feeling for a special agent.

When Su Tao carefully dealt with the scar that stretched from Yuan Lan’s waist to her thigh, he couldn’t help exclaiming that the enemy that inflicted this wound on her was too cunning. It was practically beside the anus and stretched into a deep wound. When Lan Yuan’s wounds were healing in the past, she must have undergone a series of torture from them. Even if she’s a specially trained agent, she’s ultimately a human. She had human natures as well, and her toilet business could tear her wound apart. So one could only imagine the pain that she went through.

Taking a deep breath, Su Tao tossed all the irrelevant thoughts aside and swiftly dealt with this scar before he said, “Now, I will help you up in a seated position for me to deal with the scars by the front.”

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