Chapter 545 - Another Women

After this incident, the three of them no longer had any interest in continuing to play, and Su Tao could feel that Hei Jin had something to tell him. Thus, he got Gu Rushan and Cai Yan to return first while he followed Hei Jin to an unremarkable silver van. Within the van, Tang Shi was playing mobile games. A sweet smile rose on her lips when she saw Su Tao. “Divine Physician Su is here?”

As she spoke, she scooted over and opened up an empty seat.

Sitting down, Su Tao started to wonder. There’s a saying that men have a fire on their butt, but this seat that Tang Shi previously sat in felt warm, so why did such a young lady have a fire on her butt as well?

“The higher authority was afraid that something might happen to you, so they instructed us to follow you.” Yuan Lan explained in the front passenger seat and continued, “You have to pay more attention to your surroundings. Beijing is the territory of the Dragon Group, and if a conflict occurs, we won’t be able to fight them.”

“Both of your organisations are so secretive, so shouldn’t you guys have a close relationship with each other?” Su Tao asked out of curiosity.

Locking her brows together, Tang Shi snorted, “Don’t misunderstand, the Dragon Group and Fire Beacon have always been enemies!”

The 33 Bureau was also known as the Fire Beacon. Su Tao knew that this was a massive organisation, and Yuan Lan’s team was just a small part of the organisation.

Hearing those words, Yuan Lan snorted, which Tang Shi realised that she overstepped her boundaries and stuck her tongue out before she went silent.

“According to our intelligence, the Dragon Group has recently issued an order to put you under surveillance, so we raised our alert to the highest as well to keep you under 24-hour protection.” Yuan Lan patiently explained.

In his heart, Su Tao actually felt pretty grateful for Yuan Lan. Although he saved Yuan Lan in the past, they’re currently safeguarding him with their lives on the line, so he knew that he had to repay them, not to mention that he might require more of their help in the future.

“Captain Lan, I would like to speak to you privately!” Su Tao said with an earnest expression.

Although Yuan Lan had no idea what Su Tao was planning, there’s a need for her to understand the thoughts of her protection target.

“Alright, we’ll do it outside the vehicle!”

Walking under the lamps by the road, Su Tao examined Yuan Lan for a long time, which the latter felt that there’s something unusual about Su Tao’s gaze. However, his gaze wasn’t the gaze of a man towards a beauty, it was as if he’s looking at a robot.

“Speak whatever you have to say, we can’t interact with you for too long. We have to be in the shadows so that we can better ensure your safety.” Yuan Lan explained.

Taking a deep breath, Su Tao asked, “Actually, I wanted to ask you about it for a long time now. Have you ever thought of removing the scars on your body?”

Knitting her brows together, Yuan Lan stared at Su Tao for a long time before she replied, “I’m currently on a mission.”

The meaning behind her words also meant that she’s currently not in the mood to talk about private matters.

“Everyone has the urge to become more beautiful. Although those scars on your body can be covered with clothes, I feel that you should consider it since they can be treated. How about this, you can come and look for me when you’re done with a mission. I won’t charge a high price, and you can just pay me based on my normal consultation fees.” Su Tao explained.

Staring at Su Tao’s face for a long time, Yuan Lan asked, “This is what you wanted to tell me privately?”

“That’s right!” Su Tao smiled and continued, “I know that you will feel embarrassed if I spoke about it before Hei Jing and Tang Shi, and you will definitely reject me without any hesitation, right?”

However, Yuan Lan did not reply. She just hatefully glared at Su Tao before she turned around and returned to the van. Letting out a sigh, Su Tao sulked, “What a tough woman!”

When he returned home, he noticed that Cai Yan had already showered. Her hair was damp with her face flushed. He smiled. “You’re pretty quick! Are you waiting for me to pamper you by washing yourself clean?”

Sourly glaring at Su Tao, Cai Yan snapped, “Stop your wandering thoughts. I’m tired, and I want to call it a day.”

“What’s wrong? Are you angry?” Su Tao asked as he obstructed Cai Yan’s path.

Covering her mouth, Cai Yan said in an exaggerated and peculiar tone, “Haha! It’s not worth being angry over you!”

Hugging her waist, Su Tao persuaded, “My beloved sister, you’re the most tolerant woman in the world. There’s really nothing going on with me and Gu Rushan; we’re both innocent and pure.”

“Nothing right now, but who can guarantee about the future?” Cai Yan finally admitted that she was jealous.

Looking at the smile on Cai Yan’s lips, Su Tao knew that she wasn’t furious about it, so he pinched her cheeks and promised, “In the future as well!”

Pushing Su Tao away, Cai Yan sighed, “You owe too many relationship debts. From a woman’s sixth intuition, I can practically determine that your neighbour already has feelings for you, so you can’t let her down.”

Scratching his head, Su Tao was dumbfounded.

“You’re really that tolerant?”

“Yeah!” Cai Yan squinted her eyes and asked, “Otherwise, why would I try and build a good relationship with her?”

“So, that’s the case. Big Sister Cai, I never expected that you’re pretty scheming!” Su Tao had to re-examine Cai Yan. This woman knew how to plan ahead for her to approach Gu Rushan.

“Can’t help it. After being together with a scheming boy for such a long time, it’s inevitable for me to be influenced by him!” Cai Yan proudly smiled.

“Wait for me! I have to get myself washed clean as well!”

After that, Su Tao started to strip in the living room.

Sourly glaring at him, Cai Yan went into the bedroom to retrieve a set of clean clothes. But when she came out, Su Tao was already naked.

As Cai Yan’s face turned red, she snapped, “Is your zodiac a monkey? Why are you so anxious?”

“As the saying goes, time is precious!” Su Tao smiled as he took the clean clothes from Cai Yan and entered the bathroom.

Seeing Su Tao in such a good mood, Cai Yan’s lips rose. She had been in Beijing for a long time, and finally, she could get rid of it.

She had already lowered her last defense for Su Tao due to everything that they’ve experienced together. Even her father, who had initially refused their relationship, had ultimately accepted it.

Even if Su Tao was a person that was a playboy, she had already determined that he’s going to be the only man in her life.

Although the two of them slept together a few days ago, they did not break through the last defense, since she still felt nervous and excited at the last moment.

Su Tao hummed a song as he showered. Today, he was especially happy and scrubbed his skin to the point that it turned red. After he dried his hair, he froze when he wanted to wear his clothes, since they’re not to his size. There were only two people in this apartment, and since the clothes didn't belong to him, then they must belong to Cai Yan.

The clothes were pink with laces that looked pretty lovable. However, he couldn’t fit in those clothes since they were too small for him.

Thus, he briefly examined it before covering himself with a towel and came out of the bathroom.

However, Cai Yan was nowhere seen in the living room, she’s currently cleaning up the guest room. Thus, he took the opportunity and swiftly entered the master bedroom.

Although he was already intimate with Cai Yan, he still didn't want Cai Yan to look at him fully naked yet as it would affect the upcoming experience.

The room wasn’t lit, and the curtains were also closed. As he pulled the drawer of his closet in the dark, he found a shirt. But all of a sudden, he felt that something was amiss, so he bent down by instinct and threw out a jab.

However, his jab was caught and a cold voice resounded, “It’s me!”

It took a long while before Su Tao reacted and was stunned. “How did you sneak in?”

“Didn’t you request to treat my scars?”

It was a woman’s voice, and she’s naturally Yuan Lan. Although the lights were dim, her pitch-black eyes were dreadful.

At this moment, Su Tao realised that the towel had already fallen to the ground, so he painfully asked, “You’ve seen everything?”

“So what? There’s nothing different between you and other men.” Yuan Lan coldly examined Su Tao. Perhaps there’s a slight difference since his seemed a little larger than other men.

“You’re humiliating me!” Su Tao became flustered, but he did not dare to raise his voice as Cai Yan was in the room next to him. If she knew that there’s a woman in his room and saw him in this state, Cai Yan would surely not be able to take it, regardless of how tolerant she was.

“If you don’t want me to continue humiliating you, then wear your clothes quickly!” Yuan Lan turned her gaze away and continued, “Treat my scars quickly so you can get to rest.”

“Must it be today? And now?” Su Tao started to wear his underwear. He wasn’t prepared for Yuan Lan’s visit.

Yuan Lan raised her brows and said in a cool tone, “Yes, now! I don’t know if I will change my mind tomorrow.”

Although he had just showered, he was covered in sweat at this moment and replied, “Wait for me a little. I’ll go out and inform!”

“Inform what?” Yuan Lan was baffled.

“Can you have a higher EQ? What you’re doing right now is trespassing private property, and my girlfriend is outside. If she discovered you, how do you want me to explain?” Su Tao bitterly smiled.

“Then, I’ll wait for you!” Yuan Lan shrugged her shoulders as she walked to the window and looked outside out of habit, checking the safety of this apartment.

Coming out of the bedroom, Su Tao bumped into Cai Yan, who was startled before she asked, “Why did you come out from here?”

“You brought the wrong underwear for me, so I can only go to my room butt-naked.” Su Tao sourly replied.

Covering her mouth, Cai Yan burst into laughter.

“I never expected that you would shower so quickly. I was just about to remind you about that!”

“You did that on purpose?” Su Tao started to sweat.

To encounter such a playful woman, he must have been unlucky for the past eight of his incarnations.

“You were the one that snatched it from my hands, and you rushed into the washroom before I could tell you about it. At the same time, I also intended to teach you a lesson for you to learn some patience.” Cai Yan waved her finger.

Wearing a bitter smile, Su Tao replied, “Then I have to thank Teacher Cai for your teachings. Oh, right. I have something that I would like to ask you. What will you think if there’s another woman in the house?”

Knitting her brows, Cai Yan asked in alert, “What did you do? It’s fine if there’s another woman, you can sleep with her, and I can sleep alone!”

Pointing to his room, Su Tao bitterly smiled, “There’s a female patient in my room, and I have to treat her!”

As Cai Yan examined Su Tao’s face, he didn't seem to be joking, so she took a deep breath. “Good excuse, go treat your illness, then!”

Thereafter, she turned and returned to her room, slamming the door in the process.

Seeing her response, Su Tao had no idea what to do right now. Standing in the living room, he was briefly dazed before he ultimately returned to his room, silently sighing in sorrow. He could only blame that he’s not lucky enough!

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