Chapter 542 - You’re Hell’s Emissary

As a person grows, he will encounter even more formidable opponents on the path. At the same time, your opponent’s strength will continuously pressure you into improving yourself.

Qin Jingyu was ranked second on China’s Elite Ranking, and he encountered many formidable opponents, but they were all swept by him. Although he would rack his brain to deal with those opponents, he would always achieve his final objective in accordance with his plan.

In Qin Jingyu’s eyes, Su Tao cannot be considered an opponent. How could he feel any pressure coming from a physician who’s in his early twenties?

Even if Shui Junzhuo was in love with Su Tao, Qin Jingyu believed that as time gradually passed, Shui Junzhuo would slowly mature and make the right decision.

The opponents that he faced were way more powerful than Su Tao. Only the likes of Ni Buwei and Ye Yilong were his genuine opponents. As for that hateful Su Tao, Qin Jingyu had already arranged an opponent equivalent to him, Wang Guofeng.

Compared to Su Tao, Wang Guofeng was stronger, regardless of his family background or career, so Wang Guofeng would be able to crush Su Tao as long as the latter followed his arrangements.

However, Qin Jingyu never expected that Su Tao would become the only flaw to his perfect plan.

Su Tao actually successfully treated Ni Buwei and Ye Yilong, causing his plan to put the Ni and Ye Families into chaos to fail.

But he still managed to control his emotions well and did not fly into a rage. The controlling of emotions was the first thing that every successful person had to learn, and if a person was overwhelmed by emotions, it’s easy for them to behave rashly.

At this moment, Qin Jingyu knew the reason why Shui Junzhuo looked at Su Tao in a different light. Su Tao wasn’t your ordinary physician, and he had many shining points.

At the same time, Qin Jingyu knew that he had underestimated his opponent and felt a little excited. He was even somewhat expectant about how Su Tao would look upon his defeat.

As his office door was knocked, Rangure stood at the entrance with her openwork top and a short skirt while Wang Guofeng stood behind her.

Qin Jingyu pointed at the couch. “Please, have a seat!”

Initially, Wang Guofeng expected Qin Jingyu to fly into a rage. However, he never expected that Qin Jingyu would remain so calm, but that did not dispel the panic in his heart.

After Rangure and Wang Guofeng sat down, Qin Jingyu started brewing tea, and it only took a brief moment for the boiling water to begin steaming.

Looking at the tea set, Qin Jingyu faintly said, “You promised that there wouldn’t be an issue with the poison. I believe you should give me an explanation on this matter!”

“Theoretically, the two poisons cannot be cured after mixing together. Even I have no idea why the poison failed, I can only say that Su Tao is too lucky.” Wang Guofeng sat upright.

“Or perhaps I was too unfortunate to believe in your words.” Qin Jingyu smiled self-mockingly.

“I still have several other extremely potent poisons, and I’m sure that Su Tao won’t be able to deal with those!” Wang Guofeng immediately suggested.

Hearing those words, Qin Jingyu suddenly raised his head and coldly looked at Wang Guofeng before he held onto the latter’s left hand and started pouring hot water on Wang Guofeng’s hand.

“ARGHHHH!” Wang Guofeng yelled out as the boiling water instantly scorched his skin.

Qin Jingyu’s action was so swift that Wang Guofeng couldn’t react in time.

Kicking Wang Guofeng down from the couch, Qin Jingyu raged, “Are you an idiot? I already failed once. Do you think that there’s still another chance for me to do it again? You think that Ni Buwei and Ye Yilong are fools waiting for you to poison them every day?”

As Wang Guofeng’s arms trembled, his face paled as he looked at Qin Jingyu. So, his judgment was right, Qin Jingyu wanted to meet him today to punish him.

Glancing at Rangure, Qin Jingyu took a deep breath before he returned to his composure. “It’s really baffling why would you keep such a useless pet.”

“You should look at the owner when beating the dog. Don’t you think that it’s a little too much?” Rangure chuckled.

On the side, Wang Guofeng had his head lowered with his forehead beading with sweat from the pain.

In Rangure’s eyes, he was truly a dog.

Right now, he could only submit to Rangure since he was worried that he might lose everything if he made Rangure unhappy. That’s part of humanity. Once you’re used to the joy that was brought to you by wealth and authority, you would get addicted to it.

“If he was under me, I would’ve made him disappear from the world. Do you know that the failure of this matter placed me opposite of the Ni and Ye Families?” Qin Jingyu coldly snorted.

Waving her finger, Rangure reminded, “It’s not terrifying to fear, but it’s terrifying to shift the blame on someone. You’ve also tested Wang Guofeng’s poison, and you know how powerful it is. The reason why we failed is that we’ve underestimated Su Tao’s medical skills. Ultimately, the mastermind of the plan is the one that wasn’t considerate enough.”

Sweeping a glance at Rangure, Qin Jingyu said in disdain, “There’s nothing the player can do with a useless chess piece. As for the Middle East’s goods, you have to find some way to increase the order, and perhaps my mood might get better.”

Qin Jingyu took this opportunity to negotiate and try to get more benefits from Rangure.

Glancing at Qin Jingyu with a deep gaze, Rangure sighed, “You’re truly a terrifying and greedy vampire! If the order is increased, I’m afraid that there will be more souls sent to the heavens.”

Shaking his head, Qin Jingyu indifferently said, “I’m a pessimistic person, and I don’t believe in heaven, only in hell. I also feel that we’re the same person, so will you even bother about having more deaths in the Middle East?”

Glancing at Wang Guofeng, who had stood up from the ground, Rangure sighed, “You’re hell’s emissary, and I’m just the emissary’s assistant, at best.”

“We’re both standing in the same boat!” Qin Jingyu smiled.

Nodding her head, Rangure agreed, “I will make contact for you, and I believe you won’t be disappointed again!”

Waving his hand, Qin Jingyu knew that Rangure was leaving from her tone. She noticed that after Qin Jingyu scorched Wang Guofeng with boiling water, he never took a glance at him again. It was as if Wang Guofeng no longer existed, making Rangure sigh at how highly Qin Jingyu cultivated his temperament.

Leaving Qin Jingyu’s office, Rangure glanced at Wang Guofeng, who wore a painful expression and asked, “Is your hand alright?”

Shaking his head, Wang Guofeng replied, “I can handle it myself when I get back.”

Rangure knew that Wang Guofeng must have been terrified by Qin Jingyu, so she mocked, “What’s wrong? You were terrified after seeing that demons truly exist in the world?”

Taking a deep breath, Wang Guofeng replied, “No, I’m just thinking about how I can become a hell’s emissary like him!”

His words left Rangure briefly frozen before she re-examined Wang Guofeng again and asked, “You’re a physician, and you want to become hell’s emissary?”

Wang Guofeng suffered an unprecedented humiliation. He had no dignity before Qin Jingyu. This made Wang Guofeng reflect on whether he should be more thorough in becoming bad.

Becoming thoroughly bad didn’t only mean becoming more vicious, but it also meant becoming more sophisticated. It’s just like how Qin Jingyu scorched him. By harming others without the other party putting up his guard was the next step in cultivating how to be a bad person.

Wang Guofeng wanted to be a thoroughly bad person. He realised that he was already on the road of no return, so he could only become worse for his own survival.

At times, becoming bad was for better survival.

When Ni Jinqiu returned home after sending Su Tao, Wang Qiaozhen managed to find a book that was laced with poison. Ni Buwei had a habit of reading books before he sleeps, and he would flip two pages every day. So as time passed, he was slowly poisoned.

“The Ye Family has also found the source of the poison. It was hidden beneath the floor, and the poison is the same.” Ni Jingqiu said and continued, “Fortunately, Su Tao made a move. Otherwise, the Ye Family would also suffer a heavy blow.”

Nodding her head, Wang Qiaozhen looked at Ni Jingqiu with a complicated gaze and sighed, “Your aunt was captured when she was on the way to the airport. She wanted to escape the country… and under your granduncle’s interrogation, she confessed.”

“Since aunt was the one that laced the poison, what about the Ye Family?” Ni Jingqiu was shocked.

“Your aunt has recently gotten close to Ye Yifeng. The two of them planned this together.” Wang Qiaozhen answered.

Hearing her explanation, Ni Jingqiu felt somewhat unbelievable.

“They would actually try to harm their own relatives; this is truly unbelievable.”

“Just two days ago, she met with Rejola, who came from South Africa. Furthermore, Qin Jingyu was also present!” Wang Qiaozhen further added.

Instantly, Ni Jingqiu figured it all out.

“So it was related to Qin Jingyu!”

Nodding her head, Wang Qiaozhen replied, “Regarding this matter, your aunt has already confessed. The Qin Family wields great power in Beijing, and even if the Ni and Ye Families suffered such a big loss, there’s nothing we can do to retaliate for the time being. Right now, what we have to do is control the situation. After all, the Qin Family’s attack was planned and putting your father and Ye Yilong in danger was just one part of it. Regardless of our assets or political influence, the two families have suffered attacks and are heavily wounded!”

Letting out a deep sigh, Ni Jingqiu said, “Ten years is not late for a gentleman to take revenge. We’ll look for Qin Jingyu after our situation has calmed down.”

Hearing her daughter’s words, Wang Qiaozhen smiled. “Although your granduncle wanted your father to change his will, it was also done out of consideration for you. At the same time, he also has the intention of having you shoulder some responsibility. After discussing it with your father, they’ve decided that you will represent the Ni Family for the gold mine project, and you have to work hard not to disappoint them.”

After a brief stun, Ni Jingqiu immediately nodded her head. “I will get this matter done!”

She suddenly realised that her father’s illness was actually an opportunity for her. Ni Buwei has recognised the importance of nurturing Ni Jingqiu so that it would be a smoother process for her to inherit his position.

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