Chapter 541 - Bygones be bygones

“There’s news from the Ni Family. Ni Buwei’s condition has been put under control!” Ye Sheng went to look for Ye Ling and didn’t seem particularly happy.

“Oh? Who was it that treated his poison? Doesn’t that mean that our father can also be saved?” Ye Ling rejoiced upon receiving the news. But when she noticed Ye sheng’s unusual reaction, she asked, “Is there anything wrong?”

Gnashing his teeth, Ye Sheng said with indignance, “It was Su Tao who treated Ni Buwei’s poison!”

So, it was Su Tao…

Ye Ling fell into silence. They had deep grudges with Su Tao in the past.

“I’ll make a trip to the Ni Family!” Ye Ling sighed before she immediately made the decision. “As long as he can treat my father, I’m willing to apologise to him or even beg.”

Glancing at Ye Ling with a deep gaze, Ye Sheng said, “I’ll go with you!”

Shaking her head, Ye Ling refused, “No need. I know you have strong pride and a thin face. When I meet Su Tao later, I will request him to help at all costs. I’m a woman, and there is no gold beneath my knees, so why do I have to worry about losing face?”

“Sis, don’t belittle me! What can my face be considered compared to dad’s health? If it’s insufficient for him to beg you alone, at least there can be another person begging with you.” Ye Sheng replied.

Hearing those words, Ye Ling sighed. Her brother had turned out to be more mature than she imagined, which made her smile. “Then, let us go immediately!”

By the time Ye Sheng and Ye Ling arrived at the Ni Family, Su Tao and Ni Jingqiu were just about to enter a vehicle heading for the Ye Family.

When Ni Jingqiu saw the awkward expression on the Ye Family’s siblings, she took the initiative to speak and smiled, “We’re just preparing to head to the Ye Family and treat Uncle Ye!”

Hearing those words, Ye Ling froze. She initially thought that Su Tao was about to leave, but she never expected that he’s actually going to head to the Ye Family. Thus, she bitterly smiled. “I never expected that you guys would be so passionate. Firstly, I would like to apologise to you and Su Tao…”

Dismissing it with a smile, Su Tao replied, “Let’s leave that for later. If your father is suffering from the same poison as Uncle Ni, then your father’s condition should be extremely severe at this moment, and we can’t afford any delay. Let’s quickly move out since there will be more hope for him to be treated as soon as possible.”

Ye Sheng initially thought that he would have to spend some time convincing Su Tao, so he never expected that Su Tao’s attitude would be as such towards him.

Instantly, he felt incredibly guilty. He realised that he had insulted the breadth of mind of a gentleman.

Once Ni Jingqiu immediately got the chauffeur to drive, Ye Sheng and Ye Ling boarded another vehicle while they were both left speechless.

“Sis, I realised that we had misjudged Su Tao.” Ye Sheng gritted his teeth and continued, “If he truly manages to treat dad, then I will definitely apologise to him.”

Even Ye Ling was somewhat baffled as she mocked herself, “I’m actually surprised that he let bygones be bygones.”

As a light flickered in Ye Sheng’s eyes, he said, “Actually, the reason is simple; we’ve encountered the same enemy. The one poisoning our father and Ni Buwei must be the same person!”

“Let’s focus on having dad treated and leave the rest for later.” Ye Ling nodded.

The moment Su Tao entered Ye Yilong’s room, he first took a pulse for the latter and furrowed his brows. Ye Yilong’s situation was worse than he had imagined.

Not only was it because he came much later since he was treating Ni Buwei, but the toxins were also more concentrated in Ye Yilong’s body, making the treatment troublesome.

But fortunately, he had already prepared the medication when he was treating Ni Buwei, so it was less troublesome for him now.

Before his treatment, he first took several energy recovery pellets due to the exhaustion he accumulated from treating Ni Buwei, despite knowing that it would cause significant harm to his body.

Roughly half an hour later, Su Tao exited the room in exhaustion. When Ni Jingqiu noticed something peculiar about his complexion, she immediately went over to help Su Tao.

“How’s my dad?” Ye Ling impatiently asked.

“The toxin in his body is already under control. He just has to take some poison expelling prescriptions every day for him to fully recover in about a month.” Su Tao spoke the truth as he sat down on a chair.

At this moment, Ye Sheng was already impatient and he had charged into the room. When he saw that his father had regained his consciousness, he instantly felt complicated in his heart. Su Tao had really let bygones be bygones by curing his father.

Leaving the room, he immediately fell on his knees and declared, “I, Ye Sheng, rarely admires someone. Because of your help today, you can ask me to do anything in the future if you need for me, and I won’t hesitate even if I have to tread on fire.”

His actions left Su Tao shocked. He never expected that Ye Sheng would kneel on the ground so suddenly that even he couldn’t stop the latter in time. At the same time, the remaining ill-feeling he had for Ye Sheng disappeared at this moment.

“Get up, I can’t muster any strength at the moment, so I can’t help you. We’re all youngsters, and as the saying goes, there won’t be friends without any conflict. I also have some understanding of you. You hate evil like your enemy, and you’re also a frank person. Let us forget the past, and I will definitely trouble you if I need your help.” Su Tao bitterly smiled.

Hearing Su Tao’s words, Ye Sheng stood up and smiled. “In the future, you’re my brother. Whoever dares or tries to bully you, I will help you deal with them.”

Ye Sheng’s character was frank and straightforward, while Ye Ling’s style was more reserved.

Although Ye Ling knew that Su Tao was exhausted from treating two patients, she still couldn’t help asking the curiosity in her heart, “Physician… Su, I would like to ask you something. Is my father suffering from the same poison as Uncle Ni? Is the culprit the same person?”

Even if Ye Ling wasn’t anxious about it, Su Tao would also want to speak about his own analysis, “Firstly, they’re suffering from the same poison. Although I cannot determine if they’re the same person, they must, at the very least, be in contact, or they obtained the poison from that same person. Secondly, you can guard against anything, but it’s hard to guard against family. The poisons might be formidable, but the poisoning method used is slow. Hence, the poison must have been placed near the patients, and the culprit must have a sufficient understanding of the patient. Going down on this clue, you guys just have to search the places that the patients often go to find the poison.”

“My dad is often in his study room.” Ye Sheng frowned.

Nodding his head, Su Tao replied, “Then, there’s a high chance for the poison to be hidden in the study room.”

After Ye Ling and Ye Sheng exchanged a glance, they both said in unison, ““We’ll go investigate immediately!””

“If I’ve guessed correctly, the poison must have invaded your father’s body from his feet. Keep in mind not to use your hands to touch the poison when you find it. The poison is formidable, so use gloves to retrieve it.” Su Tao warned.

Since the siblings wanted to find the cause as soon as possible, they immediately headed for the study room.

“What about my dad? Is the poison hidden beneath the floor as well?” Ni Jingqiu asked.

Shaking his head, Su Tao smiled. “For Uncle Ni, he was inflicted with poison from his fingers. You can search for books that he often reads. But the amount shouldn’t be especially large. It must be something that has accumulated over time. Hence, you can tell that the one that poisoned Uncle Ni is more cautious and cunning than the one that poisoned the Patriarch of the Ye Family.”

“Why didn’t you say that earlier?” Ni Jingqiu bitterly smiled.

“I’m telling you privately so you can gain some contribution!” Su Tao smiled as he further explained, “Your granduncle is pretty formidable, so you have to perform a little for him to support you.”

Not long later, Ye Sheng rushed over with joy in his eyes as he raised his thumbs at Su Tao and praised, “You’re too godly! We really found several medicinal pouches in a box beneath the floor.”

Even without Su Tao’s reminder, it wouldn’t take too long for them to find the source of the poison. But then again, they still managed to save on many detours thanks to Su Tao’s reminders.

Nodding his head, Su Tao reminded, “You guys just have to investigate those who often come in and out of the room. The culprit will definitely not do it himself or herself, they would definitely find someone to do it in their stead.”

“My sister shares the same thoughts as well. She already got someone to question, and I believe that we will be able to get the answer very quickly.” Ye Sheng heavily nodded his head.

Since Ni Jingqiu was also in a hurry to find the truth, she said, “Since Uncle Ye is fine, then we will take our leave first!”

“Let me send you out!” Ye Sheng immediately replied.

If the news that the arrogant young master of the Ye Family passionately sent someone out personally, it would definitely cause a commotion.

Sitting in the vehicle, Ni Jingqiu sighed when she saw Su Tao resting with his eyes closed. “I never expected that the matter between you and the Ye Family would be so easily resolved.”

“In life, there’s no threshold that cannot be crossed. The Ye Family’s siblings aren’t bad, sooner or later I would have made peace with them.” Su Tao smiled.

Taking a deep glance at Su Tao, Ni Jingqiu sighed, “I realised that I couldn’t see through you anymore.”

“Then, don’t look at me. It’s pretty tiring!” Su Tao smiled in rapport.

“No way!” Ni Jingqiu firmly shook her head and continued, “How can I not understand my best friend?”

“It’s dangerous to understand someone!” Su Tao smiled.

“Why would you say that?” Ni Jingqiu looked at Su Tao’s handsome face, baffled.

“Because it takes too much effort to understand someone. The moment you throw yourself into it, you will sink deeper until you realise that you can no longer extract yourself. So what will you do then?” Su Tao chuckled.

“Stop dreaming about it. Who won’t be able to extract herself?!” Ni Jingqiu blushed as she dodged Su Tao’s passionate eyes and shifted the topic, “Thinking about it now, you’re truly formidable. Other people’s accomplishments after drifting in Beijing for decades can’t be compared to what you did for the past three months. Right now, not only does the Ni Family owe you a huge favour, but the Ye Family also owes you one as well. Why are all the good things always occurring to you?”

Cocking his head, Su Tao pondered over it as well before he sniffed his nose. “How about… because a good person is rewarded for his good deeds?”

However, Ni Jingqiu thoughtfully shook her head and smiled. “Isn’t it that a silly man has silly fortune?”

Glaring at Ni Jingqiu, Su Tao snapped, “I hate people calling me silly the most! Be careful, I might bite you!”

“Bite then! Silly!” Ni Jingqiu provoked as she stretched her hand out with a smile.

Taking her arm over, Su Tao really bit down on it without any hesitation, causing Ni Jingqiu to yell out in pain.

A brief moment later, Su Tao let go of Ni Jingqiu, ignoring her enraged glare and the shocked gaze of the chauffeur and smiled, “Now, those teeth marks are something that a silly man left for you. Don’t forget about the pain!”

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